Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open Hopes Still In Limbo

by Staff | October 12th, 2022, 10:01 am

The Australian Open had to pre-tournament announcement overnight, and Novak Djokovic is still not confirmed for participation.

Due to his deportation, by Australian rule (at the time) Djokovic was banned from re-entry into the country for three years.

However there has been no confirmation the rule has been applied and unlike this past year, Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley isn’t getting involved in the process.

“At this point, Novak and the federal government need to work out the situation and then we’ll follow any instruction after that,” Tiley told the media.

“It’s not a matter we can lobby on. It’s a matter that definitely stays between the two of them and then depending on the outcome of that, we would welcome him to the Australian Open.”

Djokovic will take the fight himself to new Immigration Minister Andrew Giles who may or may not sympathize with the Serb.

“I’m waiting for the news. It’s really not in my hands right now. I’m hoping I can get some positive news soon,” Djokovic said during the Laver Cup last month.

If Djokovic got vaccinated he would be allowed to play.

Tiley added that all Russian and Belarussian players would be allowed to play, just under neutral flags.

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13 Comments for Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open Hopes Still In Limbo

Giles Says:

I do hope Australia don’t make a U turn and allow this guy entry.

zed Says:

You’re a weak person Giles

Tennispompom Says:

What a sloppy article, Tennis-X, you need to do better.

“… had to pre-tournament announcement…” isn’t a verb!

The hyperlink in “due to his deportation by Australian rules (at the time) …” leads to expectations that the linked article explains what has changed in the Australian rules since then, but the linked article does no such thing, it’s only yesterday’s article in an Ozzie newspaper from which this article was cribbed.

The phrase “Djokovic will take the fight himself to …” conjures up images of Djokovic donning boxing gloves and getting bellicose. Nonsensical, as nothing in any of Djokovic’s statements or behaviour indicated that he would do anything other than submit a request by letter.

The phrase “Andrew Giles who may or may not sympathize with the Serb” is laughable. Sympathy, or lack of it, has nothing to do with the outcome. Officially, Giles will make a decision based on whether it is good or bad for Australia that this 3-year exclusion is overturned or not, and it is a significant reputational issue for the state. In reality, Giles will make the decision based on his perception which decision would bring him personally greater brownie points with the voters.

And then, the biggest blooper of all, a statement that “If Djokovic got vaccinated he would be allowed to play”. Rubbish, where did this statement come from? If Djokovic did get vaccinated, it woudn’t make a blind bit of difference to an immigration decision. Let’s remember that Djokovic wasn’t banned in 2021 because he wasn’t vaccinated (whatever the politicians and media wanted you to think). He wasn’t banned because he broke immigration rules, as evidenced by the outcome of the first court case, which Djokovic won and was then allowed to enter the country and practice in Australian Open for a short while. Djokovic was banned because the then minister used his exceptional ministerial powers, which don’t allow the principles of natural justice to apply: Djokovic was effectively declared persona non grata because of the perception created by the BBC and the Guardian that he was a leader of a political movement to allow free personal choice in deciding whether to get vaccinated or not.

Anyone with a few functioning brain cells would know that the assessment was nonsense, and that the previous minister used the opportunity to try to improve his failing popularity ahead of the elections.

And finally, you missed the main story, which was that Craig Tiley won’t lift a finger to put in a good word for Djokovic. Many others have been vocal in supporting the overturn of this ridiculous ban, including former tennis champions, but oh no, not Tiley. That’s the story – he just “follows instructions”.

And, on the subject of COVID vaccines, these are no longer a requirement for entry into Australia. In fact, in some parts of the world, Governments are openly recommending against mRNA vaccinations of younger men, the demographic group to which Djokovic belongs.

Djokovic was wise not to get the jab (healthy young men don’t need it, and the vaccine just exposes them to unnecessary risk of myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombosis). He has been proved right, and it is that which the politicians cannot stomach. I expect that the new Government of Australia is just as dumb and vicious as the last, and that Australia won’t ever see Djokovic on their soil again.

zed Says:

Tennispompom, I am in awe!

Excellent piece of writing.

The sentence “Giles will make the decision based on his perception which decision would bring him personally greater brownie points with the voters” is exactly correct, never a truer word spoken.

The others in the caucus will put their two cents in as well, no doubt the current PM will have his say behind closed doors as well.

There is only a tiny minority of Nazis who yearn for a return to the lockdowns, the enforced mask-wearing and of course the mandated injections. The vast majority of Australians are SICK TO DEATH of all that rubbish and banning Novak again will be a reminder of how we were all treated.

If discussions were to be had with constituents, my guess is that the general feeling would be “let’s put all this behind us, let’s get back to normal and let’s get back to business!”

We’ve certainly got a lot of other things to worry about. Inflation still not under control, interest rates rising every month, trade issues with China, a fast-dropping Australian dollar.

I honestly think the mood of most Australians is that they want normality back.

Tennispompom Says:

Zed, thanks for the uptick.

You’re right, not only Australia but the whole world wants a return to normality.

Sorry to be a pessimist, but I don’t expect things to return to sanity for a long time to come.

I hope I’m wrong.

Wog Boy Says:

….and MSM is already doing their job of forming “public opinion” whether or not to allow Nole into the the country.

Zed, if you were watching the news in the last week or so you know what I am talking about, interviewing “random” people on the streets and ministers of the former government, it’s not hard to guess what their opinion would be, is it?

So no, Nole is not coming to Melbourne.

Giles Says:

I say without hesitation ban him!

zed Says:

WB, of course there’s going to be a campaign against him by the very same people who urged him to be excluded last year, they need to protect themselves.

However, I don’t think that necessarily means they will win again.

One thing is for certain, it won’t be a decision based on any principles, because the people deciding these things are not people of principle, they are lowly scum (much like the resident loser on this site).

If the Labor government decides to uphold the ban then Australia is going to look very petty. I don’t see how it is advantageous to them to back Morrison’s decision, I can only see downside for them.

Wog Boy Says:

Well Zed, after hearing today’s news you might be right about Labor government not necessarily upholding the decisions of previous conservative government.
Novak’s case would be much easier to overturn than the one they overturned or reversed today, particularly knowing how strong is Jewish lobby in Australia.
They just announced that Labor government is reversing Morrison government decision to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, instead they are recognising Tel Aviv as the capital.
That’s very brave, I wander if it is going to last and for how long, but as conservative voter I have to commend them, which is really hard for me to do😉

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, I know you like him, The Mythbuster man, here is another myth busted:

zed Says:

Thanks WB. He does great work, very methodical, supporting evidence provided for all his conclusions etc.

For rational people the empirical evidence is clear but of course for a large number of people it’s all about what the media told them and their own “feelings”, evidence be damned!

I keep saying that when you’re in the midst of things it’s very hard to sift the facts from the lies, especially when only one side controls the microphone.

Eventually history dispassionately looks at things. Emotions become almost non-existent because all the people involved are long gone. All that remains are the facts, the figures, the results.

It’s very clear what people’s conclusions will be at that time .

zed Says:

I wonder if politicians and bureaucrats in other countries are hypocrites like the Australian politicians and bureaucrats?

I think Morrison will forever be remembered for this one thing, being a WEF stooge. So happy I don’t have to look at his arrogant smirk anymore.

zed Says:

And to add to the hypocrisy thing:

“Australia will bring in unvaccinated US swimmer after Novak Djokovic refused:

Michael Andrew, a US swimmer who chose to remain unvaccinated and refused to wear a mask in the mixed zone after competing in Tokyo 2022, will enter Australia despite his unvaccinated status.”

Would it have something to do with him being American? Inconsistent rules based on nationality? What if Michael Andrew was Serbian or Russian? Would Australia have opened the door wide to him?

You know the answer.

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