Djokovic Retires, Federer In Full Flight At US Open; Nadal v Cilic Mon.
by Staff | September 1st, 2019, 11:54 pm

Roger Federer was nothing short of ruthless Sunday at the US Open. Playing his second straight match on Ashe at noon, Federer destroyed Cincinnati finalist David Goffin 6-2, 6-2, 6-0 in his 79 minutes. The win came after the Swiss whipped Dan Evans 6-2, 6-2, 6-1 on Friday.

“Sometimes these scores just happen,” Federer said. “You catch a good day, the opponent doesn’t, then things happen very quickly. Maybe he struggled a bit early on. But I found my groove after a while and was able to roll really. Never looked back. David wasn’t nearly as good as I expected him to be. He was struggling a little bit today. I was able to take advantage of it, and I think that’s the key.

“In a fourth round like this, if you can keep it nice, short, simple, you have to take them. I’m very happy.”

Goffin actually led by a break at the start of the 2-0.

“I started with a break. But, you know, I was not feeling that great. He gave me the break,” Goffin said. “It’s tough because against him you don’t know why you miss easy shots. You have 20% of first serve. You don’t know why you missing everything, easy balls. All of a sudden he’s playing well. As soon as he’s ahead, he has a set, then another set, then it’s getting tough.”

The 38-year-old Federer advanced to his 56th career Slam quarterfinal. Up next will be Grigor Dimitrov who dismissed Australian Alex De Minaur 7-5, 6-3, 6-4.

Federer has won all seven meetings with the Bulgarian.

“I’ve done well against him in the past,” Dimitrov said. “But new match, new Grigor, new me again. I don’t know where we’re going to be, if it’s day or night, all that stuff.

“But I like watching him. I like playing against him. Of course, when we play, it’s as close as it gets to being a similar playing style. I think for both of us it’s cool to play one another.”

Daniil Medvedev kept pace coming from a set down to deny qualifier Dominik Koepfer 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-6(2). After the win, Medvedev again thankfully mocked the crowd for rooting against him.

“Talking about last match, I was an idiot, to be honest,” Medvedev admitted. “I did some things that I’m not proud of and that I’m working on to be a better person on the court because I do think I’m a good person out of the court.

“Talking about today, I think, I mean, I was just, during my match I was completely focused. After the match, I engaged a little bit with the crowd. But we all know how New York crowd can be. It’s probably the most electric crowd in the world, I think.

“Especially, I mean, playing this week on big courts, I could feel it. Today I was just engaging with the crowd and hopefully — hopefully it was fun for them and for me. As I said, it gave me a lot of energy to win.”

The Russian who is now 18-2 this summer will head into his first Slam quarterfinal against 2016 champion Stan Wawrinka who advanced when Novak Djokovic retired down 6-4, 7-5, 2-1 due to continued issues with his left shoulder.

Djokovic led 4-1 in the second and seem to have found his mark after a poor opener, but Stan upped the level, stole the set and with a break lead, Djokovic, who had earlier treatment on the shoulder, had had enough. A chorus of boos erupted as Djokovic left the court.

“I’m sorry for the crowd,” Djokovic said. “Obviously they came to see a full match, and just wasn’t to be. That’s all it is. I mean, a lot of people didn’t know what’s happening, so you cannot blame them. It is what it is.

“The pain was constant for weeks now. Somedays higher, some days with less intensity and obviously taking different stuff to kill the pain instantly. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.”

On tap Monday, the hot Rafael Nadal looks to return to the quarterfinals against 2014 champion Marin Cilic. Nadal beat Cilic last summer in three after Cilic won by a retirement in the fifth in Australia.

Alexander Zverev and Diego Schwartzman will bid for a spot in their third Slam quarter. And Gael Monfils and Andrey Rublev are a set for a quarterfinal collision.

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29 Comments for Djokovic Retires, Federer In Full Flight At US Open; Nadal v Cilic Mon.

Raj Says:

Poor guy.. Draw was not kind to him.. It should have been like wimbledon..

Van Persie Says:

well, after beating Kudla, I thouhgt it was possible for him to reach QF, even if injured, and saw him losing to Medvedev.
Hope he will be fine for the rest of the season.

skeezer Says:

Lol Raj. Big disappointment for me. Was looking forward to Fed tuning him if they met again. No Houdini this time. Oh well, the tournament just got more entertaining.

Nits Says:

With an injury against a quality player it was difficult for Djoko. I was expecting him to loose & he lost. Sorry to Djokovic fans. May he heal faster.

Andy Mira Says:

Hope a speedy recovery for Nole…

Andy Mira Says:

Btw,NY crowds as usual acting like a jerk that they r…booed an injured player like that…but cheered a superbrat like Nicky…urgh!…i donno what’s going on with this world anymore!

Milos Says:

Get better soon champ! The intensity of modern tennis is grueling. Imagine that Djokovic, with all the professional support at his disposal, all of the training, body type that is not prone to injuries, still can get debilitating injury. Bummer…

Wog Boy Says:

Get well soon mate, 2 GSs this year, beating 2 most successful tennis players in the history in the finals (one of them for the third time on his best surface)…not too bad, not too bad.


Van Persie Says:

Yeah, it was an awesome year so far, cannot complain :)
2 years ago this time of the year, I was not sure, he would be able to win more slams.

yet, still a bit sad he got injured….and am now sure this is not a new injury. Djoko’s serve was not the best during Wimbly, which worries me now, as it did not cure during his sommer break

Andy Mira Says:


van orten Says:

Glad to see that djoker and his fans are satisfied with his year so far. You cannot have it all and expect your guy to win everything. Sometimes less is more. It’s not a crime to say he destroyed nadal at the AO and was a little lucky v fed in Wimbledon and maybe unlucky v thiem in Paris and yesterday v wawa.
Quick recovery to the djoker
To quote fed: djokovic is the number one for a reason
Alé top

van orten Says:

Allez top 3 !!!

van orten Says:

Go big 3 go !!!

czarlazar Says:

Based on his play since the Spring (including a Wimbledon where he was clearly not 100%), Nole has been carrying this injury for most of the year. I think he should reduce his schedule the rest of the year to the bare minimum — points/ranking be damned. Perhaps just play Shanghai (where he’s a God to the locals) and the London year end and that’s it. At 32, you cannot take health for granted.

Daniel Says:

Shangai is 5 weeks away, maybe he has time to recover. But if not, he can at least play Paris (7 weeks away), rest 1 week and play WTF, 2 tourneys he is highly successful.

If not playing anything the rest of the year the problem is serious than we thought. Also he had the habit of playing lingered before, he pushed that elbow to the limit. But also his injuris doesn’t seem to prevent him from playing, its pain. Even yesterday he was spanking some shots on BH also, but the weight of Wawa’s shot plus the 4th match took its toll.

Daniel Says:

Nadal also will have a reduced late season schedule, as he himself pointed out in yesterday interview. He is not in Beijing entry list, will play Shangai, then marriage (won’t play Basel as its just a few days after) and maybe play Paris (depending on honeymoon plans) and finally WTF.
So, on paper, he has just 2 confirmed tournaments after USO: Shangai and WTF, potentially 3 if he add Paris: Shangai, Paris and WTF; 3 tournaments he had never won before.

skeezer Says:

Nadal historically hasn’t done well in the tourneys after USO anyway(faster stuff) so he is smart to minimize his schedule in the Fall.
Djoker in this tourney finally met someone who can push back with power groundies, and it took its toll. Still say he needs to hit the gym when he gets well, his body looks like a cross between gumby and a pencil.
Same with Medvedev, he looks like he is going to break down soon, wearing too many Kinesio Tapes….

Truth Says:

He had a severe pain in the arm during Wimbledon but tried to hide it because the media loved attacking his every word about physical pain.
Nothing about his Wimbledon final was lucky,
so stop your nonsense, bitter Fed fan boy.
Federina couldn’t even lead the match until Novak self-destructed.
Now go back to telling yourself how wonderful & magical your Fed is. 🤮

Tennis Fan Says:

Sascha has 16 double faults. He is serving at 66 mph and still hitting double faults. One serve failed to reach the net. He is 6′ 6.

Dementieva had a very bad serve but she could get the ball inside the box.

Daniel Says:

Its bizarre TF.

Out of his 46 second serves point played, 17 were gifted in Double Faults!!!

Totally confidence issue, and his overall ground game is pretty good, unleashing his signature BHs.

Its good Schwartz tales him out. Can not compete with Nadal without a second serve, but also neither does Schwartz, so the Cilic x Nadal (only Slam finalists left in that section of the draw) is virtually a book to finals.

skeezer Says:

Truth: Djoker history of retiring in Slams: 6
This time: injury to non-racket arm.

Schopenhauer Says:

Nadal short and passive play even on second serve will haunt him. Cilic has to do nothing special ,just put off short balls. If Nadal doesn’t get aggressive I fear it’s end of us open 2019 for him.

chrisford1 Says:

Man, Skeezer, when not too insightful on a topic, best not post!
What exactly is a “non-racket arm” to someone that plays a two-handed backhand and counts on his non-dominant hand and arm and shoulder to add control and power.
Maybe you meant his “non-serving arm”.

vk Says:

Even during the serve, the ball toss, which when not up to the mark can result in a zverev like situation with the serve if the shoulder is not feeling right.. but then for some, a bum back and a bout of mono are about the only legit complaints that a tennis player can have..

Wog Boy Says:

Good job Andreescu, you didn’t really need three sets unless you wanted to entertain drunken New Yorkers.
Go Canada;)

I wouldn’t waste my time with Slimy.

shamboozie Says:

Hog Boy reminds me of a bitter character who once roamed Tennis-X. A person called “mem”. You two related Hog Brains?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Skeeze, I agree that Novak doesn’t look as strong as he used to, but I wouldn’t be advising a guy who has won 4 of the last 5 slams that he needs to hit the gym if he wants to get anywhere.

skeezer Says:

Mentioning that as injury prevention, not as a performance enhancer. Only an opinion.

Van Persie Says:


Haha, speaking of injuries, let’s see if there will be more tears and hugs in the final, after 3-4 games, should Serena and Bianca meet again 🤗

Top story: Djokovic, Nadal Resume Grand Slam Chase At Wimbledon; Berrettini In Nadal Half