Novak Djokovic Tests Positive For Coronavirus
by Staff | June 23rd, 2020, 9:27 am

Novak Djokovic has announced that he has tested positive for the Coronavirus. The Serb was the architect behind the heavily-criticized, at times reckless Adria Tour, which eschewed COVID safe practices, has now produced four positive tests after just playing two of the four weeks.

Djokovic’s wife, Jelena, also tested positive. His two children were negative. Djokovic follows postivies from Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki.

Two coaches along with Troicki’s wife also were confirmed as positive. Dominic Theim, who is now playing the UTS in France, has reportedly tested negative three times.

In a statement, Djokovic said:

“The moment we arrived in Belgrade we went to be tested. My result is positive, just as Jelena’s, while the results of our children are negative.

Everything we did in the past month, we did with a pure heart and sincere intentions. Our tournament meant to unite and share a message of solidarity and compassion throughout the region.

The Tour has been designed to help both established and up and coming tennis players from South-Eastern Europe to gain access to some competitive tennis while the various tours are on hold due to the COVID-19 situation.

It was all born with a philanthropic idea, to direct all raised funds towards people in need and it warmed my heart to see how everybody strongly responded to this.

We organized the tournament at the moment when the virus has weakened, believing that the conditions for hosting the Tour had been met.

Unfortunately, this virus is still present, and it is a new reality that we are still learning to cope and live with.

I am hoping things will ease with time so we can all resume lives the way they were.

I am extremely sorry for each individual case of infection. I hope that it will not complicate anyone’s health situation and that everyone will be fine.

I will remain in self-isolation for the next 14 days, and repeat the test in five days.”

Djokovic was not tested in Zadar Sunday. So his teamed traveled back to Belgrade (putting others at risk?) where they were tested Monday. The World No. 1 is also on record saying he would not get vaccinated.

The remaining two weeks of the Adria Tour, scheduled for Banja Luka and Sarajevo, have been called off.

Already, players taking out their frustration of Djokovic who also serves as the president of the ATP Player Council.

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39 Comments for Novak Djokovic Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Ahfi Says:

By the way, there shouldn’t have been any crowded spectators!

Anto Says:

The decision to go ahead with the tour was stupid and irresponsible

Ahfi Says:

Also, regardless of how well some countries are doing in terms of combating the virus, individuals should use some judgment.

dryeagle Says:

Ahfi and Anto, stay home under your covers then. The economy needs to come back and there will be risk and more positive cases.

Django Says:

He doesn’t need the vaccination now.

PK Says:

Staging events of this magnitude is simply irresponsible.

Having a meal in a restaurant or shopping for groceries is one thing (masks!) but a stadium crowd? Unprotected??

MH Says:

Djokovic should resign from The ATP Player Council immediately. He has shown egregious leadership skills, and recklessly endangered hundreds of lives.

Wog Boy Says:

Trump should listen the voices of “responsible” people here and resign immediately for organising rally in Tulsa, no masks, no social distancing…

BTW, my dear Americans and UK people for that matter, how are your doing with your statues, anymore ended up in the ditch or river?
How come nobody in London hasn’t pull down Karl Marx memorial?
He brought more misery to the world than any of those targeted people from the history of UK and USA?
Of course they won’t touch uncle Karl, they are lefties, dole bludgers, junkies and anarchists who are roaming the streets and destroying and looting other peoples properties.
Let me know when you decide to pull down Statue of Liberty and if you are going to telecast it and if it is going to be pay per view, thanks.

Wog Boy Says:

Not again Mr Trump? Now in Arizona, no masks, no temperature check, no social distancing, no gloves…
You, responsible people, are you going to stop him, he is the President of the most powerful country on earth, never mind President of ATP players council and national of some minor, insignificant Balkan country?

j-kath Says:

Wogboy: So what do you think – will Trump be re-elected? Pity Joe Biden isn’t a more exciting opponent – I think the USA needs a younger, more vibrant candidate – capable of stimulating the country and earning the respect of the world. As for Novak – he made a huge mis-judgement – but unlike Trump he’s smart enuf to learn from it and re-build his reputation.

Alison Hodge Says:

Novaks got a good heart, he wanted to give us some live tennis to watch, raise money for charity, have some fun ( which to be honest, is what we all could do with at the moment) , but i did cringe when i heard about this, and the partying ( what were they thinking?) and especially when i saw the crowds with no regard for social distancing what-so-ever, maybe they could’ve done this without the benefit of crowds like football, after all this wasn’t a serious tournament, granted Novak arranged this but its not like he forced the other players to take part, however you cant turn the clock back, whats done is done, all we can do wish him, his family, and all the players all the best, and hope they all recover without any lasting damage, please take this seriously, this virus kills,be sensible, stay safe ….

j-kath Says:

Alison – YES! This Virus can kill but it can also leave people who recover with damaged lungs – you may have seen the recent pictures on TV – let’s hope Novak and all the other tennis players were only mildly affected and that they recover fully.

Alison Hodge Says:

J-Kath yes true, horrible just horrible, it would be devastating if any of the players, suffered in the long term because of this virus, might sound like mumbo jumbo ill do some healing with my crystals, and it wont do any harm, oh my god!, what were they thinking ?….

Colin Says:

I just watched, on the BBC website, highlights of Andy Murray’s first match for a long time. It was against Liam Broady, who is a good player but not highly ranked. It was only best of three, and Andy won 6-2, 6-2. He looked in surprisingly good shape, serving well, and sprinting around without any signs of discomfort
As for Novak, well, my mental alarm bells started ringing some time ago, when I learned that he was anti-vac.
Medical science has made some big mistakes, but it has also saved countless lives. For example, if I had got blood poisoning as a kid in the early 1930s – as I could have done climbing trees and stuff and collecting cuts and grazes- I’d
probably have died, because though penicillin had been discovered, it hadn’t been developed.
As Nick K has said, he has been a bad lad at times, but he hasn’t risked the lives of his family on the strength of sheer uninformed prejudice.

Alison Hodge Says:

Correct me if im wrong, his fans probably know better than me, but doesn’t Novak suffer with astmer, wasn’t this the reason for the healthy eating vegan diet , although he probably doesn’t suffer the way he used to because of the new diet, just curious, just wondering how the virus will affect all that, hes also very skinny, just hope he and the other players aren’t too badly affected ????

Van Persie Says:

With this social distancing fuss and when we will really feel the impact on economics, I am expecting a lot of people around the world to get insane psychologically speaking…

This virus is here to stay, even Merkel was aware that by the end of this year 70% of the German population would be infected.

Colin Says:

I just watched, on the BBC website, highlights from Andy Murray’s first match for a long time. He won easily against Liam Broady, a fellow Brit who’s a good player, though not highly ranked. Andy won easily, was moving well and serving big. I fervently hope that he can return to real competition in what must be, with his physically demanding style, the twilight of his career.
As for Nole, what can one say? The very fact that he’s anti-vaccination shows that he is making judgements on the basis of uninformed superstition. Medical science has made mistakes, but it has also saved countless lives. I, for instance, could easily have got blood poisoning as a kid in the early 1930’s (climbing trees and so on) when penicillin had been discovered but not yet developed.
To return to Nole, one has to say that this risk to his family
does, as Nick Kyrgios says, eclipse most of the bad behavior of Nick himself.
Finally, let’s descend to the seriously daft remarks about pulling down (or not) statues of noted communists. Yes, Marx and of course Stalin after him, inflicted untold misery, but no more than did Hitler. As for the Statue of Liberty, doesn’t
the very name of it contradict reality? Long after it was built, black Americans who dared to exercise their officially endorsed right to vote were, in states where the KKK was active, liable to be, after a spot of torture, strung up from a tree with a notice round their neck saying THIS NIGGER VOTED. Human beings are not always admirable, no matter what their politics, and sneering at any one shade of opinion is childish.

Okiegal Says:

There were temperature checks at the Oklahoma rally……I know of people who went and said they were checked.

@JK….. Watching Andy and Kyle as we speak! The venue looks very health conscious too,

Okiegal Says:

Here is an Oklahoma COVID story I will share. The first person in Oklahoma that died from the virus was a Tulsa pastor. He was 56 years old. He went to a small western Oklahoma town and held a Sunday service there… this was before lockdown. He was infected and did not know it. This rural community had 69 cases before you could turn around. When I heard of his passing I wondered where he had got it in the first place. Finally an article was published about him. Guess where he had been? Italy! Back in March I had gone to the Oklahoma state basketball championships at Mustang, Oklahoma. I got there about two hours too early. I was sitting in my car and I noticed a man talking to people who were in their cars waiting for the gym to open. I hollered at him to see if I was at the right place and he said I was but the school officials had just received a call and the games were being called off. The night before is when the infected Jazz player was in OKC for a Thunder game. The Jazz player went to Del City high school and shot hoops with 5 high school players……. so Oklahoma’s infection began. Plus our cases were heavier down interstate highway 35 which has very heavy traffic going to Texas.

I keep up with all the news concerning this virus. You hear about herd immunity. Some doctors agree with this theory and some don’t. What I have trouble understanding is these brilliant doctors basically have had the same medical training and don’t agree with each other. I have come to the conclusion that have BLUE doctors and RED doctors!! LOL ….lWhy can’t they get on the same page?? 🤔🤔🤔

j-kath Says:

All of You – Agree. On Herd Immunity? Initially, they planned to take this route in the UK. The plan was to let the disease spread on the basis it could hit natural barriers and through sheer numbers of healthy people/resistance,eventuallly weaken and peter out.

And Andy with his metal hip? Glad he’s enjoying himself and doing reasonably well – but I don’t count on him in 5-setters.

chrisford1 Says:

“As Nick K has said, he has been a bad lad at times, but he hasn’t risked the lives of his family on the strength of sheer uninformed prejudice.”

Colin – You are uniformed on risk. What risk do you think exists for a guy that just turned 33, his preteen kids, and his 34 year old wife??? Your story of states and communities tracking blacks who voted and lynching them with signs saying they voted thus had to be hanged – is apocryphal if not race baiting malice.
And please refrain from using the so called “N-word”. Search bots will flag the word usage and may get tennis-X falsely tagged as a racist site and booted off search engines.

j-kath and VP are right. The plan was not to stop the unstoppable Wuhan virus from spreading at any cost but to control it’s spread to the extent hospital capacity was not overwhelmed. Not to destroy the US, EU, and UK’s finances and economy, school banned – and preserve a bunkered in population of susceptible elderly and sick people with co-morbidity factors for the 2nd and 3rd wave since no herd immunity will get established that way..
Not get “pretend horrified” when positive cases are found but no one is getting sick as nations try and restore schools, jobs, government
functions and financial basis.
The pols and media have tried pushing the “positive tests are terrible” narrative, and pushing “safe social distancing” when 2/3rds of hospitalizations in NYC practiced safe social distancing, washing hands as if it was a GI infection, not airborne. Not learning from Asia until very recently that building ventilation filters and good n95 and above masks work and give de facto herd immunity in an area if positive cases + proper good masks worne correctly and HEPA filters for indoor areas (like the NTC “stationary cruise ship apartments” crosses the herd immunity 60-70% thresh hold of population.)
Then the virus fails to infect more than 1 person from each existing infection and dies out. And that, vs. a miracle vaccine touted by Fauci and the “experts”
What Djokovic did was a net positive. Unlike what the governors of New York and the adjacent state of New Jersey did – caused mass deaths in a vulnerable population. I’m sure he would take back the lame “let’s celebrate again!!” players party.

Wog Boy Says:

The more I read Sleazy’ posts the more I like Giles.

Our friend Sleazy embarrassed himself and made a fool of himself yet again.

He gave us the link of some “reputable” Yahoo sport site “article” that copy/paste some English “reputable” tabloids well known for their objectivity when it comes to Nole.
Instead of spending all night trying to google article that rubbishes Nole the most he could have google any Croatian site and find what really happened and avoid making a fool of himself yet again.
Let’s go back to that so-called article where just about everything but the names and location of event is a lie.

-Firstly, event was cancelled on Sunday night and not Monday, but that’s least of “mistakes”.

-Secondly, Nole had no business in Monaco nor he went there. He flew straight back to Belgrade where his family was and was tested immediately and he is still in Belgrade.

-Thirdly, the only person that fled Zadar, literally so, and flew to Monaco was Dimitrov who lost to Coric on Saturday, pulled out of tournament cited elbow injury, packed up and left in a hurry without even saying proper good bye.

-Fourthly, the most important part, the moment Dimitrov called on Sunday evening, minutes before final and told them he tested positive Croatian authorities issued the statement that ALL FOREIGN PARTICIPANTS ARE FREE TO GO TO THEIR COUNTRIES AND TO REPORT TO THEIR AUTHORITIES or they can stay and be tested immediately in Zadar, but if they test positive they will have to stay 14 days in Zadar in self-isolation, IT WAS UP TO THE PLAYERS TO DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. Zverev and Rublev decided to stay and get tested, Nole and Serbian contingent flew back to Belgrade which is 30 minutes flying distance.

To conclude, nobody fled Zadar (you also have to clear custom and passport control unnoticed, it’s foreign country), apart of Dimitrov day before.
Nole had a plane sitting at Zadar airport, the one that is available 24 hours to him, the one that he used to fly Thiem, Zverev and others, he had responsibilities towards few young players that he brought down to Zadar and they couldn’t afford to stay 14 days in Zadar if they tested positive, his parents were in Zadar too and he had his family in Belgrade.
At least, so-called reporter could have made effort to find out that nobody, but nobody flew to Monaco, the worst out of all lies in that “article”.
The decision was made to go back to Belgrade and all of them to get tested there (which was preferable option for Croatian authorities too) and Croatian authorities were informed and they were given all clear to depart Zadar and fly to Belgrade after saying good bye to fellow participants who decided to stay and get tested, like Zverev, Rublev, Nole’s fitness coach who is Italian and Italy was closer than Belgrade anyway.
It was really hard for so many people to “flee” foreign country unnoticed, don’t you think so?!
This response was intended for people who are intellectually equipped to count more than 20 and whose IQ is bigger than their shoe size, that eliminates Mr Sleazy and his fellow fedfanatics.

This is the link where you can find out what Nole did on Sunday night and Croatian authorities statement too, it is in Serbian, I already explained but you can use google translate, just to make sure I was telling the truth.

Wog Boy Says:

In the last five years, 214-18, influenza related deaths were 403 on average, in 2019 we had 902 influenza related deaths, it was really bad year.

This year, so far, Australia has 103 covid-19 related deaths, one hundred and three?!
Half of those 103 are in two Sydney nursing homes and were their 80’s and 90’ who were already queuing outside St Peters’s door and would have died just by catching bad cold anyway.

So far, influenza hardly visited us, I think influenza took long service leave.

Colin Says:

Chrisford1, that story of Black voters being lynched is NOT apocryphal. Someone researched and wrote a whole book about it, and I’ll tell you the title when I find the article, which I’ve got somewhere. As for using the N word, OK I ought to have thought of that, but I think the whole internet is being destroyed by censorship, which is seldom motivated by anything other than self interest on the part of those imposing it.
Back to Andy. Isn’t Olympic mixed doubles played over three sets, J-Kath? He combined well with Serena, who’s the same age, and they seemed to get on well. After all,Fed is said to be interested in that next Olympics, and he’ll be really middle aged by then.

chrisford1 Says:

Wogboy – thank you for setting the record straight on what happened in Zadar, though I wish somehow Grigor could respond to the things you said about him.
What you said about the Sydney nursing homes was true as well in America. Half the deaths were in what was referred to in more religious times as “God’s Waiting Room”. And on top of nursing homes, you had people living at home with co-morbidities and/or over 75 as an additional 60% of the remainder. Many “bunkered in” and being set up to get ill because social distancing and washing hands they faithfully tried to follow are worthless in packed apartment complex with a shared ventilation system.

This should go in an off-topic thread, but there is no off topic thread up, so—–

Colin – History is complicated. And history of the American South is no exception. About an equal number of blacks and whites were lynched in the ‘lynching” time period. And sometimes the lynch mobs were racially mixed. (or even 100% black mobs in a mainly black town lynching some black that committed a major crime like murder, attempted murder or rape on some other black). The number of blacks and whites that were actually guilty of the crime they were lynched for, informally arrived at, since obviously no trial verdict was done, is estimated at greater than 95% in lynchings in 1910s

Black voters were intimidated in some communities by whites – just as today’s Hispanics were intimidated by blacks from voting in the urban areas where power, turf, who gets what share of what services and goodies, and who gets low or semi-skilled government jobs. Add in Asian and new white arrivals interests as well in the last 5 decades. Los Angeles was the hotbed in the 1990s.

Intimidation by systemic murder via public lynchings to stop the vote rarely happened. (Lynchings typically happened because it was believed that it stopped other felony crimes of the same nature). It wasn’t hate – as they were typically as eager to lynch poorer whites who did nefarious deeds as blacks. Typically the threats on the poor people voting and taking power and voting for free stuff – involved beating someone up or threatening to, denying them credit for farm crops if they voted, barn burnings, getting fired from jobs.
The biggest voting deterrent was the poll tax. It was constitutional, had a long legal tradition upholding such taxes going back to medieval England. It was used in some areas outside the South. New England, Wisconsin, California, Oregon had them. The poll tax had valid reasons as well as being bad by being exclusionary by class.
What proponents of the tax feared has actually come to pass in many cities – the people that paid little to nothing in taxes would vote to pay themselves all kinds of goodies out of the treasury filled by citizens with property that was taxed.
It was Poor blacks and whites did not want to spend money paying that poll tax when they had other needs. Which is what the wealthier whites and even a strong black business class wanted.
To repress the poor white and black vote to maintain control. Helped by black illiteracy exceeding 70% the South in areas a half century after the Civil War, while poor whites had a 30% illiteracy rate. It was highly effective, made most voter intimidation unnecessary until the late 50s and then by a Constitutional Amendment eliminated it as part of all the Civil Rights legislation in 1964.
Before that, when a state repealed the poll tax on their own, organized groups like unions, NYC activists, city political machines – suddenly realized there were all these new voter people that if grabbed, would give them their votes to make those union organizers, activists, and corrupt Democrat City Machines even richer and more powerful.
The Ruling Elites in those times before 1964 actually feared their power and wealth being lost to poor white populism more than blacks. And the fear was compounded with worry that poor white populists could make common cause with the poorer blacks. So the elites used divide and conquer tactics. Make the poor whites and blacks hate each other. Otherwise, like every 20 years, another Huey Long would come along.

j-kath Says:

Colin: Andy Murray’s age: He had his 33rd birthday last month – he’s approx. 2 weeks older than Novak. Serena Williams will be 39 in September. Yep – mixed doubles at Olympics is 3 sets and so is singles. However, it is more likely than not, that the Olympics will not take place next year.

chrisford1 Says:

And it is even more likely that the UK will not join the US and play as one nation for the Olympics after Brexit. So no Andy and Serena playing together.
I think there will be an Olympics in Japan in 2021. The Japanese excel as a nation in pulling off difficult, big projects.

j-kath Says:

Chrisford 1: Absolutely – it’s often hard for the four nations of the UK to play as one nation, never mind joining the US. However, in 99% of all other settings (eg apart ftom Davis Cup) Andy and Serena could play as doubles. I’ll take a bet with you re. Olympics in Japan in 2021……I vaguely remember hearing it was already cancelled.

Van Persie Says:

Do not know….for a while it will be a great sin to have fun with friends indoors?…it will be the like a “new prohibition”. Should be my right to chose, if I decide to be cautious or to take a risk.

Wog Boy Says:

Yes, but they are all washing their hands now like Pontius Pilate and their agents are having a go at Nole.
Were they forced at gun point to come to Adria tour and to go to night club.
Why Thiem, Zverev and Dimitrov didn’t tell Nole “sorry, we’ll stay in the hotel you can go and enjoy the party with your mates”, on the contrary, they went mad in the night club dancing shirtless and having a time of their life, though with a little help from Belgrade girls;)
Now they are all apologetic and spinelessly begging for forgiveness pointing at Nole, really? When you do the crime you do the time, fullstop! Be a man.

Wog Boy Says:

I like Gilles too, this what he said few days ago:

“Novak, when he forgets that he is less loved and says to himself, like at Wimbledon last year “ok you are all against me, well all of you will die, I am going to f*ck him”, well he is unbeatable, you see it in his eyes.”

“When he wants to look cool, he doesn’t play as well and he isn’t as strong because he doesn’t have the same determination. And I love these moments when he forgets himself and he seems to say ‘Ok, people love you more than me but you know what? I’m going to plant you anyway’.” (Quotes have been translated)

Django Says:
No one care about social distancing anymore, have a look at the pics.. Only the old and sick.

Wog Boy Says:

Django, I am more surprised with the rubbish they left behind, I thought English people are cleaner than that. The world is coming to an end.

Alison Hodge Says:

Django I also live in a seaside town which was exactly the same,its disgraceful ….

j-kath Says:

Alison/Wog Boy: I also live in a seaside setting – in fact virtually the whole County is on the coast -I often collect firewood (when I’m not suffering from damaged feet!). It gets a yearly clean by communities following the tourist season…but it is never too bad – lots of available bins on the banks.

Currently, we have a sign at the entrances to our area that advises tourists that they are not allowed to enter during C-19! Up to now, we don’t have anyone who has contracted the disease – in fact the entire County has the lowest recorded no. of cases in the entire mainland of the UK. Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed it.

PS: Andy expects to be beaten by DAN this pm. on the Jamie-organised Brit. tennis tournament

Madmax Says:


Some people went wild, for sure and they spoil it for the rest of the good citizens across the board. Hopefully beaches will close again to teach them a lesson.

Very unfortunate.

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