Novak Djokovic On Right Wrist Issue: “I Think It’s Not A Major Concern”

by Staff | January 2nd, 2024, 3:36 pm

Last year, it was a hamstring, this year it might be a wrist issue for Novak Djokovic as he heads toward the Australian Open.

In a 3-set win yesterday over Jiri Lehecka at the United Cup, the world No. 1 needed treatment on his right wrist.

Djokovic brushed off any issues with the wrist after.

“It happened in the warmup today before the match,” Djokovic said. “I basically got constant treatment before the match, during the match, after the match trying to address the issue that I’m facing today in the best possible way.

“It’s not the first time that I have faced these kind of circumstances at such a high level of professional tennis. I know professional sport in general, these things happen. I think it’s not a major concern, because I still managed to finish the match and managed to play well, even though I maybe wasn’t feeling 100%. But still it allowed me to finish the match.

“Hopefully I’ll have enough time to recover for tomorrow’s tie against Australia that is in the afternoon hours, so more time for us.”

Due to the wrist, Djokovic did not play in the mixed doubles match.

Djokovic saw seen getting treatment on the wrist before his match, as well.

If the wrist is ok, Djokovic and Team Serbia will now take on Australia in the quarterfinals. Djokovic will have to battle a red-hot Alex De Minaur.

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic On Right Wrist Issue: “I Think It’s Not A Major Concern”

Giles Says:

This arsehole is just unbelievable. Right wrist issue! 😱🙄. Started his crap! Feigning injuries. Nothing’s changed with the Cheat!

Dave Says:

He shouldn’t have played in the Davis Cup. He shouldn’t have played today. There is definitely a pattern developing with players lately. The ones that play too many matches suffer the following year. FAA and Tsitsipas didn’t have great years in 2023 after playing so many matches in 2022. Medvedev also had this problem a few years back. So it won’t surprise me if Sinner and Medvedev have issues in 2024 after playing so many matches in 2023. And Djokovic could also have this problem if you combine his age with all of the long matches he played in Paris, Turin and Davis Cup to end the season. It’s too much.

Wog Boy Says:

The positive side is that 40 something winning streak in Australia is over.

Wog Boy Says:

On a serious note, my feelings are the same as after Tokyo Olympics and USO, Nole isn’t winning AO, he acted pretty irresponsible by playing UC, same applies, though to a lesser degree for playing DC.

c’est la vie

zed Says:

Guys, according to Nole and to Goran it’s nothing and he will be fine in time for the AO.

I agree with WB and wish that Nole would just concentrate on ATP events and ignore useless Olympics, Davis Cup, etc but he loves his country and wants to represent them in the team events. I would argue that he already represents his country admirably simply by continuing to add to his already amazing records of achievement but Nole probably wouldn’t agree.

Giles, I honestly feel for you, what a sad and insular small life you must lead :(

I wish you could find a way to break out of simply being you and somehow find a way to be a happier person but I suspect the die has been cast and this is it for you (or things will get even worse) until you have your final rest.

WB and I will have a drink on your behalf when we meet.

Dave Says:

When Federer ended the last Djokovic 43 match winning streak in 2011 we know what happened after that. Nadal looked good again against a very favourable match up for him. I did notice one weakness though. Nadal is slower when he gets stretched on his forehand than before the injury. Djokovic will definitely be able to expose that. Nadal might be able to rediscover that movement with more matches. And it probably won’t affect him very much on clay.

Dave Says:


He also said that after his leg injury in the Medvedev match last year and the injury stuck around. So I’m definitely more concerned this time around. A real wrist problem is more concerning. He needs his right wrist for everything. And he needs his forehand big time if he wants to win this year.

Giles Says:

XYZ. Can’t help myself. This is the effect that arsehole has on me!

zed Says:

Dave, I do think he has time to get back to sufficient health for the AO but I do acknowledge that we take longer to heal when we are older and we are more prone to injury as well. So maybe 10 days is not enough to be back to 100% but I still think he will be good enough to take the tournament again.

But that brings us to all this talk of Nole playing into his 40’s.

I think analogies with football etc are not relevant. Tennis is not a team sport, you can’t sit at the side of the field and come on to the field at strategic times of the match, you are not restricted to a 90 minute match, you may have to play 4, 5 maybe even 6 hours straight in Grand Slams and there are no substitutions, it is you and you alone.

It is the most gruelling sport where there is no “season” (it is a 12 month season) and the calendar is jam-packed with tournaments that you must attend if you are to remain competitive, ie very short and very few breaks between tournaments.

I initially thought Novak’s attention to health and diet would allow him to play into his 40’s but now I’m thinking “another 3 and a half years of this?” If he is somehow able to achieve it and remain at the top then I think it will be an incredible achievement that people will remember for a very long time.

Giles, for your own good, for you, not for me, not for Novak, not for anyone else, for you, try to find peace. You will be better for it, you will be happier.

Wog Boy Says:


It is getting close, looking forward for that drink and meal in your city, sports capital of Australia, whatever Nole does it’s bonus, no pressure whatsoever.

I don’t think his injury is that naive, whoever watched the match against De Manure could have seen that Nole was avoiding chasing the balls on his forehand and his forehand was nonexistent and his serve was badly compromised, how often Nole played the matches where he didn’t have one single brake point?!
I blame him for not letting young Medjedovic play, Serbia team didn’t have chance of winning even if Nole won, no good WTA players and even worse mixed doubles.
The times of Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic and one of best doubles players Zimonjic are long gone, he didn’t have one single reason to play, pretty dumb decision.

zed Says:

WB, yes looking forward to catching up. What date was good for you? I have a vague recollection you were thinking of Wednesday Jan 17th but I can’t remember.

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