Serena v Raducanu Tonight In Cincinnati; Murray Outlasts Wawrinka

by Staff | August 16th, 2022, 10:13 am

In a tantalizing cross-generational battle, Serena Williams will meet the latest teen Grand Slam champion Emma Raducanu tonight under the lights at the Cincinnati Masters.

Playing in her final Cincinnati event, the 40-year-old Serena is 21 years the senior to Raducanu. The Brit is looking forward to it.

“I just want to go out there and enjoy the match that I’m going to play whenever I do play it,” Raducanu said on Sunday. “It’s a great gift to play the best on her way out from the sport. So I’m just looking forward to that.”

The match was originally advertised for Monday but in an unusual move, it was pushed back a day to Tuesday night. Could an injury niggle for Serena be the cause?

Serena hasn’t played in the U.S. in almost two years since the 2020 US Open.

Also today, Venus Williams opens play against Karolina Pliskova, Coco Gauff meets Marie Bouzkova and Naomi Osaka is also on Center Court.

The men will be led by tournament favorite Daniil Medvedev and also Carlos Alcaraz and Nick Kyrgios.

Yesterday, 2008 champion Andy Murray advanced past Stan Wawrinka in a grinder 7-6(3), 5-7, 7-5.

“The court is pretty lively when the weather is like this. Physically I feel tired,” Murray said on court. “I had some issues with cramp during the match, the same as Washington, so that is something I need to get on top of.

“I tried to take the ball on a little more and finish points at the net. I wasn’t that successful when I came up, but the intention was there. I was a little more offensive on the second-serve return. Last game I was just fighting, trying to find a way through.”

Frances Tiafoe scored a huge upset win over Matteo Berrettini 7-6(3), 4-6, 7-6(5).

“People don’t understand, obviously results haven’t really shown how well I’ve been playing. I’ve been playing some great tennis, honestly,” Tiafoe told the crowd. “I really just needed this. I know it’s a first-round match.

“I know I’ve beaten a lot of these guys, but it hasn’t happened of late. So it’s one of those things where you’ve got to get over the hump. But I’m happy I get another chance to play again.”

Cameron Norrie also toughed out Holger Rune and Sebastian Korda and John Isner were also winners.

In the women’s draw, upsets hit as Leylah Fernandez and Barbora Krejcikova both lost. Amanda Anismova knocked out Daria Kasatskina.

Center Court Starts At 11:00 Am
Naomi Osaka vs Shuai Zhang
14 Karolina Pliskova (WC) vs Venus Williams
Nick Kyrgios vs Alejandro Davidovich Fokina
Serena Williams vs 10 Emma Raducanu
1 Daniil Medvedev vs Botic van de Zandschulp

Grand Stand Starts At 11:00 Am
(Q) Thanasi Kokkinakis vs 10 Jannik Sinner
11 Taylor Fritz vs Sebastian Baez
Not Before 3:00 PM
11 Coco Gauff vs (Q) Marie Bouzkova
Not Before 7:00 Pm
(WC) Mackenzie McDonald vs 3 Carlos Alcaraz
Not Before 8:30 PM
(Q) Caroline Garcia vs 4 Maria Sakkari

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37 Comments for Serena v Raducanu Tonight In Cincinnati; Murray Outlasts Wawrinka

tenisbebe Says:

Lordy have mercy! WHY WAS THIS MATCH ON STADIUM COURT? The Alcaraz match should have been. Serena looked…….pathetic. And Emma not much better, as she couldn’t figure out that running her opponent from side to side was what this match up offered as the best chance for victory. Give me Men’s tennis any day!!

chrisford1 Says:

At this point, both 40+ Williams Sistas, Stan, Roger appear to be mostly spent forces. Not to be only without real odds of winning anything, but also at risk of going out in the 1st Round.
Andy might be able to do honorably at a tournament or two, but unlikely to ever be in the top 25 again.

As for Womens tennis, many players are fun to watch. Never liked any of the scream and bashers though – despite Venus being one of the nicest and interesting pros on tour.

fred stone Says:

Fed’s not spent at all.
He’s going to play Halle and Wimbledon til he’s 48.

zed Says:

Looking forward to seeing the Fed give it a go.

Holding my breath now …

zed Says:

I want this sooooo bad :)

I hope I hope I hope he does it!!! I wish I wish I wish he tries it!!!

It will be beautiful to see him bageled by one of the lower ranked players in the world and then to see you and all the other toadies make excuses for him.

Giles Says:

Weasels don’t deserve their hopes and wishes to be granted. They are weasels after all!

zed Says:

For once you are right Giles, this aint gunna happen. Federer talks about being “injured” and his intention to play when he recovers but it’s all a facade to continue collecting sponsorship money, now THAT’S a weasel!

I suspect the sponsors’ lawyers messed up when wording the sponsorship agreement and are now legally required to continue paying until the end date of the agreement unless he declares retirement.

In any case, from a GOAT perspective, he’s out of the running and Novak will retire eventually with every record under his belt. The only remaining competition being Nadal who won’t beat him.

Federer had his time and he’ll be remembered as being amongst the greats but not as THE greatest.

Wog Boy Says:

There is no shame in being The Third Best Player in tennis history.

The Arrogant one retired on 30th of January 2020, he just didn’t tell anyone in order to rip off his sponsors (and keeping alive meaningless RL Cup) as long as possible, like he didn’t make enough money already.

You do remember January the 30th 2020. don’t you?
Being 5:2 in the first set (eve 4:1 and 0:40 on Nole’s serve) then serving for the set at 5:3 and losing it in TB and loosing the match 3:0.
He entered the match with “groin injury” and woke up next day with “knee injury”….after bathing the kids😉
Btw, how are you doing down south, when are you going to get rid of Chairman Dan?

zed Says:

Hey WB, Life is great thanks for asking :) Hope all is well there in your great city as well.

Kids are happy and healthy, wife is happy and healthy, as long as those are maintained then I can ask no more.

On your last question, unfortunately the ABC learned a few years ago that the way they can keep Labor and the Greens in power is to ignore conservatives. In the old days they did it by attacking conservatives and praising the Left but they learned with Cory Bernadi that the most powerful thing they can do is to pretend he does not exist.

So they are using that tactic with Matthew Guy. He gets no air time and press releases he provides are ignored. The result is that if you ask a random Victorian “Who is the State opposition leader?” they will not know.

On the other side of the coin, clearly negative information about the Andrews government, even criminal investigations of them, are not reported on or given a quick coverage never to be heard again.

In summary, it looks like we’re stuck with him for quite a while yet. On the plus side, we’re not in QLD where things are about to get a lot worse.

zed Says:

Rothenberg again.

This slimy, oily, pile of smelly pooh always has it in for Novak. Rothenberg has always dreamed of kneeling before Roger and fellating him. He’s always hated Novak for simply being the better player over his dream boyfriend.

According to this excremental sleaze, Novak who has done more for lower ranked players than anyone, is now the bad guy for lower ranked players.

The truth is that the big three are getting less money and the lower ranked players are getting more money purely because of the work Novak has done with the tournament directors. Work that Nadal and Federer did not support because it was going to take money out of their already bulging pockets.

One of these days I may see Rothenberg in a Melbourne pub somewhere and if I do see him we will have words.

zed Says:

More reactions to the second Slam this year which will forever have an asterisk next to it. Zverev and Opelka have withdrawn from the USO and yet their names remain on the list, Novak who has not withdrawn has already been removed from the list.

USO and CDC working hand in hand. Politics in sport.

In the long run it won’t change anything. He will retire with the most slams, the most Masters 1000’s, the most weeks at number #1, the most year-end number #1’s etc etc etc

All the Nadal and Roger fellators will have is “their feelings”.,due%20to%20his%20vaccination%20status.

chrisford1 Says:

Why would any asterisk be needed. They never are when a great player can’t play due to injury. Why should there be one for a player, as great as he is, who takes himself out, alone among active players, with “I’m such a special anti-vaxxer” stupidity?
Unlike injury, or a tournament that bars top players from a few countries over politics…this matter is purely from Djokovic’s choice that “pureblood is more important than tennis” .
No asterisk.

Giles Says:
Didn’t know where to post this.
Breaking news – Joker out of US Open!
Good riddance.
Rest up joker, you’ve had a busy year so far, no? Lol

zed Says:

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Giles you are a small person.

zed Says:

Chrisford1, you are smart enough to understand principles.

You may not be aware of it, but there are very large numbers of people who admire Novak for sticking to his principles and this is all the more true because of how much this all costs him.

History will not shine a positive light on the bureaucrats and politicians. Years after Novak has retired with all the records in his favour, 2022 will be marked as a year where he was excluded from tournaments that were his for the taking.

skeezer Says:

What about the principle of being vaccinated so you can play in a tennis tournament like all the rest of the players?

By the way, he excluded himself, didn’t he just withdraw from USO?

zed Says:

Nahh, he didn’t do the withdrawing. They did it before they even withdrew the others who had already said they won’t be playing. The USO worked with the State and Federal governments in doing this.

p.s. “being vaccinated so you can play in a tennis tournament” is not a principle, it’s an expediency

Sticking to principles makes life harder but in the end life is more rewarding with a clear conscience. Expediencies end up costing you later in life when you are assessing your life and you are approaching your time at the pearly gates. Take it from someone who is at that stage of life.

skeezer Says:

It doesn’t ‘t matter if your a professional tennis player (and want to compete)what your story is, you either abide by the entry rules, like the rest, or you don’t play and thus cannot compete. End of story.
Just don’t say it’s everyone else’s fault except Djoker. That argument is getting old. It’s his choice. Cool. He is living with it.

Wog Boy Says:

“What about the principle of being vaccinated so you can play in a tennis tournament like all the rest of the players?”

Load of crap, nothing to do with principles but typically American double standards, unvaccinated American players can play but unvaccinated foreigners can’t, besides, Nole was able to play in all European country unvaccinated, no problem whatsoever.

For the record, he also won in Melbourne federal court that he entered the country legally with all necessary papers and was cleared to play, Australian immigration minister took unprecedented step to cancel his visa on the basis that he can steer antivax sentiments, that was the only way to cancel his visa, since you can’t challenge immigration minister opinion and decisions in court, chief justice, at the second trial, stopped Nole’s defence team when they were arguing that minister doesn’t have any evidence to support his decision and told them in this words:
“Immigration minister doesn’t need any evidence for his decision, we are only deciding here whether he was within his power and rights to cancel anybody’s visa based entirely on his opinion”….so for those who still didn’t get it, Nole was deported fro Aistralia not because he wasn’t vaccinated but because he was deemed dangerous for Australia based on the opinion of scumbag minister, of course, under the order of another scumbag Scott Morrison..

zed Says:

WB 100% correct summation

AND let me add, within weeks after the USO the CDC guideline on unvaccinated air travel by non-citizens will be reversed, too late for Novak and the USO of course.

Don’t try to pretend this is not political.

But as I keep saying, they can only slow him down, they cannot stop him. He will retire with all the records under his belt. Fans of Rafa and Roger will remain fans but the records will show who the greatest player of all time was.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, that’s exactly what I said today to my friend, I bet my house that they will reverse their decision as soon as USO is finished.

zed Says:

Yep and I further suspect that’s it’s all because Rafa/Roger cannot beat his records without some outside assistance. Left without interference he would have won the Aus and the USO in addition to Wimbeldon and multiple Masters tournaments.

Novak represents too many things that those in power do not like:

1) He will not bend the knee or pretend to bend the knee for the cameras as others have done. People like pFizer executives, politicians and sportspeople who have received saline jabs pretending to have risked the RNA modifier.

2) He would not give up his Serbian citizenship when they offered him British citizenship (that was way back when he was a teen but his subsequent enormous success has rubbed salt into their wounds over the years.

3) Despite the propaganda media constantly attacking him and promoting his rivals he just won’t stop winning. That makes them look like fools and they don’t like that one little bit. So they double-down and triple-down and keep propagandising, turning more sheep against him.

However, this is all heat-of-the-moment stuff. History will be dispassionate, history will show the unequivocal records leaving no doubt. If anything, all these fabricated impediments will make future peoples wonder at the strength of the man to face so much power against and him and to STILL beat them all.

Truly the greatest of all time.

Giles Says:

Zed. Waffle, waffle, waffle. Lol. That’s you the tennisX waffler. Fact remains the right outcome has been achieved. No vaccination, no Novax. Hahahaha

fred stone Says:

“He will retire with all the records under his belt.”

Two player’s records the Serb will never equal or surpass:

!. Laver’s 2 calendar slams

2. Rafa’s FO records

Yer full of it, as usual.

Daniel Says:

Agree with chrisford1 and skeeze, the word here is CHOICE.

Any country have its own right to establish their own rules to getting in, that is the price we pay to live in a bordered world.

As not an american citizen, every few years, I have to reaply for an expensive VISA process: scheduling, getting in lines, present documents, undergo akward interviews, even with having travel there more than a dozen times and living there for a few months. This is a choice I made if I want to enter US. I may choose not to comply with their standards, not put myself under that process and just not go.

At the end of the day, this is exactly what Djokovid is doing, CHOOSING not to play. We can spin it anyway we want, but the choice is entirely his. And he choose not to comply, ergo, not entering US.

Records aside, the only thing he achieve with this year is that he will be forever marked by this. An unecessary (and in my opinion stupidy) side note for a great career, still presently considering him the greatest tennis player we have ever witness. Nadal winning USO 2022 plus #1 coming for a few months may change that in near future.

chrisford1 Says:

Hi zed, and respect back to you on principles! It is just that as is so many times the case the “Vulcan” needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one has to prevail. And the people that say that they forgo opportunity and limit success due to principle, and their backers, cannot then go on to whinge on endlessly and demand no pain for principles.
Not that you are in that group.
Djokovic CHOSE to be the only active player I am aware of that sacrificed his career accomplishments in 2021, 2022 over this. I don’t know who got to him, an anti-vaxxer, his nutty wife, said, well out of the mainstream medical advisors, but he got locked into this even with his whole team vaccinated and his dogs stuck like pincushions so they could keep him company, for many years.
Many people think his reputation took a dig, he lost sponsors. Seems less intelligent than many once thought.
In the end, all his choice, no one else to blame.

zed Says:

Chris, this is all “heat of the moment” stuff. You are viewing through the lens of the moment. In the future when history does its thing of providing wider context you will view his decision differently.

We are already seeing evidence of this. Already, the admissions that RNA modifiers, mask mandates and lock-downs did nothing to stop the spread of the virus are creeping out. They are slowly beginning to admit these things due to overwhelming evidence.

On the darker side, the dramatic increase in deaths of young persons due to heart related issues, apparently 40% above the long term averages, is also becoming difficult to hide.

As evidence mounts over the passage of time and cooler heads prevail, this period of time will be studied in earnest and the people who supported the regime, akin to the people who supported the nazis in the French occupation, will deny they did. They’ll claim they were like the few, that they were part of the resistance, like Novak Djokovic was.

In response to Daniel, the USA will change those rules pretty soon, the “rules” already don’t apply to people walking across US borders, nor do they apply to US citizens flying in. If it’s about spread of the virus then none of that makes sense. But I acknowledge what you are saying, their country, their rules, no matter how stupid. One last thing, “their country” doesn’t count if elections are fixed and the regime in power is illegitimate.

In response to Fred, you are splitting hairs. If you keep digging you’ll find many other obscure records that Novak will never have. You’re just being childish.

In response to Giles, I always feel sorry for you, you sad little man. Things are going to get tough in the UK this Winter and energy and food costs are going to rise a lot. I fully expect that your Mum is going to have to start charging you some rent to help her out a bit.

zed Says:

It’s extremely unlikely and yet it kept happening

Corruption everywhere

fred stone Says:

zed said:
“In response to Fred, you are splitting hairs. If you keep digging you’ll find many other obscure records that Novak will never have. You’re just being childish.”

“Many other obscure records…”

You really are that ignorant.
Laver and Nadal are what, 19th century players?

zed Says:

Fred, I’m not ignorant at all, you just seem to be missing the point.

For example, Nadal’s number of French Open records. Great, but so ferking what? Will Nadal match Novak’s number of Aus Open record? Novak’s number of Wimbeldon records? Of course not. And yet you hold up the FO records as if it somehow takes away Novak’s “greatest of all” status.

You have taken my words too literally and I’m guessing you didn’t do it facetiously, it could be you have mild aspergers or you are in fact somewhat ignorant yourself. Whatever, it really doesn’t matter.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, good one for you, I love the comments below and they are mostly coming from ordinary Americans:

fred stone Says:

zed: “He will retire with all the records under his belt.”

You can’t prove that statement because it still remains false.
Enjoy the USO, fool.

zed Says:

LOL Fred, you are a nasty little biatch aren’t you?

Hey WB, yep, when you you get past the broadcast elites who pretend they represent Joe Public, you can then see what real people think.

It’s similar to Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings. The elite reviewers who all pi$$ in each other’s pockets and smirk at each other at Manhattan cocktail parties will give some “Message” movie a 98% rating and yet the average movie-goers will rate it at 30%!

And the reverse of course, a movie that does NOT promote transgender nonsense, that does NOT advance the globohomo agenda (Top Gun for example) will get 57% from the elite tossers and yet the general audience gives it 83%!!!

So, the same is true of tennis media. Once you stop listening to the media (pansies like Rothenberg and once you talk to people who can think for themselves (ie not Giles) then you find a TOTALLY different opinion.

You’ll never know it from Mainstream media but Novak has won the respect of tens of millions of people and (like I keep saying) when the fog of war clears and history stands in judgement he won’t be the one to be judged harshly, it will be the weasels who will lose out there.

And time is on Novak’s side. How much longer can they persecute him? When they crack he’ll do what he did at Wimbeldon, he will demolish all that stand in his way. When he finally hangs the racquet on the wall, and says his goodbyes his records will be untouchable.

Ofcourse, the squealing of the little Gluteus-maximus-loving fan boys (like Giles and Fred) will continue but it will be a squealing that no one will hear.

Wog Boy Says:


Why did you upset Fred Flintstone?

Talking about movies, I believe you haven’t seen the movie “Man of God”, it’s low budget movie about a person who followed his faith and believes until the very last day, who had been slendered and sent to exile, but never lost his faith, believes and principles until the very last day, nor ever had grudges against the people who did injustice to him, movie with so much wisdom.
It took them 100 years to correct injustice done to him and gave him the spot in the history he deserves, the movie is based on the life and death of St Nectarios, by young Canadian director, I believe it was her first movie, extremely well done following unpretentiously the life of truly inspiring person.

Wog Boy Says:

Here is a sneak peak, official trailer which doesn’t really justify the quality of movie, I watched it in one breath, but literally so:

zed Says:

WB, History is overflowing with great people who were suppressed, attacked, villified and often executed by the small-minded people of their time.

Today is no different from any other era or time. The small-minded sheeple we are surrounded by bleat and bleat and bleat whilst they mindlessly follow whatever lies they’ve been told. But, like I keep saying, the lens of history looks dispassionately at verifiable facts and makes its own clear judgements.

None of the bleating of the little sheeple can be heard by history because the sheeple have long become dust in the wind, completely forgotten.

You know what is heard by history? You know what is remembered and respected by history? Facts and figures that’s what. Facts and figures like this:

All the rest of the bulldust and verbal diarrhea that these mental midgets spout is full of sound and fury signifying nothing (if I may quote The Bard).

Top story: Shaky Djokovic Gets His Revenge On Musetti, Gets De Minaur Next; Sinner v Rune