Confirmed! No Novak Djokovic At Indian Wells Or Miami

by Sean Randall | March 9th, 2022, 7:12 pm

The Novak Djokovic circus won’t be coming to the U.S. this month, the Serb confirmed today.

Djokovic’s name popped up yesterday in the Indian Wells draw and then tournament sent out a statement indicating that the former No. 1 was trying to find a way into the country.

Well, Djokovic apparently did try but failed, and earlier this afternoon he officially removed his name from both March Masters.

“While I was automatically listed in the @BNPPARIBASOPEN and @MiamiOpen draw I knew it would be unlikely I’d be able to travel. The CDC has confirmed that regulations won’t be changing so I won’t be able to play in the US. Good luck to those playing in these great tournaments 👊” he posted on twitter.

The good news for Djokovic is he’s not really defending much if any ranking points, and he’ll get further time to prepare for the clay, plus avoid further scrutiny if he did find a loophole into the U.S.

The bad news is Daniil Medvedev will likely gain more ranking points, though not even sure the No. 1 matters to Novak at this point. It probably doesn’t.

As for Novak’s late withdrawal, the rules allow for it. And he was trying to get in, can’t fault him for trying. He could have even waited another day, perhaps. But he won’t be adding to his Masters haul this month.

Djokovic will apparently be back in Monte Carlo and with the COVID restrictions easing (it seems), I think he’ll be able to play a full Masters schedule after this month, including the North American events this summer.

With the 5-time champion, only Rafael Nadal and Cameron Norrie are the only men in the field to have won in the desert before.

At 15-0, Nadal’s had an incredible season so far, and he loves Indian Wells. And he’s arguably the favorite to win a fourth Indian Wells title.

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13 Comments for Confirmed! No Novak Djokovic At Indian Wells Or Miami

Zed Says:

Novak already holds an unassailable record of 361 weeks at number 1, I am sure he doesn’t care about any more weeks at number 1.

All power to Daniil and I hope he has many more weeks at number 1, he has earned it!

The current world number 4, Rafa is having a great year in Novak’s absence. He probably will never pass Roger Federer on the GOAT list to climb to the number two spot but he will solidify his number 3 spot on the GOAT list.

p.s. it’s only a matter of time before Novak can no longer be prevented from playing by corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. Once Novak is back he will dominate yet again, he’s that good!

billyboy312 Says:


Raj Says:

lol..21 > 20….some closed eyed cats claiming he is 3rd in the list..

Zed Says:

Raj, when a fool starts his post with “lol” then you know he is a weak fool.

Then when a fool, says “21 > 20” counting only Grand Slams, he is a simple-minded fool.

Then when a fool doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to think “hey, I wonder if Novak will have more Grand Slams than Rafa when they both retire” then you know he is more than just a fool, he is a truly monumental fool.

You are weak, you are simple and you are a monumental fool.

Giles Says:

Zed. AND you are the biggest FOOL on tennis x if you believe a word of your ramblings. Give it up man, let it go. Rafa has 21 and don’t you forget that. Lololol

Giles Says:

Good riddance !! You won’t be missed that’s for sure.! Maybe you can play footy instead? It’s a good sport to take your tiny mind off things, no?

chrisford1 Says:

I don’t know about Djokovic not one day badly missing the records he gave up to indulge in quackery.

One week away from being a full year longer at #1 than Federer. At 364 weeks the only one to make 7 years as #1. At 366 weeks at #1 he would be a full 3 years ahead of Rafa in weeks at #1.

Raj Says:

joker has full head of hair.. whereas Nadal is almost bald.. that is another record to consider in GOAT discussion..

Zed Says:


He will increase the weeks at number #1 so don’t worry too much about that. Too many people with short term thinking, not enough people thinking that Novak has at least another 2-3 years of winning ahead of him.

In those minimum 2-3 years, how many more weeks at number #1, how many more Grand Slams, how many more ATP 1000’s, how many more ATP 500’s, how many more Tour Finals titles?

What if Novak decides to keep going as long as Roger did? Then how many of all those things? That’s what? Another 5 years of winning?

Holy Jesus! In 5 years how much of a gap between himself, Roger and Rafa will he leave? It is awesome to contemplate!

Raj Says:

Omg yes, Roger sons will start winning slams in 10 years time and they will play for another 30 years.. I couldn’t imagine how many slams , ATP 1000s, Olympic Gold Medals, ATP 500 and tour finals they would ain.. Its so awesome to think that..

chrisford1 Says:

Zed, the 3 very “GOATY” records were peed away by Djokovic when all he had to do was do what 99.7% of other active pros did – got vaccinated.

Novak is done as #1. Couple more years of competitive play in him, but made an outcast from at least half the Tour, and no guarantee at all that we are done with Covid. It is still making it’s way into wildlife populations, still mutating like crazy into new strains.
I don’t see nations dropping their vaccination requirements for foreigners entering their countries. And while Novak can cross borders in Schengen Area nations from other nations in the agreement – Schengen is still moving ahead with a vaccine passport to get into places, use lyfts, hotels, food places, arenas..And Serbia is outside the Schengen Area.
(I really hope Novak’s Dad got vaccinated because he almost died from lung issues back in 2012, but I would not be surprised if he too is an anti-vaxxer)

Zed Says:


All he had to do is comply, all any of us ever have to do is comply and they will leave us alone for a short while until the next demand when, of course, we will have to comply again if we know what’s good for us.

Keep going like that and history shows us how things will end up. Again, short term thinkers cannot see it. It’s not that they won’t see it, it’s that they cannot, it’s not in their DNA.

Novak is not done at all. You are also thinking in the moment, that’s OK, that’s how you’re wired. You can’t be convinced now, time will show you.

It’s pretty clear now that this virus has never been worse than a normal seasonal flu and in fact the RNA modifier has killed more people and is continuing to kill more people. WEF acolytes won’t be able to keep people in line for much longer.

Here in Australia we have both federal and state elections this year and I can assure you that any politicians who talk about extending lockdowns or mandating further injections will lose their seats. Don’t confuse what the talking heads on the screen are saying with what most of the people are actually thinking.

Let’s review Novak, Rafa’s and Roger’s achievements in 2027, I’m pretty sure how the dust will settle.

Django Says:

United Airline hiring unvaxxed now. It’s over.

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