Rafael Nadal Turned 34 Today

by Staff | June 3rd, 2020, 4:33 pm

The tennis tour is in suspension but life off the courts continues to go on, in some fashion.

June 2 is known in the tennis world as a marker for the middle portion of the French Open, but also the birthdate of Rafael Nadal.

The 19-time Grand Slam champion turns 34 today.

Chris Clarey of the New York Times compared Nadal with his rival Roger Federer on their 34th.

Federer at 34
17 Grand Slam titles
23 Masters 1000 titles
6 year-end championships
1 Olympic gold, 1 silver
1 Davis Cup title
302 weeks No. 1

Nadal at 34
19 Grand Slam titles
35 Masters 1000 titles
0 year-end championships
2 Olympic golds
5 Davis Cup titles
209 weeks No. 1

Happy Birthday Rafa!

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19 Comments for Rafael Nadal Turned 34 Today

skeezer Says:

Never thought Rafa would be still playing at this age. Kudos to him. Now excuse me while I go eat my hat….

Alison Hodge Says:

Many happy returns Rafa, our KOC, missing tennis especially seeing you play, pretty peeved off not seeing the FO grrr, and your chance to tie Federer on 20 GS shame lol….

Dax Says:

When Jim Courier said a few years ago that Rafa Nadal would not have the same career longevity that Federer has, it sounded logical. And yet, here we are now…

I believe Rafa’s strength comes more from the heart than body.

Eugene Tucker Says:

Doesn’t Federer have 20 grand slams?

Florence and Earl messick Says:

Many happy returns. Were lefties too. Love the game and look forward to seeing you back soon. Enjoy your day..

Alison Hodge Says:

Eugene Tucker they are comparing Roger and Rafas achievements at the same age ….

chrisford1 Says:

And Novak Djokovic is now 33, breathing down Rafa’s neck. It will come down to the wire with those two, I think.
And it won’t be pure Slamcount.
Other factors will have to be considered. A case can be made any of the 3 is the GOAT, or that there is no such thing as GOAT, only the best of an era in various attributes, Slamcount being just one criteria that could be used.

chofer Says:

Doesn’t really matter who ends up with the better records except for hardcore fans? I’m sure I don’t.

I mean, I’m watching tennis regularly since the mid 80s and these guys are already special. Even McEnroe (in an clip with Becker, Wilander and Lendl at last year’s USOpen said they didn’t quite measure up; an understatement)

I know records are part of the sports and breaking them are exciting fodder for turning the TV on. These guys already made tennis bigger than it has ever been. That’s their most endurable contribution, I think.

When all it’s said and done everyone will argue about “lists” (American are very fond of those; people make rankigs out of the meals they eat:)-

But, in the end, it will be impossible to talk about one without mention the others. Because you are as good as your opposition was at the time.

I bet these three will ask the other two to intruduce them into the THOF. Which would be fitting.

Alison Hodge Says:

With all due respect the thread topic is about Roger and Rafa at the same age, not Novak, Novak will get his turn next year when hes 34….

j-kath Says:


RE. yOURSELF – I seem to recall you work in a Care Home – Please look after youself. Are you still in touch with tennis friends A-M etc. ?

Alison Hodge Says:

Hi J-Kath everybody fine in our care home, everybody tested, and everybody got the all clear, which was great to here, theres a lot of us work there, with a lot of people to look after, I think by the law of averages that at least one of us would have it , so we were pretty lucky ….

About tennis I love it, and have been watching some old matches ,FO classics, both past and present, other than that haven’t actually given it much thought till about a week ago, and I really don’t expect to see anymore this year to be honest, start a fresh next year when hopefully we will be normal whatever that is, I deactivated my facebook account a while ago, so I haven’t had any contact with Okie or AM etc, I only pop by occasionally here , and on TG to see whats going on , but the forums here and there are very quiet, and the posting is few and far between, anyway hope your well too,TAKE CARE and STAY SAFE CHEERS xxxx

j-kath Says:

Great re. your Care Home. I only pop by occasionally but as they mention tennis I get curious. Jamie Murray has arranged something that also includes Andy in the UK – presumably we’ll hear more about it.
Cheers and Keep Up the good work.

Okiegal Says:

Hi JK and Alison!
Al, I noticed you did away with FB…..can’t say I blame you one bit….. lots of drama. Glad you are OK with all the pandemic stuff going on. I have been taking heed since I’m an oldie, but a goodie!! Lol I have reached out to Mira but it’s been weeks since I have heard from her. Be safe!

JK I hope this finds you happy and healthy. Like everyone else I’m missing my guy play…….but I am watching lots of tennis re-runs!
Take care and be safe!

To mask or not to mask, that is the question???? 😷😷😷😂😂😂
Hello to all of my old TX buds!! 😘😘

j-kath Says:

Hi Okie: Great to hear from you. I was forced to self-isolate – I had a face-to-face with a concrete kerb – missing my face but damaging my feet – 6 weeks ago!!! I can now walk – baby steps – but can whizz along when I use my shopping cart – which just fits into my car. And yes, I definitely use a Mask and plastic glov My feet need 2 cold (hot)water bottles which spends 4 hours in the freezer and then goes into my bed.!!! I get weary with the queueing at supermarkets. But I also have good neighbours.
Could be worse.

Okiegal Says:

J-Kath……..Hey girl So sorry about your accident! Sounds like it was a bad one. Hopefully you are better by now. I ride a bicycle occasionally and I got a deep gash on my leg from my foot slipping off the pedal. It got infected so I decided I had better find another form of exercising!! 😩😩😩. Seriously, I hope you have had a speedy recovery!

j-kath Says:

Taa Okiegal: Thank you for your concern. My feet have come out of intensive care…it’s still a bit of a long haul…feet/leg bandages etc. etc. However, the dreadful pain has gone – now only the swelling needs to go down. I cut the back of a pair of leather shoes – so now I can go shopping/drive – great. I’ve stopped being sorri for myself – so it’s all getting good again.

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath Good to hear you are on the mend….. older broads are more resilient than a lot of folks give us credit for!!
We can bounce back with a fury. I’m gonna start biking again. I just need my bike tires aired up, which my son has refused to do for me (he has to load it up and take it to the gas station). He is reluctant to do it, says he wants no part of me killing myself! LOL. No confidence in me at all!! 😩😩😩 I am gonna tell him that I am disinheriting him,…l’ll see if that works!! 🤣🤣🤣

Alison Hodge Says:

J-Kath sorry about your accident ,and glad to here your gradually now on the mend ….

Okie you too, stay safe my friends ….

j-kath Says:

Thank you Ladies for your wee supportive messages. It’s not everybody that goes to bed with 2 frozen “hot-water” bottles…”such fun at oor hoose” as we say in Scotland.

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