Novak Djokovic Doubtful For Indian Wells, Miami Due To U.S. Vaccination Requirements

by Staff | January 4th, 2023, 9:08 am

The U.S. has extended the vaccination requirements for all non-citizens through April 10, it was announced Tuesday.

That means Novak Djokovic, who is unvaccinated, will not be allowed to enter the U.S. to play either Indian Wells or Miami.

The Serb, who was allowed into Australia this year, hasn’t played in the U.S. since his 2021 US Open final loss to Daniil Medvedev.

Last year, he missed Indian Wells, Miami, Cincinnati and the US Open. That’s 5,000 ATP ranking points alone. And he’ll lose out on at least 2,000 more this year.

The current U.S. vaccination mandate was due to expire on Sunday but has now been extended. After Australia and Canada changed requirements, America is one of the few countries left on the tennis map barring unvaccinated non-residents.

Djokovic made a failed bid to get into the U.S. last summer for the US Open. He’ll likely try again, perhaps with the help of his PTPA.

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27 Comments for Novak Djokovic Doubtful For Indian Wells, Miami Due To U.S. Vaccination Requirements

Wog Boy Says:

If he can’t go he can’t go, no big deal, besides, he never “made failed bid to get into U.S. last summer”, never ever asked for anything nor he will this time if ban stays, that speaks volumes about current America, one of the rare countries in developed world that still has a ban on unvaccinated noncitizens or nonresidents, I don’t know any other country (probably there is), even Canada abandoned it, Australia did it in July last year.

Wog Boy Says:

Meanwhile, Nole is enjoying his time in Adelaide, he never looked fitter, particularly compare to skinny Nole from few years back:

lylenubbins Says:

What a joke. Let him play FFS. Almost everyone who has got the “vaccine” has got covid anyway.

chrisford1 Says:

The reason why the US is stuck on Covid is the Cabal running Joe Biden has deliberately lost control of the US Border and Article 42 bars many of the invaders because they came from places with low Covid vaccinations or were unvaccinated themselves.
If they relax that soon, another 2.7 million invaders rush in.
So while the US is one of the few countries with remaining Covid restrictions, the States being invaded want the restrictions to help stop the 2.7 million flood as long as possible, the Open Borders Democrats want it ended, and the US Supreme Court is punting until the next Congress wants to hear it.
As for Djokovic, he is the only active player, male or female that is part of the Tour and refusing to get vaccinated. And everyone knows if he was a lesser player and poorer, and forced to play year round if he wanted to make enough to live on – he’d be vaccinated without much squawking. Novak just has to bear that if he “wants to be so special” he gets to be treated by others with little regard for his “specialness” as a pariah of sorts.
Doesn’t help his sponsor deals, either, to be seen as a special case or anti-vaxxer conspiracist (which Djokovic denies he is)

skeezer Says:

“ As for Djokovic, he is the only active player, male or female that is part of the Tour and refusing to get vaccinated……”

SG1 Says:

Covid has killed about 0.15% of the global population. The % sounds small but the numbers are enormous. Almost 7M deaths worldwide. Mothers, fathers, children, veterans, etc etc. 3000 Americans lost their lives during 911 and there’s a holiday a memorial site. About 25 times that number of Americans have died from Covid. Covid acts very much like a biological weapon so it’s not a stretch to consider the victims of Covid (and not just the ones who died but others that have to live with it forever) victims of a foreign attack. The very least the government can do is make some attempt to lessen the impact. If government has one role that is paramount above all, it’s to protect its citizens. I applaud all non-politically driven decisions that keep foreign biological toxins out of the places we live.

As for Novak… these are his choices and I don’t care. He has to respect the rules of countries in which he plays. It’s good that his stature doesn’t garner him special treatment. Why should it?

Wog Boy Says:

No bad feelings but this is the dumbest comment I read here for a while.

Firstly, are you American or Canadian, you keep telling you are Canadian but here you are posting like American since Canada lifted all covid (vaccine) requirements for entering Canada from October the 1st your comment doesn’t make any sense as Canadian.

Secondly, if you are talking about America, even less sense since America has millions of dual citizens and residents who travel all over the world (China, Europe, Soth America, Africa) and don’t have to be vaccinated to travel back and forth, so how exactly this stupid decision is protecting America?! Not to say that America had one of the lowest rates of vaccination in developed world.

Lastly, Novak never asked for preferential status (he was invited to Australia) nor he will ask for it and the only countries he couldn’t play last year were America and Canada and this year is only America, and honestly who cares, he said that in polite way after his second match in Adelaide.

SG1 Says:

No hard feelings Wogboy… but you’re a clueless a-hole. Without the faintest idea of just how destructive Covid can be. Please climb back inside of whatever S-hole you came out of… and stay there. But don’t take any of this personally.

zed Says:

Interesting Sg1, you didn’t address a single thing WB said, you just name-called.

Looks to me like you don’t have answers and by definition that makes you clueless.

Of course from long association we know you are also an a-hole so that part is not open for debate.

SG1 Says:

Zed… Wog-dick didn’t address a single point I made and initiated his response with an insult. Wog-dick is a perfect example of someone who will shout down and insult anyone who disagrees with him. Welcome to the faceless social media world where it’s easy to insult someone because you don’t have to face them while doing it.

FYI… I barely know you and I rarely post anymore so you believing I’m an a-hole merely indicates that you’re just another social media troll who can dish it but can’t take it.

And why the f do you care? My comment wasn’t to you. Oh yeah… I forgot. It’s because you’re a social media troll. Move out of mommy’s basement and get a life.

Wog Boy Says:

Hi Zed,

Thanks, you saved me from having to respond.

About Melbourne, it’s doable, I’ll inform you day in advance when I’ll be in the pub and what time, it’ll be between Monday and Thursday, depending on Nole’s playing time.

skeezer Says:

Nailed it!

Wog Boy Says:

No hard feelings, but who is rattling your cage?

It’s ok, you made fool of yourself but that’s not reason to be so agro and keep throwing insults around or is that lack of arguments?
Either way, I am not intending to come to Canada, but if you ever decide to come to Australia I am more than happy to meet you face to face…and to shout you drink, cheers mate.

SG1 Says:

Woggy…you’re right. I did make a mistake. I made the horrible mistake of compassionately discussing the fate of 750,000 dead Americans with a couple of insensitive fools (… but don’t take it personally). I commented on your post but I did not insult your point of view. You weren’t nearly as gracious. You’re part of the ugly social media landscape and you revel in it. I guess there’s a price to pay for freedom. Even a complete J-Ass can have a forum these days. So many do. You’re part of a club that’s not particularly exclusive. Think about that.

You and Zed can wax poetic together, troll together or do whatever it is that turns the two of you on. I don’t really give an f.

Wog Boy Says:


“I don’t really give an f.”

Oh yes, you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be coming back for more (don’t you hear yourself?), or maybe you just love to be flogged?

Doesn’t matter, it’s time to take a deep breath and calm down, I know Federer is not playing anymore and that makes you even more depressed, as you yourself stated on the other thread.
Cheers my friend 😘

SG1 Says:

Woggy… I really don’t give an f. Truly, I don’t. I’m A bit bored at the moment and your stupidity has given me a way to kill some time.

For the record, I am a Rafa and Sampras fan. I believe that anyone on this site could confirm that. Your propensity for distorting the truth demonstrates what I have been saying about you. Federer has never been my player which you’d know if you were paying attention. This being said, I can still admire his greatness and skill.

But facts don’t matter to people like you. They rarely do when you’re a troll.

Wog Boy Says:


I didn’t distort any truth nor I said you are Federer fan, I just repeated what you said on the other thread about Federer, you sounded pretty sad and depressed.
I have plenty of time too, it’s only early afternoon hear, it’s bit late in Canada isn’t it?
I just finished my Christmas lunch and watching Tsitsipas vs Berrettini and talking to my friend from Canada, SG1.
Do you really hear yourself, now you are playing a sad card about us not having compassion for Americans died from covid, when in fact discussion wasn’t about that, very cunning, read your original post and my reply and you’ll find the answer, though you know it, you are just playing the card of good bloke vs bad bloke.

Cheers, I am enjoying really good organic Chardonnay, I wish I can share it with you, it’s a Christmas time after all, the real one.

SG1 Says:

Oh Woggy… still not getting the point are you? Where I’m from isn’t relevant. Americans having one of the lowest vax rates is pathetic and is the likely cause for many of the 750k deaths.

Donald Duck was the leader through the worst part of the pandemic and he was telling people to shoot themselves up with household cleaning products. Donald Duck barely had the ability to run a profitable business let alone knowing how to lead a polarized political landscape through a pandemic.

Biden certainly won’t go down as an all time great President but he at least is trying to do something rather than throwing his hands up in the air and giving up. Biden also doesn’t express scientific opinions because he knows he’s not a scientist. Donald Duck lost in 2020 because of his mishandling of the pandemic. I guess Americans weren’t okay with more people dying from Covid than all the combined wars of the previous 50 years combined.

And as for Canada… we are requiring that people from China entering Canada now be tested which makes sense as their vaccine is inferior to the MRNA ones.

zed Says:


People of the left like you are always this way, no opinions formed on their own, just the opinions fed to them by the propagandists. Even when the propagandists do an expedient 180 degree turn the mindless sheeple follow them into the turn chanting whatever the new mantra is today.

But let’s go with your fantasy figure of 750K, if I recall correctly “81 million votes” Biden was claiming that 100K Americans had died under Trump’s watch. If your fantasy figure is correct doesn’t that mean that more than six times as many died under poopy-pants?

But it’s OK, not that many have actually died from COVID under the puppet simply because not than many have died of COVID. People may have died with COVID but not of COVID.

The RNA modifiers did more to increase positive-cases than any international traveller. In every country where RNA modifiers were mandated, positive cases went through the roof.

The people dying of heart-related issues, well that’s a serious issue growing by the day. Heart related issues are skyrocketing and we can only guess why that’s happening (sarcasm).

p.s. what’s it like having Castro’s boy as your prime minister? I guess you like that don’t you? I’m guessing you’re a pinko from way back.

SG1 Says:

Oh Zed… your fanatical, extremist right wing views spew right off the page.

First off, I have never voted for “Castro’s boy”. I am a Conservative through and through. But, being a Conservative doesn’t mean I stop caring about people. As for Biden being a puppet, that’s true of every single politician at the highest levels of government . Donald Duck was Putin’s puppet.

The statement that the RNA vaccine increased the cases of Covid is a right wing whacko conspiracy theory that demonstrates your inability to think critically. You really have drank the fanatical right wing Kool Aid haven’t you? It’s only logical that those taking the RNA vaccines would be more likely to get Covid because;

1) the vaccines aren’t particularly good
2) people went back to living their lives after being vaxxed and because the vaccines aren’t that good at preventing contraction of Covid, a lot of people got it.

The one thing that the RNA vaccines are reasonably good at is preventing severe complications and death. As Woggy said himself, the US had one of the lowest rates of vaccination so it isn’t surprising so many people died

Wog Boy Says:

What a turnaround in only 12 months, from hysterical mob lynch reaction 12 months ago to who cares if they are infected now:

“Tennis players who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be allowed to compete in the Australian Open.

Tennis Australia Chief Executive Craig Tiley revealed players would not be required to test for COVID symptoms.”

SG1 Says:

Well if people don’t have respect for the harm that Covid can cause, it’s on them. Covid isn’t the flu, it isn’t a cold. Among older people, it can be truly devastating. But, no one gives two damns about the elderly and their risk factors.

When the vaccines came out, there were conspiracy theorists a plenty saying they’re more dangerous than Covid. A bunch of nonsense from people who think the government is out to screw them. I personally know a doctor that saw quite a few people die of Covid because they refused to vax. Pretty much every one of those people that died told the doctor that they regretted that decision. I think that pretty much says it all.

Covid isn’t Ebola but it’s far from the common cold and it can leave life long complications even after the virus is no longer active. We’re all going to get it but the longer you can hold off, the better.

Wog Boy Says:

I really wish if Australan bodies and medical experts could have contacted SG1 and consulate him before they made decision to allow positive players to compete if they wish so and to abolish mandatory testing for players, he obviously knows more than australian medical experts who made decisions how to conduct AO.

Maybe they did try to contact SG1, but he was busy playing tennis with FAA, what a bummer!

Wog Boy Says:

“consult” and not “consulate”

SG1 Says:

Woggy… once again cherry-picking facts. My post was primarily pointing out the risks to the elderly. I don’t know of too many geriatric folks in the main draw? Do you? In terms of the AO letting unvaxxed players in, I don’t really see an issue at this point though I think it’s stupid and demonstrates stupidity. Of course there’s no law against stupidity.

You are quite right in stating I’m not a doctor. I am not. But facts are facts. The elderly are most at risk. I do think that there should be a requirement to wear a mask in public venues to protect older folks but that’s just me. What’s so unreasonable about this? It’s a point of respect for older folks who want to have a life. That’s all.

Wog Boy Says:

“ In terms of the AO letting unvaxxed players in, I don’t really see an issue at this point though I think it’s stupid and demonstrates stupidity.”

Maybe you slept through the last year but all the countries except America and Canada were letting unvaxxed players into the country, or to be more precise, vaccination wasn’t the condition to enter the tournament, even in Australia Novak was invited under certain preconditions which he fulfilled and entered the country legally with all papers in order which he proved in federal court when his visa was reinstated and Australia had to pay $500K court costs, his deportation after had nothing to do with him not being vaccinated.
He played after AO in Dubai, all European countries, Israel, Kazakhstan and finishED in Italy, Australia itself on 7th of July last year opened the borders and abolished vaccination as condition of entering the country, abolished the testing too, made wearing masks not compulsory except in hospital and nursing homes.

What Australia did this year is step further, they are allowing players who contracted Covid during tournament to play if they wish so, they are not testing anyone (testing is not mandatory nor they can force it on players) so it’s up to the player to decide whether to play or not, same as if he has a flue, if he feels sick he probably won’t play, if not, he’ll play.

About elderly, do you really believe that the country has to be hostage to them and only because of them to wear the masks everywhere in public, you can’t be serious, firstly, nobody is stopping them of wearing the masks themselves, that’s enough protection, but to force entire nation to wear the mask in public (sports venues) in order to “protect” elderly is as stupid as it can be and I never heard any such proposal from anyone but now. They have choice to go or not to to the places if they deem them unsafe.
I am trying to imagine basketball game, rugby game, concert of any kind where everyone has to wear the mask😂 the stadiums and concert halls would be empty.

Wog Boy Says:

Just to make it clear, I am not a spring chicken myself, I was supposed to retire last year when I finally (heavyhearted) sold my business, I agreed with the bloke who bought me out to stay for the next 12 months in order to keep my customers with him but I am still working now since there is such shortage of workers in our industry that I feel bad to leave him, 10-15 years ago we couldn’t find good operators, now we can’t find any operators, not even by raising the hourly rate in the last 6 months on average by 15%!
I would have never ever asked to introduce wearing masks in public (sports venues etc) places only because I am senior citizen, that would be extremely selfish to the rest of population, particularly since I am minority, to my kids, to my neighbours, to my fellow rugby, basketball or tennis fans, it just can’t be justified, if I feel unsafe I will wear the mask myself but honestly I wouldn’t do even that, if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

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