Nadal Mounts Furious Comeback On Mevedev At ATP Final; Djokovic v Federer Thurs.
by Staff | November 13th, 2019, 7:18 pm

Rafael Nadal authored one of his best comebacks of his historic career Wednesday in London at the ATP Finals.

The Spaniard was down 5-1 in the final set with Daniil Medvedev who was serving 40-30 at match point. Nadal saved it and then proceeded to clay his way back in the match to somehow level at 5-all. About fifteen minutes later, he took the match in a breaker 6-7(5), 6-3, 7-6(4).

“I’ve been super lucky,” Nadal said. “Sorry for Daniil. It’s a tough loss. He was playing much better than me in the third set. It’s one of these days, one out of 1,000, where you win.

“I know from my personal experience how tough it is to close out matches, especially when you have two breaks in front and you lose the first one. [At 3-5], I thought I had a chance. I think I was a little bit better in the end. In general terms, I think I was playing much better than two days ago, so that’s a very positive thing for me.”

Medvedev edged out a tough opening set before Nadal started to find his form in the second. But the Russian simply couldn’t get over the hump in the end.

“Today the serve worked well again. I think that the beginning of the third I was two breaks down, but I didn’t play that bad. Just couple of points there, and he played well and I made a couple of mistakes,” Nadal said. “That’s it. No, no, the serve I’m happy with.”

Medvedev, who had such a second half surge, has now lost his last three matches.

“Rafa fought his best, because he could just say ‘OK, it’s over at 5-1 and just give me the point,’ but we all know Rafa is not about this,” Medvedev said. “I just need to close out such matches.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas closed the day out with a very impressive 6-3, 6-2 win over defending champion to lock up a spot in the Saturday semifinals.

On Friday, Tsitsipas will meet Nadal with the winner taking the top seed spot in the group. If Nadal loses, he’s out.

Medvedev is still alive but must beat Zverev in two sets while Tsitsipas beats Nadal.

Before then, a big Bjorn Borg Group showdown is set for Thursday between former champions Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer who meet for a 49th time.

Djokovic leads 26-22 over the Swiss with a memorable most recent meeting at Wimbledon in July. He’s also 3-2 against Federer at the ATP Finals.

“I think it’s all flushed away from my side. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then,” Federer said of Wimbledon. “I wasn’t hoping him not to be in my section or in my draw. I didn’t hope I was never going to play him again. Actually, it’s good for me to play him again, and maybe that all helps to get a chance to get him back or whatever it is. But at the end of the day, I’m here for the Finals and not because of the Wimbledon finals.

“I’m excited playing against him,” Federer said. “I think I need to focus on my game, what I do best. And regardless of what I need to do, I just hope I play well.”

The de facto quarterfinal match will put the winner in the semifinals against the top player from the Agassi group (either Tsitsipas or Nadal).

And if Djokovic loses, Nadal will clinch the No. 1 ranking for 2019.

Dominic Thiem also meets Matteo Berrettini. Thiem has already won the group.

Centre Court Starts At 12:00 Noon
RR 2 Lukasz Kubot-Marcelo Melo v 4 Rajeev Ram-Joe Salisbury
Not Before 2:00 Pm
RR 5 Dominic Thiem v 8 Matteo Berrettini
Not Before 6:00 Pm
RR 5 Raven Klaasen-Michael Venus v 8 Ivan Dodig-Filip Polasek
Not Before 8:00 Pm
RR 2 Novak Djokovic v 3 Roger Federer

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52 Comments for Nadal Mounts Furious Comeback On Mevedev At ATP Final; Djokovic v Federer Thurs.

Daniel Says:

After 2 rounds of play we have the following:

Borg Group:
– Thiem qualifes 1st in his Group (regardes if he loses to Berretini or not) and the winner of Djoko x Fed takes the 2nd spot

Agassin Group
– Tsisi is 2-0, with 4-0 in sets
– Zverev is 1-1, with 2-2 in sets
– Nadal is 1-1, with 2-3 in sets
– Medved is 0-2, with 1-4 in sets

Tsisipas is qualifica already. Even if he loses to Nadal 0-2 he will be 2-1, 4-2 in sets. Nadal 2-1 and 4-3 in sets.

Zverev beats Medvedev elimines Nadal due to the set Nadal lost today. The article in tens-x is wrong sayimg Nadal wining he is in (attached sanearias from Nitto website). Zevrev beating Medveved makes it a 3 way tie all with 2-1 victories and it will go down to sets won/loss ratio. Which Tsisi will be better than Nadal even if he loses 0-2. And that elimines Nadal in direct confronto with Zverev. So, Zverev hás the semi final spot on his raquete, he wins and he elimines Nadal.

1 – If Zverev loses to Medvedev in any way and Nadal beats Tsisi, Nadal 1st in his Group and Tsis 2nd, both with 2 vistories and the other 2 with 1 victory each. Direct confront with Tsisi and Nadal fins the Group. Play either Fed or Djoko semis. Djoko wins, Nadal and Djoko Will play for #1 year end. As if Djoko elimines Nadal he Will play title Match for the #1. if Djoko Beats Nadal in semis but loses final, Nadal securas #1.

2 – If Zevrev loses to Medvedev and Nadal loses to Tsisi, Tais 1st and there will be a 3 way tie with 1-2 for Nadal, Zverev and Medve, going down to sets won/loss ratio.

3 – If Zverev beats Medveded 2-0, Nadal is out even if he beats Tsisi 2-0.
Zverev will be 2-1, 4-2 sets
Tsisi will be 2-1, 4-2 sets
Nadal will be 2-1, 4-3 sets (Nadal with worst radio)

Tsisi qualifies 1st and Zverev 2nd

4 – If Zverev beats Medvedev 2-1, Nadal Beats Tstis 2-0
Zverev 2-1, 4-3 sets
Tsisi 2-1, 4-2 sets
Nadal 2-1, 4-3 sets.

Tsisi 1st and Zverev second due to direct confront with Nadal when they tie in sets won/loss.

Tsisi is already qualified. If he beats Nadal in 2 he eliminates Nadal because even a Medvedev win, either him or Zverev would have a better set won/loss than Nadal.

5 – Medvedev winning in 2 and Nadal losing, Medeved qualifies second as he and Zevrev will have a better Sets won/loss ratio than Nadal and direct confrontantes Medvedev eliminates Zverev.

So, there are a lot of sanearias to consider still.
Its not in Medved’s nor Nadal’s hands as they depend on others results. The one who has qualification on his raquet is Zverev, he wins he is in. Medvedev with 2 losses already, seems he is more favorite to qualify than Nadal. Although the beating he took from Tsisi is a yellow sign. But also a dificult match for Nadal who will play the in form player of the group and survived MP today.

chofer Says:


You were right. Having said this: this is extremely head-scratching. I don’t even think the players are aware of this. Otherwise, they would feel like crap.
Tomorrowboth Zverev and Nadal could win their matches and still Nadal wouldn’t quilify. Then again, let’s see the match of the tournament so far, Fedevic. Both require to win. Wimbledon on the rear view mirror. Should be a bloodfest.

John Smith Says:

Here are the scenarios for tomorrow.

If Fed wins the first set, it all depends of the second set. If Djokovic wins the second set, Fed can still qualify by winning the third set.

Now, if Djokovic wins the first set, multiple things can happen. For instance, he can be 5/4 40/15 in the second set and still loses, thinking about Wimbledon and telling himself “I want to choke myself too”. But if Federer wins that point, it’s still not sure he can win the second set tie-break because he can still try to achieve a bigger choke than even Medvedev (hard but still possible).

So, all goes to a potential third set. If Federer serves first, there is a chance that he can win. If Djokovic serves first, it all boils down to a third set tie-break and a Hawk-Eye call on match point at 18/17.

As you can see, there is a lot of scenarios for tomorrow. But it’s in the racket of both players to qualify… if they play.

FedExpress Says:

Dont believe Federer said about Wimbledon. Such memories cant be erased forever. You had bloody 2 CPs on your serve to win a GS.

The other MP losses to Nole seem harmless compared to that.

Giles Says:

Come on you Fed! 👍

Daniel Says:

Agree FedEx,

One can never get over Championship Point (on serve) on Wimbledon, ever.

But Fed is an expert on “dealing” with these.
I don’t know of Djoko will be tense today what is on the line, for him is not just a regular lose out match, it means his #1 chances. And with Zverev slightly favorite to get through than Nadal, he may feel a bit.

If not he is favorite 60-40. This venue was exactly last time Fed beat Djoko so…

Daniel Says:

For Djoko, assuming he wins, is a question of who he wants to play in Semis, Tsisi or Nadal. Nadal can’t qualify second on his group so he beating Tsisi is a certain he will play Djoko in semis.

Djoko to be #1 have to win all his matches and there is no scenario Nadal and him are in finals.

So what Djoko prefers, Nadal out of semis and him having to beat 2 young ones back to back Tsisi and than Thiem/Zverev/Medveded; or beating Nadal in semis to get the extra #1 boost? Or who would be an easier opponent for him in semis, Tsisi or Nadal?

With his HxH on hardcourts vs Nadal and the way Tsisi is playing I think Nadal would be easier for him specially the extra #1 on the line match.

Daniel Says:

If Fed beats Djoko than I want Nadal to beat Tsisi and qualifies (Zevrev losing). This way we have another Fedal and also a chance for Nadal to finally win WTF if he beats Federer.

He can tie Fed and DJoko with 5 year end #1 and win WTF for the first time in the same time.

Dave Says:


I was thinking that the loss to Thiem might actually end up being a good thing for Djokovic in the end. The last 2 times he breezed through the draw going 4-0 into the finals he lost both times in the final. The last time he won it in 2015, he lost to Federer in the round robin and then dominated for the rest of the tournament, beating Nadal and Federer back to back in straight sets. If I’m going by form in this tournament leading into this match, Djokovic in my opinion is playing way better than Federer. Federer doesn’t look even close to Basel form at the moment.

Dave Says:

Also, Nadal doesn’t look even close to as good as he needs to be to beat an inform player at the moment. That was one of the worst chokes I have seen yesterday from a top 4 player in my life. I just can’t see Nadal getting past the Semi-Finals. I can’t even see him winning tomorrow. But this tournament has been totally full of surprises so far. Anything can happen I guess.

Daniel Says:

Indeed Dave, Djoko may very well need to beat Federer, than Nadal semis (if Nadal beats Tisis and Zverev loses) before finals, with a potential rematch with Thiem or Tsisi.

Tsisi has more power than Zverev and Medvedev, but he will need a greta servign day (as zevrev did) against Nadal.

skeezer Says:

Geez been gone awhile and my have things have changed. Giles a Fed fan? Blasphemy!
Fully expect Djoker to beat Fed this time, #1 on the line and all, he should be motivated. Besides, he only has to beat an old man.
Kinda hopin Rafa could win this thing, he’s got the better story if he can pull it off. But his history here is not so good. One great match doesn’t mean anything, he needs to add another pancake to the stack to make me beleive.

Giles Says:

Have a feeling fed is gonna whip his arse tonight ( antijinx). And about time too.. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Daniel Says:

Nadal x Tsisi 1st match. Zverev will have the upper hand, because if Nadal loses he knows he just need 1 set to qualify versus Medvedev.
If Nadal wins he knows he has to win to qualify.

Van Persie Says:

Will laugh a lot during this match, Nole looks really relaxed

Van Persie Says:

a match with Fed is exactly what Nole needs for his confidence

FedExpress Says:

Bp at the start. Fed didnt convert. Man, some things never change.

FedExpress Says:

Triple Bps for Federer

Bet if he doesnt convert here he never will

Van Persie Says:

Maybe Nole too relaxed😎

FedExpress Says:

Federer breaks. Wow. Nole touched lines on some shots and it thought Fed will make an UE

jatin Says:

Fed strikes.. Great start.
Hope he can keep it up.

Van Persie Says:

1st time I do not dislike Roger that much anymore, since Wimbledon final. wow

jatin Says:

Fed super sharp in his serve today.

FedExpress Says:

Why drop shot? Should have been 2 Sps and he was also 0-30 up

Now the service game will show how Fed feels in tight situation.

jatin Says:

Wow, Super clutch from fed.
1st set in the bag

FedExpress Says:

What a set

But Federer is due to a mental slip. And it would be interesting if it gets tight

FedExpress Says:

2 Bps

and fluffed all

FedExpress Says:

Federer throwing away chances

jatin Says:

There you go.
Fed just have to hold now.
Go Fed Go

FedExpress Says:

Saved a BP like a lion and held

now 3 Bps

and break up

chofer Says:

C’mon Roger.

He needs absolutely to keep serving out of his mind.

chofer Says:

Ok, break secured.

Now concentrate on yours.

chofer Says:

The goal is NOT to get this to a TB.

FedExpress Says:

Federer, break here for the match.

Van Persie Says:

Nole losing in one of the lousiest matches against Fed.

Congrats Fed fans! We still have Wibly for thisbyear.
Congrats Rafa for being Nr. 1.

chofer Says:

Well done!

And Rafa now secures number one.

Daniel Says:

Damm, that was a clinical for Federer. Looks like he wanted to protect his #1 records. Better form him Nadlal to tie them than Novak gets 6 ahead of him with Sampras. Maybe next year for Djoko as young gen are stepping in.

Congrats Nadal on a 5th year end #1. Guarantee at least more 10 weeks moving him pass the 200 weeks milestone. Improving his #1 stats and Slams. Who knows what 2020 holds…

Now hope Nadal wins and Zverev loses for us to have a Fedal semis clash before one of the legenda face a young talent in finals.

If Fed gets this title he will be on a row with 2 consecutive titles. Great end of year and prep for AO in 2 months time.

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. I told ya!! Well done fed!

chofer Says:

Nole losing in one of the lousiest matches against Fed.

The only way to discourage Nole is to serve high perventage.

The only way. Something that has happened today and Rafa is unable to do in this surface on a regular basis.

That’s how Medvedev won his matches against him. By taking chances on second serve.

Nole is one who returns so deep that made you second guess.
The only way is having a great serve day. When he can’t put a lot of returns in his game has a crack for you to exploit.

It’s not that dificult to see. It’s difficult to execute.

j-kath Says:

Not able to see this match, but the stats. say it all. Was Novak in another lost world or was Fed playing so well…..turns out to be the later….Congrats to Fed.’s supporters.

jatin Says:

What an amazing performance by Fed tonight.
23 winners and only 5 UE. That’s Godly.
Such a satifying victory after that heartbreaking wimbledon final.

Congrts Rafa and hus fans for the Year end No. 1 as well, Tough luck for Novak. But he can make it happen next year as well.

Go win the tournament now Fed :)

Van Persie Says:


I know, that you like Roger a lot, but let’s be honnest, it was not only the return, that did not work for Nole, it was the serve as well. That was not a classic match.

Giles Says:

Jatin. Thanks for your good wishes.

Van Persie Says:

to add, Nole won Wimbly by playing under his standards an he lost today by playing the same🙂
I told it, after Wimbly, Nole was not phisically ok, no one agreed, but we saw it in the second half of the season.

fred stone Says:

That was more than payback.
Fed tossed Djoker’s #1 chances in the trash and gave it all to Nadal as a belated wedding gift.
That was a good ol’ thrashing.
Edberg in the player’s box added something to the mix; a flashback to earlier times when Fed was the student and Edberg was the teacher/inspiration to improve.
A remarkable display of taking care of business, the Federer way.

chofer Says:

@Van Persie

I like Rogers as musch as I like Rafa and Nole. I’m a fan of Delpo, remember?

I wanted Rafa to secure the number one so it’s now a three way tie. Simple as that. Now I don’t care who win this, as long as the matches are good.

IN NO WAY I said this was a classic. What I said is what I’ve already written.

Nole looked fastidious when he saw early on Roger was on a good serve day, which is PARAMOUNT if you want to have a chanceagainst him. That’s it.

Perhaps Nole didn’t serve well because his elbow still bothers him? We’ll know for sure.

But the fact of the matter -as Boris Becker would say- is that you find ways to win with what you have on the day.
Even the Big Three have days when a shot it’s not working.
Today, Novak needed his return game on fire since he didn’t serve well as you said.

He didn’t have a chance to do that well, EITHER.


Daniel Says:

Agree, 1st set Fed had 1 UE?!?!?! and 83%1st serves in. Unbeatable in this mode. And Novak still made a 6-4 set.

Novak made 3 DF in his first 2 service games, 2 in a row the game he was broken to open 0-30. There may be something with his elbow.

skeezer Says:

Ok, I did see that tweet. Friggin awesome. You called it congrats.

skeezer Says:

“There may be something with his elbow.”
Yes I noticed that, think they call that Elbow owned by Maestro.

Amit Says:

This is a happy year for Rafa and Nole fans. A tough year for Fedfans but still we hope for him to keep going on.. There will never be another Federer.. 😟😟😟

Amit Says:

Andymira Alison Giles and all Rafans:

Super Congrats Guys!! 🙌🙌🙌 Your guy ia back to where he belongs!!

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