Thiem Tops Zverev To Reach First Australian Open Final, Djokovic Awaits
by Staff | January 31st, 2020, 10:29 am

Dominic Thiem advanced to his first Australian Open final coming from a set down to deny Alexander Zverev 3-6, 6-4, 7-6(3), 7-6(4) and book a spot in his first hard court Slam final.

Thiem dictated the match off the ground but Zverev had his serve working early and often. The 22-year-old popped 16 aces (some at high velocity on second serve!) and finished with a very sharp 81% of first serves in. Zverev also matched Thiem in the rallies, but the two lost breakers cost him in the 3 hour, 42 minute affair.

“It was an unreal match, two tiebreaks, so tough and so close,” Thiem said to the crowd. “It was almost impossible to break him, with such a high percentage of first serves. An Australian Open final is unreal, and what a start to the season so far.”

After the two split two edgy sets which saw seven breaks of serve and Thiem feeling some stomach issues in the first due to nerves, the two first-time Australian semifinalists settled down. Zverev kept his serve percentage sky-high and the aces flowing, but Thiem took over the first breaker.

The fourth set didn’t see a break point. In the breaker, Zverev’s now-trusty serve failed him with a double fault. He then followed with a disastrous overhead and was unable to recover from there, losing to the Austrian for a seventh time in nine meetings.

“He is a great player, we’ve known that for a long time,” Thiem said of Zverev. “It’s been a breakthrough week. I think both of us deserved to win today, maybe it’s experience or something else.

“I’m sure it won’t be long until he gets through to his first Grand Slam final.”

After a horrendous ATP Cup, it turned into quite an unexpected run for Zverev who reached his first Grand Slam semifinal and beat a hot Andrey Rublev and former champion Stan Wawrinka along the way.

“I had 14 break points,” said Zverev who finished 5-for-14 on break chances.

“That should be plenty. In the important moments, I didn’t play my best. He did. That’s where the match kind of went his way. We’ve had a lot of tight moments, four tight sets. In the third set I had set points. In the fourth set, I had chances. Just got to execute better next time. But credit to him. He’s playing unbelievable tennis right now.”

Thiem, who already eliminated Rafael Nadal, now has a Sunday date with 7-time champion Novak Djokovic who has never lost once he reached the Australian Open final four.

Djokovic leads 6-4 but Thiem has won four of the last five including at the ATP Finals in London this past November.

Thiem, though, has spent far longer on court and Djokovic is currently enjoying two full days of rest before the final.

“It’s unbelievable, twice in Roland Garros finals, twice facing Rafa,” Thiem said.

“Now facing Novak here, he’s the king of Australia so I’m always facing the kings of the Grand Slams in these finals.

“I’ll try everything I can to win,” he added. “If I walk off the court a loser in two days I have to be patient, trust the process.”

Thiem failed twice to beat Rafael Nadal on his home court in Paris, can he pull off the upset on Novak’s court in Melbourne?

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26 Comments for Thiem Tops Zverev To Reach First Australian Open Final, Djokovic Awaits

RZ Says:

(Emojis don’t work as well here as on text)

SG1 Says:

Feel a little bad for Thiem already. His first two slam finals were at the FO against the best clay court player ever. Now his first AO final is against the best player at the AO ever. This guy can’t catch a break.

SG1 Says:

That being said, he’s the first next gen player to challenge the Big 3 consistently.

PK Says:

The courts at the AO are apparently playing slower. That should help Thiem when he plays Djokovic.

Old School Says:

If Novak starts out like he did vs RF he could lose 1st set & then anything could happen. DT is ready to win a major, if Novak is striking well and he’s patient DT might collect his first in Rolland G.

Wog Boy Says:

I’ll spell it for the people who cannot or don’t want to do it, Thiem is favourite in this final.

It will be nice and cold night (20-22 degrees) slower conditions, perfect set up for Thiem. Last night was much the same since they closed the roof, the moment roof is closed AC kicks in and temperature inside drops to well below what is outside.

I know Rafa can’t flatten his shots, but Zverev can (like in the first set) and yet he was moonballing Thiem?

Last, nobody is paying attention on regular blatant illegal coaching by Nicolas Massu, but if it was uncle Toni…?

Wog Boy Says:

I can see people, particularly one fan base, are complaining about how courts are slow, well guess what, it is excatly the same court surfaces as Basel one, is Basel slow?

it’s a GreenSet.
Here is the list where else is used:

Australian Open (beginning with the 2020 Open)
Paris Masters
Swiss Indoors
Open Sud de France
2016 Summer Olympics and 2016 Summer Paralympics
ATP Finals[ at the O2 Arena in London.

In Melbourne all depends on weather elements and new Dunlop balls that apparently fluff easier.
If we compare 2 SFs, one played fast and last night played slower.
Simply to explain, first one was played on 35 degrees and 15% humidity, last night just before match the wind changed from northerly to southerly and temperature dropped below 30 degrees and they even had to close the roof because of few drops of rain which dropped temperature even further and changed humidity too.

Coming Sunday it is predicted cooler evening with higher humidity which spells what…?

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy off topic, 19 points clear, YNWA all baring a hell of a melt down, it looks like Liverpool FC could win the Premier league ….

Wog Boy Says:

^^ Just to add,Tennis Australia decided to unify all court surfaces in the major cities (Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney), so all players who participate in ATP cup or Adelaide tournament are tuned in for AO.

chofer Says:

I say this will play like the RG final against Rafa.

Djoko in four.

I have no favourite!!

Wog Boy Says:

Yes Alison, 30 years of waiting, they are writing the history, they have beaten every y single club in Premier league, the name of success is KLOPP.

chofer Says:

Can’t we stop saying Thiem is “next gen” please?

The guy is 26 years-old for crying out loud!

Wog Boy Says:

I can see your point chofer, but technically he is next generation comparing with big 3, the problem is that they were not supposed to last that long on top of tennis ladder so they basically buggered few next generations:))

skeezer Says:

I can see how one particular fan base keeps predicting Joker as the underdog( more than once) in this tournament. But he is, has been, and will continue to be the favorite at this particular tournament. It would be a major upset if he loses.

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy +1 ;-) ….

Wog Boy Says:

Alison, congratulations for having the courage to leave that bureaucratic dictatorial monstrum called EU, good luck to UK.
You can celebrate new independence with bubble from Australia, every fourth bottle of wine sold in UK is Aussie wine, now it will be even more, no more EU restrictions on imports exports.

Sg1 Says:

Novak is the favourite in this final but it’s by no means a slam dunk. Thiem has raw power, sort of like Stan and that can bother Novak.

Wog Boy Says:

Last 5 matches these two played against each other Thiem won 4 (four) and Nole won only 1 (one), that was 2 TBs in Madrid.
Last Thiem win was 2 months ago on exactly the same surface and under the same condition they will have in the final. On what ground anybody can put Nole as favourite, just because he has won 7 AO, it doesn’t work that way, Thiem is playing with no pressure, all pressure is on Nole, he is defending champion, King of AO?

j-kath Says:

Wogboy: I’m sorri to report that Scotland is sending U to Coventry…..

skeezer Says:

Djoker has been in 25 GS Finals ( this final excluded )and won 16 of them.
Thiem has been in 2 GS Finals( this final excluded ), both Clay, and won 0.
Experience is key. Djoker is not old.
Only disadvantage Djoker has is he not playing an old man.
Doesn’t matter here he is obvious favorite.
Djoker in 4.

Wog Boy Says:

JK, you will be right, besides, I have seen the pictures of Scottish people in Glasgow celebrating Brexit with Scottish and British flags?

Nicola Sturgeon is already changing her tune little bit, buying time, “yes, referendum for independence but it is not realistic before next Scottish election”…. by that time UK will finalise their dill with EU and Scottish pragmatic people will say, “it’s not that bad, we might as well stay with bloody English” ;)

You will be right, trust me and better off, if EU stayed what originally was designed to be, Economical Union, I would be all for it, but it slowly grew up into political and soon to be military Frankenstein that wants to dictate and control every segment of life of other countries and people.
Why would country with such history, though not always good, subject itself to being dependant on votes of the countries and nations that until yesterday didn’t even exist and are puppets of another country that rules EU?!
Think about that.

Django Says:

Djokovic is not the favorite.
He is six years older than Thiem and basically the old man here. Be surprised if ND wins it.

j-kath Says:

Wogboy; No, I don’t trust you on this – you understand nothing about how the Sh-t in London is even ignoring the entire devolved rights – just for the record I voted Leave – but I was so wrong – just like you.

Czarlazar Says:

Too many people taking Nole lightly on this board. If you’re so sure of Thiem winning, open an account on Bet365 (assuming you don’t already have an account) and lay your money down. You’ll triple your wager!

skeezer Says:

Czarlazar I agree with you. Also the same people here kept saying in previous rounds Nole was not favored to win. And they were his own fans! Must be broke by now lol…

Sg1 Says:

Assuming thiem can shake off this loss and ND is on the opposite side of the draw, I believe we’ll see these two in the French final and I think that thiem will win his first major. He’s right there knocking on the door

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