Novak Djokovic v Carlos Alcaraz For The Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?

by Sean Randall | July 15th, 2023, 3:59 pm

Well, the dream final is set at Wimbledon!

Novak Djokovic will take on Carlos Alcaraz for the men’s title tomorrow. 9am ET sharp.

The final match-up is no big surprise given how things have gone the last few months in the men’s game. Other than Alcaraz and Djokovic in Paris, no one has really stepped up on the big stage in any meaningful way or consistent way.

Both Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner benefited from easy draws to get to the semifinals and that got exposed. Wins are nice but quality wins do count, and having none didn’t help them any on Friday as the two combined for zero sets and zero suspense in two blow outs.

Medvedev couldn’t find answer to the quick-paced power game of Alcaraz. The Russian tried moving up and moving back. But nothing worked as Medvedev’s loopy strokes couldn’t make a dent on Alcaraz who teed off when he wasn’t at the net putting the ball away.

Sinner had early chances and later on he had set points, but in between it was all Novak who was too steady and solid, and never dropped serve in the match.

So with little opposition leading up — two sets lost each — it will be Djokovic and Alcaraz for the title.

Novak Djokovic v Carlos Alcaraz
Priorities. We know what Djokovic’s are. At age 36, he’s built to win Grand Slam.

“It’s no secret that Grand Slams are the highest priority for me, the highest goals on my priority list,” Djokovic said Friday. “Every time I start the season, I want to peak at these four tournaments. I try to organize my schedule, training schedule, and my preparation weeks, and all the tournaments, according to these priorities.”

But what are Alcaraz’s? Would he lose sleep not winning Sunday? Would he be content with a final?

With all that’s at stake — 24 Slams, 8 Wimbledons and 5 straight — clearly the motivation rests with Djokovic. And other than that loss at the 2021 US Open final and the Olympics, he’s been up to the challenge — hell, he even tried to fudge his way into Australia a few years ago, that’s dedication!

But time has never lost and one of these days it will come for Djokovic.

Alcaraz, on the other hand, has plenty. Just 20, he’s already made the last four on three different Slam surfaces and if not for Novak, he might be going for a Slam No. 3.

Alcaraz was the favorite in Paris, but Djokovic is the pick here. There’s no doubt about that this time.

Djokovic beat Carlos in Paris on a surface which favored the Spaniard more. On grass, big edge to Novak, but Alcaraz could still turn the tables. Why not?

Carlos has the complete game. The only holes are experience and maybe shot selection. But the way Djokovic has been playing, that might not be enough for the Serb who is so at home and so balanced on the grass.

“He’s so young, but he’s incredibly consistent now, also on grass,” Djokovic said of Alcaraz. “Which I don’t think many people expected him to play so well because his game is basically, yeah, built and constructed and developed for clay mostly or slower hard courts. But he’s been incredibly successful in adapting to the surfaces and demands and challenges of opponents on a given day.”

What I’m most interested in is what the kid learned from that tough loss in Paris. The mental and emotional side, in particular.

“I’ll do something different from the match,” said Alcaraz. “I prepare the match a little bit different from French Open. It’s going to be different for me. I hope not to get cramp during the final. I think I’ll be better on Sunday.”

But Djokovic is more than ready and sounds like he wants the challenge and relishes the challenge. He wants to take these young kids down. It’s still his generation.

“Obviously completely different conditions here. Grass is massively different from clay. Yes, I do have more experience playing in many more Grand Slam or Wimbledon finals than him. Still he’s in great shape. He’s very motivated. He’s young. He’s hungry,” Djokovic said. “I’m hungry, too, so let’s have a feast.”
The Pick: Djokovic in 5

I could honestly see the outcome could go any which way: Blowout for Novak, blowout for Alcaraz, or even a final set breaker. Regardless, it should be an incredible finish to the grass season with some exciting tennis, and if Djokovic wins, what a US Open it will be.

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47 Comments for Novak Djokovic v Carlos Alcaraz For The Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?

chrisford1 Says:

Alcaraz is clearly in it to win it. And not be like several young women players saying they were just happy to be on the court with Queen Serena and share in being part of her Slam victory. Yuck! Who paid good money to see a Slam Final over in under an hour with no contest because the girl wanted to be virtuous, PC, and appropriately servile.
Alcaraz does not have that problem.
I favor Alcaraz slightly in this one, but hope it’s Djokovic simply to set up the US Open drama. Which I would also favor Alcaraz to win in his present form.
Novaks great chance for a Grand Slam Calendar year achievement had far better odds in 2021. He blew it. Got a little mentally ill, destroyed his readiness over an Olympics everyone on his team and in Serb Olympics told him was the dumbest thing he could do for USO preps.
Still, and he still has to get Wimbledon with less than 50-50 odds, IMO, less chance to win inn 2023 than in 2021 given how much the young talent has improved.

Dave Says:

Even though Djokovic is the better returner overall, Alcaraz has been the better returner at Wimbledon. Tactically I think Djokovic will take a bit off his first serve and get 70-75% first serves in so he doesn’t get crushed like Medvedev on the second serve so often. If Djokovic is at peak level with his backhand down the line and hitting it frequently, that will be a big key to him winning. Hitting flat and hard off both wings and making Alcaraz hit forehands while he isn’t set and on the run will be a huge key. Djokovic has the biggest advantage on the backhand side. But Alcaraz will do what he did against Medvedev and hit lots of backhand slices like Federer did in 2019 to slowball Djokovic and not get his only weakness exposed. Not that it’s a weakness for Alcaraz. But it’s the weakest part of his game. I honestly don’t see Djokovic winning tomorrow. I see Alcaraz winning in 5. I’m not making the pick with what I want to happen. I’m picking with what I think will happen. Having said that, Alcaraz has to be hitting his forehand at a good level. If he’s not, he loses for sure. I would pick Djokovic in 5 or maybe even in 4 sets if Alcaraz wasn’t on fire with his return game. But that’s probably the biggest reason I think Alcaraz will win. I see Djokovic fighting to hold serve at times tomorrow. I couldn’t believe how well Alcaraz was reading the Medvedev serve. Especially up the T. It was quite something. This is a very hard match to call. Let’s see what happens.

Giles Says:

Carlos ✅
Faker ❌
Vamos Carlos! You can do it

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Look Carlos has to play the match of his life, and hope Novak play a level below his best, trouble is that’s still good enough for him, he’s still won alot of sets he should’ve lost, because of who he is, players are intimidated by his ego, his aura, said it before I think he’ll probably clean up this year, all his rivals are injured, retired, or past their best, the best the rest can hope for is a masters 1000,concolation prize, anyway be nice to see a new champion, but I won’t hold my breath, PEACE xx 🙄

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:


Madmax Says:

Ugh, it is Andrew Castle commentating. Talking about Pizza and Novak’s parents owning a Pizza place 200 miles away from where Carlos was born.

Talk about fillers and honestly, who cares? Go away Andrew Castle, get off air!

Sorry, but this one is Novak’s.

Great first set.

All out Says:

Alcaraz is a little bit impatient with his short selection today. And Djokovic is at his usual unbeatable best. This will be over in 3. Congratulations on a 24th grand slam. Truly the best player in the world right now. Another year for Alcaraz to reach this level maybe.

All out Says:

Ok.. Did I just jinx it.. Lol
Hope this goes to 5 now.. Vamos!!!

Giles Says:

Not so fast All out!!

Madmax Says:

This is a very good match, but I am not fired up as much as I thought I would be. Novak has stepped up his game, but honestly, this is never in any doubt. He is the best – Novak – and deservedly so. Unbeatable best indeed All out – you didn’t jinx this, no.

Some great shot making by Novak…

Pitchaboy Says:

At last someone who is not a mental midget.

Okiegal Says:

A shoutout to All out……Carlito was All in!!

All out Says:

HOLY @@@@!!!!!!! Carlos Alcaraz is the real deal man!!! I expected Novak to pull through in the 5th as he usually does but this kid has got a mental toughness that’s insane and he’s just 20!!! Today’s win changes so much… is this the official passing of the baton?? Congratulations on a very well deserved 2nd grand slam and first of hopefully many more Wimbledons to come Carlos Alcaraz!!!

Giles Says:

Told you guys who would win but you did not believe me.
Carlos forever. Well done young man!
Faker fk off. Have a good long rest and don’t come back
Shout out to Bog Boy and xyz. Have a drink on me. Lololol

chrisford1 Says:

How Novak lost, how Carlos won – is worth time to read the discussions on why. If it is the changing of the guard – or Djokovic still has some wins left as he ages out. 2 Slam wins and a RUP is a pretty good year, but as Novak himself has said, Carlos is the well-deserved #1 Player now.

fred stone Says:

Time violations all match long…Check
Broken racket…Check
Cussing back and forth with his box…Check
Nano-wired to little affect…Check

Pitchaboy Says:

One great champion loses. A new one emerges. No reason to diss Novak.

Alison hodge Says:

We’ll done Carlos, and fantastic to see a new champion 🏆

Madmax Says:

For Wogboy:

First of all, Giles, stop with your nasty comments about Novak. I am tired of reading them. I try to ignore you, but today – no more.

Novak is class. I cannot believe his absolute grace under the most immeasurable pressure. His speech, so classy under so much disappointment.

Novak is a legend.

Wogboy, emotions aside, and all of our differences, I am sorry for your loss today, for my loss too. You know How much I respect Novak. He brought me to tears today, his speech, his son. It was a fired-up match towards the end and I am so sorry for Novak’s loss. God. He lost to a champion. It’s like father and son. Carlos saying 36 is the new 26.

Of course he will be feeling devastated. I cannot imagine. I am just feeling a range of emotions, but certainly Giles, stay away with hateful comments because these are not deserved today.

Novak will go on and win more, for sure. No doubt and for now Carlos is on his tail, (as it should be in great competition).

Dave Says:

The 3 most important points for Novak and he hit all three shots into the net. 6-5 and 6-6 in the tie break. And 1-0 and break point in the 5th. Those were the turning points right there. Alcaraz deserved to win and was the more clutch player in the end. Djokovic played him into rhythm as well. Carlos is the only player from the younger players that can cause Djokovic to doubt himself in big points like that. The same thing happened in the 2nd set at the French Open on break point. Djokovic was in the rally and made an unforced error that I just don’t see him making against anyone else. Djokovic let this one get away today. And Carlos took it and didn’t look back.

Pitchaboy Says:

The last 20 years has been dominated by the 3 greatest exponents of the game. Who is the greatest could be argued; but, in my mind, the most complete one is Novak. Time for the game to move on. Carlos has the unrelenting baseline game of Novak with the flair and aggression of Fed.

Van Persie Says:

Nole lost today to a great champion, it was a tough battle. Am very proud, he did not give up.

It hurts today.. probably it will hurt tomorrow too…but as CF1 mentioned 2 GS titles and a RU this year… not tooo bad🙂
We are still in for the Nr. 1 battle this year🙂

Congrats to Alcaraz! Well done, well deserved!

Wog Boy Says:

Congratulations to Alcaraz, well deserved win👏

Congratulations to Nole for still pushing hard and giving hard times to these kids, the year Alcaraz was born Nole turned professional!
Last 4 GSs he played he reached 4 finals and won 3, you can’t win them all.

Gisele, we are drinking since FO, you know the one where Nole broke the record and that on his main rival turf, that was icing on the cake after AO🍻

skeezer Says:

Sorry for the Racket Destroyer, very tough loss. Congrats to new kid on the block. The spell has been broken.
Am enjoying Feds hold on 5 Consecutive Wimbledon titles. Still stands w\Borg.
Will enjoy a nice tall one for WB and Sidekick.

Madmax Says:

Van Persie Says:
Nole lost today to a great champion, it was a tough battle. Am very proud, he did not give up.

It hurts today.. probably it will hurt tomorrow too…but as CF1 mentioned 2 GS titles and a RU this year… not tooo bad🙂
We are still in for the Nr. 1 battle this year🙂

Congrats to Alcaraz! Well done, well deserved!

July 16th, 2023 at 2:37 pm



Same too.

skeezer Says:
Sorry for the Racket Destroyer, very tough loss. Congrats to new kid on the block. The spell has been broken.
Am enjoying Feds hold on 5 Consecutive Wimbledon titles. Still stands w\Borg.
Will enjoy a nice tall one for WB and Sidekick.

July 16th, 2023 at 4:15 pm

As we said a few years ago now, we celebrate Fed’s majestic play and his incredible achievements, but even today, should Novak have won, this would not have detracted from all of the successes which Fed had accumulated. Not from my perspective anyway.

I think it’s great that we can observe now, and celebrate Novak’s fighting spirit but Carlos’ win. I suspect he will win at least 10 Wimbledons, time is on his side.

I suspect Novak will win 2 more Wimbledons and hold the record. For now, it’s still Fed’s, either way, Carlos has a very, very good chance to top ’em all!

zed Says:

I’m drinking lots of coffee because here in Aus the match finished in the wee hours of the morning. Whilst I am disappointed in the result I enjoyed being on the edge of my seat throughout this awesome match.

Once Novak lost the tie break in the second I could sense the loss of momentum early in the third and I feared we were going to be done in 4 but he powered back in the 4th to give us a fifth set where I did feel he was on the back foot but he fought to the end.

At the start of this year, if you had said to me that Novak would win the French but lose Wimbeldon to Alcaraz I would have said you’ve got it the wrong way round buddy. It just goes to show how life throws surprises at you all the time.

It’s also interesting to see how some people live their lives versus others.

From what I’m seeing, Novak fans normally experience joy from his successes and disappointment from his losses but even that disappointment is tempered with enjoyment of a great match that excited and thrilled them. It’s all positive emotions, all of these enrich our lives.

But Novak haters seem to be filled with vitriol when he succeeds (which is most of the time) and then when they are gifted with an awesome match where both he and his opponent give their all to the audience these people can’t seem to draw a positive emotion from that. Even with that outcome they experience negative emotions like gloating.

Most of you on here at Tennis-X will be perceptive enough to know that this tells you a lot about the personal lives of those people. It tells you that these people are not living rich and fulfilled lives, it’s so obvious from the words they use.

When you read the stuff that Giles types you can tell can’t you? You can read the sadness, the hopelessness, the emptiness.

I guess we can be thankful that “there but for the grace of God go I”. We can be thankful that text-on-the-screen is the only incursion the sad ones like him have into our lives. Can you imagine if you had someone like this in your real life? How their poison would infect your life and the lives of people you love?

Giles Says:

Poor xyz babbling away. How are you feeling really now that you’re facing reality??? Told ya Carlos would win but you didn’t believe me! Lololol

zed Says:

Giles, it’s not a question of belief, it’s a question of lack of respect. You’re not a man who commands respect so you do not get it.

Surely you know this to be true?

Giles Says:

Poor xyz still babbling away! Lolololololololol

chrisford1 Says:

Giles, give it a rest. Have you discussed your endless hatred and other issues with Novak with a psychologist? Have you shown a psychologist what “bad place” you think Novak touched you? Did you point to the bad place on an anatomically correct doll?

skeezer Says:

Have read a plenty of “gloating” from Djoker fanatics, including you, so don’t go there.
Djoker has 23, and almost won another one. Nothing else needs to be said. He stands alone on that. Carlos was the better man today as Djoker said. And Carlos stands at the top today.

Giles Says:

Cf1. Can’t help myself unfortunately. I do detest the man!!! And that will never change.

zed Says:

Giles you confirm everything I have ever thought of you and that is sad.

There’s only one person on Earth that is hurt by your hatred of Novak.

Think about that you fool.

Madmax Says:

Stop with the immaturity Giles. We don’t have to agree with one another, but you are on repeat. I have a nephew who is 7 years old…you give him a run for his money at that age.

Skeezer, you have to admit – Giles needs some rest. He pops up every post to repeat the vitriol and there is no need. We have been posting too long to spot the hatred. Thankfully it is not contagious. There are few like G. Praise be.

“Alcaraz had every chance to wilt, and he did not. He took this final; he seized this final; and here, into the tennis future we go.”

Yup.It’s all about Carlos and why not. Of course he is the future. However, don’t write Novak off just yet. We have all been here before with the Fed and he came back swinging. Same with Rafa, though I have read Rafa is on a *farewell tour* next year – is this true, anyone? In a way, it is time. It is time, but in another, I want him to continue playing until he is 41 years old. Same as Fed reached.

Peace everyone. Or may be not.

Giles Says:

Madmax. Lol. Always a drama Queen. That hasn’t changed thru the years! It suits your avatar!!

Madmax Says:

Thanks Giles. I will take that as a compliment.

I wish I could return a compliment to you,…

Okiegal Says:

Hey, Giles likes who Giles likes….. Giles doesn’t like who Giles doesn’t like. Everyone on this forum has disdain for certain players and an outpouring of love for certain players. I have ready many comments proving my point. Get over yourselves….. geez…… pot …. kettle……..just sayin’……….😩😩😩

I’m so happy I can still say my favorite cheer……. VAMOS‼️ GO CARLITO!

Alison hodge Says:

It’s not like Rafas not suffered his fair share of negativity and nasty comments on this forum either….

Alison hodge Says:

Skeezer was right, best not to go down that road, Novak fans ain’t exactly saints either….

Okiegal Says:

Two 👍👍s up for Alison’s last two comments! Spot on, my friend! 🥰🥰

Van Persie Says:

I agree with that. Giles has the right to hate Nole and to express himself freely.

Since 23>22(and other meaningful stats), he will be here for another 15-20 years in order to chear up for his next new hope.

I am planning a retiremwnt frim posting on tennis foryms, when Nole will decide to give up🙂

Cheers to all of you! 🥂

Wog Boy Says:

“Since 23>22(and other meaningful stats), he will be here for another 15-20 years in order to chear up for his next new hope.”

Corrections VP:

-It’s 23 > 21+1*

-Gisele won’t be here for another 15-20 years, she is heading for an asylum

Cheers VP, see you in September in Belgrade, we’ll watch USO together, to check how Alcaraz will cope with favourite tag, we know how it ended up in Paris where he was a favourite….it’s a long way to #23 and rest of all time records😉

zed Says:

OkieGirl in full support of outright hatred expressed by Giles.

Who would have thought that would be the case?

I had not realised how pathological this hatred had become. Well, you do you guys and girls. I just know it won’t affect Novak but will only boomerang back at you.

I dunno OkieGirls life but I know that Giles has a pretty sad existence to start with. You add visceral hatred to that sad life and we are talking suicide risk in the coming years.

Not my problem, just saying nothing good comes from such a sickness.

Alison hodge Says:

Hi Okie lovely to see you again xx 😘

Giles Says:

ROFL. I see the 2 clowns are happily babbling away.
Joker ❌
Carlos ✅

Okiegal Says:

Hi Al! Back at cha! I hope all is well with you and your hubby. The Oklahoma heat is keeping me in under my AC! I’m so ready for cooler weather! 😩😩😩But that ain’t happening for awhile!! Take care‼️🥰

Wog Boy Says:

It is sad to know that some Alcaraz “fans” won’t be around to witness him breaking Nole’s all time records, for a difference of us Nole fans here.

There is a hope though, when they arrive at the gates, they can ask St Peter for the Foxtel sports subscription, but everything depends through which gates St Peter will send them?

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