Djokovic Makes History, Beats Ruud For 23rd Slam, 3rd Career Slam At French Open

by Staff | June 11th, 2023, 5:40 pm

The records continue to pile up for Novak Djokovic and Sunday he became the all-time leader in Grand Slam titles for men besting Casper Ruud 7-6(1), 6-3, 7-5 to win his 23rd Slam and third French Open title.

“I am delighted to be here in this very specific moment in my career,” Djokovic told the crowd which included NFL great Tom Brady who saw a guest in his box.

“It is no coincidence winning my 23rd Grand Slam here in Paris. This tournament has always been the hardest for me to win, so I am very emotional right now.

“This means I a lot. I have experienced a lot of emotions on this court and I’m really proud and honored to share it on this special court.”

Djokovic entered the event deadlocked with the injured Rafael Nadal at 22 Grand Slams titles apiece, but of the first time in his career the Serb has the outright lead and claim to the throne, and he did it on Nadal’s home court.

“I don’t want to say that I am the greatest, because I feel, I’ve said it before, it’s disrespectful towards all the great champions in different eras of our sport that was played in completely different way than it is played today,” Djokovic said.

“So I feel like each great champion of his own generation has left a huge mark, a legacy, and paved the way for us to be able to play this sport in such a great stage worldwide.”

Ruud actually began the match the better player, cracking his serve and forehand, taking it to Djokovic. The Norwegian built a 3-0 lead which included a marathon 12-minute second games. Djokovic got his serve going which got his return game going and from 4-1 down it was 4-all with Ruud serving 0-30.

Ruud managed to stem the tide but in the breaker Djokovic — as he’s done all event — locked down and didn’t make an error, hitting four winner to take the 90-minute opener.

Ruud couldn’t have played much better and yet he still lost the opener, his 9th straight set loss to the Serb.

And it didn’t get an better. After the first set disappointment, Ruud came out deflated in the second and Djokovic quickly broke going up 3-0, and that was that.

Ruud pushed Djokovic more in the third, but serving 4-5 Djokovic would only lose one more point.

“He kind of pressures you in a way to go for more risks,” Ruud said. “That is tough because obviously against him you want to try to play as aggressive as possible, because if you’re too much on the defence he’ll just control the game.”

Ruud falls to 0-3 in Grand Slam finals, but at least at the French, this was his best effort in the title match. He had real chances to take the first set.

“I think this is maybe the most important final that I reached, honestly,” Ruud stated.

“Because first time was, yes, very cool. But here I sort of proved that whatever happened last year is just not like a one-time case. Even for next year when we come back to Roland Garros, people are going to look, ‘Oh, Casper didn’t just make one final but he made it twice’.

“Probably going to plant some respect in my opponents’ eyes and hopefully I can build on that, and one day I’m gonna try to obviously aim for a Slam title.”

Djokovic also walks away with a third Career Slam, a feat no other man has accomplished.

“I knew that going into the tournament, going into the match especially today, that there is history on the line,” said Djokovic. “But I try to focus my attention and my thoughts into preparing for this match in the best way possible to win like any other match.”

At 36 and 20 days, he passes Nadal to become the oldest French Open champion.

“I also am aware that even though I don’t like to think about the age or age is just a number, it sounds like a cliché, but I really feel age is just a number in my case,” added Djokovic.

“Truth of the matter is, and reality is, my body is responding differently, so I have to deal with more things physically than I have had maybe in the past. Maybe five to 10 years ago I was recovering much quicker or just didn’t feel as much pain in the body and the beating that I’m feeling today.”

Djokovic, who also returns to No. 1, is now tied with Serena and just one Slam title away from match the overall all-time record of Margaret Court’s 24.

His title also means the Calendar Slam is once again in play. Djokovic missed it 2016 and came within three sets in 2021.

“Of course journey is still not over,” Djokovic said. “I feel if I’m winning slams, why even think about ending the career that already has been going on for 20 years.

“I still feel motivated, I still feel inspired to play the best tennis on these tournaments the most, Grand Slams. Those are the ones that count I guess the most in history of our sport.

“I look forward already to Wimbledon.”

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64 Comments for Djokovic Makes History, Beats Ruud For 23rd Slam, 3rd Career Slam At French Open

Wog Boy Says:

I love how TX is enthusiastic when The GOAT wins and sets another record, keep up the good work my dear TX posters, I have no doubt in my mind that Nole will give you more opportunities to be so enthusiastic and fair tennis fans👍

Wog Boy Says:

I am hoping another Joker will make history this week (he is already breaking all the tecords in NBA), the country of less than 7 million people has two best players in the world in two sports, not too bad.
I am embarrassed to admit but somehow I was more invested this week in another Joker and still am, only one more win is needed, please God, have a mercy 🙏

Patson Says:

Congrats to all fellow Nole fans (Zed, WogBoy, and others)!

Novak Djokovic — the man who outduelled Nadal and Federer. Novak Djokovic — the Greatest amongst all. All hail Novak Djokovic!

Wog Boy Says:

Thank you Patson🙏

Long time no see you, cheers.

zed Says:

Thanks Patson, and thanks WB for your continued great posts.

Looking forward to getting drunk with you again :)

Wog Boy Says:

Pleasure zed, likewise, if not before then next January definitely 👍

Madmax Says:

Short memory Wogboy.

You are no fan of Novak, only when he wins. Your posts remain long on here always kicking Novak when he was down. Only here to smell the glory of his achievements.

The very best to the real novak fans, who have stood by him thick and thin, when times were not so good.

Indeed Patson. He has out “grand slammed” both Roger and Rafa, still – we hold them in high esteem and they have their own individual gifts which will remain in history, irrespective of Novak’s great achievements.

Good luck to all.

Federer is always the best in my eyes for so very many reasons and will remain so. But now, this is Novak’s time and I hope he enjoys this will all of my heart.

Madmax Says:

*with* sp. Oops.

*with all of my heart*.

Wog Boy Says:

“Curiously, Roger Federer has remained silent.”

Quote from this article:

“Sporting world reacts to ‘extraordinary’ Novak Djokovic win, with a Roger Federer-sized exception”

Alison hodge Says:

Congrats Joker, I think he’ll probably clean up this year, I really don’t see who can stop him, in best of 5,hes just too good, Stan, Murray, shadows of their former selves, Rafa injured, Fed retired, players have a better chance in masters which are, let’s face it a consolation prize, it’s all yours Novak enjoy people 🏆

Van Persie Says:

Still drunk… wow.. Nole is the GOAT😂😂😀

Van Persie Says:


Einstuerzende Neubauten…. Silence is sexy!!!!! as reply abouy Federer

Wog Boy Says:



It was meant to be, but it came down to the wire, Nikola Jokic Joker, the best basketball player in the world!!!

Denver has good looking women 😁

Wog Boy Says:

…and Joker was 41st pick??!!

Madmax Says:

Grow up WogBoy. You never could stand Roger. He has paid his compliments, because believe it or not, he acknowledges NOvak’s greatness and let’s be honest here. For one, (you) who has bashed Novak for 2 years – how awful a player he was, that he was on the wrong diet, had the wrong coach. All you did was moan, groan and grumble. But of course!

Now he has won, and is winning, the true fans – and you most certainly are not – they stand by his side.

You are here just for the glory. I said it then. I will say it now. I read your imposter posts and laugh.

True fan you are not and the only thing you can do is to bring in a Federer dig. It doesn’t work because you are the fake here Wogboy and you know it.

I hope Novak goes on to win many, many more. I love watching him play, love watching him win, and have always said THE most gracious loser – yes, he has had his moments, but then all the greats have had theirs.

TRUE Novak fans, stand by Novak through thick or thin.

Hi Alison, hope you are doing well.

Madmax Says:


A really super interesting twitter post there – and the animated version of our greats. Brilliant.

Madmax Says:

Van Persie,

Indeed he is and for so many reasons. Grand Slam total 23 and still will add to this I am sure in a few weeks at Wimbledon.

I had the absolute privilege of watching Novak play live at both Wimbledon and also in Sweden. He lost both times, but since then he has been on a roll. Good luck to Novak and his team.

Of course, having seen both Roger and Rafa play live too, I am absolutely privileged to have seen top players win and lose, because to see them on court, it is a different experience altogether. A wonderful experience and memory.

For me, VP, it will always be Roger as the greatest, but for so many reasons which go beyond the grand slam tally. If we go on the grand slam tally, as you said, Mr. Djokovic is indeed the GOAT.

skeezer Says:


“..will always be Roger as the greatest”

True dat.

Okiegal Says:

For me……Rafa will always be the greatest!

Giles Says:

Goat schmoat he certainly is the weak field specialist aka faker!

skeezer Says:

Remember the weak era argument back in the day?Lol…

Wog Boy Says:

“ For me……Rafa will always be the greatest!”

That’s an opinion and not the fact, facts and numbers matters and they say otherwise, so do knowledgeable people.
Suffering in silence is dangerous for mental health, so it’s ok to talk to someone, this applies to likes of Sleazer, Gisela, Old Lady from Oklahoma , Fred Flintstone etc.

The King is dead, long live the King🤴

Even your boy Alcaraz (another Spanish “genius”) couldn’t stop The King.

Giles Says:

BOG BOY. You are a prize arsehole. Have you listened to yourself lately? Sheeeesh!

zed Says:

Ha Ha, Giles, as eloquent and lyrical as ever :)

Clearly the product of an advanced education with the finest of manners :)

Giles Says:

Haha. XYZ. I like to say it the way it is. Fighting your boyfriend’s battles again I see.

Wog Boy Says:

“ Fighting your boyfriend’s battles again I see.”

Wishful thinking, what battles Gisele, I don’t see any battles?!

Zed, one feels good when someone like Gisele calls you names.

The world is bowing to the King, Gisele is seriously depressed, we should sympathise with her.

zed Says:

Agreed, sympathy is what is required. It can’t be easy to not only lose but to lose with the full knowledge that this is it, it’s over, there’s no further chances.

Oh, and to know that not only is there no further chances but to also know it will get still worse for you.

There is a little known grass-court tournament coming up from July 3rd which, rumour has it, Novak is likely to win for the 8th time, matching Roger Dodger’s record :)

Apparently Novak is thinking of playing the same grass court tournament next year to go to 9 titles, exceeding Roger Dodger’s 8 :)

But that would mean 25 grand slams, no wait, that would be 26 if Novak has any chance at the Australian Open next year, some people think he has a chance :)

No wait, don’t we have the USO later this year? I wonder if Novak could win that as well? That would the calendar year grand slam wouldn’t it?

Anyway, right now 23>22, in a few weeks, 24>22, maybe by end of year 25>22, and start of next year 26>22

Hey, maybe Rafa can catch up LOL :)

chrisford1 Says:

For the whaddabout Roger??? whiners, he did. And maybe his PR people said wait a day or too, just to get you in the mix and get more sponsor Roger buzz going.
He did:
“‘I think also the way he’s doing it still – he isn’t the youngest anymore, we forget. He looks young and he does it in a young way, but it’s not easy, and I thought it was an amazing victory. So I couldn’t have been more happy.'”
Roger was eloquent on the differences in the paths Andy and Novak are on as they won at RG and a place called Surbiton and how he admires Andy’s, to paraphrase, – “grit.”

Iga Swiatek was being pretty classy going to Mallorca to Rafa’s Academy right after finishing her Paris media and sponsor’s obligations. Meeting the grads, handing out diplomas, photos, greeting and shocking several younger students who didn’t know she was coming. Did a funny and perceptive short speech. Good-hearted, nerdy gal – IMO who has being naive and being cluelessly cute – madia and sponsor super-positive attributes – happening. I wish her well at Wimbledon. Not a favorite but she was a junior’s champion at Wimbledon. Rafa was walking around fine, great news!! He used the talk he did as a time to praise Novak Djokovic in more remarks.

Hundreds and hundreds of people packed Rafa’s Academy for the graduation. Video of that and their enthusiasm inside and outside the grad ceremony was impressive.

Wog Boy Says:

Sorry to disagree CF1, no, he didn’t send congrats, he was doing an on court interview and couldn’t avoid answering the question when he was cornered by reporter, that one doesn’t count, if he wasn’t asked he wouldn’t be talking about it.

Wog Boy Says:

……. four days after the final?

skeezer Says:

“For the whaddabout Roger??? whiners..”
Or the chip on the shoulder that never goes away. The chip is called RF.
Love it, lol ;)

Madmax Says:

Wow, Wogboy you seriously got Roger under your skin.
(I can understand this too). Let it go, Wogboy, Let it go. Stop dreaming about Roger.

ChrisFord1 – exactly, but honestly do not waste your breath on a fake fan. For years he has been slating Novak, go back into the Archive here and you will find him.

*he slated Novak every time he got onto a court. *Too skinny*, *wrong diet*, *wrong coach* *rubbish player*, all words from Mr. Boy who forgets so easily.

Then on top of this, rather than wishing everyone well, and knowing that Novak’s team know what to do, Mr. Boy puts himself out as he oracle of Mr. Djokovic. “Stalker-esque”
Mr. Boy definitely is no friend of the Djokovic family.
The criticism from him was abundant…


Djokovic started winning, and Mr. Boy started to crawl back to fandom. This is not how a real fan behaves.

Also, sooooo many compliments from Roger for Novak. Though I realise Mr. Boy must follow Roger, like an avid fan, after all, he knows what he says, where he is, how he spends his time. He knows every word which comes from his lips and this is why it is almost strange to think Mr. Boy focuses on the negatives – what he didn’t say, rather than what he did say.

““He just won a Challenger in Surbiton last week,” Federer added. “He won that the same week as Novak got to this incredible record of 23 slams and Andy’s plugging away at Surbiton – that also deserves so much respect.”

You see, Mr. Boy would like to drive a wedge between Novak and Roger, so this is what he does. He sews hate and misinformation – and we all know that this can grow, unless there are people who put Mr. Boy right.

Wogboy trawls papers, online websites, thousands of them, every day, like a true fan of Roger, and here says *4 days after the final*. The fact of the matter is, Mr. Boy is a true fan of Roger but cannot quite *come out* of the closet and admit.

After all, after slating Novak so badly over the years, and then continuing to follow Roger forever, there can only be one conclusion. Boy is a true fan of Roger Federer. I can understand that.

Skeezer, always. Roger Federer for always.

Good luck to Novak in the upcoming Wimbledon tournament. I hope he wins, and goes on to defeat The Mighty Fed’s record because records are made to be broken.

Skeezer, whine he does. Wogboy Whines. Has a certain ring to it.
Or Wogboy Wines.

chrisford1 Says:

Madmax – maybe there is a happy middle ground where fans like his team can get on Novak on certain matters. Such as his recklessly stupid Olympics entry and demanding to play doubles there – in the face of a calendar year grand slam with what Goran, Marian and others saw as exhaustion and burnout from too many matches already diminishing his form. I was quite vocal about Djokovic being stupid about that and also about managing to be the only active player that refused to get Covid vaccinated.
Wog Boy went through a phase where he bashed Novak for everything, declared himself done with Novak as a fan…but yeah, Novak wins and here comes Wog back on the bandwagon.
For me, I was very happy with the considerate, thoughtful remarks of the French, the event organizers, Goran, Caspar, Carlos, Rafa, Roger, and Iqa Swiatek on the great accomplishment of Djokovic and aspects of his game. If Wog stays in following tennis, maybe he can find a good replacement for Novak in a couple years. Cast a wide net. Not limited to Serbian males.

zed Says:

Wow! What’s happened in this place? So much nastiness all of a sudden.

Times are good guys. Novak is way ahead and moving even further ahead, there will probably never be a day when anyone will catch him.

Even if some future prodigy is able to dominate in his own era Novak has given him an enormous mountain to climb, a mountain that will grow even higher over the coming years.

Nahh, no one is ever going to match him.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, I am enjoying it😉

Giles Says:

ROFL at Bog Boy. Two faced hypocrite . Am glad Madmax came forward to remind you of the period you were cursing and abusing joker and also his wife.

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. I think part of your problem lies with the amount of alcohol you consume. You do know that it dulls the brain!
Brainless hypocrite!

Wog Boy Says:

Just woke up and checking on if more butthurt people showed up on this thread? Only three so far, I am bit disappointed, I worth more😞

Sean, you owe me a drink, this site wasn’t this lively for a long long time😉

It’s freaking cold here, I am going to make Serbian tea to warm me up, Gisele, you should try it, it’s good for the blood flow, particularly through the brain, it looks like you are struggling with that body part, here is how you make it:

Wog Boy Says:

…forgot the most important part, the tea is proven (registered) Covid and any other germs vaccine if you nibble on smoked bacon and garlic while sipping it, cheets.

Wog Boy Says:

* cheers😂

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, this one is for you, Melburnian Nole fans, easy on eyes 😉:

zed Says:

Thanks WB, everyone having a great time in that video. The youtuber who posted it has some other videos of Nole at a restaurant in Melbourne, very interesting to see him in that social setting.

I can see that Giles thinks you have a problem with alcohol. I can confirm that you do drink and I can confirm that you become more and more fun to talk to as you drink more and more, so maybe the miserable and unhappy Giles has a point :)

I too suffer from the demon drink affliction but I have three kids so of course I am going to drink :)

Wog Boy Says:

I’ve seen that one Zed, that was after Serbia won inaugural ATP Cup in Sydney (beating Rafa and Spain in the final and arrived in Melbourne for AO. That’s good one.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks for sharing zed, great one👍

Funny enough, my birthday is on 23rd (23 GSs) and for the last 10 or so years I’ve been wearing Serbian national waterpolo team cap #10 at AO matches (10 AO titles) which belongs to the best ever waterpolo player Filip Filipović.

I have to find new waterpolo cap (#11) and change my birthday to 24th…for the time being 😉

zed Says:

Don’t be in a hurry WB, before the end of the year you will need to change your birthday to the 25th and then early next year you need to change it again to the 26th.

Wog Boy Says:

Absolutely great article, he said everything that had to be said, thanks for sharing, I want to by a drink to the writer.

That ugly creature, Ben RottenEgg is very quiet since January…

Giles Says:

It’s funny how these two clowns aka bog boy and xyz get a buzz out of reading drivel. Lol

zed Says:

Yeah Giles LOL!

23>22 LOL!

In just a few weeks 24>22 LOL!

You’re right Giles LOL LOL LOL

You poor sad little man :). Say hi to your Mum by the way :)

Giles Says:

Don’t know where to post this.
Alert all Fed fans. Nice clip of Roger.

skeezer Says:

^perRFect place Giles. His class act is missed :)

Wog Boy Says:

Don’t know where to post this.

Alert all Fed fans. Nice clip of … Novak.

skeezer Says:

^That link is broken, doesn’t work FYI.
Regardless, the Fed class one works great and worth viewing again. Enjoy.

Wog Boy Says:

Hahaha, so you were keen to see The GOAT being represented golden racket by Head (replica of one he played FO final) for breaking the record, this one works, just press the arrow to play and listen carefully:

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ “being presented…”

Giles Says:

Lol. XYZ. You’re right hilarious is the word I would use too. Hilarious that joker was able to use and get away with all his fraudulent antics over the years. Sheesh The sooner he disappears from the tennis scene the better

Okiegal Says:

Hey, Madmax!!
It’s the Old Lady from Oklahoma! I’m not too old that I didn’t remember Bog Boy trashing his GOAT. So glad you brought that up! There may be some new TX members that were not aware of him doing such a distasteful thing. So, good on you! Hope you are doing great. For an old lady, I’m not doing too bad. I’ve still got my memory!
I’m going to hang with Spain for another player to follow!!
VAMOS CARLITO‼️ But my GOAT 4 ever…. RAFA‼️

Giles, you’re still on target!! Hope all is well with you!! I’m bored, dig me up some bones!! LOL

Sincerely, The Little Old Lady from Oklahoma!

Giles Says:

Hi there Okigirl. Hahaha. Don’t worry I’ll dig up some bones. It would be a pleasure. These 2 clowns are not too difficult to handle. Lololol

Okiegal Says:

Giles…. good to hear from you! I’m waiting for some links and I don’t mean golf!! Lol Hey, Carlos just now won Queens. With this win he’s regained the #1 spot in rankings! AWESOME!! He’s an amazing player. I love watching him. Have a great day and it’s good to see you posting on TX site aka 🤡 Town‼️ 😝😝😝

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