Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of Australian Open With “Micro Tear”

by Staff | January 7th, 2024, 4:10 pm

The good news, Rafael Nadal has not retired and not re-injured his hip.

The bad news, Rafael Nadal will not be playing the Australian Open after suffering what he called a “micro tear” to a muscle in his upper left leg during a loss to Jordan Thompson Friday in Brisbane.

Nadal got evaluated and the he will now head back to Spain for further tests and treatment, with a goal to return to the tour and do so quickly.

Nadal made the stunning announcement on twitter earlier today.

Hi all, during my last match in Brisbane I had a small problem on a muscle that as you know made me worried. Once I got to Melbourne I have had the chance to make an MRI and I have micro tear on a muscle, not in the same part where I had the injury and that’s good news.

Right now I am not ready to compete at the maximum level of exigence in 5 sets matches. I’m flying back to Spain to see my doctor, get some treatment and rest.

I have worked very hard during the year for this comeback and as I always mentioned my goal is to be at my best level in 3 months.

Within the sad news for me for not being able to play in front of the amazing Melbourne crowds, this is not very bad news and we all remain positive with the evolution for the season.

I really wanted to play here in Australia and I have had the chance to play a few matches that made me very happy and positive.

Thanks all for the support and see you soon! Rafa

Nadal looked good in his first two matches and had match points against Thompson to win in straights. The 37-year-old will have a full 1.5 months to get ready for the March Masters, or nearly three months before Monte Carlo and the clay season.

And will Nadal ever play in Australia again?

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6 Comments for Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of Australian Open With “Micro Tear”

Giles Says:

G O A T!!
The real GOAT. Not some faker!
Vamos Champ!

zed Says:


You make me smile Giles :)

The competition was over some time ago and you try to pretend there is still a competition. It’s sort of funny but sort of sad at the same time.

However, I am not oblivious to the fact that you need this to make the rest of your life feel less empty so in view of that I will pat you on the head and say “have at it young Giles, have at it!”

Giles Says:

XYZ. I make you smile and you make me roar with laughter at the gibberish you post!

Wog Boy Says:

Wilander said something that we all agreed on:

““He’s one of the greatest players of all time…”

…and added as a sweetener:

“…..MAYBE the most important professional tennis player of all time”

Mats never said he is the GOAT since there is only one GOAT and that’s not Rafa (not debatable anymore) and few greatest ever, one of them is Rafa, thank you for posting pretty accurate Wilander opinion 👍

Zed Says:

Opinions and a-holes, everyone has them.

The best thing is that Novak is still going, no one knows how many more records he will accumulate.

Even at the current moment, even if he has no further wins, he already dwarfs Federer and Nadal on every metric.

The victory is so complete that only the most foolish will continue to argue.

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