Andy Murray Mentally Planning For Cincinnati, US Open

by Staff | July 26th, 2020, 6:15 pm

While one Grand Slam champion looks doubtful for the US Open, another is planning to play. Andy Murray has stated he is mentally planning on playing the US Open next month. The tournament, which appears to be on schedule, will reportedly officially confirm its staging this Friday.

“Four or five weeks ago, we were pretty sceptical about it,” the 33-year-old Murray told the Guardian during a Battle of the Brits event.

“But mentally at some stage you need to start preparing and planning for that.

“If it wasn’t happening, my schedule for practising, my rehab, would all be a bit different. Mentally I’m planning for it to go ahead.”

Murray added that he was interested in Cincinnati as well, possibly playing even qualifying if necessary. He was scheduled for Washington before it cancelled.

“I might play qualifying in the Cincinnati Masters, or I could take a wildcard. The last time I played the week before a slam I would have been 19,” he said. “I’m not particularly keen on playing back-to-back. For a lot of the guys it’ll be five, six months, but for me it’s 10 months since I last competed properly.”

After multiple hip surgeries, Murray missed the first two months of 2020, then the virus. He hasn’t played an official match since Davis Cup last November.

“Some sports have gone back, and seem to have done pretty well – football, for example,” he said. “The issue for us is the travel. Hopefully we’re getting tested before we arrive, and once we get there. The players, the staff and everyone, we’re in this secure bubble. Everything will be fine – that is my hope.”

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19 Comments for Andy Murray Mentally Planning For Cincinnati, US Open

PK Says:

Great news – and not just for Murray fans. This must mean his hip is working again. After the constant wave of setbacks over the past 2+ years, it’s time for a last hurrah from Andy!

j-kath Says:

Yep PK – I think his brother was instrumental in spurring Andy on.

PK Says:

His brother? you see, family always knows best!

Wog Boy Says:

If I was listening to my brother and sister I would be still living in Belgrade now, probably unemployed or working for €300 a month if I am lucky to have a job.
I was all but disowned by my family for denouncing communist ideology and comrade Tito and leaving the country.
Today, the black sheep of the family (me) is able to help his siblings even they still believe they were right and I was wrong, go figure.
They kicked the communist ideology out of country but they didn’t kicked it out of themselves..still, I love them.

j-kath Says:

I know the feeling, Wog Boy….my eldest sister and I have a checkered relationship, it climized when she wanted to put our father in a Home and I thwarted her..and it rolls uneasily on…..c’est la vie!

PK Says:

@Wog Boy – where do you live now? Hasn’t life in Serbia improved? For your brother and sister, I mean…

Wog Boy Says:

I guess that’s the cross I (we) are given by birth to carry through the life.
That’s how I look at it, it’s easier to accept the things that way.

Wog Boy Says:

I am in Sydney for the last 35 years, firstly I spent short time in Germany, I liked it but couldn’t get the papers to stay, thanks God for that, Australia is much better place to live and raise the family than any, and I mean any European country.

My siblings life did improve, they have brother who lives and works overseas 😉
No, life hasn’t improved at all, though there is no war but economically they are very bad, corruption on the highest possible level, If you listen to the psychopath Serbian dictator, Frau Merkel and Brussels lap dog, all is good, the country is blossoming, the average wages are around €450 a month (which is still miserable), single digit unemployment and so on.
In reality the wages are around $300 if you are lucky to have a job and be paid on time, people gave up looking for the job, everything is sold to foreigners, but literally everything, from the banks (they don’t have home owned banks!), mining industry to farm land etc.

Young and educated people, the future of the country are running in masses out of the country abroad, on average every year 50 thousand young people leave the country permanently never to return, on the other hand the Dictator is quietly settling illegal immigrants, that EU doesn’t want, in Serbia, he took money from Frau Merkel to do so.
For the country of 7 million people to lose 50 thousand young and educated people every year is tragedy, but worst is them to be replaced by uneducated illegal immigrants from completely different and not compatible upbringing and culture!

I would just ask you, actually begging you, to watch 3-4 minutes video from few weeks ago in Belgrade to see what Serbian psychopath dictator and his police and secret police were doing to his own people, you haven’t seen this in the west, West has seen only short information about the protests in Belgrade without these footages.
Pay attention on plain cloth secret police in the second half of video, they call them Air Max police, you’ll see why, they are targeting protesters who separated from the groups and beating them to the pulp, leaving them on the ground for dead and going for another one, they move in the groups of 3-5.
Dictator has the best police and secret police in this part of the world, Nicolae Ceaușescu secret police was Disneyland compare to this one.
Please have a look and tell me what would have happened if this was in any other country that is cross with West, like Russia, I would be watching this around the clock on the news in Australia.
I am warning you, police brutality is very graphic, my nephew ended up bashed by police, I am proud of him as much as I am not proud of his mother and father, he took on uncle, good boy.
Here is video:

Wog Boy Says:

Sorry for the long post, I’ll give you separately link showing how efficient are Serbian psychopath dictator SS troupes and his Gestapo, Kim Jong Un is jealous:

Wog Boy Says:

^^^^ SS troops

Alison Hodge Says:

OMG Wogboy that is so sad, i could cry watching this, im so sorry :-(

Wog Boy Says:

Alison, thanks, I feel anger and rage and I look for a day when he and his clones will pay for what they did and for what they are still doing, I am absolutely certain that day will come.

PK Says:

Wow, that’s a scene out of a dystopian movie!? No wonder the young people are emigrating.

I’m sorry to see that; do you ever go back to visit?

skeezer Says:

The Covid era has been good in a way to Murray. He got his body much more needed rehab rest repair. Look forward to his return.
Some other good moments to share with Fed(Rafa is mentioned). So glad this guy is still around. Tennis needs him.

Django Says:

Isn’t Vucic a US puppet?

Wog Boy Says:

I certainly do go back regularly, every regime comes and goes, but love for my old country stays, dictators can’t diminish that love, if anything it gets stronger.
There are places in Serbia to see that I haven’t seen, there are friends to be with, there are graves to visit and lit the candles.
As I am nearing retirement, I plan to divide my time between Australia and Serbia, I do have property in the old country, summer here summer in Serbia, no more winter for me.
We are stubborn people, look at Nole;)

Wog Boy Says:

Yes Django, the leash is firmly in American hands, but the leash has been relaxed since Trump entered the office since the Psychopath donated 2 million dollars of Serbian money to Killary Clinton campaign four years ago so he is forced to sleep around atm and EU (read Merkel) is trying to diminish American (and UK) influence in the Balkans, which she is doing pretty successfully.

Django Says:

Very troubling WB. What’s better, the American noose or the German boot?

Wog Boy Says:

Neither Django.

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