Novak Djokovic, Wife, Test Negative For Coronavirus

by Staff | July 2nd, 2020, 10:34 am

After revealing a positive COVID-19 test a week ago, Novak Djokovic and his wife, Jelena, are reportedly virus free.

Djokovic and three other players — Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki — contracted the coronavirus during the Serb’s now-cancelled Adria Tour.

All told, at least eight individuals were infected with the disease including Jelena Djokovic and coach Goran Ivanisevic.

Djokovic and Jelena are reported to have not have had any symptoms and are in good health.

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15 Comments for Novak Djokovic, Wife, Test Negative For Coronavirus

chrisford1 Says:

So effing stupid! As the world opens up again vs. willingly go into another Great Depression like the one that culminated in WWII – lots and lots more people will *shudder* TEST POSITIVE!! Then TEST NEGATIVE!
And death rates continue to decrease despite media and control freak Marxists moaning that POSITIVE TESTS! are what is to be feared.

PK Says:

So the CDC is now a nest of irrepressible Reds?

The fact that scientists are still on a steep learning curve with this novel virus and that the tests are still a ‘work in progress’ shouldn’t reduce the taking of a covid-19 test to a political act, that doesn’t help anyone.

Yes, the economic costs have been horrendous, but hysteria is not the solution.

chofer Says:

chrisford1 OTM.

The virus it’s not only decreasing but it seems the last strains are like the flu syptoms. Contagious, yes. Lethal, much less so.
Here COVID+ patients are recovering with blood plasma.
Enough time to find a vaccine and stop being so obnoxiously paranoids.

hysteria is not the solution”- This.

chrisford1 Says:

Marxist control freaks, anarchists, opportunistic inner city rioters and looters have been boiling out of the woodwork with CV-19 seen as a great opportunity, not a great disaster.
Big Pharma is looking to score big.
The present political act is media in the West is trying to amp the fear for ratings and keep the West shut down and in decline – to consolidate power on the left. One reason the media barely utters a word of blame on the CCP or mass leftist riots or regional government killing off nursing home populations.
What I have seen of the mutation rate of Wuhan virus leads me to believe it is more likely than not no vaccine will come along for 3-5 years, if ever. An effective vaccine is just as much about luck and the nature of the virus as it is on “scientists working for a cure”.
Given likelihood of no virus vaccine soon, the alternative is to persevere anyways and leave the bunkers and take the hit, to count on lots of positive tests boosting immune parts of the population and added with top issue masks to achieve herd immunity, or Great Depression and possible global war.
The Great Depression caused global instability and greatly weakened Britain, France, and the USA while the command economy of the 3rd Reich and militarized Japan prospered and grew stronger by the year. Sort of like China is now positioned thanks to the globalists and CV-19. It is the world’s largest economy now, 27 trillion in PPP vs the US at 21.7, 2nd strongest and growing military.
The stakes to reopen are very, very high. No hysteria. Instability will grow as governments run out of money to cushion the effects of 30-40% joblessness. Schools must open.
People will get sick more than if money was magically available to keep them in bunkers, but every alternative to lockdown at this point is better.

Giles Says:

Hey CF1 You make us all feel so much better reading your BS. Where do you get all this tripe from eh?

chrisford1 Says:

What you call tripe other people call valuable contemporary or historical pandemic information. To be learned if possible, to help them make critical family safety and financial decisions.
You honestly didn’t bother reading anything about the nature of the pandemic when your nation locked you up in your home???
What did you do, just eat boiled macaroni and light votive candles in your Nadal Shrine? The worst thing about the ignorant is they feel threatened by, and don’t like, the better informed.

Wog Boy Says:

It will die out after American elections, of course “naturally”, we will be told that actually it’s not as dangerous as it looks.

Globalists (plus CCP) are up in arms to get rid of Trump, they have to keep it going so they can negate everything what he had done until plantemia appeared from nowhere (but good timing, no?) they are playing on traditional American short memory problem.

So far it’s working, the bloke who cannot be let out of the house without escorts due to big possibility he won’t be able to find his way back home is looking good to become new President of the most powerful country in the world… if that happens then God Save the World.

Alison Hodge Says:

Rafa is having doubts about the USO, Simona Halep is having the same doubts, given whats going on in New York, I cant say I blame them, Serena seems hell bent on trying to tie Margret court, really some things are way more important ….

Wog Boy Says:

Rafa is not going to America, he is playing Madrid and why would he when ATP accepted ranking system that favours him.
Going onwards he keeps the points from 2019 if he wins less than he won in 2019, meaning, if he doesn’t play USO (even if it is played) he keeps his 2000 points, how smart from ATP, not!

j-kath Says:

WOGBOY: I certainly agree with par. 3 of your July 6 posting. I don’t know how old Joe Biden is but he looks like a gust of wind will knock him over.

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy yeah it does all seem rather unfair ….

chrisford1 Says:

On ATP rankings, I am very confused – no idea who will be ranked what. How this bodes for ATP finals and if rankings are determined on how players feel about keeping vs. risking their ATP points at events.
It seems so far the tennis writers, are vigorously avoiding discussing this. Maybe they are confused as well. Or perhaps so leery of commenting and putting work into it when what is going on in pro tennis with the Wuhan virus impact, is, to put it mildly, fluid.

I wish Daniel was around – there was some great discussion out of Brazil on points, strategies of scheduling.
But what happens? Why would Nadal risk points and maybe compromise his French Open preps for a maybe it will happen USO he already has 2,000 points locked up for?? Of course, you would have to kill him or badly injure Rafa for him to avoid his “special place” in Paris.
Federer makes out great. Unlike other injured people, he gets to keep ALL his post March 2019 points.
As for Djokovic, he resumes as #1 by this crazy system, would have remained #1 by these rules, but still loses 5 months of ranking as #1? I don’t fully understand this setup, and setup seems an appropriate word.

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, if Rafa doesn’t play, or play but doesn’t win them, USO, Rome or FO he will still keep his 5000 points until end of the year, yet he can improve his points where he didn’t do well in 2019 (Madrid, Shanghai or WTF, have a look, nicely explained:

chrisford1 Says:

I read it, Wogboy, I just don’t understand it. I see the logic of preserving points from the “dead time” of events that will not be played in 2020 that were in 2019, but not have two players claiming the same points once the season starts.
Ex: Rafa falls in “Shocker!!” 2nd round match after wrenching his knee trying to recover from a slip. Giles Simon, rampaging in the best form of his life, defeats Thiem in the Final after Thiem beats Djokovic. Rankings for Top 10 remain unchanged. Rafa decides to keep his 2000 points plus 2000 USO points after skipping that event.

IMO – An ill-thought out over accommodation to players that fear playing – even though the incidence of Wuhan virus serious injury, hospitalization, death is virtually non-existent in young top athletes. A boon to players that announced they were done for 2020 that will be artificially propped up for points for all the tournaments they don’t play after the season reopens – outside the normal injury clause. Federer is pretty happy about that, I bet.

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