Denied! Novak Djokovic Has Australian Visa Cancelled, Told To Fly Home
by Sean Randall | January 5th, 2022, 6:29 pm

Plot twist!

Just over 36 hours ago, Novak Djokovic received clearance to enter Australia and play in Melbourne. Earlier today, that clearance was taken away.

The World No. 1 made the 15-hour flight from Dubai landing Wednesday night in Melbourne with his team. The Australian Border Force, however, would not let him go any further and after hours of interrogation have told Djokovic that they have cancelled his visa and he has to fly back home.

For now, Djokovic will reportedly move to a quarantine hotel to prepare for a flight back in the next 12-24 hours. But in the meantime, he’ll use his lawyers at home to file an appeal. His father, back in Serbia, is understandably enraged.

Is there hope? Maybe. But even the Australian Prime Minister is having none of Novak in Australia.

“Mr Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled. Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above these rules. Our strong border policies have been critical to Australia having one of the lowest death rates in the world from COVID, we are continuing to be vigilant,” the PM posted on twitter.

The Australian Border Force, which held Djokovic at the airport, also put out a statement:
“The Australian Border Force will continue to ensure that those who arrive at our border comply with our laws and entry requirements.

“The ABF can confirm that Mr Djokovic failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet the entry requirements to Australia, and his visa has been subsequently cancelled.

“Non-citizens who do not hold a valid visa on entry or who have had their visa cancelled will be detained and removed from Australia.

“The ABF can confirm Mr Djokovic had access to his phone.​”

We’ve heard about the issue with the incorrect visa, but more than likely that can be fixed and shouldn’t be permanent dealbreaker. Mistakes on forms can be fixed! So there seems to be more to it.

What I want to know is how Djokovic first got a medical exemption, which was confirmed by the tournament and the Victorian Government, but then later denied.

Rules are rules, that is true. But the exemption was granted and other players — as many as five — used the same exemption to get into the country, so why was Djokovic’s exemption granted in the first place and then on what grounds was it denied compared to other players.

Somebody is at fault, and it could be all parties. Djokovic for not filling out the visa correctly, the medical panel for failing to granting an exemption in the first place and the tournament for publicly confirming he was allowed to play.

That said, with the Prime Minister involved, it does unfortunately smack of a political decision. But this saga is ongoing and nearing lunchtime in Melbourne there will be more to come.

What a crazy way to start the year…

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38 Comments for Denied! Novak Djokovic Has Australian Visa Cancelled, Told To Fly Home

BT Says:

The rule he was attempting to use for his exemption is most likely “had COVID in the past 6 months”. This is actually not a valid exemption under the Australian law so I am assuming that was the case I don’t see it getting overturned. It was a shambles that he got told he was allowed in and then not. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered on both sides. Its no secret that Novak is anti vax so claiming we couldn’t only because he had covid doesn’t hold a lot of water. He has had plenty of time to get vaccinated. I think he was hoping the rules would bend or change.

Wog Boy Says:

actually, it is valid reason for exemption;

“ The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisations issued guidelines in November on the circumstances for a temporary exemption, including stipulating that vaccination can be deferred for a “PCR-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection” in the past six months.”

Wog Boy Says:

But let us wait and see what AAT has to say, that’s where they are heading today, it’s Nole vs Australian government, so far Nole lost first set, but there are few more to go, including Federal Court, it’s best of 3 sets😉

KK Says:

Seems the federal authorities have already warned TA and Vic Government has already warned them and adhere to strict travel exemption rules. But it was overlooked and he was given entry at first place. Pity him though, as he is taking the farce because of Tennis Australia Vs Australian Fed government politics. All of this could have been avoided if they all have acted together prior to his travel. Embarassing for all involved parties. Not sure how Novak will take it and what he decides for future AO is still a big question? If i was him, I would simply abide by the rules (i.e. either take a vaccindation or dont apply for exemption at all)

BT Says:

I fully support him being denied entry but being told “Yes”, flying all the way here and then told “No” is a farce. I wonder if we will ever know the full truth from both sides?

Wog Boy Says:

“Djokovic legal bid to overturn visa ruling to be heard at Federal Court at 4pm. He’s staying at the Park Hotel – also occupied by asylum seekers in immigration detention. Fed court judge in initial hearing she was willing to sit late & asked if his hotel had tennis courts @theage”

Wog Boy Says:

…..and it starts……NOW, good luck Nole🤞👍

Giles Says:

Why doesn’t he just take the effin hint that he is not welcome in Australia and go home!!

Van Persie Says:

Nole idemooo!

BT Says:

He has been granted an interim injunction to stay until Monday for a full hearing at 10am. Stay tuned!

Wog Boy Says:

Once penal colony, always penal colony.

Australian Prime Minister getting involved in something he should have never been involved, Scumbag Scomo, and this is coming from conservative voter.

Craig Kelly, you got my vote and my family vote for this year election, I just can’t vote Labor party, I’ll rather chop my hands than to circle Labor candidate, even that doesn’t mean much in Australian preference type voting system.

Giles Says:

He is absolutely shameless! Surely it is quite apparent by now that he is not welcome in Australia. You’d think the man would pack his bags and leave instead of dragging on this fiasco. But no, thick skinned joker is still leaving himself open to further humiliation. After all he is the #1 player in the world ! LMAO

Wog Boy Says:

Gisele, aren’t you happy to see the best player ever to be humiliated even more…or maybe you are sensing that this Aussie soapie can have different ending?

Van Persie Says:

WB, I am really curious how this will end…

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. Yes I am sensing that this fiasco will have a different ending but I cannot for the life of me understand how this so called #1 player can tolerate so much humiliation. If he had any pride as a man he would just say “ fuck your tournament, I’m going home” .

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. Tell me, does your man have any pride in himself? After all this humiliation one would think he’d just walk out of the tournament and stick two fingers up to the AO and the officials. Just shows how shameless and thick skinned he is. Well, hope he plays and has an early exit!

Wog Boy Says:

I, honestly, couldn’t be more proud of Nole for standing his ground, AO is now completely irrelevant, there is much more at stake.
I am actually also proud that he has been put in the same suburban hotel with asylum seekers and I am absolutely sure that he can’t be more proud that he is with them, westerners will never understand our, easterners, mentality, and I am glad they can’t and I hope they never will.
As for how it will end up, either way, Nole is the winner, but don’t say that to them.
Today is very important day for Nole and all of us of Orthodox faith, it’s Christmas Eve, tomorrow is Christmas Day and Nole is spending it in detention, how symbolic is that?!
I wonder if they will allow priest to visit him, though our Bishop already sent a letter to Scumbag Scomo and few other Senators regarding Nole saga, very “nice” letter.

Van Persie Says:


I am also very proud of him, am now only just very curious.
I respect his decisions, whatever will happen !

Mey Christmas to All, who are celebrating it these days! :)

Van Persie Says:

Correction: Merry Christmas! :D

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks VP, I can tell you it’s really very Merry for whatever reason, I came back from my church few hours ago with my blessed Christmas tree (badnjak), this is the last day of my 40+ days lent(that I observe) so I am preparing all food, including piglet on the spit for tomorrow and my guests, it is very important who is going to be the first person to walk into my house tomorrow morning since he/she will be responsible for whatever is going to happen to me until next Christmas!

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. Lol. What the hell are you proud of? Your man has been humiliated and disgraced!

Van Persie Says:

Giles, You see, you are happy that Nole is humiliated and disgraced, WB is happy, we are all happy, it is a win-win situation :)
All good!

Giles Says:

Haha . Enjoy your Christmas. ^^^

Tennispompom Says:

Giles, that’s an interesting question: “Why doesn’t he just take the effin hint that he is not welcome in Australia and go home!!”

I’ve wondered about that myself, and the answer is of course that he is there to defend his title in one of the four Majors, an International sporting event.

Which neatly brings me to a question which should be asked. Why should one of the four majors continue to be held in a country whose politicians openly abuse their own government rules – and international athletes – in order to gain political advantage?

A country which has now been shown to be incapable of having clear and consistent rules for participation in majors?
They detained only one of several tennis players who followed the entry requirements, allowed the others into the country, and then had the gall to claim that the rules should be the same for everyone.
They interrogated Djokovic for hours in the small hours of the night, placed an armed guard on him (lest he make a break towards Australian Open, presumably) – two policemen with handguns, took away his mobile phone (interesting, did they try to hack into it, or was it to terrorise Djokovic by isolating him from his team and family). Then they locked him into a flee-ridden “hotel”, where the food comes with maggots, and windows don’t open.

And now it appears that this international scandal may have been deliberately orchestrated – a person cannot get on a flight without a valid visa. So – what changed between Djokovic getting on the plane and getting off it a few hours later?

A Country with such an arbitrary and deceitful Government clearly shouldn’t be allowed to host any international sports events.

When Peng Shuai was headline news, the entire media, sports bodies and governments were screaming blue murder at China, supposedly fearing for her safety. WTA decided to pull women’s tournaments from China in order to punish China’s treatment of Peng. And all this for state harrasment and intimidation of an Peng, which didn’t include armed guards, long and late night interrogations, didn’t include home detention let alone being locked up in an unhealthy environment, and ultimately turned out not to be a real threat to the athlete.

When is ATP going to react to the threatening, intimidating and disgraceful treatment of one of their great players? How about ITF? Other sports bodies? If I were in their place, I would be relocating all international sports events away from Australia for a long time, until they are able to prove to the world that they have a state with a functioning rule of law.

Nadal’s reaction was very telling. He immediately assumed that Djokovic had broken the rules – without even talking to Djokovic or his team about it. As someone who sits on the ATP Player Council, whose resposibility is the well-being and protection of the players, that was an APPALLING statement. Nadal is not fit to hold that office, clearly. And now we all know.

So, Giles, I hope you agree with me that International sports evens shouldn’t be entrusted to the arbitraty and opportunistic whims of politicians who break their own rules, and who don’t apply laws consistently? I hope that your obvious dislike of Djokovic doesn’t over-ride your basic integrity of fair play. Well?

Tennispompom Says:

WB – Happy Christmas!

Graham62 Says:

Djokovic is an embarrassment.
Let him play so that he can receive the fall wrath of the Australian public.

Graham Says:


You’re missing the point.

Novak doesn’t give a shite about what’s been going on, if he did he would have acted long ago.
JHC,he organised a tournament back in May 2020! Says a lot about the bloke.
Ok the Aussies could have handled things better but Mr Djokovic has to take responsibility here.

Giles Says:

Graham. I agree.

Graham Says:

If he doesn’t play at least we won’t have to endure his endless bonces of the tennis ball.
If he does play, it’s going to be fun watching the Australian crowd voicing their opinions.

Django Says:

The officials effed this up big time.

Happy Christmas Wog Boy.

Tennis fan Says:

Thank you for your excellent analysis and comments Tennis pompom. I agree whole heartedly, people are so quick to judge without understanding the facts !!

Graham Says:

You mean judge Djokovic?

The facts are plan and simple.
Djokovic only has himself to blame.
It’s all very simple.

Giles Says:

Hey Tennispompom. Sorry but I don’t do politics. :)

Sava Says:

Australian people have already forgotten about Djokovic donating lots of money for the victims of incredible wildfires all across their country.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Tennispompom.

Thanks Django.

chrisford1 Says:

In his 1st public statement on the matter, Djokovic said:

“God sees everything. Moral and ethics as the greatest ideals are the shining stars towards spiritual ascension.”

Did Novak go to try and win the AO, or to spiritually ascend?
Not to be outdone, Papa Srdjan says:

““Jesus was crucified on the cross … but he is still alive among us. They are trying to crucify and belittle Novak and throw him to his knees,”

On the brighter side of things, we Christians are taught that crucifixion preceded and was necessary for Jesus’s spiritual ascension.

Poor Goran though. It was a long plane ride back home with Novak after he slapped a ball into the throat of a line judge in New York. It was a longer plane ride back having to sit with Novak after the Olympics. Now this one is the plane ride back that Goran will earn his pay the most for. A big question will be – Djokovic’s entire team did their paperwork right and were admitted into Australia – why not him??

PK Says:

Novak Djokovic supporters take to the streets of Melbourne.

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