Serena Leads US Open Women’s Entries; Djokovic On List, But Can He Play?

by Staff | July 20th, 2022, 10:26 pm

Serena Williams heads the list of entries for next month’s US Open.

The 6-time winner Williams is joined by other stars including Iga Swiatek, Naomi Osaka, Coco Gauff and defending champion Emma Raducanu.

The big news, though, was Novak Djokovic’s appearance on the men’s list. While he was automatically entered, the Serb could have withdrawn. However, for now he’ll try to get into the country as an unvaxxed foreigner, which is presently prohibited.

Speaking after his Wimbledon title, Djokovic didn’t think he would be able to play New York or at any of the summer hard court events in North America.

“I’m not vaccinated and I’m not planning to get vaccinated so the only good news I can have is them removing the mandated green vaccine card or whatever you call it to enter United States or exemption,” said Djokovic.

“I don’t know. I don’t think exemption is realistically possible. If that is possibility, I don’t know what exemption would be about. I don’t know. I don’t have much answers there. I think it’s just whether or not they remove this in time for me to get to USA.”

If the rules don’t change, Djokovic might not get back on tour until the Laver Cup in London after the US Open. And he might not be able to play another Slam until the French.

“I would really love to go there,” Djokovic said of travelling to the U.S. “That would be probably the next big tournament, the next big swing, playing a tournament or two before US Open and US Open.

“If that doesn’t happen, then I have to see what the schedule will look like. To be honest, I doubt that I’ll go and chase points.

“I guess I have a good chance to be already in the Finals. I will not burden myself to really have to go and play tournaments and get points.

“I’ll see. I don’t really feel any pressure or necessity to play a certain schedule.

“We still have not spoken about the schedule, Goran and I. We have to sit down and see what the news are from States and whether that’s happening or not happening, then take it from there.

“Could be Laver Cup, Davis Cup is coming as well. I love playing for my country. Going to try to be part of that. Next thing you know the season is over, right? Those are the big, let’s say, tournaments that I have right now in my mind.”

Added Goran Ivanisevic, “A lot of crazy things happening in the world. It’s come every day something is changing, something new. We see what’s going to happen. Still we have, what, one and a half months. Anything happen or not happen.”

The US Open will allow unvaxxed players to compete, but they have to get into the country.

“The US Open does not have a vaccination mandate in place for players, but it will respect the U.S. government’s position regarding travel into the country for unvaccinated non-U.S. citizens,” the tournament said in a statement.

Fans have already started a petition requesting the U.S. government to allow Djokovic to compete.

Former champion Dominic Thiem is among those players not on the list of entries.

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42 Comments for Serena Leads US Open Women’s Entries; Djokovic On List, But Can He Play?

PK Says:

With great fame and success comes greater responsibility. Novak profoundly misunderstands his position of a role model as one of the world’s most famous athletes.

Taking a very public stand against a medical technology that has saved millions of lives – especially among people in compromised living and economic situations – is what many would call arrogant. It is certainly misguided and works against the efforts of public health agencies around the world.

skeezer Says:


zed Says:

“… against a medical technology that has saved millions of lives” LOL what a crock of sheet!

chrisford1 Says:

USTA said Novax is a “no can play” by US policy, by Canadian policy.
Sometimes ‘the world’ or a portion of it lauds the gadfly, sacrificing for an idea or an ideal.
Other times though, most people conclude it’s a case of a person hurting themselves and making a fool of themselves over a really stupid idea.
I do know with Djokovic he travelled the world for a time with his beloved poodles – and that Novax had no problem turning them into pincushions full of various ‘experimental’ vaccines to gain admission to places like the UK, Spain. And pretty sure Novak’s parents, while nutty, were not stupid and ensured Djokovic had all child vaccinations.
Barred from so many countries, he won’t be getting a ATP Championship berth in Italy as well – on points. Asia (China, Japan) is closing up again and you still need to be vaccinated to get into Australia.
Of course, you can get into India with your “pure, unvaccinated blood”. India requires no vaccines whatsoever for entry. They just wish such arrivals ‘good luck!”.

zed Says:

It is remarkable how successfully the lies of the powerful are able to change the past, even the recent past. There is no mainstream news there is only mainstream propaganda.

So let’s be clear. The vast majority of humanity, including Novak Djokovic and family, and (for what it’s worth), my humble self have no issues with tried and proven vaccines that have been literally life-saving for centuries.

The issue lies with an experimental RNA modifying drug which was not subjected to the normal thorough testing that every other drug has been subjected to.

You can now use the word “vaccine” to describe this experimental drug because the FDA (at the urging of big pharma) had to change the definition of “vaccine” to encompass it. Surely you are aware of that and if not, why not?

We now know that the RNA modifier not only totally sucks at preventing COVID but is actually spreading the damned virus. We have also found since the RNA modifier was forced on the world that “unexplained” heart related deaths have skyrocketed by around 40% in young people.

Given all these facts I can totally understand why people have said “No Thanks, my body my choice”.

Novak has fully accepted he will miss opportunities by refusing to capitulate. Most of you can’t understand it because you are brain-washed mindless sheeple. You are manipulated into partaking in Orwell’s “two minutes of hate” and you smugly convince yourself that you are able to “think”. None of you “think” you just repeat what the propagandists flood your eyes and ears with.

Novak’s a braver and more principled person than any of you can ever hope to be.

p.s. Madrid’s La Paz Hospital was caught providing fake vaccine certificates, thousands of Spaniards were caught up in the scandal. Spaniards, Spain, is anyone connecting the dots?

Giles Says:

Did you mention the words La Paz? Isn’t that a Pepe connection?

Wog Boy Says:


Everything you said is correct👍👏

Even Australian government agrees with you, since from 7th of July you don’t have to be vaccinated to enter Australia. Nole can play as long as they drop 3 year ban on entering Australia, which new government indicated they are happy to drop.

So we now have only North America that requires vaccination proof, Aussies have a good word for that, “they can shove it up there …”, good on Nole for not going there. As much as for Muricans.

I contracted Covid few days ago, I wouldn’t have a clue I had if it wasn’t for my friends that I visited on Monday who called me on Thursday to tell me they tested positive, I got tested too and I am positive too, now I am in forced isolation until 28th. Interesting, nobody in my household got it and we are very close and affectionate family.
I had my third jab in December which I didn’t really copped well with, not at all. I was blackmailed with my work position that I had to have it or to resign.
Since then it’s not obligatory anymore and I flatly refuse to have any more jabs not even the flu one.

Your comments are “little ray of sunshine, mate. If Nole comes in Melbourne in January I’ll be there and I would like to shout you a beer or two, cheers mate.

As for Spaniards, well know cheaters.

Wog Boy Says:

Little correction..”well known cheaters in sport”

Giles Says:

All I can say is that if Novax goes to Australia the man has no pride or shame. He was literally kicked out of that country !!

Django Says:

Chris Ford

“you still need to be vaccinated to get into Australia”

Not true

chrisford1 Says:

Django –
Respectfully, at the moment, NZ and Australia are getting hammered by the Omicron B.5 variant. They may again change policy once again before January.
I think lockdowns are a very hard sell, but not vaccinations that not only keep Djokovic out but also Muslim refugees, Rohingya, Indonesian job seekers, and Eurotrash.
Djokovi is stupidly limiting his career on premise Covid is a joke and there are no more variants coming.

zed Says:

Wogboy, I’d love to have a beer with you, maybe a few beers would be even better :)

I think the globo group are seeing their control slip and even though I fully expect them to fabricate new ways of regaining control I think their efforts will have less and less effect on stopping Novak. Of course we have much bigger issues to worry about than Tennis but this website is focussed on tennis and in that small subset of their concerns the central planners are going to lose their control. Too many people are speaking up, John McEnroe is speaking up and he has legions of fans.

Chrisford you said Novak is limiting his career on the premise Covid is a joke and there are no more variants coming. You have clearly not understood. I do not hold this against you since I have found you to be sincere in what you say even though I think you are incorrect in what you say.

Let me explain. Novak is not calculating the odds of anything, his stance is quite straight-forward. He is simply saying that he will not be forced to take an experimental drug because his health is more important to him than being allowed to compete. He’s proven his sincerity in that regard.

He’s not being devious, he’s simply saying “No”. We probably move in different circles. In my circles I see most people admiring his bravery whilst lamenting their own inability to say No.

People who still need cashflow to support their families and to put food on the table don’t have as much latitude as Novak and have capitulated (myself included) but it doesn’t mean they have been sucked-in by the lies. Their capitulation is simply pragmatism, it is not an indication that they are sheeple like you others who have fallen for the con.

If I was like Giles, living on the dole and living with my Mum, I would probably have refused the clot-shot. Unlike Giles I have children still in University who need my support, investments with debt that needs to be serviced and houses that need to be maintained to keep the tenants happy. Unlike Giles I need to keep working for a living (for a bit longer), I don’t want to rely on welfare like Giles.

Giles Says:

Zed Zed Zed. Stop lying to us. Trying to make out you’re some tycoon with investments and real estate. You’re prolly a penniless old fool living on state funds. Maybe one day your dreams will come true and you can have a proper cognac instead of meths! ROFL

zed Says:

Giles my wife has asked me to not pick on you.

She works with people with disabilities and she fears that you suffer from some level of mental handicap. She is concerned that I may be making an already-difficult life even more difficult.

Whilst I have to admit she may be correct, I also try to get her to understand what a conniving little weasel you are. Sure, you may suffer some retardation and if so it does provide you some latitude. However I think you regularly exceed any fair amount of latitude you may deserve due to your condition.

In any case, however you got there, your life is clearly limited, unhappy and lacking potential. Maybe she’s right, maybe I do need to be more compassionate, why add to your sadness?

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, your wife is right, Gisele is on the spectrum, you can’t blame her for her behaviour, we have to be compassionate and try to make her miserable life little bit better and go easy on her.

zed Says:

Wogboy, I value your opinion and of course if I want domestic harmony I must always value my wife’s opinions and requests. I use the word ‘requests’ but the word ‘orders’ is interchangeable where she is concerned :).

So I will try to be more tolerant of those who are less fortunate, it won’t be easy as I don’t suffer fools well.

Wog Boy Says:

Meanwhile, my legally required Covid self isolation is nearing completion, the only bright moment in these 5 days was yesterday:

It looks like my Doggies will avoid wooden spoon 😁🤞

Giles Says:

Zed. If only for the sake of your well being I’m glad you got all that off your chest. Hope you feel better now. Just don’t overdo it with the meths. Not good for you. Try and save some money from the puny income you have and splash out on some good cognac. I hear it’s medicinal in some instances.

zed Says:

Well worth watching.

Even with all the dirtiest of dirty tactics, they will still lose to Novak when it’s all over. All they will have achieved was that they held him back a bit. Slimy weasels.

Federer is already yesterday’s man, won’t even be in a big three when history looks back. The best that the fan boys can hope for is a big two. If there’s any justice they will be denied that and the truth will be told. There was only ever a big one, Novak, clearly the Greatest Of All Time.

Giles Says:

^^ Sooooo delusional! Still on the meths I see. Poor you!

chrisford1 Says:

Hi Wog! Hope you didn’t get a bad case, I hear B.5 variant is giving Australia and NZ a pretty hard time. The rugby footage was excellent! I can think of worst uses of your time while ‘self-isolating’.

Wog Boy Says:

Hi CF1,
I hardly had any symptoms, if my friends haven’t called me to tell me they tested positive I wouldn’t even bother going to get tested. When I woke up that morning I had a bit of runny nose and muscle/joints pain, like a mild cold, nothing more nothing less and those symptoms were gone in less than 48 hours. No fever, no temperature, no coughing absolutely nothing.
Funny thing is now that government took 180 degrees turn from what they were doing just 6 months ago.
You are advised that you are free to go out and back to work after 7 days (if you don’t have any symptoms) and actually advised you not to take PCR test, if you don’t have a symptoms, since PCR test are too sensitive and will declare you “positive” even you are not contagious any more?!
You are also asked to stay home 7 days (soon to drop to 5), no need for any medication unless you start having breathing problems, only then call emergency.
Even on TV, epidemiologist last night said something in sense, “those who are dying were supposed to die anyway”.
Numbers of infected are higher than at the peak 6 months ago, but numbers of hospitalised and dead are way lower.
Absolutely no talking about any extra measures, not even masks.
P&O cruise started to operate at end of May alongside east coast (I am involved in that), on every return to Sydney there are over 100 infected passengers (plus crew), no problem whatsoever, they disembarked them in the morning, clean the boat and by 6pm another over 2.000 passengers are sailing out north, towards Cairns, life (and economy) must go on.

Wog Boy Says:

As for rugby league, I love it, I am convert, when I arrived in this country 35 years ago didn’t have a clue about the game, my colleagues took me to the first game in the early ‘90-s and got hooked.
Since I lived in the area where Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are based it was just natural to start cheering Doggies and I diid mind colours (blue and white) as long as there no red in it, the club in Belgrade that I can’t stand, unfortunately Nole’s club….but we all make mistakes, so Nole does😉

Wog Boy Says:

“Didn’t mind colours..” should say

Wog Boy Says:

To finish, the only person that is insisting on wearing the mask and even refusing to sit with Aussie Prime Minister unless he wears the mask too is the new American ambassador in Australia, not the best looking woman I’ve seen, quite the opposite, pretty arrogant too, looks 20 years older than her age, wrinkles as deep as Colorado canyon 😉

IGiles Says:

ROFL. The Serbians are pretty desperate people it seems. They’ve written a letter to Biden appealing for Novax to play in the US Open! Unbelievable!!

zed Says:

New username Mummy’s boy? Why go from Giles to IGiles? Is that like IPhone?

Are you being careful with this MonkeyPox thing circulating amongst you and your mates?

zed Says:

Fluent in Serbian, English, French, German and Italian.

Not as fluent (but still quite competent) in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portugese and Japanese.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough then this:

Giles Says:

Zed. Lol. It was just a slip of the finger!

Giles Says:

Zed. Lol. That’s not Novax playing the piano but some background bullshit! You’re so gullible!

zed Says:

Nahhh, I’m not. The issue is more that you are surrounded by people who have made more of themselves than you and it guts you to know that.

You tell yourself whatever you want Giles, the reality is that it doesn’t change a single thing. Your life remains small and unfulfilling.

Wog Boy Says:

Just one question to Americans here, are those tens of thousands of migrants from the south border, who are allowed free in the community and actually bused and flown by the government of the day all over America and let loose, are they all vaccinated and did they have health check?
Yet you are scared of the presence of the healthiest person on the planet.

On the second thought, reading anout the outbreak of monkey poxes in NY…they are doing favour to Nole for not letting him in?!

zed Says:

WogBoy, Since Nole doesn’t drill for Vegemite he would be safe.

Not so sure about Giles though.

tenisbebe Says:

Boys: Zed, Wog Boy, Giles: SHUT UP!! The fact of the matter is Djoker is, at the present time, BANNED from entering Australia for THREE years. And banned from entering Canada and the US. Nobody gives crap about your political predictions. This is current and factual, not some dream world you all are living in. GET OVER IT AND GET A GRIP!

Wog Boy Says:

Wow tenisbebe, calm down, nobody said anything contrary from what you said, who rattled your cage, it must be Zed? Manners…..manners?

BTW, your captions are malfunctioning, get them fixed.

zed Says:

Sheesh! What a temper!

Tennisbebe: Breathe in, Breathe out. Think of a verdant field on a bright sunny day, the birds are singing, you are happy and feel at one with the Universe.

Better now?

p.s. Nole will be playing at the 2023 Aus Open and he will win. So stick that up your jumper :)

Giles Says:

All I can say is that guy Novax has no pride or shame if he ever steps foot into Australia ever again. Remember he was kicked out, booted out, thrown out, insulted and humiliated and much much more. And for what? A slam he may or may not win! Is it worth it Novax? Pfffffffffft

zed Says:

LOL, Giles you are at least consistent, I’ll give you that.

What does it feel like to be you? I know you’re sad, I just can’t get a handle on how sad your life is.

Please continue being a fan boy of Rafa, please continue posting weasly little comments here on Tennis-X for the next 3 or so years. I look forward to it. I want you to be here when in that time.

When it’s all over and they’ve both retired, we all know how the dust will settle. Even you know who will be holding the most. You don’t like it, but you know it.

Please continue being a slimy little weasel.

Giles Says:

Lol Zed. Did I hit a nerve? The only weasels on this site are you and Bog Boy!!

skeezer Says:

Djoker withdraws from Montreal. Must be vaccinated to play. USO next?

zed Says:

This is amazing:

History will judge these people

Top story: Rafael Nadal Rolls In Return, Sets De Minaur Showdown Wednesday In Barcelona