Medvedev, Tsitsipas Lead Top 4 Seeds In Cincinnati SFs

by Staff | August 21st, 2021, 12:10 am

For the first time since 2009, the top 4 seeds all made the Cincinnati semifinals. Daniil Medvedev, though, remains the big favorite.

The 2019 Cincinnati champion rolled into the last four crushing 2-time US Open semifinalist Pablo Carreno Busta 6-1, 6-1 to win his 8th straight match.

“That is why we like tennis, because it is made of many, many different small details,” Medvedev said on court. “Different conditions, different balls. I played much better today than I did there. I am really happy to win here and gain a small revenge,” he said of the Olympics.

“I was feeling great during the match. In these conditions, you try to win the match as fast as possible, especially against Carreno Busta, who can catch fire at any moment and start getting you into long rallies. I tried to keep pushing him and I am really happy I managed to do it.”

The surging Russian will meet his countryman Andrey Rublev on Saturday. Rublev took down Benoit Paire in three sets 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 to advance to his third Masters semifinal of the year.

“It’s always tough to play against Benoit,” Rublev said. “First of all, he’s really talented and he can play really great tennis. This week he was really pumped, he beat so many great players, top players, so I knew that he would go full force today.

Rublev is 0-4 against Medvedev and has never won a set.

“I’m happy to play against him, because it’s a nice challenge for me to see what I need to improve, because after losing to him previously, I always improve more and more,” Rublev said. “It’s going to be close, like chess match, long rallies. I need to fight for every ball. We’ll see. It’s going to be interesting.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas kept pace in the evening, missing a match point in the second set by inches before putting away Felix Auger-Aliassime in three sets 6-2, 5-7, 6-1 to reach another Cincinnati semi.

“Tennis is a psychological game and things like this happen. It’s important to just stick to your roots and what you are doing best,” Tsitsipas told the crowd. “It might not have been ideal in the second set, especially when I made so many opportunities and had such a good opportunity to close it a bit earlier. But with a lot of patience and just trying to find that opportunity in the third set, I was stepping in, I was really determined and I didn’t let go.”

Tsitsipas will now meet the streaking Alexander Zverev. The gold medalist won his 9th straight match cruising past Casper Ruud 6-1, 6-3.

Tsitsipas just beat the German in the French Open semifinals in five sets, and overall he’s up in this series 6-2.

“The matches are not going to get easier,” said Zverev. “I think Stef is somebody who is in incredible form right now and he’s looking forward to playing this match as well because we’re right in front of the US Open. We should be playing our best tennis, and I think it’s going to be entertaining for all of us.

“When you’re in the semi-finals of a Masters, you’re playing your best tennis. I just feel like when I’m playing at my best, I can compete and beat anybody. But I think Stef feels the same way. The better player will win tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that.”

Center Court Starts At 11:00 Am
1 Ashleigh Barty v Angelique Kerber
Not Before 1:00 Pm
1 Daniil Medvedev v 4 Andrey Rublev
Not Before 3:00 PM
5 Karolina Pliskova v (WC) Jil Teichmann
Not Before 6:00 Pm
3 Alexander Zverev v 2 Stefanos Tsitsipas

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17 Comments for Medvedev, Tsitsipas Lead Top 4 Seeds In Cincinnati SFs

Dave Says:

Tsitsipas was at it again. Every match this week he’s taken Long Bathroom breaks. Zverev got upset and said he brings his bag with him with his phone in it so he can text his dad. The Camera goes on his dad and he’s totally texting away. After the second set Tsitsipas tried to go to the bathroom again and the chair umpire wouldn’t allow it. I’ve never seen a player taking 7 to 10 minute breaks for this many matches in such a short period of time. The crowd even booed him when he came back on to start the 2nd set, As far as the match goes, it was one of the best matches of the year. Zverev threw up and came all the way back from a double break down in the 3rd set. Crazy match.

Wog Boy Says:

Dave, I thought mobile phones are banned for players during the match, aren’t they?!

He was doing same at FO, losing first set against Isner, after long bathroom brake he breezed through next three. Complaining about Nole’s bathroom brake just to take lengthy MTO later in the match when he was losing (to try to break Nole’s rhythm) and even admitted that it wasn’t anything serious.

Giles Says:

ROFL. These boys, namelyTits in particular, are learning all these antics from the faker!

Wog Boy Says:

Just open the link and article (very good one) is titled:


skeezer Says:

Don’t blame the players ( Djoker is GOAT of MTO’s ). Until the ATP or the new players council(Djoker) work to change the rules the players are going to use them, abuse them, stretch them, etc until the rules and enforcement of them change. Tennis is not an isolated sport in this, other sports use their rules to their advantage when they can.

Giles Says:

Faker invented court antics. MTOs when he is down in the score , too many times in the same match.
Deliberately loses 2nd set in BO5 and then comes storming back to win. The man is a cheat through and through. Does not deserve the #1 position . The players are taking their cue from him!

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. Eurosport is famous for their exaggerated comments , most of them are lies anyway. So don’t go flaunting worthless links about Rafa. Pfffffffft
Any sign of faker’s boyfriend, Pepe? Lol

Wog Boy Says:

“ Until the ATP or the new players council(Djoker) work to change the rules…”

Nole has nothing to do with ATP players council since August last year when ATP organised coup and brought back 40 years old and Rafa, after few players miraculously resigned, to make room for them. Until then Nole and group of players in support of newly formed PTPA had majority in players council. By bringing back those two ATP went into damage control by having majority of the players who are against PTPA.
Nole and players around him in support of Nole and PTPA (John Isner, Vasek Pospisil and Sam Querrey) immediately resigned.
Later in the year, ATP passed the rule that no player with any connection with PTPA can be member of players council so they elected new council in January this year with young guns Federer, Nadal, Murray, Anderson, Gilles Simon, Millman, Soares and rest to “look” after the interest of the players (read after the interest of ATP). To qualify for membership they had to be openly declared against new independent players organisation PTPA.
ATP players council is BS, I don’t know any industry (ATP is industry that generates around 2 billion dollars a year) that has a group of their colleagues representing them who are controlled by the very same employer who are supposed to negotiate with better conditions, that’s not how the unions work.

Now, we have players who hardly play tennis and they about to retire to look after the other players interest, so you, as “knowledgeable” tennis fan should know that your man is in charge now and not Nole.

Personally, I think that even bigger Nole legacy, outside tennis achievements, will be PTPA if it develops further, at this stage it is pretty good organised with few billionaires on board and few executives (one is former NHL executive) running the organisation based in Canada.

skeezer Says:

“ when ATP organised coup”
What coup? Djoker quit his ill conceived ptpa.
“Now, we have players who hardly play tennis..”

Wog Boy Says:

“ Djoker quit his ill conceived ptpa.”

I know that English is not my first language, but I checked what I wrote and is pretty clear, it looks like you are lacking reading comprehension skills, read again, you might get it.
Nole quit ATP players in August last year together with his supporters after the other two were brought in, he did not council not PTPA, which is up and running, where he is copresident with Vasek Pospisil.

“ In retrospect, the announcement was premature: at the time, they had no actual organisation in place. But they have since put together what now appears to be a formidable entity, helped by the backing of a trio of
billionaires: the American hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman and the Canadian tycoons Anton Rabie and Rebecca MacDonald. The group has appointed Adam Larry, a Toronto lawyer previously with the National Hockey League Players Association, as its executive director. It has hired lawyers, forensic accountants and a communications staff. It has a sharp website and a logo, and it appears to enjoy robust support in the men’s locker room.”

I hope this helps, as for your man, as the most senior mamber of ATP players council he is going to sort out all the players issues, helped by the senior citizens club, which basically is now ATP players council.

Wog Boy Says:

Should say:

“ Nole quit ATP players council in August last year together with his supporters after the other two were brought in, he did not quit PTPA, which is up and running, where he is copresident with Vasek Pospisil.”

chrisford1 Says:

One thing I made money off when I gambled a bit was always going against the sentimental favorite. Roger, whose fans made him better than a 50-50 favorite against Rafa at Roland Garros, year after year.

A handicapper is saying the expectation of Novak winning is lowering the line on him beyond realistic. Bet 2 Euros on Djokovic AT THE BEGINNING OF THE USO!! , get 1.8 if he wins it.
Bet against him WB! Short him! That way you’re happy either way. He wins or you make out on a bet.
As you and VP noted, there are 5-6 players in great form, how good Djokovic will play coming in is a question mark.

Wog Boy Says:

“ ….how good Djokovic will play coming in is a question mark.”

You are very right CF1, since he returned from Japan he kept low profile, he wasn’t even in Belgrade, was preparing in Montenegro (with family) until few days ago when he moved to Marbella to finish preparation for USO, I will be happy for him to go deep and collect some points, I don’t see him as a favourite, I already said why.
He is directly responsible for creating this new Zverev full of confidence, I see him as a favourite, Medvedev is yet to reach 2019 level, he might do just that for the USO, Gyros Boy is there too, plus few others, definitely don’t have high expectations for Nole,

Giles Says:

LMAO. Bog Boy trying very hard not to jinx the faker saying he doesn’t have high expectations of faker. Well, I hope he is right.
I see he went to Marbella to visit his boyfriend Pepe! Lol

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