Novak Djokovic: I’m Not An Expert On COVID PCR Test Results
by Staff | February 21st, 2022, 9:41 am

Novak Djokovic met the media in Dubai yesterday, and the questions linger over his positive COVID test result in December which allowed him to travel to Australia.

There are time stamp issues, quarantine issues and timeline issues with his test results, all which Djokovic has either apologized for or sidestepped. He continued to dance in Dubai.

“I’m not in a position to understand how these tests are being processed and registered,” he said of the scrutiny over his results. “I’m glad that Institute For Public Health in Serbia has come out publicly and validated those tests. That’s all I can say really. I’m not in a position, neither I’m an expert, to go more into detail.”

Djokovic also spoke of his schedule, which is not set due to the ever-changing COVID requirements.

“I just have to follow the rules. Whatever tournament that I’m able to play, I’ll be trying to get to that country and play the tournament,” Djokovic said.

“Obviously I’m not intending to play the full schedule,” he said. “I was trying to aim to play my best at the Grand Slams and some of the 1000 events we have, playing for my country. Those were the biggest motivations that I had in terms of the scheduling.

“Right now the situation is obviously different for me. I really can’t choose right now. It’s really about where I can go and play.

“Wherever I have an opportunity, I’ll be using probably that opportunity and going to play because this is what I do, it’s what I love to do still.”

Tuesday night, Djokovic will open his delayed 2022 season against Lorenzo Musetti.

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35 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I’m Not An Expert On COVID PCR Test Results

Seth Says:

Absurd to throw away so many chances to compete. He should just get vaccinated. It’s not a big deal.

Giles Says:

I think he’s enjoying all the publicity his unwillingness to get jabbed is receiving, He thinks his body is a temple! What an ass!

lylenubbins Says:

@ Seth: A normal vaccine takes years to develop and then another 7-10 years to safety test. These were rolled out in less than a year.

Truthsquad Says:

@lylenubbins : these are not new vaccines. These had already been developed for viruses in the same family such as SARS and MERS, and we’re undergoing clinical testing for years. It’s amazing how when someone is sick, they rush to a doctor and hospital and put their life in the hands of doctors and “trust science” then. It’s Djokovic’s freedom of choice to refuse a vaccine, but casting doubt on a scientific and medical community that has fought tirelessly and bravely for two years to save hundreds of thousands of lives is inexcusable in my opinion, and is tarnishing his legacy.

Zed Says:

Truthsquad, you’re wrong. These are a relatively new and relatively unproven technology. Yes they were first invented around 10 years ago but remained in the experimental phase until it was decided to rush them to market.

They are not vaccines in the traditional sense but instead modify your RNA. They have been rushed and mandated and whilst most people seem to have gotten through unscathed, an increasing number have been found to have developed heart issues and other forms of adverse reactions.

Additionally, insurance companies are now suffering from an increase of “unexplained” deaths from the annual averages they expected. So much so that the increase has been 40% for some insurers.

You don’t have to believe or accept anything. Time is proving all this true. Novak is right to be cautious.

Zed Says:


Instead of going to a Canadian Government funded site which provides very little detail, you can get a much more detailed history by going to Nature Magazine (this is the same government using a state of emergency against peaceful protestors).

The long history is here:

Note I have pasted text below but the summary for you (because I like you) is this:

2012 – Funding started to study RNA Vaccines and Drugs
2015 – Moderna raised $1 billion to study how to harness mRNA but that initial plan faltered
2020 – Moderna advanced 9 mRNA vaccine candidates for testing, none were a big success
COVID Arrives – Moderna creates a prototype vaccine in days, in March 2020 Pfizer gets involved and clinical trials on humans start for the first time. From that point to emergency approval it was less than 8 months. They demanded protection from litigation and the US government granted that protection. Additionally, under Biden the vaccine was mandated for all federal employees except for (wait for it) members of the house, the senate and the Whitehouse. Why the protection from litigation? Why the exemption for the politicians?

Maybe try to not just accept what you are told, maybe try to not trust your masters as much as you do. They will happily sell you out for a pocket of silver.

The text from Nature is as follows:

“… a 2012 decision by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to start funding industry researchers to study RNA vaccines and drugs. Moderna was one of the companies that built on this work and, by 2015, it had raised more than $1 billion on the promise of harnessing mRNA to induce cells in the body to make their own medicines — thereby fixing diseases caused by missing or defective proteins. When that plan faltered, Moderna, led by chief executive Stéphane Bancel, chose to prioritize a less ambitious target: making vaccines.

That initially disappointed many investors and onlookers, because a vaccine platform seemed to be less transformative and lucrative. By the beginning of 2020, Moderna had advanced nine mRNA vaccine candidates for infectious diseases into people for testing. None was a slam-dunk success. Just one had progressed to a larger-phase trial.

But when COVID-19 struck, Moderna was quick off the mark, creating a prototype vaccine within days of the virus’s genome sequence becoming available online. The company then collaborated with the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to conduct mouse studies and launch human trials, all within less than ten weeks.

BioNTech, too, took an all-hands-on-deck approach. In March 2020, it partnered with New York-based drug company Pfizer, and clinical trials then moved at a record pace, going from first-in-human testing to emergency approval in less than eight months”.

Wog Boy Says:

Go easy on the troll, one step at the time.

Zed Says:

Wog Boy, as you will appreciate, I sacrifice my time and share my wisdom, yes I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain, to guide the lost souls on this website.

Am I making progress? Perhaps not, but if I can save one person, bring one confused, scared, weird, little guy in from the cold and set his life back on track, then it will all have been worth it.

ChrisM Says:

Just in case any of the “trolls” are worried they might start listening to Zed, note how he describes the convoy as ‘peaceful protesters'(and the presidential election as ‘stolen’). Zed, your writing *sounds* smart, but you keep veering off the road into the telephone poles every few yards.

Even if we ignore the fact that bookstore windows were smashed, food bank employees intimidated, and passers-by on their way to work threatened (and I’m not ignoring these moments), the right to protest in Canada doesn’t include blocking highways or making people unsafe, such as limiting street access by emergency services or creating noise pollution (were the truckers blowing air horns all night for several days? Yes). The right to public protest is on public land or in parks, but not blocking roads or creating dangerous situations. The entire idea of the convoy’s activity was illegal from day one because of where and how they chose to protest. On top of that, very real additional crimes against persons and businesses were committed. It was never peaceful and Zed saying so doesn’t make it so.

Once again Zed, I respond to your dangerous blather with truth. I know the truth won’t disturb you, but honestly mate, your beliefs should come with a tag. Speaking of, a good example:

The Daily Mail can be a hilarious read at the best of times, but in this case it’s terrific that their headline notes criticism of the BBC for not pressing Novak on his ‘idiot beliefs’! Just to add to Giles’ post above.

Django Says:

Now that Gael Monfils has been injured by the booster maybe tennis will take note.

John Says:

Zed Says:

Wog Boy, as you will appreciate, I sacrifice my time and share my wisdom, yes I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain, to guide the lost souls on this website.”

Get off your high horse.

Zed Says:

John, pre 8:30 PM or so I am more likely to be sober so my writing is different than later in the evening. This was a late evening thought paying homage to Helen Reddy (another Australian).

Yes, I’ve paid the price but look how much I’ve gained.

Zed Says:

ChrisM, you either don’t care, are unaware of, or are part of the partnership between governments, media owners and multi-nationals.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you simply are not aware that legacy media organisations are the propaganda arm of the globalist movement. Have you never wondered why they use the same phrasing the world over? Surely that gives away the central control of the messaging?

I prefer to listen to real people rather than media shills. People like this lovely young couple:

p.s. your media did not criticise antifa and BLM violent protests. In fact the perfectly-coiffed Prime Minister of Canada (he looks so much like his Dad) brags that he participated in the Canadian versions of the BLM protests in summer 2020. Just to remind you, many people died as a result of antifa and BLM protests, buildings (including churches) were burned to the ground. And yet the media described the protests as “mostly peaceful”.

The very same Canadian PM who bragged about joining the truly violent protests is now declaring a state of emergency against people who have hurt no one, damaged nothing. He is seizing bank accounts from people who simply donated money, the Ottawa police chief has warned they will continue to hunt down people even after the protests are over (this is the replacement chief, the previous one resigned because he refused to be part of the persecution). And we are seeing mounted police trampling old ladies, rubber bullets and tear gas deployed. Why none of this against Antifa and BLM who were truly violent?

You’re the victim of propaganda my young friend. Wake up, don’t wake up, it won’t change things for others, only for yourself. Maybe one day you will join me in saying “I was blind but now I see!”.

chrisford1 Says:

I will go with Zed and say Helen Reddy was in the absolute top dozen pop and rock gal singers of the 60s and 70s. Deservedly so.
Before my time but good enough to get a lot of airplay still in the 80s and 90s, and then falling out as only superstars and touring dinosaur acts got attention.
When Reddy died I went back and noticed with a older, yet ‘newer’ ear to her stuff, better able to ignore over orchestration ruining songs. And realized how crazy good she sang live or recorded – pitch, diaphram control, power, tough to ding her on anything but not milking the glory notes to impress critics.
Wings of Pegasus did a well worth watching breakdown of Helen Reddys career starting version of “I don’t know how to love him”. 51 years ago -live.

ChrisM Says:

Zed, my dear, I’m not talking about antifa, BLM, or either of the Trudeaus. I’m talking about the fact that you erroneously described these particular protests as peaceful. You don’t really get to rebut that by changing the subject or raising alternative things you’ve been annoyed by recently. None of those points change mine. Crimes and illegal activity happened, and not because the media said so, but because they happened. The police (lots we can say about them, for sure) are investigating the crimes committed, and they have said so themselves. The noise pollution alone made the protests violent and illegal.

To tip my cap towards your larger narrative concerns, there are loads of convolutions in any big series of events or stories. We don’t always get to see all sides easily. That’s about as much as I want to say because your post really didn’t address mine at all. It’s just deflection if you respond with a laundry list of complaints about other issues and ignore something that might be correct which doesn’t align with your perspective.

For example: the noise pollution from the air horns. It’s illegal. What do you say about that? Don’t cite some leftist protest you didn’t like as a rebuttal. I want to know what you think of the crimes committed at the protest you support. Just like I’d love to know what you think of (quoting the Daily Mail’s article) Novak’s “idiot beliefs.”

By the way, that video you posted was sponsored by a private company (seems to be some kind of guru type operation, and I’m not particularly interested in getting any of my news from private sponsorship operations. To confirm, though, I’m not part of the global media conspiracy, promise.

Zed Says:

Chrisford1, thanks for sharing that, that guy really knows his stuff.

All I know is if music moves me or not but I don’t appreciate the detail of what is being done by the performer, that video was an excellent education.

I cannot hold a tune but after a few drinks I still subject my long-suffering wife to a love song or two. I suspect I could eventually have something put in my coffee which will put an end to her pain.

Zed Says:


You are asking me to respond to the “crimes and illegal activity”.

My response is that it is impossible to have a large number of people involved in a protest and have zero “crimes and illegal activity” when the very definition of “crimes and illegal activity” is determined by the very people who are opposed to the protest.

Wording it another way, the media, police and government coordinated by the globalists are well established liars.

Evidence of this claim is that we saw the events that were supported by these very same liars. We saw the burning buildings, we know that over 35 people died, we saw statues destroyed, we saw bashings of bystanders, our own eyes saw all that.

And yet the very same group which now claims “crimes and illegal activity” in the current protest saw no “crimes and illegal activity” in those events.

Who do I believe? Those people or my own lying eyes? I prefer to believe my own lying eyes thank you very much.

I hope I have addressed that part of your post.

The noise pollution (the air horns) is conceded, it would have been very irritating for people opposed to the protest and I’d be very surprised if there aren’t a number laws against it. You seem to be able to have perspective about things, so how does this crime compare to crimes of violence (which I have not seen evidence of with the truck protest but saw PLENTY of with the Antifa and BLM protests)?

With regard to Novak and the Daily Mail, I went through your posts on a couple of threads but did not find the story you are referring to. Next I went to the Daily Mail website and did a search. There were quite a few stories on Novak as would be expected but the only one that had that phrase was this one:

Was that the one you were referring to? Are you asking me what I think of Novak’s beliefs? Is that your question? I’m assuming your focus is on beliefs with regard to vaccination. I assume you are not asking my opinion of his beliefs on God, Capitalism or Life on other planets because if you are, then I have to answer I don’t know what his beliefs are on any of those subjects.

Therefore, limiting this to Novak’s “beliefs” on vaccination (clarified in the interview I believe) I vaguely remember these are them (tell me if I’m missing something):
1) He has no objection to vaccination, in fact he has been vaccinated many times since childhood.
2) He has no objection to any one else vaccinating themselves. He believes we should decide for ourselves.
3) He thinks the current mandated drug (my word, not his if I recall) is not tested sufficiently.

That’s it to the best of my recollection. If my memory is close enough to what he actually said then I have no objections. I too am a happy traditional vaxxer, I too believe that it is my body my choice, I too think the RNA modifier drug is at best experimental.

You never responded to the 40% increase in deaths that Insurance Companies are complaining about. That’s something that’s not going away and eventually will be common knowledge even if the controlled propaganda outlets and governments refuse to discuss it.

chrisford1 Says:

Zed – I’m a cultural Philistine but a semi-smart one with great curiosity for all things that catch my attention I’d like to learn more about.

So I really like learning why my “instincts” on liking certain things are born out by analysis, and even more when analysts can tell me WHY I liked it, what missed elements in a performance or viewing meant to be enjoyed many times to look for on a new visit.
The biographical info. How the record only happened when her Jewish cokehead husband who still had found massive success getting top acts to Columbia began calling Capital Records everyday for 5 months about his great housewife’s singing chops – until they let her cut one demo on stipulation that hubby not bother them after that about Reddy for at least 6 months. Then Hubby turned his energetic attention to every radio station he could call. Wald pushed it into it being a hit.
The backstory makes people appreciate the things they like even more.
A man, in another story, who worked with stone masons, hiked into the mountains on weekends, looking for a particular marble type that could be quarried in a very large block. Finding it, he sought and got a commission from a French Cardinal. The search , procurement of the block and commission, transport of the block – took a year. Then his spent 2 years chipping, scraping off material, and not done before, hand polished folds to mirror brilliance to catch and reflect light.
The unveiling astonished. After a few challenged his ability to make such a sculpture, he carved his name on the piece, something he later said was prideful and he never did it again.
The Year was 1499.
The artist was just 23 in 1499.
The inscription was:
“Michelangelo Buonarroti, Florentine, made this”.
It was referred to in art as the Pity, the Pieta in Italian, art based on the scene as Christ was taken down and prepped to be carried to the burial cave, from Golgotha.

ChrisM Says:

Re Novak, I think the BBC was upset the interviewer didn’t push for more on the vax side of his beliefs, but really I was super-interested in your thoughts on his love of the emotional water purification. I’ve mentioned it several times and none of you Novak fans here have really gone for it. I guess it’s super-awkward to acknowledge a sporting idol is, politely, a bit of a joke. I mean, jeez, the man is clearly either incredibly stupid or gullible. I’ll lean towards gullible, but who knows. But whew, it must be the elephant in the room for Novak fans. He’s clearly not a political anti-vaxxer and I don’t particularly care about his me-first stance (other than it shows little regard for others, and his behaviour has unfortunately backed this up). There is the lack of logic on his point when it’s impossible to control each molecule of air going in and out of our bodies, or the impossibility of controlling what’s really in our food at the chemical level. Anyway, the Mail article was posted here by someone else so I won’t help you there.

“My response is that it is impossible to have a large number of people involved in a protest and have zero “crimes and illegal activity” when the very definition of “crimes and illegal activity” is determined by the very people who are opposed to the protest.”

No. The law determines this. Would you use the same specious turn of phrase to defend a BLM protest?

Protest within the law is possible. Peaceful protest is possible. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons. It certainly didn’t happen with the trucker convoy, despite your firm claim that it did.

No doubt protests from BLM groups have been violent (some of it surely counterviolence due to police violence and aggression at the first moments, which didn’t happen with the truckers until several weeks and warnings had come and gone), but as I wrote, I was only interested at this moment in your unfounded assertion that this protest was peaceful. It’s ridiculous to have you espousing about this and that when you can’t get a basic point remotely right. It’s not difficult to comprehend. Everyone with a rational outlook knows that protests can be complicated, go off book, etc. Human beings are human beings, after all. So why, if you’re rational, would you claim a non-peaceful protest is peaceful… and then when confronted about it, claim that it’s a media conspiracy and I’m an unwitting victim? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

My message to you, in lieu of a proper discussion about politically-motivated protests (especially those established to counter and confront unwarranted police violence) is that you seem to be missing half the point of all of this, in addition to pulling for a side which might just be the wrong side. The half you are missing is where did the protest movement come from? You refer to BLM with disdain but I’m quite certain you don’t understand why it started (I mean really understand it). Parts of the political movement borne of the original moment may have been corrupted, but the genesis is important to acknowledge and I suspect you have paid this little heed. Otherwise, I believe you would be less frantic to paint them negatively while saint-washing the other side of the political spectrum. You’ve mentioned the term antifa with similar disdain, and yet you seem to miss again the genesis of the term: anti-fascist. Universally this should be regarded as a good thing, something we can aspire to. For sure some politically-organized elements of this movement use violent tactics, and this isn’t always going to be justified (although perhaps, sometimes it is, when they’re fighting fascists!). Everyone hates fascists, right?? Right???

In the case of the trucker convoy, where did the protest come from? Fighting against reasonable public health measures. Holy smokes. Not to mention…actual wannabe fascists. Swastikas, mate.

This is what I mean by you might be pulling for the wrong side. Life is surely complex but man, fascists at least always make decisions easy. Because everyone hates fascists (thank goodness there’s something we can all agree on, right? Right???).

Zed Says:


I love rock history, I love knowing the stories behind the songs, I love great documentaries on great bands or performers.

This guy has some really enjoyable videos showing the sometimes tortuous paths that are taken before a song becomes a hit:

That story about Michelangelo is beautiful. If you haven’t been to Florence, go there before you die. Michelangelo is everywhere, not just museums but parks, gardens, streets.

The statue of David is enormous, the hands are proportioned perfectly for viewing from one angle but seem out of proportion from another angle. Michelangelo did this on purpose, he assumed the statue would be mounted well above the viewer who would look up at the statue so he accentuated the hands and the head. If you haven’t been yet, if you go, sit there for a long time and take in every detail. A word like “Genius” is not sufficient, he was something more.

Zed Says:


Let me respond to each item:

1) Water purification

I have read some people on here allude to it but I have not investigated and I have to be honest, I’m not all that interested. It’s not “super-awkward to acknowledge” as you said, I just don’t know nor care all that much about it.

If you are saying Novak has some strange unprovable beliefs I have to ask “so what?” When I ask “so what?” that does not mean “I agree with him” it doesn’t mean “I approve of those beliefs” it does not mean “I disapprove of those beliefs”.

It just means “I don’t give a flying about this”.

The guy is the greatest tennis player that has ever walked God’s Green Earth, does that opinion change because he believes in fairies at the bottom of the garden? No, it does not!

p.s. The same is true of any other tennis player. Is Roger a closet nazi? Does Rafa like being spanked? If either were true would it distract one iota away from the win/loss ratios or their head-to-heads when calculating who was the greater player? Not one bit.

Hell, Bruce Jenner was an awesome decathlete and now wears a lovely frock, does that take away from his sporting prowess? Not at all ChrisM not at all.

2) Back to the other subject:

“The law determines this”. I know you are not that naive, you are not.

Law enforcement personnel choose whether they arrest people. Their choice to arrest or not arrest is coloured by their own biases and the biases of those they report to.

This is why influential people like politicians and members of their families can commit crimes, some of them horrific, but are not even charged whilst less well connected people can be on death row despite their being only circumstantial evidence.

Stalin (I assume one of your heroes) said something like “Show me the man and I will show you the crime”.

The application of the law is determined by political considerations all the time so please do not act dumb with “The law determines this”.

“… the genesis is important to acknowledge and I suspect you have paid this little heed” – wrong! You assume too much.

“you seem to miss again the genesis of the term: anti-fascist” – wrong again! I know full well the genesis of the term, I also know full well that wolves dressed as sheep are more dangerous than any other wolves. People declaring themselves and naming themselves “anti-fascist” but then using violence against people and property shows clearly that they are fascists.

“Because everyone hates fascists (thank goodness there’s something we can all agree on, right? Right???)” – Yes 100% right, you are bang on the money!!! Could not agree more!!

Now that we’re agreed, the only question we need to resolve ChrisM is “who are the fascists?”

Look, ChrisM, you have clearly accepted what you have been fed. Not much is going to change there for now. Maybe in a few decades you may see things differently.

Question: What’s the difference between a socialist and a conservative?
Answer: About 30 years

Anto Says:


I truly feel sad for you.

Zed Says:

Thanks Anto, you’re obviously a compassionate person.

But if your sadness is sincere then I can assure (on a huge number of levels) it is unnecessary.

It’s like when I had a Jehova’s Witness acquaintance who was frustrated in her inability to turn me, she used the same line. She was truly sad for me that I could not see what she could see. She was so convinced of her superior understanding of the nature of the Universe.

It was as unimaginative then as it is now. Don’t be sad Pumpkin, put on your happy face.

Okiegal Says:

Ummm….. Alexander Zverev got kicked out of the tournament for repeatedly hitting the umpire’s chair. I’m thinking he needs anger management therapy.

ChrisM Says:

Zed, how did I forget to tell you Stalin is my hero? Not at all, as it happens. Where did they teach you that random smearing is a good debate strategy? I don’t think you’ve written one accurate point about who you think I am.

Here’s the crux of the thing as relevant to our current locale: if you lack a shred of critical judgement to call out a tennis player for a belief so ridiculous and dangerously anti-science that it colors every other anti-science belief he also has (ding ding), then wow, guess what: every other opinion you spout will reflect your lack of critical judgement. It’s not hard to skewer a celebrity’s silly quack beliefs when they put them out there on Instagram Live for us. It’s also kind of important to do it when kids might be watching and learning from that kind of crap.

What’s also interesting is that the political side of this discussion we’re having seemed to emerge from your evasion on my Djokovic-related points. I gave you opportunity after opportunity to call the man out on the shadier aspects of his brand, to recognize the absurdity of his public persona, but your response was simply to try to drag the debate over into conspiracy theories and dubious source material. That’s one hell of a diversionary tactic, but hey, good on ya. I felt very pleased when you mentioned the US election, particularly. It clears things up for anyone reading, knowing that everybody here is free to avoid giving the time of day to pretty much anything you’ve been talking about, and in addition to that it’s nice to know for absolute sure the bedrock of your position vis a vis your critical judgement. Very handy for everyone. Obviously no one else on Team Djokovic has rejected his water purification nonsense either, which unfortunately again tells everyone else an awful lot.

Thanks for addressing it though (finally), but by the time you did you’d already mentioned the “stolen presidential election,” so you could have written something extremely rational and critical of Djokovic’s quackery and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

ChrisM Says:

Oh, one more thing, Zed: sometimes we don’t need to figure out “who are the fascists?” because *they actually tell us*:

ChrisM Says:

@Okiegal, has Tennis-X been keeping up with the Zverev saga in full? He’s got an awful lot going on, investigation-wise. And now he’s got to answer for last night too.

While I’ve been banging on about CVACs and emotional water purification, I should straighten myself up and confirm I’m fully behind the investigation into the Zverev/Sharypova situation, and hope the ATP will eventually do some investigating.

Re last night’s event, I found this which the author says was written one year ago:

Okiegal Says:

@ChrisM…….. I don’t know if TX is keeping up with him or not, but I brought up anger management since he was accused of being abusive to his former girlfriend. Man, he went off on the umpire big time. Sometimes high tempered individuals just can’t handle disappointments. He was clearly upset over a line call…… and could not contain himself and got kicked out of the tournament, plus I’m sure a huge fine. Temper tantrums are for two year olds…..grow up Sasha!

Zed Says:

ChrisM, you seem to be unable to accept an answer even when given. Not sure why.

Water purification, magic rejuvenation chambers, fairies at the bottom of the garden, etc.

If Novak believes in all of these, if Novak tweets on all of these, no one cares. Why is that so hard to accept?

I and others say “Hey Novak has won more tennis, he has achieved more tennis, he is the greatest tennis player of all time”

ChrisM says “No, no, no, don’t look at his tennis achievements when assessing his tennis, look at the things I don’t like about him, please, please, please do that”.

It’s a bit desperate don’t you think?

Of course you’ll continue to do that, because what else do you have?

ChrisM Says:

Zed: The idiocy of emotional water purification aside, my beef with Djokovic is about his tennis achievements (how he’s gone about earning them). I’ve made that abundantly clear. WADA (sort of) has my back. I’m not really expecting you to pay any kind of attention to anything at all because you have a very active fantasy life and I can imagine that takes some time and energy to maintain in this face of all this reality.

And don’t forget we were discussing those fascists, Zed, you know, the ones where you didn’t know who they are (but they happened to be at that protest you like).

@Okiegal, you’re right, Zverev is an absolute mess.

Okiegal Says:

@ChrisM…..He’s a talented player and it’s a shame he can’t control his anger. It will ruin his career if he doesn’t get a handle on it.

Anto Says:


Even though I don’t agree with your CVAC stance, I admire your patience in dealing with this some like Zed. I tried a couple of times with some vaccine stuff with him and I gave up. And after some time he mentioned the “stolen 2020 election” then it all made sense. They only see what they want to see.

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