Roger Federer: Rafa And Novak Will Pass My Grand Slam Title Record, And It’s OK

by Tom Gainey | January 17th, 2020, 1:35 am

In a new interview with the AP, Roger Federer admits that he thinks that rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will surpass his Grand Slam record haul of 20 titles. Nadal is just one behind at 19 but Djokovic is four from the Swiss.

The excerpt:

“I think the way it’s going, obviously, Rafa and Novak will win more, because they’re that good. And the season they had (in 2019), again, shows that there is more to come for them.

“Now, at the end, if somebody else would pass you, I mean, I guess it’s OK, because that’s what sports is all about. It’s a lot about numbers. It’s a lot about records. But I had my moment and I always said everything that comes after 15 was, anyway, a bonus. And especially after the knee injury (in 2016), everything that came after that was a bonus. I would have taken one more Slam, and I was able to get three more — and three amazing ones.”

Federer also thinks that regardless of who comes out on top, there will be many more threats to the numbers from generations to come.

“It’s going to happen, inevitably,” Federer said, shaking his head. “And it’s almost not going to be that hard, maybe, anymore, later on, for some reason, I just feel like, because the players will have seen what we did. And they didn’t see just one guy doing it, once every 30 years. They saw like three guys doing it, in the shortest period of time, right after ‘Pistol’ (Sampras). So I just think players are going to believe more. I think maybe the surfaces in some ways also allow you, maybe, if you’re on a hot streak, just to run through more years of domination, like what Novak, Rafa and me, we’ve all done.”

The 38-year-old Federer opens play in Melbourne on Monday against American Steve Johnson. Federer’s last Slam came at the Australian in 2018.

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11 Comments for Roger Federer: Rafa And Novak Will Pass My Grand Slam Title Record, And It’s OK

Alison Hodge Says:

Rafa has never been this close before, Novak winning the AO wont do Federer any favours either, Rafa will always be the favorite at the FO, Novak winning the AO and or the FO , and likewise same senario regarding Rafa will make summer at Wimbledon very interesting, Federers 20 GS are now under threat like never before, be intersting to see how he handles the pressure ,Federer now needs brand new players, or a surprising Cilic type of player to stop him been surpassed in GS tally, and the commies and Federer luvies aint gonna like it if Rafa and/ or Novak surpass their golden boy, no disrespect , my two cents ….

PK Says:

Does all this arithmetic really matter?

Just enjoy a golden moment in men’s tennis with three of the best players to ever play the game. Regardless if you love/hate any of the top three, that fact alone deserves our awe – and respect.

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, each so very different in style, are simply incredible athletes and gentlemen. Remarkable.

RZ Says:

Posting the Racquet Bracket information here too. (the URL says 2018 but it’s the 2020 bracket)
You have until Sunday 1/19 at 7PM Eastern Standard Time to enter. All are welcome to play!

Alison Hodge Says:

PK true its just fun to discuss the possibilities, Rafa and Novak havent ever been this close before, Federers 20 GS has always been safe until now, the exciting thing is how Federer will handle the pressure , or if he can add to his tally , or if Rafa and / or Novak will surpass him, it will be interesting to find out ….

Old School Says:

That’s why RF may have lost focus, serving for Wimbledon championship with two match points. That title may have put him out of reach. With Tsitsipas, DT, Sasha Z & Medvedev on the cusp RF total may hold up.

Dave Says:

Hi RZ,

Thank you for posting the bracket. I was wondering if the Qualifiers names will be filled in soon. I don’t want to pick a winner when I don’t know who I’m picking. haha. Thanks.

RZ Says:

Hi Dave – Sometimes Tourneytopia is not very good at some of the last minute details of the bracket. But you could look at the main AO site for the draw to know where the qualifiers are placed. I’m assuming they are in order – i.e., the first name on the list that’s a qualifier would be “Qualifier 1”.

Dave Says:

Hi RZ,

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will do that. I really appreciate your help.

Dave Says:

Just finished my picks. I have to say this was the hardest draw to pick yet. There are so many close matches. Hearing Shapovalov’s comments doesn’t make it easy to pick him when he is saying he might not play. Berrettini has asthma. Tsistipas was coughing a lot even when practicing under a roof. So many factors to think about this time.

RZ Says:

You’re welcome Dave. Good luck!
I also had a hard time deciding what to do with Shapovalov.

Andy Mira Says:

Dave & RZ….U guys r right!…so many factors to think!…but for me the hardest is Anderson/Thiem…God!…i like both chances very much!…Kevin’s level when he played Novak at ATP Cup was amazing..but Thiem also improved a lot on hc…


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