Novak Djokovic Unsure About Playing Australian Open… Right Now

by Staff | November 3rd, 2021, 9:02 pm

With Australia still in a tight lockdown, Novak Djokovic is unsure what his status will be in attending the event.

Djokovic, who has been against the vaccine, might have to do a full hard quarantine if he was to travel to Melbourne for the Australian Open in January.

Rumors has been circulating that the Australian government will allow players to come to Melbourne and those vaccinated will be allowed to practice. The unvaccinated — like Djokovic — would face the full quarantine.

“I’m going to decide on whether I go to Australia or not after I see the official statement from Tennis Australia,” Djokovic said Sunday in Paris. “Right now we don’t have any official announcement or statement. So until that’s out, I won’t be talking about this anymore, because, you know, I don’t want to be part of the stories about the assumptions and what-ifs.

“When official condition requirements to travel to Australia and play in Australia are out, then obviously I’ll see what I personally do with that, and also the bigger group of the players, you know, because the situation is obviously different in Australia than most parts of the world.”

Djokovic has won nine Australian Opens including the last three. He is also in a deadlock at 20 Slams with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. If he went to Melbourne he would be the favorite to take a 10th title and break the tie with his rivals.

There’s a lot at stake.

And this week, the Serb is also battling Daniil Medvedev for the year-end No. 1. So after a mentally draining summer, there’s no rest for Djokovic.

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8 Comments for Novak Djokovic Unsure About Playing Australian Open… Right Now

lylenubbins Says:

Can’t practice outside if not vaccinated, even if he tests negative?


Django Says:

The legendary Prison Island continues living up to its name

Wog Boy Says:

Correction Staff,
Australia isn’t in the lockdown since November the 1st, everything is open including borders for international travellers, the only thing is that double vaccinated travellers can get into the country without quarantine while unvaccinated or people vaccinated with the one that isn’t recognised have to go two weeks quarantine, after that they are free to roam the country.
Federal government and Prime Minister stressed that everyone is welcomed and unvaccinated should be treated exactly the same as unvaccinated Australians, which are allowed to go everywhere from December the 1st. atm they are not allowed to go to pubs, restaurants etc.
The problem lays with state governments who have power to override federal government and close the borders at will, American can relate to that, not so Europeans, particularly if the federal one is conservative and state one is Labor, which is the case with Victoria state (Melbourne).
That’s exactly what Chairman Dan is doing, when federal government announced that unvaccinated are welcome in Australia as long as they do 2 weeks quarantine Chairman Dan immediately came out saying that they are not welcome in Victoria.
So, it’s all politics, if Victorian government is conservative, unvaccinated tennis players (around 30% of all players) wouldn’t have a problem, but we have lefty liberals down south of the border in power and they behave like old fashioned Eastern Europeans rulers.

Wog Boy Says:

but, there is a way around it, if unvaccinated players apply and come to NSW, they can do their 2 weeks quarantine in Sydney snd then travel to Victoria like any other resident of NSW, Chairman Dan can stop them in that case.

Wog Boy Says:

“..can’t stop them..” should say.

skeezer Says:

Easy solution to Djokers problem. Get vaccinated.

Wog Boy Says:

“ Easy solution to Djokers problem. Get vaccinated.”

It’s not Nole’s problem you m@r@n, not everything is about Nole!

30% of tennis players are not vaccinated, including Medvedev (who fully supported Nole’s stand) , Tsitsipas, Thiem and the rest, besides, nobody knows if he is vaccinated or not, particularly that he was allowed in France without quarantine even Serbia is in the “red zone” that requires 10 days quarantine in France and he flew in from Serbia, now everyone is guessing, is he vaccinated?!
No GS tournament this year required vaccination, no FO, no Wimbledon, no USO, but that comrade Dan wants to make a point even against the advise of Federal government.
But he will back down, I don’t have a doubt, like all sleazy politicians, particularly lefties…and elections are coming in Victoria.

Giles Says:

These guys that are adamant about not wanting to be vaccinated – I hope they all get the virus and get disqualified from the AO! They are being offered protection against the virus and are still being pig headed and refusing the vaccine! Nothing more to say! Ignorant yobs!

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