Team World Ready To Take Laver Cup, Needs One Win Sunday

by Staff | September 24th, 2023, 10:19 am

After a Friday sweep, Team World won three of four matches on Saturday to move to the brink of a second Laver Cup title.

World leads Team Europe 10-2 needing just one win Sunday.

On Saturday, American No. 1 Taylor Fritz took the opener Andrey Rublev 6-2, 7-6(3). Down 6-0, Casper Ruud got Team Europe on the board with a 7-6(6), 6-2 victory over Tommy Paul.

World won the next two.

Frances Tiafoe took the court besting Hubert Hurkacz 7-5, 6-3 and then Felix Auger-Aliassime and Ben Shelton ended the day with a 7-5, 6-4 decision over Hurkacz and Gael Monfils.

“It’s amazing, when you play with a guy who serves and returns like Felix, is as athletic as him, and goes back for the overhead as strong as him, it’s a fun time,” said Shelton to the Laver Cup website. “We call him Laver Cup Felix because he turns into something special this week, just glad I got to share the court with him at least once.”

“The best comes out of me when I’m playing not only for myself but for teammates,” said Auger-Aliassime. “Ben carried me through the end of that match, it was tough for me to get it done.”

Shelton and Tiafoe can clinch the tie Sunday at noon with a doubles win.

“We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. The job’s not done but we’re pretty close,” coach John McEnroe said.

Rogers Arena Starts At 12:00 PM
Hubert Hurkacz/Andrey Rublev vs Ben Shelton/Frances Tiafoe
Casper Ruud vs Taylor Fritz
Andrey Rublev vs Frances Tiafoe
Hubert Hurkacz vs Felix Auger-Aliassime

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26 Comments for Team World Ready To Take Laver Cup, Needs One Win Sunday

Wog Boy Says:

I just popped in to say hello to my friend SG1, Canadians uneducated parliamentarians just proved what I said before, how badly North Americans are informed and educated, you know what I am talking about, no?
Glorifying Ukrainian nazi past … well documented for decently educated people, which unfortunately North Americans are not!

zed Says:

Hey WB, yes that was hilarious but unfortunately most of our North American friends will not know of what you speak.


Because their propaganda media will refuse to report on it. That’s why.

The way our friends are programmed is via the propaganda media. When the powerful want our friends to be programmed in a certain way the same process is followed each and every time.

1) The message is reported by all mainstream outlets.
2) The message is repeated regularly, hourly repetition is common
3) The message is “discussed” by talking heads on various TV shows who all agree with the message whilst flashing their shiny white teeth at the cameras
4) The message is further pushed by famous people, celebrities are common contributors
5) If people disagree with the message they are censored. They are not allowed to discuss on mainstream TV and on Google, YouTube, etc they are shadow-banned or totally blocked.
6) If some people get too much of an audience (even after censorship) they are doxxed, swatted and in some countries (UK for example) they are raided by the police.

On the reverse side, if something embarassing happens (like the Canadian government giving a standing ovation to a Nazi murderer) none of the first four steps above are taken. It is simply ignored EXCEPT for steps 5) and 6) which are taken to prevent more people learning of the embrassment.

And the funniest part of it all is that our friends ALWAYS remain smug and happy in the belief that they are well informed LOL. In fact, if others do not believe the lies, our friends label them as “stupid” or “conspiracy theorists” because of course that is what their media masters have told them to do.

It is a comedy, all of it, the whole world is a tragic comedy and in the end we all die so it mattered not at all.

SG1 Says:

Well WogTwit… if any country would know a thing or two about about Nazis, it would be the former Yugoslavia and I know you know what I’m talking about. Nazis always appear to show up in the strangest places… General Sec of The UN, in Canada’s parliament, Argentina, Spain. It’s definitely embarrassing for Canada but hardly unique.

Wog Boy Says:

Actually SG1, I don’t know what are you talking about, please elaborate about the subject you mentioned, Kingdom of Yugoslavia and what happened to it?!

Just one warning, don’t use Wiki or Google knowledge, you are going to make even bigger fool of yourself then you already did.

Wog Boy Says:

“It’s definitely embarrassing for Canada but hardly unique.”


List another country, apart of Ukraine since they are in charge of Ukraine, where former nazi was given standing ovation in Parliament, western or eastern world country?!

SG1 Says:

WogTwit… get a life.

SG1 Says:

For anyone interested, please check out the UN inauguration speech of Nazi Kurt Waldheim who received an ovation in 1971. This occurring only 25 years after the end of WWII. The UN selecting a Nazi as it’s General Secretary is orders of magnitude more embarrassing than what happened in Canada.

Wog Boy Says:

SG1….is that all….at least you didn’t have to use Wiki for this one.

zed Says:

SG1, you may be right but there’s the recency bias as well. The Canadian government siezed private assets from people simply because they contributed to a GoFundMe campaign and they worked with their propaganda media labelling working class Canadians “Nazis”.

It’s so amazingly delicious to see your smarmy, virtue-signalling, thought-policing, sh!te-bag parliament mindlessly giving a standing ovation to a true-blue, died-in-the-wool, 100%-real nazi murderer because he killed Russians in WW2, the same Russians who were Canada’s allies LOL!!!

I mean, how freaking stupid is your government? Seriously! Have you paused to think (like they obviously did not)?

I assume you’re a great supporter of Castro’s son.

zed Says:

WB, yes well said AND watching the video footage once again gives a fresh reminder of how incredibly stupid the people of the Canadian Parliament are.

I mean SERIOUSLY, just look at those morons standing and clapping for a man that murdered innocent people. And why did these mindless fools do that? Because they were told to, LOL, because someone told them that you need to applaud because he killed Russians!

Not one, not a single one of these idiots seemed to know that he did the killing in the service of Canada’s enemy, how could they not know? Is the education system in Canada that bad? He was on the side of the concentration camps FFS!!!

It re-affirms my own belief that most people do not think, at least not what I define as “think”. They are like trained Pavlovian dogs, not an original thought of any kind. They just smile their stupid smiles and dance their stupid dance to the tune of their masters.

And these are the people that run Canada???? You have to be kidding me!!!

No wonder the country is so screwed up! And what about the people who vote for this? The people who will again and ALWAYS vote for this? What about those tools?

SG1 Says:

Typical of the WogTrolls to band together like this and expand their arguments to other areas when they are getting their a$&&es kicked. Go back to kindergarten where you belong.

chrisford1 Says:

I held off on commenting on the great looking 98 year old Nazi until I had tennis news.
Carlos went down again without getting many points (90) and maybe he has the energy to toss in Basel or Vienna before Paris but there is a real race for #1. And Djokovic has to choose going all out for Paris, then the ATP win and locking in more records and likely going over 400 weeks as #1 – or save himself a bit for Davis Cup? I like the former. If he runs out of gas by Davis Cup, people will understand.

That Nazi reception was hilarious. I am not fond of the adulation Zelensky gets, given he will be blamed for 800,000 casualties and living in exile for going all in on a war Ukraine would lose. I am someone that thinks Fidel’s Boy Justin is loathsome. I didn’t see the video and was howling with family – then we all said that was a great looking 98-year old that gives Dick Van Dyke a run for his money as the best near century old near corpse.
All credit to my wife for this:
Trudeau: “Dude, what is your secret for looking so young?”
Ukie Nazi Hero: “Having wonderful memories of doing atrocities, my son. Many atrocities.”

zed Says:


If Carlos wins the Basel tournament he and Novak will go into the Paris tournie deadlocked at 8,945 points each! Apparently Novak will retain #1 position because in the case of a deadlock the one who has more Grand Slam points is placed above the other player.

Then if Novak meets Carlos in the Paris final and wins, Novak goes to 9,945 and Carlos goes to 9,545.

In Turin, if each of them wins all three matches in the round-robin and then each wins their SF match, and Novak wins in the final, Novak gets 1,500 taking him to 11,445 and Carlos gets 1,000 taking him to 10,545. A difference of 900 points.

In that scenario Novak has another YE#1 but early in 2024 he will drop points for Adelaide and for the AusOpen where Carlos did not play. Novak can, at best, retain his 11,445 points but Carlos can bridge the 900 point difference by playing Adelaide and Melbourne and doing well. If Carlos performs well in the AO he could pass Novak and take number 1 again.

Can Novak hit 400 weeks this year? I’m not sure. I think he ends up with 398 or 399 weeks at the end of 2023 but I’m happy to be wrong. Please correct me if I am. In any case, when the season starts in 2024 he should be able to pass the 400 week mark by the AO.

We can have a 400 weeks party! We can invite all the haters, SG1, Giles, etc :)

And the Nazi reception? Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Could anything have made it any clearer how vacuous these people are? I join you full-heartedly in loathing Justin Castro, he makes my skin crawl! SG1 is clearly a lover of Justine, I guess SG1’s firmly ensconced in the left side of politics, you’d have to be that way to be unable to see the damage these people are doing to society.

When it’s all done, Zelensky will be found by his own countrymen. It may take them a year or two but they will find him and they will pay him a visit, he won’t survive that visit. He and his fellow criminals have sent hundreds of thousands of poor working class Ukranians to their deaths or to permanent disability all so they can line their own pockets. The levels of corruption are beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, the heartlessness takes your breath away. I can’t find a word better than “evil”, that is what they are, they are evil.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, if my maths are correct, By the time WTF is finished Nole will be on 399 weeks as #1, if he stays #1 after he will well and truly break 400 mark in December.

While Alcaraz proved that he is desperate to get back to #1 by playing Asian swing and right after loss to Dimi confirmed he is going to play Basel too, Nole decided he’ll play only Paris and Turin, basically forfeiting #1 to Alcaraz…if Spaniard did as well as expected in Asia, but he didn’t, he returned to Spain fro Asia with 270 points out of 1500 that were on offer!

SG1 Says:

I’m a Novak hater now. Really? I’ve called him The GOAT many times. Even before he had 24. Criticizing his position on vaccination hardly makes me hater. Who knew that disagreeing with someone makes you a hater of them? I have a lot of respect for Djokovic. Always have.

Takes someone like WogTurd and his band of trolls to draw such a completely irrational conclusion.

Wog Boy Says:

Hahaha SG1, I love you mate but you have to take care of your (mental)health.
You are showing worrying signs of (mental)distress, big one, and that’s not good, you are not spring chicken anymore, maybe to take a break from the internet would be good for you, think about it?!

SG1 Says:

Well Woggy… I guess you’d be the expert on mental health or lack thereof.

zed Says:


I think (but am not 100% sure) that on Monday 9/10/23 Novak had accumulated 394 weeks at #1.

If he beats Carlos in the Paris final Novak gains 1,000 points but drops 600 points from Paris last year PLUS on the same day (6/11/23) he drops 1,500 from last year’s ATP final.

I think that means on 6/11/23 he will have 9,945 points.

Assuming Carlos has won Basel and he meets Novak in the final of Paris only to lose to him, Carlos will have 9,725 points.

In that scenario Novak is still 220 points ahead and remains #1.

That would mean that on 6/11/23 he has 398 weeks.

Turin doesn’t start until a week later so by the start of Turin Novan will have accumulated 399 weeks.

The Turin tournament runs for one week and if Novak and Carlos meet in the final with each not having dropped a match in round-robin and the Semis then it all comes down to that final match.

If Novak wins in that scenario, he gets 1,500 points, Carlos gets 1,000 points and the difference becomes 720 points, Novak retains #1 and the following Monday 20/11/23 he hits 400 weeks.

If Carlos wins he gets the 1,500 points, Novak gets the 1,000 points and the difference becomes 280 points in Carlos’s favour and the following Monday 20/11/23 Carlos becomes #1, and becomes YE#1 and Novak is stuck at 399 until 2024. In the early part of 2024 it will be hard to win back #1 because even if he wins Adelaide and the AO again, he will net zero points. Any points that Carlos gets at the AO will just increase that 280 point lead because he has none from 2023.

That would mean Novak would have to wait until sometime in February to win back #1 and hit 400 weeks. He’d have to play 500’s or 250’s, perhaps Rotterdam, Rio or Dubai.

So let’s hope he wins Paris and Turin and ends the year with 400+ and his 8th YE#1

chrisford1 Says:

Well said, Zed! How exciting would that be?
Carlos sure looked like a lock, then he came up without the big wins, Novak got #1 back. It would be great – a horse race, again with the two best two players at the moment.
The China Tour may have changed Djokovic’s priorities. He sort of conceded that Alcaraz would take over #1 again by sitting out the Asian Tour. Now he has a very good chance to get to big marks. Another year end #1, exceed 400 weeks as #1, beat Fed with most AtP Championships.
Before this, Djokovic wanted to have a big focus was the Davis Cup Finals. I hope he just goes for all he can through the Turin Championships, and if he has any gas left in the tank, Davis Cup. Prioritize!
As for Carlos, it is great that he is telling everyone that he will work like crazy to get #1 back. I like him. He has confidence and self-belief he is the best gut out there now at his best..

Pure Hollywood script rivalry stuff. Gifted kid vs. wily old vet.

zed Says:

Chrisford1, You’re right! It is like a Hollywood script!

Of course if Carlos does not win Basel then it becomes a bit less close but still allows Carlos to win YE#1 if Novak does not deliver in Paris and/or Turin.

I’m going to stock up on Popcorn, I’m going to need it as we rush towards the end of the year.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed and CF1,

Take you time and watch this one, our friend SG1 can watch it too, though I am pretty sure he knows about Ukrinazies being resettled in Canada by UK after the WW2, particularly knowing that he is of Eastern European background:

chrisford1 Says:

1. Video was a good use of my time. I know a little bit about the Holodomor, the rough reasons why Ukrainians drafted by the Soviets shifted sides.
My dad was a lawyer and was interested in the Demjanjuk Show trials and the ethics of doing what it took to survive the war. Telling us how Western courts generally don’t pursue criminalizing deeds were done with the lack of free will, how activist Jews like Simon Wiesenthal baying for the mans head were out to revitalize the Holocaust lawsuits after all the data coming from the emigres leaving the Soviet Union in the 80s.
He sided with Demjanjuk, but also with not assigning guilt to Japanese concentration camp guards who were not in senor ranks and obeyed orders or they died on the spot or were returned to Tokyo in chains for trial and slow execution by strangle hanging. He also sided with Jews that cooperated with Nazis outside the camps – as a price of being alive, and in the camps, Sonderkommandos – who were big in movies in that era – Jews who operated the death camps for the Germans, with the Ukrainians, as a price for staying alive.

The video had details I didn’t know about how they got into Canada. The British knife to the back of Cossacks sent back to get a bullet from Stalin and deported only at gunpoint and many beaten, a couple shot Cossacks and stabbed British MPs. (BTW, the Brits sent back the Polish Free Army to Polish and Russian Commissar executions). Also, thanks for the education in the OUN variants.

Few Americans are aware of E European history. I find it fascinating and important for American decision makers to know, which they often do but blow aside anyways as their patrons in the MIC, Jewish Neocon community, and Global bankers and corporatists order.
Few understand that Ukraine is a Franken-nation, made up of parts the Soviet dictators stole from 6 countries, and many besides Russia are thinking it is time to get justice and carve up Ukraine.

chrisford1 Says:

1. Back to tennis. Congrats to Hubert Hurkacz on his 2nd Masters. Big serve, big game player.
Sorry for Rublev, who I like and was rooting for.

2. Boris may be back. He’s been practicing with Holger Rune after a little R&R time with loyal patrons after his Brit prison time. Not sure if the Brits will allow him back in their country, before probation and some restitution plan is in place. His status was he was returned to Germany as a parolee, not to go back to the UK without meeting conditions. At least Boris was a star and colorful!

3. Novak is talking a little too much about Davis Cup and how he and Serbia need to prep for the “double Evans threat”. To me, I’d rather hear him talk about how he isn’t even thinking of Davis Cup before it happens. I’d prefer him to say the race to finish #1, win the ATP Championships, go over 400 weeks as #1 has to be his top priority. And if he has any gas in the tank for Davis Cup, great, he hopes Serbians understand what he is going for.
He got stupid going for the Olympics vs a Grand Slam because….patriotism and all…Lets hope he is smarter and his team more persuasive this time.

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, agree about DC, and that Nole should prioritise Paris and Turin, besides, since DC was privatised and changed format it is simply not what it used to be, it lost importance.
(Serbian) People that socialise with couldn’t care less about DC.

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