Novak Djokovic v Nick Kyrgios For The 2022 Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?

by Sean Randall | July 9th, 2022, 3:39 pm

Well, Rafael Nadal was a no go on Friday for his impending semifinal, so it’s Nick Kyrgios (all of people) coming out to try his hand at stopping Novak Djokovic from yet another Wimbledon title.

Djokovic has won his last 27 matches at Wimbledon and three straight titles. Last year, Matteo Berrettini gave his best shot but failed. In 2019, Roger Federer came up just short and in 2018 Kevin Anderson was no match for the Serb.

So now it falls on the combustible Kyrgios. The Australian has been on a career-best tear this grass season and since we are on a big stage — arguably the very biggest of stages — I fully expect him to continue to play well and show up with his “A” game. But will that be enough?

Kyrgios won a testy tussle over Stefanos Tsitsipas then played his tricks late in the fourth to disrupt Brandon Nakashima, and in the quarterfinals cruised past an overmatched Cristian Garin.

Had Nadal been healthy, I don’t think Nick would still be around, at least not playing on Centre Court the final day of Wimbledon.

Kyrgios’s game is built around his big serve and getting into the head of the opponent, not necessarily in that order.

He has different options and routines to go to depending upon situation and opponent. Tomorrow will be different.

On the other side of the net, Djokovic has been pretty good. Maybe not his best, but good enough. He ripped Kyrgios’s buddy Thanasi Kokkinakis but dropped a set to Tim van Rijthoven, was down two to Jannik Sinner and lost the opener against Cameron Norrie.

So he’s had some slow starts. Yet, even trailing, Djokovic doesn’t panic. That said, none of the guys Djokovic has played are as dangerous a foe as Kyrgios. Djokovic knows that.

During his career, there are just a handful of a players the Serb has faced multiple times without a win and Kyrgios is one of them (Marat Safin and Jiri Vesely the others).

Kyrgios posted two wins on hardcourts over Novak back in March 2017, both in straight sets. Are they meaningful? I don’t think it matters, but it can’t hurt Kyrgios.

Playing in your first Grand Slam and facing a Djokovic, Kyrgios will take anything he can because it’s rare for any of these first-timers to beat one of these legends in a Slam final. For them, time and time again the opponent and the occasion have been too much to handle. I think Kyrgios also succumbs.

Kyrgios will have a long three days to think about it and he already admitted to having a sleepless night. Whether or not he was being honest there I don’t know, but he’s like to take the pressure off any way he can.

Often, Kyrgios is out there to have fun and play the role of entertainer. This is different. This is by far the biggest final or match he’s been a part of in 4-5 years. He can try to minimize the pressure or the significance, but it’s there and it will only mount. And there’s simply no way to prepare for it with all of Australia and their history of great champions watching.

Djokovic is used to this. And he has won. Kyrgios hasn’t.

So I have to think Djokovic comes through. He’ll want to get that first win on Nick and get that first Slam of 2021. He might not be allowed to play the US Open or even Australia, so this match carries that much more weight for him.

If Djokovic serves like he did in the last three sets against Norrie he’ll be fine. I don’t think any of Kyrgios’s antics will work on Novak but Kyrgios will likely try. And since it’s a final, my guess is the umpire will keep him on a short leash — you don’t want Nick making a mockery of the final.

Kyrgios will have to start off quick and strong. I don’t think he can drop the first set and win. The key, really, for the match is the Kyrgios serve. Assuming Djokovic is playing decent, Kyrgios will have to have one of his best serving days of his life. Best-of-3 in Acapulco is not best-of-5 Centre Court Wimbledon. And Novak hasn’t loss on that court in nine years.
The Pick: Djokovic in four

It’s crazy to think that for a guy who has stated he doesn’t even like the sport, he’s now three sets from becoming a Wimbledon champion. And likely the closest he’ll ever be. We’ll know in less than 24 hours if Kyrgios can break the Big 4 spell over Wimbledon.

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9 Comments for Novak Djokovic v Nick Kyrgios For The 2022 Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?

chrisford1 Says:

Watched both pre-match interviews and both Djokovic and Kyrgios gave outstanding ones.
Time changes people and now Novak and Nick are far more appreciative of the other than in past years. On and off the court.
Novak says that Nick is great for tennis, is as dangerous and talented as anyone out there on a given day, and as a big game player, gets better in the later stages.
My prediction is “in 4”. Nick in 4 if he is aggressive and his serve is hitting and Novak struggles to read the serves and Nick’s strategies.
If Novak solves the serve, Novak in 4.

Nits Says:

If Nick somehow manages to win. Although its very difficult to imagine against Djokovic.It will be a fairy tale run for ages.

Whatda Says:

A fairytale for the ages, similar to Ivanisevic’s Wimbledon win, Novak’s coach :)

Daniel Says:

Game on, Djokovic finally winning a set off Kyrgios.

1-1. This third set seems more crucial to Kyrgios. If he fall 1-2 down the ocasion may hit him. Djokovis is known from his comeback but alsmot didn’t close set 2. Similar to Rolang Garros fourth set this year. Entertaining match, a lot of variation, net aproaches, drops, Kyrgios trying not to give rhythm and some huge FH bombs.

Daniel Says:

The Real GOAT is back. And now with a chance at #1 even without USO. He is reated, will play Asian swing and Euro fall. Let’s see how Nadal recovers for USO and if someone pushes him there.

Congrats Novax. Don’t agree with his whole take on vax and covid, and ot jeopedize his career. Should’ve been leading Grnad Slam tally had he played AO. One more Wimbledon to tie Federer and in impressive 4 straigh 28 matches and going.

Madmax Says:

Fantastic work from Novak today. So happy for him.

To see his daughter there too, for the first time – so proud of her dad. It’s such a lovely moment for his team.

Sorry, but Kyrios – deserves credit for some superb tennis, serving was excellent, but let’s work on this shi**y attitude. Very poor. No class. Behaves like a teenager.

Ngentot Says:

Daniel, Novak has no chance at #1 since no points gained at wimbledon this year. Weird, but after Wimbledon Novak will even drop to no.7 in ranking.

Daniel Says:

Wouldn’t race poins count? As per Turin points he will be close to 4000 pts tomorrow to Nadal’s 6340. Is a big lead, specially with Djoko not playing USO (unless US changes foreign vax policy). But with his sucess in both Shangai, Paris, WTF and Beijing, he has a shot. We don’t know how many morre tournaments Nadal will play due to hos many injuries this year and he end of year is historically not great either. It all depends on how far Nadal will go in USO. If he loses in QF or earlier Djoko can adjust his calendar to maie a push. He will not play Cincy, don’t know if Canada allows no vax. But mathmatucally he still has a shot.

Daniel Says:

You are right Ngentot. Just read the news, reagarding russian invasion. Pretty skewed.

Soecially ig Djoko achieve the math and Wimbledon doesn’t could. He would be #1 not being #1 lol. Seems this is definitly not his year at all. At least je got the main event and tyied Hos childhood idol Sampras at 7.

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