Nick Kygios Calls Novak Djokovic A “Tool”
by Staff | January 18th, 2021, 11:22 am

Nick Kyrgios is back! As tennis has returned to his homeland, Nick Kyrgios took a shot at Novak Djokovic on twitter in his first tweet of 2021, calling him a “tool” for presenting demands for players currently in quarantine to Australian Open head Craig Tiley.

“Djokovic is a tool. I don’t mind Bernie but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes” Kyrgios tweeted.

We can only hope the two draw each other in the first round at the Australian Open next month, if not sooner. Kyrgios slammed the world No. 1 last summer as well for his failed Adria Tour attempt.

Kyrgios also took a jab at Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra.

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8 Comments for Nick Kygios Calls Novak Djokovic A “Tool”

Cynthia Says:

Djokovic is desp cerate to be in the lime light. Dont help his ego, keeping him on twitter. Make sure you send him packing when you meet on court.

Best of Luck. Thanks.

Dowie-Brown Says:

Nick, Lust make sure you send Djokovic packing when next you meet on Court. Thanks.

chrisford1 Says:

Is Cynthia arguing for a Twitter ban on all players in sport that protest unfair competitive conditions? This bunch of complaints by Djokovic and others has got some local Aussie pols very huffy – much as in the USA. When restaurant owners and store owners are petitioning to get the same good deal as Walmart and Burger King, only to be treated as unwelcome rabble with no tight to complain, by certain US governors and Federal pols. Will “cancel culture” come to tennis?
As for Kyrgios, he did little in 2019 except snark on anyone trying to get the Tour restarted. Very talented, often lazy and a tanker, not consistent, he turns 26 in April with no major title to his name.
Maybe he hates Djokovic so much because Djokovic was also irreverent, maybe too confident, maybe too mercurial – but unlike Kyrgios, Djokovic backed his mouth up often enough by age 26 that his cockiness was seen as bourn out by titles won. While Nick Kyrgios fights perception he is another Australian talent that failed to meet expectations so far. Like Tomic.

Django Says:

People really love internet twitter bans. Chairman Mao would approve.

Wog Boy Says:

When someone quotes Conor McGregor…as a intelligent one….

Let’s see what Khabib Nurmagomedov has to say about Conor McGregor😂

Mike the Polak Says:

Nick Kyrgios is a phenomenal player, perhaps more talented than anybody on tour and his personality has added spark to a rather subdued sport as well. Having said that he shits higher than his ass – not Novak’s greatest fan but as players council pres what is he supposed to do? Australians are trying to eat their cake and have it too. So concerned about Covid don’t have AO and don’t encourage a substantial number of people to travel for a recreational reasons – especially when banning your own citizens from coming back. Or at least don’t act holier than thou about it… my two cents. I guess everybody entitled to their own opinion

Wog Boy Says:

Has anyone heard from Conor McGregor or is he still asleep?
The trash-talker hasn’t lasted 2 rounds yesterday, before he was given general anaesthesia.
Last time it was the Russian who wiped the octagon floor with trash-talker (Russian fans did the same in the stands with Conor’s Irish mobsters), this time around it was American from Louisiana turn, maybe this will bring some humility to him, though I doubt.

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