Novak Djokovic Is The GOAT
by Sean Randall | July 12th, 2021, 11:53 pm

Sorry Roger Federer fans. Sorry Rafael Nadal fans. The debate over the Greatest of All Time in the men’s game is over, it’s Novak Djokovic.

In terms of popularity, Federer is still on top, then Nadal and then Djokovic (though Andy Murray might have a case).

But on paper, it’s over. By tying Roger and Rafa with 20 Sunday at Wimbledon, Djokovic has now firmly established himself as the men’s GOAT… FOR NOW.

Federer isn’t winning another Grand Slam. Nadal could still win this upcoming US Open and another French and maybe Djokovic stays 20, but RIGHT NOW it’s Djokovic’s.

Just look at what he’s done that his rivals have not:

* Won TWO Career Slams
* Won the first three Slams to start the season
* Winning records over Nadal (30-28) and Federer (27-23)
* Defeated both Nadal and Federer in epic matches in their favorite Slams (for ex, Nadal at 2021 French; Federer at 2019 Wimbledon)
* Has record for most weeks at No. 1
* Will have record for most year-end No. 1 finishes
* Has won all 9 Masters events TWICE

What is he missing?

* Olympic gold
* Gluten?

I don’t know much else.

If he plays the Olympics he’ll go in as the clear favorite in Tokyo. He’s stated he wants to win both Tokyo and the US Open, but given the choice, maybe the US Open is now more important because it gives him 21 and the Calendar Slam. So does he go to a fan-less Tokyo and risk injury or burn out? It’s a massive, massive decision with so much history at stake. We’ll find out in the coming days if not hours.

Looking far ahead into the crystal ball, I give Djokovic another year to dominate. With the pressure forthcoming, the US Open is no cinch, and Djokovic has had his issues there (one title in the last five years). But he could certainly take home Australia and Wimbledon next year and then Australia in 2023 which in my mind could wrap it up.

I do think after the 2023 French Open, we’ll have a new non-Big 3 guy on top and the Djokovic run will be all but done with maybe another stray Slam somewhere else to get him to 24 or 25.

It is breathtaking to see three guys all tied with 20 when few thought anyone could pass Pete Sampras at 14. And while we all say now no man is going to catch them, I think someone will.

By 2045, some 10 year old kid who right now is sitting at home playing video games, eating ice cream, will emerge as the new star and take over the sport. Where there are Slams to be won, people will win them. Novak Djokovic is living proof of that.

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35 Comments for Novak Djokovic Is The GOAT

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I think you missed Most Masters. Other than that, a good list. Now, its an honour to Federer to say he had a couple seasons that were up there with Novak’s best. Novak has set the new standard for continued, long-span excellence.

From a Fed fan: To the GOAT!

Giles Says: I did not watch the match as I never do watch faker’s matches as a rule. But I did watch this match point and there was this ugly face sticking to the camera. Was that you Wog Boy? ROFL

Sisay Says:

@ Giles…its ok you dont watch the GOAT matches, but but…did you not watch his match with the BULL at RG 2021?

Giles Says:

Sisay. Perhaps you didn’t understand my post. I’ll explain. I NEVER do watch faker’s matches as a rule. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is!! Kapeesh?

Seth Says:

Yes, he’s the GOAT. His records and accomplishments are unparalleled and speak for themselves. There’s simply no arguing with the numbers.

BUT his style is robotic and uninspiring and his dominance is utterly tedious. So ultimately, it’s a big yawn for me. Shame that a player with with verve and pizazz couldn’t manage to dominate like he has. But that’s just me. I enjoy tennis as much for the aesthetics of style and idiosyncratic variety as I do for results.

Can’t wait for the younger generations to finally step up and end the era of the Big 3, which has now become the Big 1.

Madmax Says:

Relax Sean.

Richard Gasquet says that, although he believes Novak Djokovic is the best player of all time, Roger Federer is the greatest.

STUPENDOUS IS THE WORD, Gasquet is right. We are so, so lucky.

Djokovic has won all three Grand Slams so far this year to join Federer and Rafael Nadal on a record 20 career majors.
For many, who wins that race will ultimately decide who should be regarded as the greatest of all time.

However, Gasquet believes there should be an ‘aesthetic’ element factored in too, and that makes Federer unassailable.

“I see tennis differently, I’ve always said that for me it’s not just the number of Grand Slam titles that matters,” Gasquet said.

“One at 21, the other at 22 or 23. I don’t just see the Grand Slam winner, I look at the aesthetics, what you give off on the court.

“I often hear the race to the highest, it is a pointless subject. For me, Roger Federer is irreplaceable, he’s the greatest player of all time when I see the aesthetics, the grace he has on the court.

“I watch tennis for that (the beauty), although Novak Djokovic is definitely the best and an amazing player.

“Winning three Grand Slams in a row is incredible. I’m not into the pro-Federer or pro-Djokovic thing.

“There are some who like Federer and don’t like Djokovic at all, that’s not my case at all; I like Djokovic a lot.

“It’s just that when I watch Federer, I’ve been in awe from start to finish forever. In sports, I watch Messi, Neymar, I see the aesthetics and the extraordinary sensations they provide.”

“Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are the three best players in history, without a doubt.

“Afterwards, it’s always complicated to compare the generations. They have 20 Grand Slams each and physically have never fallen for twenty years, it is stupendous.”

Madmax Says:

These three giants of the sport, just the best.

Federer, 39, tweeted: “Congrats Novak on your 20th major. I’m proud to have the opportunity to play in a special era of tennis champions. Wonderful performance, well done!”.

The Serbian ace responded: “Likewise, Roger. Thank you very much for your kind words!”

Rafa Nadal also chimed in, tweeting: “Congrats @DjokerNole on this amazing achievement. 20 Grand Slam titles is huge and it is amazing that we are 3 players tied on this. Well done and, again, congrats to you and your team for this!”

Madmax Says:

Oh, well, I have to disagree with Ivan here:

Ivanisevic has been in the Serb’s coaching box since Wimbledon 2019 and has played a key role in Djokovic’s success.

The Croat won Wimbledon as a player and has helped to guide his charge to a 20th Grand Slam title.

And the charismatic Ivanisevic believes that his player is the GOAT and has been for a long time.

“For me was over a long time ago. It’s just who you like more,” he said.

Say what? D’uh.

skeezer Says:

Madmax 12:48 post: Great post MM!

Van Persie Says:

Djoko is GOAT, for now 😉… the rest… details 🙂

skeezer Says:

So you say VP, but there has been no doubt who has been the GOAT the last 10 years. ;)

Wog Boy Says:

I am not going to get into GOAT thing, that’s history now.

What I want is to tell my friends here that I went to enemy territory and posted there, this was response from their pack leader after one of the posters welcomed me there, nice words about me and TX, you will recognise her since she was posting here while back:

JULY 13, 2021 AT 9:37 AM
He’s a trouble maker and that’s why he is here. But he is not going to get his fellow haters to stink up this site the way they do on the infamous dysfunctional tennis blog.

That site is notorious. People who have nothing better to do than trash Rafa and his fans. It never changes.
You know which site I am talking about, you might as well pay them a visit, as I did yesterday, it was fun, they were happy to see me there😉

Wog Boy Says:

..but don’t worry, not all of them are like that old cranky lady, though majority are.
This one was nice welcoming note that prompted her response:
JULY 13, 2021 AT 8:09 AM
I like this Wog boy 😂 please visit more often 😂, people like you will make this site extremely and bring all your friends too 🙂

So, Nole fans, as you can see, we are invited to go over there, let’s shake them up, they are in sombre mood since FO semifinal 😉

Bob Lewis Says:

Three major wins for the year,
Who’s number one it’s crystal clear.
The chances are very remote,
of ever beating the tennis GOAT
A round of applause for those who tried,
Vanquished they were, and then they cried
Who can honestly take a pass,
of watching Nole eat some grass
The Spaniard decided to stay home,
rested his body on some foam
The Swiss played as he was able,
sad to see him take a bagel
Shap and Bert both tried their best,
but could not quite complete the quest
What can you say about the Serb,
Once again he was superb
Seven more wins to Calendar Slam,
Will Novak pass the final exam?
So very close to the holy grail,
Would be shocking to see him fail
Go master the variants of stud poker,
’cause no one beats a healthy Djoker!

Wog Boy Says:

@ Bob Lewis,

Can I buy you a beer mate?

Van Persie Says:


Haha. Well, am happy that you are having fun, TX is enough for me, I do not need new distraction :). But you made me laugh. I hope you will not leave us for another tennis site. :D

Bob Lewis,

Good one :)

Wog Boy Says:

Definitely not, I love Sean, even he is Federer fan, but I love occasionally to stray, just to freshen up, Sean doesn’t mind it, he is very good and tolerant man. He will tolerate my occasional infidelity 😉

Giles Says:

ROFL There’s always ONE arsehole around who thinks he’s funny and entertaining! Unfortunately folks he’s here. Arghh! Will we ever be rid of him? 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Wog Boy Says:

Gisele, you are still hurting? Is it because Rafa lost or more because he lost to Nole and Nole won FO beating Rafa on the way, which nobody has done it before?
Let it go Gisele, let it go.

Had to repost it from the other thread, applies for both😉

Wog Boy Says:

Good one from my Italian friend:

What is karma?
When Englishmen cheer Italian tennis player in the afternoon to win and in the evening Italians beat them in football 😉

Considering how civilised were English fans throughout the tournament they thoroughly deserved to lose, if that was done by any other country, particularly Eastern or Southern European country they would be banned for two years and find couple of hundreds of thousands of Euros, England got away with slap on the wrist, €30K fine?!

Bob Lewis Says:

I’m actually totally serious. Take a knee, bow to Djoker.

Giles Says:

Just remember Woggie your faker fan did not beat Rafa in any final of the French Open. That is the ultimate stage to prove one’s greatness. How many times has Rafa beaten him in the Final? Geez I’ve lost count!

Alison hodge Says:

Giles yeah the ultimate test to beat Rafa at RG, many have tried, and all all failed Federer 3 times, Novak 3 times, Thiem twice, Wawa once, Ferrer once, Soda once, others I can’t actually remember, it’s on loan he gets it back next yeah 🎾

Alison hodge Says:

Add Puerta, and Federer four times, makes 13

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Bob Lewis, excellent example of smack poetry.

Kaiser Sose Says:

Giles and Seth are haters and they should be recognized for that! Please, bow for biggest haters here – GILES and SETH !!!
PS.What two bums, bro :)

alex Says:

There is no goat, period.

You have 3 players you have done amazing things. At the same time. That is enough to know. No need to make a choice.

Graham Says:

Novak can go on and win 30 GS but it won’t, imo, make him the GOAT.
Not doubting his achievements but I’m afraid there’s too many question marks against him for my liking.
This has nothing to do with it being a popularity contest. It all boils down to playing a game that I and so many others can’t relate to and don’t like.
How can you be considered the GOAT if it takes you more than 25 seconds to deliver a serve. Don’t get me started on the bouncing of ball routine. Novak crosses the line for me when it comes to Gamesmanship. If the officials had applied the rules fairly over the past decade, Novak would be lagging behind in the GS stakes and Federer would have won a few more.
Maybe I just like a veil playing field.

Graham Says:

level playing field

Truth Says:

Credit to Berret and Shapo. They had the opportunity to look like amateurs whimpering on every return game, like weak era trash collector Roddick did, but they played pretty well. Fed fans would never acknowledge anything great about today’s players. They know that Fed was old for 20 years. A servebot that hardly faced top returners in 2001-2012 and lost so many Slams in a 9 year span. He needs another Roddick or Baghdatis to crash and burnt or him to get past the 3rd round.🍑 Fed wishes for injured guys such as Mannarino.
No one wants to rewatch Fed in French Open finals. Have mercy!

tennismonger Says:

@ MADMAX… So per Gasquet, Novak is the BOAT but Roger is the GOAT!!

I like that…let’s go with it & see how TX reacts!

@ Bob Lewis… HAHAHA…man, you’re a poet but don’t know it!

@ skeezer… hahaha, your tongue is in cheek again, but consider this:

How many players like Roger, Rafa & Novak being active for the last 2 decades would it take to eliminate the “weak era” arguments?

tennismonger Says:

Novak had a busy month. He’s gotta be toasted…

Should he even play a tuneup event prior to the US Open?

Maybe just enter the doubles draw @ Winston-Salem…it worked for Wimbledon!

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