Andy Murray: I Don’t Feel Any Pain In My Hip, It’s Brilliant

by Tom Gainey | June 24th, 2019, 10:43 pm

After a busy week of doubles in Queen’s where he teamed with Feliciano Lopez to take the doubles title, Andy Murray was thrilled with how his hip held up after his first event since January.

“I expected it to be sore, but I literally, ave nothing there,” Murray said Sunday. “I spoke to Bob Bryan about that, and he said, a little bit in Australia, having a few little aches and pains, but he was sort of always expecting, after a match, because for, like — well, for me, anyway, it had been probably five or six years, after matches I would get some pain and aching and throbbing and things like that that you would just anticipate and are waiting for that to happen. And it doesn’t anymore, and it’s brilliant.

Overall, Murray loves his new metal hip.

“I was just really, really happy just to be pain-free and enjoying life, literally just doing normal things. So it’s really special,” he said.

Murray also said he’s looking forward to more doubles. He’ll play this week with Marcelo Melo in Eastbourne.

“The next couple of weeks I’ll obviously — I get the feeling that next week’s gonna be tricky because, I mean, we have to play — we play Tuesday, so there is very little time to sort of get used to the conditions there and prepare. And also a new partner, as well. Tough first round.

“If I play well, I’ve got really, really good partners and, you know, if they play as well as Feli did this week, then, you know, that helps. That’s the key to good doubles is finding good partners.”

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9 Comments for Andy Murray: I Don’t Feel Any Pain In My Hip, It’s Brilliant

Andy Mira Says:

When he did a surgery in january,i hope this will happen…but to actually hear from his own mouth now that he has no pain anymore & successfully made a comeback last week…my God!…this is feel so surreal!…So so happy for Andy!….Hope this happy moment will continue as long as possible for him….

Alhamdulillah!…Thank u Allah for everythings!!

j-kath Says:

Andy Mira: Yep it is mostly good news re. Andy – except I think he’s mad to debut in singles at a GS – why not keep to 3-setters for a while? As they say, you have to learn to walk before you can run!

Andy Mira Says:

JK…Yeah!…i totally understand what u’re saying…slams is no laughing matter…if we wrong footed in handling the matter,it will backfired to our face straight away….

But,i also believe that Andy as a very experienced player who has been on tour for years& has witnessed & experienced 1st hand the gruellings & grinding of the tour for so long will/already think about this very throughly with his team….

USO is more @ less 2 months away…and in between Andy will surely participate in many tournaments(250&500 level) to strengthen & build his physics & tennis skills even more….IF comes USO,and after 2 months preparations he still feel that he’s not ready to participate…i am very sure he will not participate JK….Besides i think after playing at a slightly lower level for 2/3 months,Andy sure wants to test his hip/physics at a slam his hip will hold up playing at a high level with a very high quality players in a BO5…I think,if he decide to play,that means he’s ready mentally & physically…We only can wish him all the best from afar & hopefully that success & happy moments keep coming for him

Madmax Says:

Good on you Andy!

Where is Margot, J-Kath? She seems to have disappeared and we want her back here!

Now what is all of this about:

Madrid: Rafael Nadal has complained about Wimbledon’s seeding system after the Spaniard was placed at number three, behind Roger Federer, for next week’s grand slam in London.

Wimbledon has been like this for years…and so we have to stop with the complaining, and just get on with the action of playing!

Really hoping for a great tournament. Wondering whether Kyrios will be playing —– ? Anyway know?

SG1 Says:

I agree with J-kath…crawl…then walk…then run. I’m not a doctor but it would seem prudent to take it slow and see how his hip reacts to playing. Play doubles for 3 or 4 weeks in a row and see how the hip feels. This period would also gives him time to work on his strength and conditioning. Why rush into the final slam of the year? Go into Australia, where he’s had a lot of success, a lot of time to prepare and plenty of extra re-hab time and red-line it.

Linda Says:

@SG1: Totally agree with your post. I’m a big Murray fan but don’t want to see him crash and burn.
He’s done so well, I’m sure that his team will be sensible about things. He has said that he will take his time so hopefully won’t rush back to singles too soon.
Maybe next year – and meanwhile keep playing doubles, for fun, fitness and confidence building!

chrisford1 Says:

The ATP up and stay up or down and eventually out system is a bit brutal, but it is fair.
In other words, as long as Murray is low ranked he has less chance of advancing as he could be facing top players from the very start. So if he is OK with the risk of more hip issues given his past and his playing style, he can build up his ATP points starting at the USO to put him in better stead next year. Not an easy call. He will not be hobbling in a walker in his later years if he calls it a career, he doesn’t need the money. I don’t know what the risk is playing tennis and basketball again or in all the intense training he has to do – but it is probably not insignificant.

That’s a good reason to play the USO if he can. And events after that. No ATP Finals points are likely, but a good run through the USO and Masters 1000s means less likelihood of finding Nadal or Djokovic across the net from him in round 1 of 2020 tournaments.

j-kath Says:

AM: Yes – Andy is an experienced player – but—but, he is so excited/relieved that he can play close to his previous level that he can’t help looking on the bright side – and it’s really too soon…..I’d love to be wrong and would love to be wrong – but it doesn’t feel wise.

SG1: Also value your comments.

Madmax: If I lived close to Margot I’d go and have a chat with her – but – she lives in Wales and I live in Scotland – the only person who may be in email contact with her is possibly Kimberley. Should Andy’s progression becomes more noteworthy, she may return.

Andy Mira Says:

JK….Once again i totally agree with u…Even tho i’m a 2nd class of Andy fans..and really can’t wait to c him play singles again…but i’m pretty sure can wait a little longer if his conditions still not allow him to do so…

As a Rafans,i am very familiar with this situation JK….Just hope any decision Andy will take,it will give him a very positive results…no setbacks or negative consequences etc…that’s the most important things…

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