Borna Coric, Two Coaches Also Test Positive For COVID After Adria Tour
by Staff | June 22nd, 2020, 11:13 am

Following the positive test of Grigor Dimitorv yesterday, Dimitrov’s Saturday opponent, Borna Coric, has also announced he has contracted the virus.

“Hello everyone, I want to inform you that I am positive for Covid-19. Please everyone who has been in contact with me for the last few days gets tested!” he wrote on social media.

Coric, along with Novak Djokovic, Marin Cilic, Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, and others, was part of Djokovic’s Adria Tour.

Zverev and Cilic have both announced negative tests.

Djokovic reportedly did not get tested in Croatia opting to wait until his arrival today in Belgrade to get tested.

Also testing positive were Dimitrov coach, Chris Gro, and one of Djokovic’s fitness trainders, Marko Paniki.

Djokovic has not commented on this situation.

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18 Comments for Borna Coric, Two Coaches Also Test Positive For COVID After Adria Tour

Django Says:

99% of people survive this thing.lets hope for the best.

Czarlazar Says:

It’s more like 99.8% or 99.9% (similar to influenza), but for healthy individuals it’s closer to 100%. Obviously, as the world exits lockdown, cases will spike, so this is to be expected. The more we reopen society, the faster we get to natural/herd immunity and a return to a normal life, and I commend these players for leading by example.

chrisford1 Says:

Absolutely! The more negligible risk young people exposed to this strain, the better for herd immunity. Don’t count on a miracle vaccine anymore than you counted on miracle, lifesaving ventilators.
Right wingers may hate this, but one other way to kill an epidemic is to wear masks. The virus can’t get in and establish, just like with people with actual immunity. The virus doesn’t know, obviously who is actually immune and who is not. Once the virus reproduction factor drops below one(R<1) for new infections from each person infected, the Wuhan virus Wave One is over.
As for tennis players and staff – I would run and lock myself in a room with people with positive test results for active virus. Get it over with – if all of them get immunity (which is not 100% certain at this time) – playing tennis, travel to other countries, and making money gets less complicated.

PK Says:

Hoping to achieve ‘herd immunity’ with this virus is a mirage, and potentially dangerous.

To be effective, herd immunity means around 60% of a population needs to have contracted and survived the disease. Even the highest rates of infection – for example in New York City – are below 20%. Exposing millions more to this disease is not only irresponsible, but endangers any country’s healthcare system in the extreme!

The sensible and most effective measure – as Chris Ford points out – is to wear a mask. Not for your own protection, but to protect those you are with. Hence, make sure anyone you’re with also carries a mask.

skeezer Says:

I haven’t seen any “facts” that herd immunity is working. Ask Sweden. As for Djokovic’s Adria Tour, IMO it should have never happened. Don’t know who’s bright idea that was, and you have a players party? Ok.

chrisford1 Says:

PK – If you have 10% of the population exposed and half the people wear masks, you have defacto herd immunity.
One thing – Fauci and the WHO lied again when they said everybody needs to wear a mask to protect others on exhalation, but they are worthless to protect you…Not so. You wear N95 and say the dozen people in your workplace wear the same. One unknowingly is sick. Only 1/20 to 1/40 the Wuhan virus will escape the sick persons mask. When that 1/20 or 1/40th reaches you, you filter out 1/20 with your mask. Causing a 400 fold or 800 fold decrease in virus load that you breathe in.
Anyone with any knowledge of PPE knows it is worn 1st to protect the wearer. That is true in the medical field as well. Med workers are required to wear masks and follow all sorts of other safety protocols to avoid getting the communicable disease that drove the patient to the hospital in the 1st place.
As the 1st World reopens again, Aria tour, school start, factories reopening are all good things – even if cases increase. The key stats are not “identified cases” but hospitalizations and deaths. So what!!!! if healthy young people in sports get infected as long as they stay away from elderly and suffer no real effects themselves. As long as hospitalizations and deaths are steady or decrease, more positive cases are a plus for herd immunity.

Truth Says:

Djoker believes he can just laugh and celebrate and not care about exposing Covid.
Is he trying to ruin himself mentally & reputation-wise? Is he heading for another tennis meltdown?
Just because he has money doesn’t mean it’s ok to be a tennis exhibition sycophant and get defiant when there are many deaths already. He couldn’t wait for everything to get much better?
He talks about not having many infected citizens. I don’t care if those with positive tests don’t become ill. They spreaded it to others. He had a responsibility to be careful and not be “the precious friend” to the other players. Why does he act like he’s so powerful & charitable?

Wog Boy Says:

Bugger corona, globalist invention to control the world, live and let others live, good on ya Nole:

Ruby Says:

“So what!!!! if healthy young people in sports get infected as long as they stay away from elderly and suffer no real effects themselves.”

Aside from the fact that staying away from more vulnerable people (including anyone over 40) is essentially impossible in a sport involving international travel, it is also not at all known or that young people suffer no real effects. Recent studies show that up to 70% of young, asymptomatic (or mildly symptomatic) virus carriers show ground-glass opacities in their lungs upon an MRI scan.

This means that lung damage is occurring even without overt symptoms and while it might not be obvious now, the scarring may create an epidemic of lung disease later in life … not to mention impacting athletic performance. You’re a lot better off not getting it, which is entirely possible if you act accordingly.

Wog Boy Says:

I’ll give you some numbers, think about them and I’ll come later to discuss them.
These are stats per 1M population for western world, Eastern Europe snd SA Asia and Australia.
I’ll take few countries to represent each part of the world. It’s number of infected people and deaths per 1M population:

Western World:
USA 7,121 infected 369 deaths
UK 7,890 infected 628 deaths
France 2,457 infected 454 deaths

Eastern Europe:
Serbia 1,476 infected 30 deaths
Croatia 569 infected 26 deaths
Bulgaria 573 infected 30 deaths

SE Asia:
Singapore 7,234 infected 4 deaths
Hong Kong 155 infected 0.7 deaths
Taiwan 19 infected 0.3 deaths
Japan 142 infected 8 deaths

Australia 294 infected 4 deaths

Look and think, look and think, look and think…….

Wog Boy Says:

What that has to do with the numbers I posted, all countries had their borders closed during this time and most countries still have?
Sorry that was too hard for you and wasn’t meant for you, brainwashed CNN humanoid, you are not equipped to think out of what are you told or shown, I won’t do that to you again.

skeezer Says:

There are many numbers out there, pick any and make a case. But Countries closing down borders and travel (including your own) cannot be a conspiracy , unless you think the world is a conspiracy.
BTW, who is CNN? Your news channel?

Wog Boy Says:

Definitely too hard for you, I apologise for asking too much from you, your IQ is not bigger than your shoe size (European sizes), my advice to stick with 38 years old records, that’s about the level you are intellectually equipped to deal with.

j-kath Says:

One would have thought that sports-people would be fitter + healthier than other groups of a similar age. But what I wonder about is the diversity of the audience and their close proximity to each other. How many of those caught the virus – or don’t we know? Did I miss it?

And to Wog Boy: The UK has almost twice the numbers you listed – Boris and co. are being squeezed to ‘fess up to it. But don’t hold your breath for true clarity as his mission is to race into so-called normality at a breathless pace – because we are close to being beggars – but he has decided to spend almost a million British £s to decorate the private plane in which he will travel to the US to chat with the wonderful Donald so we can have loads of chlorine chicken when we BREXIT out of the European Union.

Wog Boy Says:

So far nobody reported any infection from Belgrade leg of Adria tour which finished 8 days ago, even it was 3 days in a row almost full deck, 5 thousand people per day, so fans are fine.
If it happened it would publicised, that’s for sure.

It was Dimitrov who brought virus, he even felt sick before second leg of tournament, lost meekly against Coric, avoided handshake with Coric, pulled out of tournament and flew straight to Monte Carlo, was tested immediately and on Sunday was informed that he is positive, that’s when he called Nole who cancelled the final.
His agent admitted that they made mistakes, didn’t specified what kind of mistake but it’s not hard to guess.
Finally, Nole and Jelena tested positive too, kids are negative.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ “his agent” meaning Dimitrov agent.

I might correct myself about fans in Belgrade too, the only fans that are/were at risk are the girls who were clubbing with Dimitrov for couple of nights in Belgrade, I guess they are having few sleepless nights until they get test results.

skeezer Says:

Doesn’t matter who brought it, what matters if it (DjokerTour) and the party should have happened at all.

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