Djokovic Downs Kyrgios For 7th Wimbledon, 21st Grand Slam

by Staff | July 10th, 2022, 2:36 pm

Novak Djokovic is back in the Grand Slam win column. After a miserable run in Slams, Djokovic is back on top with a strong win today over Nick Kyrgios 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3).

“I’ve lost words for what this tournament and what this trophy means to me. It always has been the most special tournament. It was the one that motivated me to play tennis. Every time this tournament gets more special and meaningful,” said Djokovic.

“I was four or five years old and I saw Pete Sampras win his first Wimbledon in 1992. I asked my Dad and Mum to buy me a racquet, and my first image of tennis was grass and Wimbledon. I always dreamed of coming here, just playing in this court, and then realizing the childhood dream of winning this trophy. Every single time it gets more meaningful and more special, so I’m very blessed and very thankful to be standing here with the trophy.”

Kyrgios won both their previous meetings in straight sets in 2017, and today started like those two finished, with Kyrgios serving bombs.

Unshaken by the moment or the stage, Kyrgios was able to break Djokovic and then rode his serve to a quick first set win.

As he had done in his previous two matches, Djokovic settled down once behind. He got his own serve going and managed to break Kyrgios. The Australian had been composed but then began a running dialogue with his player box.

Kyrgios would get a chance to level with Djokovic serving 5-3, 0-40. But Kyrgios couldn’t convert and Djokovic leveled.

Djokovic had his first set over Kyrgios and he wasn’t done. Kyrgios would survive opening break points but serving 4-all, 40-0, things fell apart. A double fault and then an unforced error gave Djokovic and unexpected break and the former No. 1 served it out.

Both players went untroubled on serve until the breaker when Djokovic took over going up 6-1 to salt away his fourth straight Wimbledon championship.

Djokovic’s Wimbledon streak is now at 28 straight and he’s won 39 consecutively on Centre Court. His 86 wins at the club are more than he has at the Australian Open where he has won nine times.

His 21 Grand Slams put Roger Federer in third on the all-time list. And his seven Wimbledons equal Pete Sampras.

Kyrgios cracked 30 aces and held up well against the Djokovic pressure hitting 62 winners to just 33 unforced. The 27-year-old showed himself a worthy finalist on Centre Court.

“He’s a bit of a god, I’m not gonna lie,” said Kyrgios on court. “I thought I played well… It’s been an amazing couple of weeks for me personally.

“Myself, my team, I think we are all exhausted, we’ve played so much tennis. I definitely need a well-earned vacation after this one. I’m just really happy with this result, it’s probably the best of my career. Maybe one day I’ll be here again.”

Djokovic, though, might not be back on court for a while. The Serb, who will see his ranking drop to No. 7, might not be able to play on hard courts until after the US Open, if vaccine requirements remain in place.

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13 Comments for Djokovic Downs Kyrgios For 7th Wimbledon, 21st Grand Slam

chrisford1 Says:

I thought it was a good Wimbledon. Shame on Nadal’s abdomen tear – like Djokovic had in 2021 at the AO.

But happy Kyrgios got the shot. He’s 27 and he’s finding better results and more peace of mind. The fact so many fans like his play, his talent, and show appreciation when he’s not acting badly helps him. As does the respect he can get from other players that see a pretty bright, articulate, decent bloke that is no Tomic. Nick helped turn the fires of Australia – into a wonderful opportunity to show Aussies just how much the people in tennis cared and fundraised. Nick led in many matters and it was essential to the huge response.
Serena and Andy and Roger….its close. In the glaoming last bits of twilight blue on the horizon, gone to black.
For Novak – there is one thing he knows he does nearly perfectly, and he showed it yet again. Like Roger and Rafa, “a bit of a god out there”.
On the women, hope XT gets some new visitors or the regular people here interested in more than the men’s Big 3 and women’s tennis in particular after the 25 years of Williams sisters ends.

Tom Cruise in the royal box. Prince William smiling and loving it as he is totally ignored by photogs once Maverick arrived.

Winner of the woman’s side, a very nice 23 year old that seems very sweet, a bit shy – looks like the nice looking blonde girl that moved next door in the year after you married, with a 6′ tall killer bod. But when I clicked on the feed to the Wimbledon Ball, the fashionistas were in a frenzy – she’s a disaster, they shrieked. Well, she did look pretty bad…wedding dress and a face that looked like a 40-year old treated with Retin-A. To the critics – maybe you are right, but better be hideous one day after winning 4.5 million USD, be some slightly famous now majorly famous Russian/Kazakh beauty that 2 countries fight over.
Lot of young women players with good personality, fighters, fun to watch play, many very easy on a guys eyes. (the ones I tell others I watch because the slower movement and ball striking and slower serve makes their game something I can improve my game watching”
I enjoyed Ons Jabeur despite the (1st Arab!) identity politics overhype, I enjoyed Iga Swiatek and her streak.
Sue Barkley retiring after 30 years?
A well-deserved ‘attagal’!

zed Says:

Novak was speaking in front of a crowd in Serbia about the Wimbeldon win and spoke about when his career might end.

Sadly for Rafa and Roger fanboys Novak said ” “No limit when I would like to finish my career”.

That sounds to me like maybe a few more years at least. Wonder how many more slams he will accumulate in those years?

I’m thinking maybe 25 or 26 at least. I’m also thinking Rafa winning the French every year will still have him ending up behind Novak.

And Roger? Roger will be remembered fondly for winning so well in the years before Novak arrived on the scene. However, history shows that when Novak plays, Roger/Rafa lose (except the French of course).

Roger could well be remembered as the second or third best player of all time. I’m guessing third is the best he can hope for.

Giles Says:

“No limit when I would like to finish my career”. I expect this includes wheelchair tennis! Lol.

Novak the GOAT Says:

Most Big Titles✅
Most No.1 Weeks✅
Most Year-End No.1s✅
4 Grand Slams in a row✅
Double Career Grand Slam ✅
Double Career Golden Masters✅
Positive H2H vs Nadal & Federer✅
Most Top 3 Wins✅
Most Top 5 Wins✅
Most Top 10 Wins✅

Truth Says:

How about playing tennis with dying Covid patients in the draw? At least they’re not in the hospital. They would be good sycophantic fans, so that’s alright.
His wife says if you know a Covid affected man, just sit next to him because he has a medical exemption at a tennis tournament & don’t put a mask over your nose.
Djoker and Jelena beg for attention by talking about filtering water with your positive thoughts & getting rid of 5G cell phone towers to stop Covid.
Pyramids & churches are healing your body & mind but don’t worry about medication.

chrisford1 Says:

Zed – You don’t break records if you are banned from half the Majors, ATP 500s, and Masters 1000s by being “Novax” and captive to anti-vaxxer politics.
Rafa and the other players who are vaccinated can play anywhere. Covid is not going away. Vaccination is not going away. Economics drives nations vaccination policies as much as lifesaving does. Covid hospitalizations, long haul Covid is massively expensive to state health plans.

zed Says:


1) Banned from half the Majors

– Aus Open Novak was given the green light by Aus Open and the High Court. He was stopped by a political decision in an election year (they still lost badly despite doing that to him). He will play the Aus Open in 2023 and he will win

– French and Wimbeldon, no problem

– US Open may be missed this year but Americans are heartily sick of the whole COVID rubbish and the illegitimate regime which stole the election. Sure, further fixing of elections will continue (Democrats being Democrats) but the enormous wave that will hit them in November means that vaccine restrictions will also be washed away.

2) Rafa and the other players who are vaccinated can play anywhere

– Correction, “Rafa and the other players who claim they are vaccinated can play anywhere”. Don’t forget the Madrid hospital which was taking bribes to use a saline injection and provide a certificate.

3) Covid is not going away.

– Neither is the flu or the common cold which what COVID pretty much is once you remove the exaggeration of the media. Every day the public are waking up to the whole fraud.

4) Vaccination is not going away

– Of course not but MANDATORY injection of RNA modifiers which are not vaccines but something entirely new is going away. Too many young people are dying from the RNA modifiers and despite suppression of any discussion that is becoming more and more noticed.

5) Economics drives nations vaccination policies as much as lifesaving does

– Vaccination is a good thing and has been for a very long time. Mandating the new RNA modifiers is driven by the greed of pharma companies and corruption of public officials and media. The RNA modifiers have been shown to not save lives, they don’t work but they do increase heart disease and have increased deaths in young people by 40%.

6) Covid hospitalizations, long haul Covid is massively expensive to state health plans.

– People are not hospitalized due to COVID, people are hospitalized whilst also being positive for COVID. People do not die FROM COVID, people die from what they were already going to die from whilst also being positive for COVID.

Chris, you and hundreds of millions of others have been scammed but the truth eventually gets out.

skeezer Says:

Where do you get your info? Novax fan magazine?

zed Says:

Skeezer, maybe easier to tell where I do NOT get my info from.

I do NOT get my info from the BBC, ABC (Australia), CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, Salon, Buzzfeed etc.

Giles Says:

Lol Zed. It seems you get your information from ZeeED Bullshit Corporation! 🤡

zed Says:

Giles, I don’t know how you come up with this stuff, I mean it’s pure comedy gold!

You should consider a professional career in comedy, you’ll be giving them a stand up routine in LA before you know it.

Would you consider giving up your job collecting shopping trolleys for the stage? I know your Mum would miss her little shmookums living with her in the caravan so there’s that to consider.

Giles Says:

Zed. Looks like I hit the nail on the head!

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