Roger Federer Announces US Open Withdrawal, A Third Knee Surgery

by Staff | August 15th, 2021, 4:26 pm

Roger Federer’s 2021 season is likely over. The Swiss star announced today that he will undergo a third surgery on his right knee forcing him out of the US Open and likely the remained of 2021.

“I just wanted to give you a bit of an update what’s been going on since Wimbledon,” Federer said. “As you can imagine it’s not been simple. I’ve been doing a lot of checks with the doctors as well on my knee, getting all the information as I hurt myself further during the grass court season and Wimbledon, that’s just not the way to go forward, so unfortunately they told me for the medium to long term to feel better, I will need surgery. I decided to do it.

“I’ll be on crutches for many weeks and also out of the game for many months, so it’s going to be difficult of course in some ways, but at the same time I know it’s the right thing to do because I want to be healthy, I want to be running around later as well again and I want to give myself a glimmer of hope to return to the tour in some shape or form. I am realistic, don’t get me wrong. I know how difficult it is at this age right now to do another surgery and try it.

“I want to be healthy, I will go through the rehab process I think also with a goal while I’m still active, which I think is going to help me during this long period of time.

“I’ll update you as I move along with my rehab. I wish you all the best and I’ll check in with you soon.”

Federer’s last match stands as a bagel final set in the Wimbledon quarterfinals to Hubert Hurkacz. The 40-year-old 20-time Slam champion will not want to end his career on that note. But at his age and with another rehab ahead, there are no guarantees he will be able to return, but at least it’s a goal.

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24 Comments for Roger Federer Announces US Open Withdrawal, A Third Knee Surgery

skeezer Says:

Gutted. Looks like this is the end for RF. Don’t see him coming back at full speed with multiple surgeries and age. Above all you need movement in tennis.
All the best in recovery Fed, and hope you can come back, but won’t be disappointed if you call it a day, you have made your GOAT statement.

chrisford1 Says:

Main thing is his long term health. Connors infamously played hurt, getting injured a lot after a mostly injury-free career, in his late 30s. Has had many hip and back issues in his old age from pushing it too far.
Hopefully, the people around the Big 3, Serena, Andy will not only be smart enough to help those Legends retire at a good time, but also be strong enough to do what is right when the time comes. Spouses and family matter, but all those champions also have present or former pros, physios, coaches, doctors, IMG agents, etc. they know have seen it before and have good judgment.
And with all the money these 5 superstar athletes have, it would be foolish to wreck their bodies and play past their time because they still have multi-year, muti-million sponsor deals going on..

Truth Says:

It’s not like most people care. Nice try with the last ditch GOAT praise promo.

Wog Boy Says:

Spanish soap opera…with lousy screenplay.

skeezer Says:

Truth aka WB,
Most people? Yeah like a 40 mil fan base on social media, for starters.
Jealously has always been a trait of the Djoker fan base, quite scripted.

jatin Says:

I initially thought it could be the case after his quater finals match and the way he slipped at the net in 2nd set tie breaker but I didn’t expected a third knee surgery.

But, Its all gravy at the end of the day from now on. If he wants to play further after going through another surgery then it will be unbelievable but if not, then RF Legend is already there in history books and will be even bigger after he is gone.

I started watching tennis because of him along with so many other people I know in a country where Cricket is played religiously. People rarely follow another sport.
But everyone knows who Roger Federer is. During the ITPL people went in flocks to watch Roger play including big Bollywood stars.

Federer always said, He always take positive in every situation he has been and it shows in his attitude towards life.
Everyone can learn how to deal with difficult situation, be peace with it and still see positives in it.
His attitude towards life is so inspiring and that’s why he played this long.

He is a synonym for longevity and success.

Good Luck Roger for the surgery, Hope to see you next year :)

Madmax Says:


People like WB and Truth are not worth the energy. If anyone can say such horrible things about an icon of the sport, and what he has brought us over the years, it says more about them, that it does about an elite athlete.

Skeezer, I think he will return. I think he will. He has the right people around him, the best advice, the best doctors, the best rehab. He is under no illusions, of course, but I think anything is possible with Fed.

It is hugely sad to be in this position, but think of those legs, think of that mileage. It’s amazing, truly amazing.

We revere him and honour his contribution to the sport. No one like him. So, we are looking at probably next Spring? Let’s see.

It’s all anthroscopic, quick, precise, quickER recovery, he is fit, and he has a great diet, nutritionist, it’s all looking good.

Jatin, I hear you. Don’t be sad. Let’s just send him the positive energy and IGNORE THE DETRACTORS. Do not give them headspace, no point.Really.

We wish every athlete the absolute best in recovery, but at some point, this is going to happen to all of them, in varying degrees.

Wogboy and Truth, are just a disgrace to even suggest that this is a drama. They are the drama. They need the audience, losers.
Sad life to live is theirs.

Take it easy Jatin. Go easy now.

Madmax Says:


You are the drama queen here:

“But at his age and with another rehab ahead, there are no guarantees he will be able to return, but at least it’s a goal.”

Newsflash: There are no guarantees in life Sean! That’s the deal! We make the best of it, whilst we can.

You write him off so often. He is an elite athlete, with the best of the best around him!

He is positive and he has his goals and ambitions, they do not fade away because of a knee injury.

A friend of mine, just went through the same, 3 weeks ago. She is up and out, and moving again, after 3 weeks. Amazing what surgery can do.

It is the rehab and the movement which will be the focus, moving forward and if he is willing, then who is to say otherwise?

There is enough doom and gloom in the world, without you adding to it!

It’s so easy to get down when things like this happen, but positivity, resilience and grit is what is needed, something which is not in some people’s vocabulary. I won’t go there.

Wog Boy Says:

There is saying in Serbian that explains nicely this Spanish soapie going well into the second year, it goes:

“Hoće kaki…neće kaki, hoće kaki…neće kaki….”

hector buruchaga Says:

roger is good but he will always be number 3…let number 3 ballerina enjoy his retirement djokovic and nadal have his number for longer than decade now….to much publicity is given for mentally weak RF…and its certainly not deserved

Dave Says:

I would be shocked if Federer doesn’t come back better next year than this year. He will be even more careful and build up his strength even more this time, and for sure he has learned from what just happened with his knee. He might decide it’s better to start out on Clay this time instead of hard courts. Federer won’t leave anything to chance for this last big push. And if he does come back to the point where he can trust his knee and is running on all cylinders, he absolutely will play in 2023 as well.

Giles Says:
Don’t know where else to post this.
My response is that this lunatic should not be seen nor heard! 👹👹👹😱😱😱💩💩💩

Madmax Says:

Tennis Channel
16 h ·
“I hope my son, if he has a hundredth the success as Roger has even one day of his life, is as gracious as Roger is.”
-Andy Roddick

Alison hodge Says:

Greatest tennis player in all probability, time will tell, greatest athlete is a bit of a stretch, there are so many great athletes out there male/female in their own fields of sport, OTT 🤔

Alison hodge Says:

Post I reply to Giles….

Giles Says:

Alison. Don’t understand your post above.

jatin Says:

Hey Madmax,
Thanks for your kind words as always :)

My post may have sounded like a farewell post or something. But Its more of like a tribute to what Fed has done over the years.

When I first joined the orkut tennis group ( 2010 I remember), My intention was to join a group of people who shares the same love for sport and their legends ( at that time it was Roger all the way and Rafa was trying to knock the door). But soon I learned that instead of sharing the passion, people there were belittling each other’s players like their life is dependent on it.
I wasn’t ready for it at all but it took me a lot of time to realize how I was reading a lot of posts there and how it was shaping my reality. I was becoming one of them and I didn’t wanted to dislike Rafa or Novak just because of few people who dislike Fed. I snapped myself from all these communities apart from Tennis X which I feel is so much better than anywhere else in this regard.

Our mind is an incredible tool when its subjected to right kind of information but if you indulge it in information which is full of dislike and hate then it will reap those fruits in no time.
Madmax, I am sure most of Rafa, Roger and Djokovic fans dislike (or hate if its extreme) these players is because of the other fanbase who belittle their favorite. And almost all of them exist in the internet.
When you meet any tennis fan in real life, you won’t see anyone hating any other player. How could anyone if they don’t even know them.

That’s what these legends do. They are always like “Thanks to all the fans “. The people who dislike/ hate them don’t even exist for them and that’s the way it should be for all the people.
Because the person who is disliking or hating creates his/her own suffering. They are subjecting themselves to all these negative emotions which creates havoc to their mental as well as physical health.

As for Roger, I completely agree with you about the rehabilitation process. I think he will take more time and won’t come back until he is fully confident in his knee. I am optimistic as well and hoping to see more of him again.

skeezer Says:

Andy Roddick: “Federer has never retired during a match. We think about the third set bagel vs Hurkacz. When you have the ego of one of the all-time greats, but yet you’re not going to take away that moment from someone else, that deserves respect.”

Alison hodge Says:

Giles what I mean is, when somebody lays claim that a player is the greatest sportsman or woman, is that its a bit over the top to say that, when there is plenty of people in many other different sports that are all time greats too

Okiegal Says:

Good luck Mr. Federer! I hope the surgery goes well and you are back on the courts in record time. I agree with Alison, not ready for the changing of the guard just yet…..

SG1 Says:

Most great athlete are fatal optimists and they only realize their done after being beaten down. I hope Roger doesn’t go down this road.

Would I like to see Roger heal up well and be relevant again? For sure. Whether it happens or not doesn’t really matter at this stage in Roger’s career. He’s left an indelible legacy behind that will never be matched. You always want to see a great player go out on their terms and not due to injury but sport doesn’t always allow you to choose how you retire.

Roger is a global sports icon and he has represented the sport of tennis as well as anyone ever has. My wife, who’s not a tennis fan will stop what she’s doing and watch Federer play tennis because he plays in a way nobody ever has. The beauty and grace of his game will never be duplicated.

SG1 Says:

And for the record, I’m not writing Roger off. He has more talent in his left hand than most right handed players on tour. When that’s your starting point, you can lose a little bit of your edge and still be great.

skeezer Says:

Well said. No wonder you’ve been respectful of RF, your wife is a fan!(J/K lol)
A lot of your comments could apply to Rafa as well!

JK Says:

Skeezer: There are so many threads that I hadn’t read and just discovered them today that I can’t find my previous comments – but I do partly recall commenting. (my brain has been absent without permission while I recover from physical damage to hands and feet).

The Olympics – Novak has still to add it to his collection – time is not on his side.

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