Djokovic Hits 24, Outlasts Medvedev To Win Fourth US Open

by Staff | September 11th, 2023, 12:02 am

Novak Djokovic hung tough saving a set point in a marathon second set to prevail over Daniil Medvedev 6-3, 7-6(5), 6-3 at the US Open to win his 24th career Grand Slam title to tie Margaret Court for the all-time record.

“To make the history of this sport is something truly remarkable and special,” Djokovic said. “I never imagined that I would be here talking about 24 Slams. I never thought that would be the reality, but the last couple of years I felt I have a chance, I have a shot at history—and why not grab it if it’s presented.”

Said Medvedev, “24. I feel like I have not a bad career and I have 20 titles, you have 24 Grand Slams. Wow.”

Djokovic broke in the second game and then cruised to take the opener.

In the second, Djokovic continued to dominate on serve — at one point winning 15 straight points on serve — but Medvedev began to sink his teeth in. He began to serve better and finally got into a Djokovic service game.

Serving 3-4, Djokovic saved his first break point and then another this time a set point at 5-6. In the breaker, Medvedev got up first then played an incredible point to go up 5-4. But the Russian wouldn’t win another point and a 1 hour, 34 minute set went the way of the Serb.

“Should have won it. Should have won it, but sometimes tennis is not that easy,” Medvedev said of the set point he had at 5-6. “Passing for sure down the line, not cross, but I have two choices and I chose the wrong one. Had I won the second set maybe it could have been a different game.

“He was tired. He was missing some shots at the end of some long rallies,” Medvedev added. “That’s why it was a pity that I didn’t win the second set because I felt like I was all over him, like I was dominating in a way.”

Djokovic broke again to lead in the third but gave it right back. But another break was all he would need.

“I don’t think I have ever played a longer set in my life, particularly not on this occasion against a top player like Daniil,” Djokovic said of the second set. “I think he was probably a better player in the second set. He deserved to win that set more than I did. Somehow I managed to turn things around in the tie-break. When it mattered I put one ball into play more than he did. And that was enough.”

“Honestly, in the second I felt like I was losing air on so many occasions, and my legs, as well. I don’t recall being so exhausted after rallies really as I have been in the second set.”

Djokovic wins his first US Open since 2018 when he beat Juan Martin Del Potro also under the roof and also by the same scoreline.

Djokovic was playing in his first US Open since his 2021 loss to Medvedev. He wasn’t allowed in the country last year. Djokovic has now won three Slams titles in a single season for a fourth time. He has now won 24 Slam titles in 72 finals, or 33%.

Djokovic improves to 10-5 against Medvedev and he avenges the 2021 loss as well as a loss to his in Dubai.

Djokovic also becomes the oldest US Open at age 36.

“The fact is that at 36, every Grand Slam final could be the last one,” Djokovic said. “So I think that I probably value these occasions and opportunities to win another Slam more than I did maybe 10 years ago, because 10 years ago I felt like, ‘Hey, I still have quite a few years ahead of me.’ I don’t know how many I have ahead of me now, I don’t know how many of the years where I play four Slams in the season.”

“I see this every Grand Slam that I play right now as really a golden opportunity to make more history.”

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26 Comments for Djokovic Hits 24, Outlasts Medvedev To Win Fourth US Open

Van Persie Says:

Unbelievable what Nole achieved this year! He is the undisputed GOAT now.

After he managed to win the 2nd set, I was sure he would win it. His game at the net improved so much.

Another conclusion: Alcaraz did manage to win Wimbledon in “Nole’s age”.;)

Am curious if Nole will be still motivated next year? I think he is, but he really showed signs of aging in yesterday’s final. He should avoid tense 5 setter as much as possible, if he wants to win another one.

Cheers to all!

Wog Boy Says:

“ Another conclusion: Alcaraz did manage to win Wimbledon in “Nole’s age”.;)”

Good one VP, I thought I was the only one remembering Sean’s thread saying “Welcame to Alcaraz age…” and that after he made one GS final and won one GS, compared to Nole’s 3 GS finals and 2 wins at the time, it was inaccurate (understatement) and it’s a product of Sean’s dislike for Nole, which he was never shy of showing it, some of us still remember how Sean was rubbishing Nole 10-15 years ago, he toned it down later but never stopped using any reason put him down.

Alcaraz is none of the big 3, he just used the time when all of big three were more or less out of competition for various reasons.
All those next generations players before had to battle through all of big three, if they we’re lucky to go through Federer Nadal was waiting for them, or Djokovic, Alcaraz didn’t have that problem and he used his chances to the maximum, let us see how is going to go forward, there are lot of trickery in his game and showing the signs of strange behaviour.

Wog Boy Says:

“ He has now won 24 Slam titles in 72 finals, or 33%.”

Where did you get that one from, you are embarrassing yourself.

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

I said all along Novak would clean up this year, all the rivals he once had are either, injured, retired, or past their best, the rest are all young pretenders lacking consistent, having the odd sporadic moment here and there[like Nishikori did in 2014, but never did anything since] , maybe winning the odd masters 1000 here or there meh, I think he smelt blood, he’s really made the most of the lack of a realistic rival, Carlos hmm too early to tell, go forth and clean up Novak, congratulations Novak and best of luck to the rest, they are certainly gonna need it, please play nice Novak fans we are all entitled to a opinion

drenko Says:

staff of this website and Sean randall are complete idiots…he said in other thread..if final was between Djokovic and alcaraz that would be easy to predict…such disrespect to nole…i signing out from this sh it website

chrisford1 Says:

VP –
Novak joked at the awards ceremony about looking forward to coming back to the US Open for the next 20-25 years.

On a more serious note, before Shelton, he said in talking about it -it was being harder now competing with guys almost 2 decades younger. He has to have game plans and backup game plans ready and hard prep to feel ready more than he used to. But he also said he loves the competition, the challenges, the great new rivalries he is in. He seemed to just be stating facts that he liked staying in pro tennis enough that barring major injury, “I’ll keep on going until the young guys regularly kick my ass in the 1st and 2nd Rounds. ”

At the same awards cerermony, I found Medvedev’s apology to his wife for failing to win the US OPEN on her anniversary day as he promised her – was hilarious.

Graham Says:

Yes ND did it again but I’ll always have my doubts about his integrity.

Van Persie Says:


I have noticed that Nole is not missing Rafa and Roger very much, he really enjoys the challenges coming from the youngsters. He really appreciates Alcaraz. I also think that Alcaraz is still the most mature and the most challenging from the new genneration.

It is also good for the game, if Nole is sticking around for a few years more, if he can do it. I am not a fan of Borg’s attitude, he gave up after the first final lost to McEnroe. Nole dominated tennis for more than a decade and it is his duty to offer some satisfaction to the best of the new generation, when they are taking over. It means a lot to them, I am sure, if they can tell: Hey, I was able to beat the GOAT! It is the way, that tennis progresses.
And Nole can lose with dignity, we know that.

I would also not like it to see him playing and losing in first rounds to often, as he told. He will know, when to leave the stage. :)

mat4 Says:

I forgot my credentials here, this is just a try.

mat4 Says:

OK, it works.

I read here all the usual false arguments against Novak.

Let’s be serious for once. Tennis has changed, and players have improved. The level of the actual top players is higher than it was in 2005, 2008 or even 2012. Novak 2023 would have beat Novak or Rafa from the AO final 2012 in three. Yesterday was just another demonstration how much Novak has improved: he serves better, he has improved his volleying, his transition game, his forehand, his backhand, he has a racket better adapted to his game, etc.

These young players grew watching Federer, Djokovic, Nadal. They had lofty goals from their youth. A fair comparison would be that Alcaraz is already better than Nadal ever was, Medvedev and Zverev are above Murray, Thiem at his best was sensational. Tennis has improved, and only experience, years on improving, allow Djokovic remain at the very top.

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Lol Nah what challenge from the youngsters, there ain’t none, he rides rough shod over everyone, he’s the big boss, why would he miss the other two, he has the tour to himself, rubbing his hands together sitting pretty, licking his lips, nobody really bothers him anymore….

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Shows signs of ageing, felt tired blah blah blah, yet still won the match in 3 sets, God if only everyone else had these problems

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Come February next year, he’ll probably be sitting on 25,hes bound to win that, power to him

mat4 Says:


You should start watching tennis, at least a bit.

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Been watching for years my friend 😀

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Ever since I learned to walk, my mam and dad, the whole family, used to watch all the all time greats 👨‍👩‍👦

mat4 Says:

You seem to be very young, then.

Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:


Incy _Wincy _ Spider Says:

Doesn’t mean people who are young don’t know a thing or two, and it doesn’t mean the older generation know it all either

Wog Boy Says:

Great post VP👏

Good to see you back mat4, very insightful post, as usual 👍

There are some people who will always play down Nole’s success, that’s fine, it started long time ago, since he started to beat the other two and the rest on regular basis, they can’t handle the truth, that’s ok if that makes them feel better.

Wog Boy Says:

As for Nole leaving the stage, the way he is handling the situation I cane see his last match being played against Stefan Djokovic.

mat4 Says:

Hello, Wog!

Nice to read you again. I see that not much has changed, the same arguments, the same narratives. I am a bit tired of it, especially since tennis itself changed. There was a shift toward tall players, big servers with lighter rackets, while we now can see another shift, this time toward more and more complete and versatile players, about six feet one, two tall.

There seems to be also a paradigm changed in physical preparation, but here we can see different schools of thinking. Anyway, players became aware of the weight problem, with the exception of a few teams.

SG1 Says:

Wondering how long it will take Medvedev to recover from the loss.

Daniel Says:

GOAT debate was settled long before the 24. Now its just icing on the cake.

For all Djokovic has achieved and his many, many attributes, his will when facing competion is his biggest asset. He really loves and thrives on competion in itself. Federer when push too far folded many times and Nadal’s body (and physical style) couldn’t hold his mental fortitude. Djoko can sustaing it more than those 2 ever could, hence his longevity and as mat4 said, adaptation to several generations.

Agree, tennis evoled and he dominates his own game and body in such a way he can continue to play like he was 25.

He indeed shown signs of aging in patches, so I believe in the future, eventually if Alcara, Medved and a very few others push him to 5, here and there he will surrender. But at the pace his is going, bar injury. Suddenly 30 is not impossible number. I belive he will end up somewhere between 26-28, but things can change pretty quickly in tennis.

It was a privilege to watch he comes out of the shadow of Fedal, dethrone than both and now stands 1 Slam away from the top of the top of Olympus tennis. Remarkable!!

Wog Boy Says:


I can only admire and applaud your post, and that coming from Federer fan who was always genuinely supportive of Nole too and had him as a second favourite. We did have our differences here but you always stayed true to yourself, that’s for respect .

Hats off to you Daniel👏

Giles Says:

Feel like vomiting reading all these gloaters! Pffffft

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