Djokovic Withdraws From Canadian Open
by Staff | July 26th, 2019, 10:49 am

Novak Djokovic officially withdrew from the Canadian Open in Montreal on Thursday. Citing the need for rest, the four-time champion will likely only play on event before the US Open – Cincinnati.

“I’m sorry to announce that I decided to pull out of Rogers Cup,” said Djokovic. “With the support of my team, I have decided to give my body longer rest and recovery time before coming back again to play. I love Canada and I have many friends there that always make me feel like I’m at home and I’m looking forward to coming back again to play in front of all of you in Montreal.”

Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro are also not in the field.

Should he play, defending champion Rafael Nadal will be seeking his fifth title in Canada against foes like Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev and Kei Nishikori.

And with the Tokyo Olympics coming up, it’s doubtful the top players (who are also getting older!) would play in Canada next year as well.

The Big haven’t played together at the Canadian Open at the same time since 2011.

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18 Comments for Djokovic Withdraws From Canadian Open

Truth Says:

At Wimbledon, World No. 1 Novak Djokovic defeated eight-time champion Roger Federer in a thrilling five-set final that went to a fifth-set tie-break at 12-12. Djokovic saved two championship points in the classic, becoming the first titlist at The Championships to save match points in the final since Robert Falkenburg in 1948.
“I was yelling at the TV, I was in the drama, I felt like a total fan. It’s hard to think that 10 years ago I was kind of having that same afternoon, but I just sit back and try to appreciate it,” Roddick said. “I’m watching and trying to figure out what they’re doing, what their strategies are, the adjustments that are being made and all the while I wish it was just talked about more in real time as far as what adjustments are being made, what’s different in the fifth set than what was going on in the second set, so it was interesting. I thought it was great.”
Roddick, who won five of his nine FedEx ATP Head2Head meetings with Djokovic, pointed out that the Serbian’s accomplishments have perhaps flown under the radar given Federer and Nadal’s success, when they should be recognised as well. Djokovic claimed his 16th Grand Slam title earlier this month.

“For Novak to go through Roger and Rafa [in] some of their prime years to get to where he is in the game [is impressive]. It’s been the Roger-Rafa show for a long time and now, oh, by the way, Novak’s sitting at 16 Grand Slams. So I don’t want people to undersell what he’s done,” Roddick said. “You start reeling off some of the names like McEnroe, Connors and Andre, they had seven, eight and eight Slams. Novak has 16. Then they go okay, and then the weight of those names and what he’s accomplished settles in.
“I hope people, one, appreciate what Novak has done and two, I think there’s certainly an appetite for what Roger and Rafa have accomplished.”

LOL Punk’s acting like he already knew what a winner Djoker was.
Keep being Captain Obvious.
You got your ass beaten on grass. Of course, you know Djoker. No one cares about your crap tennis & Fed worship in 2009, clowndick.

Joshua Says:

Happy to drop the stats of this decade on the ATP Tour for the Big 3. Next year 2020 marks the beginning of new decade. So, …

Since 2010, below is a list of trophies won by Big 3:

Roger: 5 Slams, 2 WTF, 12 Masters 1000, 41 tournament wins

Rafa: 12 Slams, 0 WTF, 18 Masters 1000, 46 tournament wins

Novak: 15 Slams, 4 WTF, 28 Masters 1000, 59 tournament wins

Big 3 have won 32 of 39 slams played in the decade. 58/86 Masters 1000 and 6/9 Tour Finals.

Novak has the edge everywhere this decade and has spent 5 of the years seated at the helm of ATP Tour.

Roger led the last decade, followed by Rafa; both with huge distance from Novak and everybody else.

Novak leads this one followed by Rafa as well, both distant from Roger in terms of big tournies.

Rafa was the second guy in FedEx era and also the second guy in Nole era. Hence, his 190 weeks spent @ No1, as compared to 310 for Roger and 263 for Novak.

The 3 GOATs have eaten all the grass, what a misfortune for any other ATP player from 2003.
What a time to follow tennis!

Nick Says:

An important stat that is missing here about the 2010-2020 decade:

Federer: 29-39
Nadal: 24-34

It is clear who had their prime years in this decade, and who played these two great players this entire decade past his prime years.

Ignoring this key difference leads to comparing apples with oranges.

Nick Says:

Roger and Rafa are put together as somehow part of the same generation, just because Rafa started winning the French at a young age. But they are not.

Just because Federer has done miraculously well at such a late age doesn’t mean he is of the same generation or that he doesn’t have a clear age disadvantage against both (always had, always will). For Pete’s sake he played Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001 – THAT itself clearly defines which era Federer comes from (not to mention numerous matches with Agassi, some even with Rafter, Kuerten, etc.)

chrisford1 Says:

After Wimbledon, and Djokovic’s crappy serving and far lower than normal return of serve %, many thought he was injured. I disagreed because he said he was going to take off and rest up for Toronto. Maybe I was wrong.

Nick, as birthdays of the Big 3 are different, though Novak and Andy are a week apart in birthday, You won’t get a precise overlap. Also, Nadal started winning on clay early, before others normally reach full form, but has paid a physical toll for how he plays, so his comparison is affected by frequent injury or maybe some injury and the prospect of facing Djokovic for hardcourt seasons….
Federer is certainly a Great. He showed he still has it with recent year wins over Rafa and Novak or playing Novak close. But the foundation of his glory was the Weak Era, when from 2004-07, before Novak and Andy came along, before Rafa botherred him off clay – he netted 12 Slams to his Slamcount. But still in his prime, in 2008 we saw peak Rafa, injury free, was better than Fed, then Djokovic in 2011.

Wog Boy Says:

Nole was 85% for whatever reason, he literally tanked two sets in order to preserve energy, though 85% was good enough for 37 years old.

As for statistics the way it is presented here by his fanatcis, particularly few days ago, it appears that he, actually, has positive h2h against Rafa and Nole, we just don’t know that;)

Wog Boy Says:

Listening Srdjan Djokovic in the interview he gave for a local TV station I realised I was very generous when I said Nole was 85% in the final, Srdjan said that Nole played with hardly 70% of his capabilities without elaborating why. Srdjan was there, I guess he knows better.
I can give you the link from YT for that interview, but won’t be useful since it is in Serbian, instead I will give you the link from one tennis site with some extracts from that interview, particularly about nasty (understatement) English fans:

skeezer Says:

So now Djoker fans need excuses for winning lol.

Dave Says:

Djokovic just replaced his fitness coach again. So it looks like something was up at Wimbledon. He maybe wasn’t injured, but the fitness wasn’t at 100%. I hope he wasn’t injured. Here is the link. He seemed like he was preserving himself in the 2nd set and maybe parts of the 4th.

Wog Boy Says:

That news is not quite accurate, Gebhard Gritsch left Novak stright after FO, he left him, not the other way around.

Vajda is not travelling to USA this summer, the reason is legitimate (his daughter is about to give a birth) though…?

Nole is atm in Marbella practicing and preparing for USA summer in Pepe’s “academy” !

Conditions of Gebhard Gritsch and Vajda’s return was that Pepe doesn’t get anywhere near Nole’s box, he was in the box during CC season and Gebhard Gritsch left immediately after FO. He is not just fitness coach, he made Nole superman after he was hired in 2009. He is the one who made Tomas Muster being able to play 2 five setters one after another, the man has master and Phd degrees from Vienna university.

New Italian dude is actually nutritionist first then fitness coach.

Just food for thought.

Wog Boy Says:

One more thing, the movie about vegan diet just came out “The Game Changers”, guess who are producers…?
Djokovic and Hamilton….. crap and commercial for veganism, you even have Arnold the Hasta la Vista advertising vegan diet, really:

Dave Says:

Wog Boy,

Thank you for info. So expectations maybe aren’t so high this summer for Djokovic to win. All I know is that he can’t play as subpar as he did at times in Wimbledon and expect that his mental strength is going to get him through at the US Open. There are more players that are dangerous at the US Open than there were at Wimbledon by far. Most players know how to play on a very slow hard court. And players that weren’t dangerous at Wimbledon: Thiem, Tsistipas, Zverev, Khachanov, Wawrinka and others will be dangerous at the US Open.

Wog Boy Says:

Exactly Dave.

Van Persie Says:

Hey WB,

Had a hard week at work so posting only now.
Still think about the lovely day in Beograd.
Thank you, my friend.

Regarding Nole, hope he will be fine 🙂

Wog Boy Says:

It was my pleasure, pity it was only one day.

Sorry for late reply, I was in the mountains, no internet.

If anything, I learned to trust your judgment about Nole, I’ll do it again:)

Van Persie Says:


we will catch up again next time, would really enjoy now a glass of wine at Novak Center. 😉
Looking forward to see Nole playing Cincy.
Understand only Goran will be in his box, as coach I mean.

skeezer Says:

Krygios say what you will, but he is flair, and entertainment when he wants to be

j-kath Says:

Agree Skeezer. I had also hoped that Krygios+Partner would play Andy+Jamie in the doubles – that would also have been entertaining as Andy seems to know how to press K’s buttons and the interaction between the two can be hilarious.

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