Healthy, Motivated Novak Djokovic Targets Olympics, More Slams, More Titles In 2024

by Sean Randall | January 1st, 2024, 5:48 pm

Entering his 19th year on tour and at age 36, Novak Djokovic shows no signs of slowing down.

The world No. 1 collected three of the four Grand Slam titles last year, falling short of a full sweep by just a few games in the Wimbledon final.

Now the clear record holder for most Grand Slam men’s titles, Djokovic said he’s looking for more this season, including Olympic success.

“It’s not a secret that I want to break more records and make more history of the game. That’s something that keeps on motivating me,” Djokovic said last week at the United Cup.

“Grand Slams, Olympic Games, hopefully I can win another medal for Serbia in the Olympics. I would love to do that. That’s one of the highest goals for this year.”

Djokovic and his Serbian team were victorious in their opener against China in Perth. It’s Djokovic’s first time playing the United Cup

“It’s a great start of the season. Wonderful way to celebrate New Year’s.

“We have a saying in Serbia: If the entire year is going to be as kind of the sunrise or the first minute of the new year, then I think we’re going to have a great season and great year.”

Djokovic will be back on court Tuesday in Perth to take on the Czech Republic.

And in just a few weeks Djokovic will begin his pursuit of Australian Open title No. 11 and Grand Slam trophy No. 25.

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4 Comments for Healthy, Motivated Novak Djokovic Targets Olympics, More Slams, More Titles In 2024

Giles Says:

The man has no competition whatsoever. So wants to make hay while the sun shines! #stillanarsehole! #cheat#uptonogood. 😱

chrisford1 Says:


Nadal on comeback?
Thiem on comeback?
Holger Rune?
Zverev on comeback?

Plus 6-7 others like Hurkacz, Ruud, or Tiafoe that might beat anyone on a good day..
No competition for Novak? Even the love of your life, Rafa, looking good on his comeback? Or was it Fed?
No matter.

chrisford1 Says:

BTW, John Berkok of Tennis Magazine, who is often 1st to note great new stats in players, congratulated Novak on his 13th year where he was #1. Like every year since 2011 except 2017, when he had to leave after starting the year #2 after an elbow injury.

For comparison, Rafa had ten years in which he reached or had the #1 ranking going in. Federer 9 seasons. Lendl, Sampras, Connors 8 years and the rest all at 6 or under.

My New Years hopes for 2024 for Djokovic do not include a gold medal because he had his chances..and is out of luck now, IMO. But for the rest:

1. Great matches with the young guys that will continue the sport’s 2nd Golden Age when Andy, Stan and the Big 3 are all gone.
2. Rafa. The most prolific and yet closest rivalry is Novak-Rafa, as we all know. GOAT talk aside, they are 30-29 equals. May matches 60 and on happen between the two!
3. Obviously happy wishes for Novak and Family’s on&off-the workplace lives.
4. That he stays and grows the Players Association after the young pack of players finally hauls him down. I like he said he loves the sport, the competition, the comradery, the money – and plans on sticking around “until the young guys regularly kick my ass in the 1st or 2nd round”. Transition to Statesman of the Sport.

Lower level wishes:

A. He will end the AO with 409 weeks by Zeds count. Alcaraz will likely be #1 after the AO. 409 is a fine number. There is even a very appropriate, if very old, Beach Boys song. “My 409”. Possibilities if he regains #1, not a priority of his would be 412 when he will have been the top player for 100 weeks longer than Fed, 416 would be 8 years.
B. Monte Carlo. Winning that not so marquee anymore Masters would give Djokovic a 3rd career sweep in 1000 PT and above ATP events

Wog Boy Says:

“..they are 30-29 equa….”

CF1, that h2h is very deceiving, same as Roger vs Rafa h2h. If Rafa was turning up for HC tournaments the way Novak and Roger were turning up for CC tournaments, knowing that more likely than not will be beaten by Rafa, that h2h would be more likely close 40 – 30 and Roger one would be much closer or maybe even in positive.

Think about this, Rafa qualified for 15 WTFs, but showed up in 10 of them, add to it all Shanghai, Paris and other HC tournaments he missed, but almost never CC ones.

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