ATP, WTA Strip Wimbledon Of Ranking Points In Historic Move
by Staff | May 20th, 2022, 11:17 am

After allowing its UK tour events to retain their ranking points, the ATP today have stripped Wimbledon of the points it will offer to players.

“The ability for players of any nationality to enter tournaments based on merit, and without discrimination, is fundamental to our Tour,” the ATP said in a statement.

“The decision by Wimbledon to ban Russian and Belarusian players from competing in the UK this summer undermines this principle and the integrity of the ATP Ranking system. It is also inconsistent with our Rankings agreement. Absent a change in circumstances, it is with great regret and reluctance that we see no option but to remove ATP Ranking points from Wimbledon for 2022.

“We remain hopeful of further discussions with Wimbledon leading to an acceptable outcome for all concerned. More broadly, we believe this matter again highlights the need for a united governance structure across professional tennis so that decisions of this nature can be made in a joint manner.”

The WTA did the same.

“As a result of the AELTC’s position that it will not honor its obligation to use the WTA Rankings for entry into Wimbledon and proceed with a partial field not based on merit, the WTA has made the difficult decision to not award WTA ranking points for this year’s Wimbledon Championships,” the women’s tour said.

With the points gone (for now), the tournament becomes a de facto exhibition event, with just prize money and no chance to any upward movement in the rankings. In fact, players will drop their points and lose spots.

Wimbledon hopes this won’t happen.

“Given the position taken by the UK Government to limit Russia’s global influence, which removed automatic entry by ranking, and the widespread response of Government, industry, sport and creative institutions, we remain of the view that we have made the only viable decision for Wimbledon as a globally renowned sporting event and British institution, and we stand by the decision we have made.

“As we have previously stated, after careful consideration against a variety of factors, and bound to act in accordance with the directive guidance from the UK Government, we came to two firm conclusions that formed the basis for this decision.

“We therefore wish to state our deep disappointment at the decisions taken by the ATP, WTA and ITF in removing ranking points for The Championships. We believe these decisions to be disproportionate in the context of the exceptional and extreme circumstances of this situation and the position we found ourselves in, and damaging to all players who compete on Tour.

“We are considering our options, and we are reserving our position at this stage. We are also in discussion with our Grand Slam colleagues.”

Now it’s a wait-and-see as to who will show up for the Championships. While players are upset, will there be any real backlash?

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11 Comments for ATP, WTA Strip Wimbledon Of Ranking Points In Historic Move

Tennispompom Says:

ATP, WTA and ITF did the right thing. What Wimbledon did is pure racism, and a dreadful example to children who go there. It’s utterly unsportsmanlike, and Kipling, whose immortal words are emblazoned on Wimbledon walls (from the poem “If”), would be turning in his grave.

I think that ATP, WTA and ITF haven’t gone far enough – they should have protected the sport, and done the same at Australian Open, where they used politics to deport certain players – Novak Djokovic and Renata Voracova, and some coaching staff.

By removing the allocation of ranking points, Wimbledon becomes an exhibition event – it is no longer one of the 4 majors, it no longer has the status of the Grand Slam event. ATP, WTA and ITF should grant that status to another tournament which is going on at the same time, to underline the point, and to allow players to earn the points elsewhere. Otherwise they render the world rankings meaningless too.

Wake up world, tennis and sportsmanship are being destroyed.

Wog Boy Says:

What’s new about Poms being racist?!

Even Hitler allowed Jews (and other non Aryans) from around the World to compete in Berlin 1936 Olympics.

zed Says:

Wogboy, great to see you back mate. Even Giles has missed you.

Tennispompom, Newton’s third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. No action can be taken without some consequences.

The SJW’s and woke mad left have had it too easy too long. The reaction is growing and we will see a rebalance. I don’t know whether control can be wrested from them but I am pretty sure they won’t find things as easy going forward from here.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Zed, likewise.
I do occasionally check what’s going on TX, but generally tennis took back seat in my life…for a reason(s).
Yes, I miss Gisela too, she is a lovely girl.

skeezer Says:

“.. Wimbledon becomes an exhibition even….”
Yeah tell that to the player who wins Wimbledon this year. No way. Wimbledon is THE premier Slam. They’ll take no points gladly vs a Slam title.

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. The feelings are not reciprocated. In fact we didn’t miss you one little bit. There was plenty of entertainment without you so you can bugger off. Don’t need you! Go play with your toys!

chrisford1 Says:

Welcome back Wog Boy. Since you are around, I have to mention I was surprised that Labor won after the Covid lockdowns and Green destroying affordable fuel prices all over the world.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks CF1,
I am not surprised (I am conservative voter), the writing was on the wall, what I am surprised is so many independents won safe Liberal (conservative) seats, 10 of them entered the parliament and that can be real danger when it comes to making serious decisions in parliament since they will become someone’s puppets and tools without having backing of the party and without programs.
As for the Greens, they are Labor junior partner, bunch of junkies and doll bludgers who don’t have one day of work experience and still live with parents.
So yes, God help Australia, I can hear boat engines warming up in Indonesia and thousands of illegal immigrants coming to Australian shores, Labor is inviting them, Conservatives stopped the boats for the last 9 years, no single one arrived!

zed Says:

WB, it amazes and pleases me how aligned we are.

Yes, we are hurtling back to 2007-2013, the boats will be pouring in and the debt (which is already astronomical) will go into hyperdrive (when Howard left in 2007 he left us with zero debt, living in 2022 it’s hard to believe that such a thing was possible).

The problem is of course that the Australian people always eventually get to the point where they want to give Labor a go. Even though they know, or they should know, how economically damaging it will be, they grow tired of the coalition and feel it’s only fair to give the other side a chance.

The result is always the same. Massive increase in spending (which is funded by debt), wasteful and useless programs which enrich Labor’s mates and exist only to steal from taxpayers.

Eventually, usually within two terms, the Australian people remember why they kicked Labor out last time and the cycle begins again. The problem is of course that the massive mess is left behind for the conservatives to clean up and whilst they are working hard to clean it up they have the communists at the ABC hounding them the whole time for doing the right thing.

I don’t see any way things will change or get better and I do fear for my kids. Me, I’ve got at most 20 years left and to be honest I’m not concerned about moving on, it’s just the kids I worry about.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, everything you said is factual, sadly.
Labor is hopeless with a money, throwing taxpayers money and buying votes with too many social benefits which are usually very much abused by users, but what do you expect from the party run by the Unions?!

Wog Boy Says:

Correction to my 4:40pm post:

It’s “dole bludgers” and not “doll bludgers” …. blame my spelling 😉

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