9-Time Champion Novak Djokovic Hoping Hamstring Not A Major Concern At Australian Open

by Staff | January 14th, 2023, 10:50 pm

The most important hamstring in this belongs to Novak Djokovic. The Serb tweaked his left hamstring during his Adelaide title run, and then cut short his practice a few days ago amid concern for the injury.

But Djokovic has powered through and hopes it won’t be an issue next week when he begins his bid for a 10th Australian Open title and 22nd Grand Slam.

“I’ve been struggling with that a bit to be honest. The last seven days,” Djokovic said. “But it’s hopefully not the major concern. So far I’ve been able to train, compete and play points, practice sets. So that’s a positive sign.

“Obviously, I’m being a bit more cautious. I’m not going full out on the training sessions, conserving the energy for next week. Hopefully it won’t cause an issue for me then.”

Djokovic has won his last 21 matches in Melbourne and over 34 straight in Australia. He returned to Rod Laver after missing last year and felt emotional upon the return.

“I was very emotional honestly coming into the court because, as I said on the on-court interview, with the reception that I received,” Djokovic said Saturday. “I didn’t know how that’s going to go like after events of last year. I’m very grateful for the kind of energy and reception, love and support I got last night.”

Injury aside, Djokovic is ready for more success in Melbourne.

“I like my chances. I always like my chances,” he said. “I train as hard as really anybody out there. There’s a lot of youngsters now that are very hungry, that want to win. They want to take a scalp off you on the big stadium. I know that.”

Djokovic returns to action for his first hard court Slam since 2021 on Tuesday Spain’s Roberto Carballes Baena.

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15 Comments for 9-Time Champion Novak Djokovic Hoping Hamstring Not A Major Concern At Australian Open

Wog Boy Says:

Hi Zed,
If you are around, firstly for that beer, today I am wondering around, will go down to AO on ground pass just to see few matches on outside courts that you can attend with ground passes, there are some good players, I’ll be watching Shapovalov vs Lajovic, little bit of Wawrinka, little bit of Andreescu etc. and if practice schedule is correct I might stay to watch Nole’s practice, at this stage it shows 7-8pm court 10, but this AO app is not reliable, that’s optional.

Tomorrow night going to watch Nole, Wednesday free, no commitments, unless my boss (wife) changes her mind;) She is not watching tennis except tomorrow night Nole match, she loves Melbourne shopping, much better than Sydney, it’s haven for her next few days. Even this evening would be ok, whatever suits you.

Now, since you know my schedule, pick the day and time, you know the pub, they have really good pub tucker too, I took my “boss” for the lunch after checking in yesterday and she approved it :)

BTW, I saw Goran Ivanišević yesterday in Emporium shopping mall, he was with that Italian couple, Nole’s managers, doing selfies with some good looking Asian chicks, we exchanged few words I wished him good luck, and gave him thumbs up, he put huge smile on his broad unshaven face, real character.

Wog Boy Says:

That injury as anything but naive , Nole canceled his last practice session.

zed Says:

Hi WB, sorry weekend was full and only checked in now.

Wednesday or Thursday evening, how does that sound? I am working in the city on Wednesday and Thursday so either evening will suit. It’s also good because both days are forecast to be cooler (23 and 21 deg C respectively).

Please nominate a location and I’ll be there 6-6:30. Pub dinner and a few beers sounds great.

Wog Boy Says:

Then Wednesday it is, The Crafty Squire pub, if that suits you, I can crawl back to hotel if I overdo it.

zed Says:


Wed 6-6.30 Crafty Squire pub.

Looking forward to meeting you WB.

We can raise our glasses to all our friends on Tennis-X.

Wog Boy Says:

Likewise Zed.
We definitely can, we don’t discriminate when we raise the glasses 😁

Django Says:

Wow, have fun guys!

zed Says:

Django, I’m going to have another drink in honour of yourself :)

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Django, good to see you here after while, witty Nole fan. I second what Zed said.

Wog Boy Says:

Well, it doesn’t look good, Nole canceled his practice second day in a row.

Kyrgios withdrew from AO this arvo!

zed Says:

WB, Nole’s on a date with destiny. He will fight through the pain and will prevail, I am sure of that.

Wog Boy Says:

The good thing that Nole canceled his practice session at court 10, but it turned out he did have closed short practice on the court closed for public with wrapped hamstring, well, the good thing was that I stayed to watch Stan vs Molcan thriller. I got more than I bargained for considering that I had only ground pass yesterday.
The match was a 5 set cracker, 90% of the crowd was with Stan, screaming and loudly cheering him, 10% of the crowd was trying to let Alex Molcan know that he has some fans too, of course, I was part of that 10%.
Stan was serving for the match in 4th set, Alex broke him and won TB, 5th set was wild with Alex having two breaks advantage and serving for the match, Stan broke him first time, it looked like he might do it again when Alex was serving for the match again but Alex prevailed, then 10% of his fans erupted, it was so joyful after having to put up with for more than for hours with Stan fans👍

Before that match I’ve seen Shapovalov vs Duci match, even it was 4 setter you couldn’t call it exiting match, Duci is heading towards retirement and just going around playing to get some cash, but he put up good fight, even winning the set and I am anything but Shapovalov fan, there is something with him that just turns me off.

zed Says:

Great update WB.

Hope you’re not melting out there today, I just checked and it’s 31 and rising fast.

It should hit 36 within the next 2 hours or so.

90% of chance of 10-20 mm of rain tonight so that should cool things down, we may even get a thunderstorm in time for Novak’s match.

There’s all sorts of speculation about the bandage on his leg but I don’t think you could stop him this year even if you amputated the leg, He’d just hop his way to the trophy :)

Much more civilised temperatures for the rest of the week so it will be easier on the players and the spectators alike.

Wog Boy Says:

Hi Zed,
No way I going out of my room until it’s time to go for tennis tonight. I am actually looking forward to Jabeur too, I love that girl.

I am watching Rublev vs Thiem now until my boss comes back from shopping, then she’ll probably take over TV (I am good man so I’ll let her do that😉) and then I have to put up with some “Vikings” on Netflix, plenty of killings, chopping heads of, pilgrimages in England by those bloodthirsty Scandinavians😉

Wog Boy Says:

should say “pillaging”

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