Naomi Osaka Says No To Wimbledon

by Staff | June 17th, 2021, 6:28 pm

Naomi Osaka has decided not to play Wimbledon, the star’s agent said today.

Stuart Duguid, who represents the 4-time Grand Slam winner, told the AP that Osaka “is taking some personal time with friends and family. She will be ready for the Olympics and is excited to play in front of her home fans.”

The 23-Osaka withdrew after her first match at the French Open following a threat from the Grand Slam.

Apparently, Wimbledon was in talks with the Osaka team about competing at the upcoming Grand Slam where she has never had success.

“You’ll be greatly missed, @naomiosaka – wishing you all the best at home and the Olympics and hope to welcome you back next year,” Wimbledon tweeted.

The No. 2-ranked Osaka is now scheduled to return on the friendlier hard courts in her home nation of Japan for the Tokyo Olympics at the end of July.

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11 Comments for Naomi Osaka Says No To Wimbledon

Wog Boy Says:

Soo, she didn’t even bother (or didn’t have a guts) to announce that herself (like Rafa did), really very “respectful” towards her fans and tennis fans in general?!

autoFilter Says:

She has literally said that she is struggling with mental health issues. Imagine that you’ve explained to people that you need to wear a cast because your leg is broken. Would it make sense for those people to then question your character because you are using crutches to walk?

skeezer Says:

Spot on!. Too much Bully Ball going on around here. No wonder everyone left except the Bullies.

Lylenubbins Says:

I hope she deals with whatever is going on but it’s crazy how some people are lauding her a “brave” or a “hero.”

Wog Boy Says:

Sure, Olympic Games are in one month time (23rd of July) and she is going to sort out her “mental health issues” in one month?!

People take 6 months or longer break to sort out their problems with professional help, not one month and then happily go to play tournament she wants to play, all the way in Japan and of course on HC.

The Diva is hurt because GS tournament sent her clear message that she will be defaulted if she doesn’t do press conferences as she is obligated to do by signing to play on tour, she is the best paid female athlete in the world, that brings some obligations too.

As for announcement, she is active on social media, she could have twitted her, no need to get out of the bed for that, nstead of her agent doing it, that is disrespectful and arrogant.

Wog Boy Says:

…..she could have twitted it herself*

Wog Boy Says:

“ Too much Bully Ball going on around here. No wonder everyone left except the Bullies.”

I am one of the rare Nole fans that is still here after roughly 12 years, I witnessed behaviour of fedfanatics on this site and was on receiving end of their arrogance and bullying quite often, but I stuck around and I am glad I did, the prize for that is more than worth for putting up with them, we all know what is the prize, don’t we?

You should have thought about that 10 or more years ago when fedfanatics (this site was 80% fedfans) were bullying, insulting, putting down and arrogantly laughing at Nole fans, but you didn’t know what future willbring, were you?!
Well, what was then future today is present time, your fedfanatic mates cowardly left this site on their own, understandably so, you reap what you sow.

skeezer Says:

^Bully ball. Case in point. Pretty soon you’ll be talking to yourself. Your almost there, congrats!

Wog Boy Says:

That’s not a problem whatsoever, I’ll move to Tenngrand, there are very few Nole fans there, so I’ll boost their numbers, besides, I miss some of the Rafa fans (and others) who are now posting on Tenngrand😉
You can come over too, it’ll be fun 🤩

Django Says:

Let’s go take a look.

Wog Boy Says:


It’s a bastion of Rafanaticism, overwhelmingly female posters and very “objective” too, though I have to be fair, there are few (very few) of them who have Nole as a second favourite player (one was here while back) and they even defend Nole risking to be harassed and abused by the others.
They would love to have Skeezer overthere, particularly few of them who had running battles with him here, a while ago.

For the record, if Nole have lost to Rafa in SF, I would have wholeheartedly cheer Rafa to win FO, even if that meant that he would have moved 3 GS clear from Nole, I know it’s not rational and I know some Nole fans wouldn’t be happy with me, but Serbian in rational don’t go hand in hand.
Rafa was and is my second favourite player and nasty behaviour of the majority of his fans these days towards Nole won’t change that. Rafa is far more gracious, particularly in defeat than majority of his fans are…in general.
Nole didn’t go to Mallorca to prepare for Wimbledon just like that, in the spur of the moment, he was invited by uncle Toni while back and it was planned regardless of FO outcome, that shows respect that Djokovic a Nadal families have towards each other, but if you listen to rabid Rafa fans Nole went to Mallorca to rub salt into the wound.

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