Australian Open Men’s Final: Jannik Sinner v Daniil Medvedev

by Staff | January 27th, 2024, 8:18 pm

For the first time in 19 years there are no Big 3 players in the men’s final of the Australian Open. That simply because Jannik Sinner put a stop to it, stunning Novak Djokovic in convincing fashion in four sets on Friday in the semifinals.

Sinner, who has lost just one set entering the finals, will now set his sights on Daniil Medvedev.

The Russian has returned to the Australian Open final for a third time, and he did it the hard way. The extremely hard way winning three 5-set matches and two of them from two sets down including a 4-hour, 18-minute win over Alexander Zverev in his semifinal.

So has this hardened Medvedev?

“Mentally 100%, I’m stronger than I was before this tournament, because now I know that I’m capable of some things maybe I thought I’m not,” Medvedev said. “Probably honestly, it’s better to be in the final winning three-set, four-set matches.

“That’s the better way physically. But it is what it is, and I’m proud and looking forward to the final to give my 100% again.”

In all, Medvedev has spent about six hours more on court than the 22-year-old Sinner.

Medvedev, though, has the experience of playing in his sixth Grand Slam final, and this is his first final where he doesn’t have to face Djokovic or Rafael Nadal.

But that’s not as great of note as it would have been a year ago.

Sinner storms into this final having won 19 of his last 20 matches and nine of his last 10 against Top 5. Medvedev beat the Italian in their first six meetings, but Sinner has won their last three.

“I think after last year, especially end of the year, gave me confidence that I could potentially do some good results in Grand Slams,” Sinner said of his recent success. “But in the other way, you still have to show it, no? There are people who talk a lot, but you have to show it, no, because at the end of the day you’re going on the court, and you have to play.”

Medvedev will have to dive deep in his bag of tricks. Unlike Zverev or Hubert Hurkacz, Sinner is a front-court attacking player with punishing corner-to-corner groundstrokes.

If Sinner wins, he becomes the first Italian man or woman to win the Australian Open singles title.

“Obviously, it means so much to me to beat Novak here in Melbourne, but in another way, I know that the tournament is not over,” Sinner said. “Sunday is a final. It’s different emotions because the final is always different.

“It doesn’t really matter how big the tournament is. In my mind today I knew it was the semifinal. It’s not that you win the tournament like this. I’m looking forward for Sunday, and let’s see what’s coming.

“If it’s not this year, it’s next year, and then if it’s not next year, it’s the next year again. I’m really relaxed, to be honest. I just try to work as hard as possible and, in my mind, I feel like the hard work always pays off in one way. We are working really hard for our dreams.”

If Medvedev wins, he takes his second Grand Slam and shakes off those demons from that crushing loss to Nadal in this final in 2022.

Regardless, a new Australian Open men’s champion will be crowned for the first time in 10 years when Stan Wawrinka won it over Rafael Nadal.

“It will be a very tough match,” Medvedev’s coach Gilles Cervara said.

“[It’s an] opportunity to use this chance to not play Novak or Nadal. But at the same time, it’s an amazing player in front of him, so it’s also a very, very big change.”

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49 Comments for Australian Open Men’s Final: Jannik Sinner v Daniil Medvedev

chrisford1 Says:

Sinner is a Germanic ethnic from South Tyrol. He is 100% Team Italy, but grew up speaking German at home and with all the Austrian, German skiiers coming to the lodge where his parents Hanspeter and Siglinde Sinner worked. And speak Lombard region Italian everywhere else
So his Italian is German accented, and so is his English. Funny!

I’ve been tracking Sinner since he won the Next Gen ATP title. Fun to watch. Impressive athlete. I’m a fan and was since the, thinking he would be a top player when the Big 3 finally go.
I’m rooting for Medvedev, though. Been a fan of his as long or longer than Sinner’s, and he also won me over with his feud with Tsitsiputz. As cool a trash talker as Kyrgios. Unique guy, unique game, unique sometimes cringeworthy strokes that somehow get the job done.

Wog Boy Says:

Correct, so is Andreas Seppi, people hardly paid attention that his English was with German accent.

Theirs facial features are typical Austrian, more bony, stronger jaw and cheekbones…”Hasta la vista, baby”😉

Wog Boy Says:

I have question for you, nothing to do with tennis, when it says “liberal college” what is the difference between other colleges and universities in America, does it have political connotation too (more lefty or conservative)?

The reason for question is that I am working with American colleges (and universities for years), they are coming and completing entire 4 months course in Australia, absolutely great young people, but pretty unconventional and free spirited with great manners.

This month I had one from Atlanta and just finished with one from Portland “Lewis & Clark College”, I also worked with St Olaf from Minnesota, their Sydney leg.

Again, great young people it was pleasure looking after them, their parents should be proud of them…and America.

skeezer Says:

Sinner! Tennis is back! Congrats to the Italian kid, that match was totally awesome.👏

Alison hodge Says:

Sorry for Meddy, but I wanted Sinner to win, it seems fitting that he should win the title after he beat Novak, well done young man 😀

skeezer Says:

Meddy had his chances, serving for match point and, two points away in another set from victory. But he was denied by a kid with bigger kahones. Can you imagine what this means to Sinner and all the Italian fans? GS Campione!

tennismonger Says:

I too am a massive Meddy fan but still, I’m so happy for Sinner – well done! The road to GS glory fittingly went through Novak, as it should these days…

I’ve had my eye on the kid since he took a set off of Wawa at the US Open 5 or so years ago…he has certainly lived up to that potential.

Everyone can’t be a shooting star like Alcaraz…Sinner’s rise has been slow but steady and now he has arrived in a big way…Dai Italia!

TennisSweater Says:

Wouldn’t be surprised all 4 mens GS titles this year are claimed by 4 different men. Carlos in RG, with Novak, Med
& Zverev in the hunt for Wimbledon & NY

chrisford1 Says:

WB – In most US universities, Democrats and wokeism now dominate. Confusion is generated by the term
“liberal arts university” which was how colleges differentiate between the hard sciences and business vs. the “soft subjective” courses. Chemistry vs Critical Race Studies, Business stats vs. ballet. Etc. Glad your experience was good. Away from the language of Marxist indoctrination now permeating certain schools, parts of government, and business – college students and 20-somethings learned it was best away from school and work to talk like someone other than an indoctrinated Marxist zombie.
Lewis & Clark is a good example. University is in Portland Oregon aka “Pyongyang on the Pacific”, homeland to the Anarchists No-Go Zone of CHAZ. But students there and grads aren’t building bombs and handing out 9mms to BLM people to help get Social Justice.

chrisford1 Says:

Russians Daniil and Alexey were hands down winners in the AO’s “Channel your inner quokka” contest.

chrisford1 Says:

The instant I hit send I realized Andrey, not Alexey.

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, thanks for replying and explaining, yes, that “liberal” is what was confusing me, we don’t have that here at our universities, though some are known as left leaning.

We don’t discuss politics with our clients, under no circumstances , we can only observe their behaviour and try to make their stay as pleasurable as possible, at the end of the day they (their parents) are paying lot of money to send them to do their courses for a four months in Australia and NZ and I can’t fault them for anything on the contrary, bunch of well mannered and respectful young people, mostly girls, they are outnumbering boys 10:1.

zed Says:

WB, the word “liberal” has changed over time just as so many English words change over time.

When Robert Menzies established the Liberal Party in Australia the word was all about the rights of the individual over the rights of the collective. However today the people identified as “Liberals” (particularly in the USA) are hive-mind collectivist communists who want anything but invividual rights. They want an all-powerful State, government controlling everything and everyone, surveillance, censorship, media propaganda thought control.

America is so far gone that I cannot see it saving itself as a nation. Perhaps it will be civil war, perhaps it will be mutually-agreed dissolution of the Union, whatever. Probably not within my lifetime but most likely in the next 3 or 4 decades the mental disease that has perversely come to be known as liberalism (when it is anything but liberal) will tear that country apart.

Australia is usually 20 years behind the USA so we will suffer a similar fate unless we address the mental disease in our midst.

p.s. there are only left-leaning universities, there is no other type. In fact the transfer mechanism of marxist-leninist mental disease is via Universities. It spreads from there to Secondary and primary schools (via the teaching graduates), to the government sector and to private sector through indoctrinated graduates. It seems to not be as prevalent in Science, Maths and Engineering faculties but is growing even there as time passes and University administrations become ever more brazen in their hiring biases.

skeezer Says:

DJoker out of tournament so Djoker fan talk goes to geo political crap, ugh.

Where is the commentary on the Final? Sean!

Sinner played a very newsworthy tournament, through Djoked and Meddy for his first GS title. Wonder how he will transition to Clay (gulp) but Wimby will be very interesting if he stays healthy enough.

Okiegal Says:

Agree with Skeezer. I was wondering the same thing???? The Aussie Open champion needs his own thread! He was amazing the past two weeks. He showed so much grit and mental strength. Looking forward to following his career. Congrats to this mild mannered Italian!

Wog Boy Says:

Scroll it Sleazer, scroll it.

Wog Boy Says:

I love fedal fans, turned Alcaraz “fans”, turned Sinner “fans”………..I am sure they would turn Kim Jong Un fans if he is to play Nole and beat him, what a pathetic bunch of losers.

zed Says:

When Novak retires they will find emptiness, who will they hate from that time on? They need to hate, it is a fundamental need for losers.

Wog Boy Says:

This is for Nole fans, it’s very likely, if he wins few matches at IW and Miami, that he will be #1 in April which will make him the oldest ever #1 and cumulatively more than 8 years being #1 in world, 2 years longer than former GOAT and 4 years longer longer than King of dirt, not too bad…not too bad.

chrisford1 Says:

Poor Skeezer! He writes this the day Novak exceeds Roger’s time as #1 by 100 weeks. 4 more and Novak was on top 2 years longer than Fed.
Kind of makes “who was the #1 Tennis player” debate a little moot, IMO.
As WB mentions, 8 years as #1 are possible.

Novak Djokovic – The true Underdog becomes Superdog, the little engine that could, did and did it when it got a turbine booster, now have the 1st “no one saw this champion coming!” story of the 21st century (though people wanting to showcase how Messi exceeded all expectations have no argument with me). This bumpkin from some Commieland in the Balkan backwaters came up through the ranks rocket fast as only the most gifted can, but was dismissed by sponsors as not a very valuable endorser in the main USA and W European markets. War criminal, and all that…
And besides, tennis was ruled by Two Gods far above where this villainous-faced delicate hypochondriac was. Nearing 23, a one-Slam wonder from years back, stunning talent but *sigh* – a natural loser like his distained little nation, wherever it was.. Both Rafa and Roger accepted their position as Nike’s Demigods of tennis. The two greatest ever. The concern in both their camps that Djokovic was getting better in 2010 became visible fear and consternation in both camps, the Roger-Rafa happy media and their rabid fans. The Rise of Nole 2.0 and the destroying of all sports perceptions and many perceptions against Serbia itself – is the biggest story in tennis in the last 40 years – perhaps biggest tennis story ever.

chrisford1 Says:

Dear Skeezer and Okiegal –
The short version of the above screed of love for Novak is:

“Bow to the Greatest Tennis Player of his era and perhaps ALL tennis eras.!”

Spread the word to Giles. Giving more craved misery to Giles is like giving blood to a vampire bat.

chrisford1 Says:

Wog Boy –
I love fedal fans, turned Alcaraz “fans”, turned Sinner “fans”………..I am sure they would turn Kim Jong Un fans if he is to play Nole and beat him, what a pathetic bunch of losers.

At 5’5″ weighing between 230 and 300 lbs, I would not only be Fat Kim’s fan if he beat Djokovic, I’d worship him as the God his people claim he is.
But don’t laugh as Kim Jong Un is a hell of a horseman. You and others may be ready to worship him as a God after seeing this video: (Skeezer could even pay a ‘tech shoppe’ to deep fake Rogers face on Fat Kim)
Men sire children thinking of dear leader in N Korea, tank main guns also ejaculate for Kim. Generals can’t keep up with him when he sprints off, or they are not dumb enough to try!

Fat Kim meets Novak on horseback, each armed with a sword, a Korean battle axe – he juliennes Djokovic!
Fat Kim meets Novak, Rafa, and Roger on horseback, same weapons, he still juliennes Novak or maybe dices him into 3cm cubes for variety. . Roger and Rafa? They turn the other way at a gallop, hoping Kim’s horse dies of heat stroke, heart attack or sheer exhaustion from carrying Kim Jong Un too far.

zed Says:

CF1, thanks for giving me a laugh today, I’ve been feeling miserable due to cold or flu thing, who knows what, and watching Kim riding horses on sunset beaches or charging across fields was very very funny!

I think the tennis establishment would love it if Tennis matches were decided by a row of judges who would hold up cards with numbers from 1 to 10. So many style points, so many originality points, so many crowd-response points etc. Wouldn’t that be great for them? Then they would decide every match ever! No titles for Lendl, nothing for any Russian players, no Belarusian players either! And of course, no Serbian would ever, ever, EVER be given enough points to win a match.

But sadly for them, tennis matches are not decided by their opinions, tennis matches are decided by who wins the matches, no fuzziness, no fluff, it is rock-solid, iron-clad, win or lose.

They wanted their anointed ones, the Swiss God and the Spanish Golden Boy to dominate for ever and they did, for a while. The Swiss God accumulated 13 Grand Slams by the time the Serb had one only. His side-kick the golden Spaniard had not as many but still was way ahead of the Serb. At that time it must have seemed comical to think this could ever be challenged, let alone surpassed.

But the annoying Serb simply would not bow and scrape before the anointed ones, he fought them and fought them and fought them. They tried fixing draws, and still he fought them, they tried propaganda, working with the media to attack his character, his family, everything about him, and still he fought them. Again, the annoying nature of tennis that opinions mean nothing, you win or you lose, that’s all she wrote baby!

But then in 2017, rejoicing! The serb was injured!!!! He was so injured that he was off the circuit for 18 months!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha. happiness, dancing, wife-swapping, drinking and merriment!!

In those 18 months the Swiss God and the Spanish Golden Boy accumulated more slams, thinking that the Serb was dead and gone and was nothing more than bad memory but NO!! The Serb returned! Like Lazarus rising from his grave he returned to darken the door steps of Melbourne, Paris, London and New York and Damn him to Hell!!! He was winning … AGAIN!!!

Things were grim. Even if you added together the number of slams won by the Swiss God and the Spanish Golden Boy during the Serbs tyrannical rule, even together they were less than the Serb alone. If you took all the Masters 1000’s the Swiss God had won and added them to the number the Spaniard had won, frustratingly and infuruatingly it was still less than the Serb’s wins alone!!!! ATP Finals, the Swiss God managed 1 during the reign of the Serb, the Spaniard (always the lesser of the two) never won an ATP final, EVER! The Serb? 7 of them !!!!

Things were so bad that neither the Swiss God nor the Spaniard could win all the Masters 1000’s. They won some of them, some of them multiple times, but only one man won all of them twice!!! The damned Serb!!!! Not only that, he won all the Grand Slams at least 3 times! The sheer audacity of the man!!!!

Yes there was a brief respite when they enticed him to Australia with approval of a visa and then turned around and denied him access despite granting it first. Even the highest court in the land (the Serb always wins on courts LOL) said they were wrong but they didn’t care because they had ministerial opinion. Not win, not lose, but opinion, this is where they can “win”. The Spaniard rejoiced, throwing his fellow tennis professional under the bus, proving what many had suspected for a long time, that he has always played second fiddle to the Swiss God because he is a conniving weasel, not worthy of the respect of tennis fans.

But even with that and the later USA tournament-blocking, they could not make him bow down, they could not make him march in line like all the others. These were dark times indeed for the establishment. No matter what they did to the Serb, no matter how much they attacked him with their weasly journalists, he just kept winning!!! What an infuriating bastard!

But now we are coming to end of the saga, the Serb will finally lose to the one champion that no one has ever been able to vanquish, Father Time. Father time is whispering in the Serb’s ear and he is saying “You have done greater things than all that came before you. Against all odds you have stood strong and you have beaten all that stood against you. Your achievements will be remembered for all time but we are fast approaching the point when you must accept that I have beaten you, there is no shame in this because no one beats me. Soon, very soon, you must turn to the important challenges of raising your children to be as great as you, teach them what it means to stand up against tyrants and their anointed ones. Teach them to be as strong as you because that is how you make the world a better place, that is greatest legacy you will leave behind”.

Giles Says:

XYZ. It will take some time for you to recover from the Arsehole’s loss. Completely understandable. In the meantime babble away. I’m quite enjoying it. My heart bleeds! Hehehehe

skeezer Says:

“Scroll it Skeezer, scroll it.”
Thank you WB, did it immediately after that and dang, missed all the Djoker fodder on a Sinner/Meddy topic. Worked beautifully 👍

Alison hodge Says:

Agree with Okie and Skeezer, come on Sean let’s have a thread about the final 🤔

Okiegal Says:

Senseless drivel. Oh, and another Novak fan who has a potty mouth. Naughty boy!!

Wog Boy Says:

“The Spaniard rejoiced, throwing his fellow tennis professional under the bus, proving what many had suspected for a long time, that he has always played second fiddle to the Swiss God because he is a conniving weasel, not worthy of the respect of tennis fans.”

Cannot but agree with this statement. Roger never needed PR management to approve or tell him what to say, Rafa was never able to put something together without being written and approved by his PR management.
For a lot long time I thought Rafa sounds dumb because of his English until my spanish speaking South American friend told me, “no, he sounds same in Spanish, he is dumb”.

To be honest that’s to be expected, if Roger didn’t play tennis he would be an academic (he is highly intelligent person), if Rafa wasn’t playing tennis he would an fisherman, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong being fisherman.

Let’s leave behind our differences and enjoy some good, you don’t really need subtitles for this one “bon appetite”:

Wog Boy Says:

“…..enjoy some good food..”

zed Says:

OMG, everything looks so amazing! The meats, the vegetables, the bread, all of it! When I think of travel, I always think of the food. Hopefully my wife and I will travel a lot more in coming years. Europe most definitely and I’ll have a list ready of which restaurants we will visit in each place.

Speaking of tennis players and intelligence, I have heard rumours that Novak can speak more than just Serbian and English, that would suggest a higher than average intelligence I would guess.

Sadly it looks Rafa is number 3 of the Big 3 in more ways than usually discussed, but at least he has big muscles :)

chrisford1 Says:

I don’t think Rafa is dumb. He is socially awkward and sometimes is tight and uncomfortable in interviews. But his family are multigenerational successful business people. Rafa himself has done very well in endorsements and in business with Rafa tennis academies in multiple countries, business investments in multiple Spanish firms, inc soccer team Real Madrid. Now a lucrative Saudi deal.

On food – seems like being a vegetarian in Serbia has to be as bad as being a teetollar in Russia, Ireland, or Australia. THe internet and video hosting really allows local chefs and food providers to introduce the world to their nation, their local, the settings in nature, uniqueness in cuisine and the people.
The outdoors eating places work well on video in each nation, I think. Sometimes wildlife makes a welcome entrance – Caspian eagle lands at the Azerbaijani food establishment alongside a mountain river. A regular. Will beg a single meat scrap, preen and walk a fence, play with the chefs dog, then take off for days..
Azerbaijan Wilderness Cooking. 2 guys into making high quality children’s video. They know this uncle up in the mountains that has 11 climate zones of food to work from, farm life, mountain excursions for fish, herbs. Name is Tavakkul. Much of his fare reminds me of Serb chow WB linked to. Tavakkul doesn’t speak English but he is as friendly and authentic as you get, and people in the US and in region (Iran, Turkey, Russia) have given him over 5 million subscribers and 2 billion hits.

Traditional Me -Sri Lanka. Also well made high quality video showing traditional Ceylon food, but made with local items they grow at their farm and at a higher up mountain orchard that grows temperate climate fruits and crops like lettuce. Not meat focused, though meat and fish compliment the base fruit, grain, vegetable fare. I really like these, my spouse does too. The place is so beautiful and bounteous. The music and the narration of the chef, Nadee, is absolutely hypnotic and helps reel you in and keep you there.

chrisford1 Says:

No updates in a while. Hope Sean is OK.
Maybe he is in Saudi Arabia trying to sell “an international, well-established tennis media ‘go to source’ of tennis news and events and personalities” to the Saudis for between 5 and 50 million.

zed Says:

CF1, you are so full of surprises!

The wilderness cooking youtube channel is awesome and I had no idea it even existed. The foods look amazing (except maybe the Turkey testicles, I’m not so convinced about them) and it pleases me that people living remotely can make great money simply doing what they love doing.

Believe it or not, I already knew about the Traditional Me channel and had seen some of her work.

I adore seeing alternative ways of living in places that I may not have had any interest in if not for the videos. My wife and I are toying with the idea of using our retirement years to spend extended periods in places that we may have otherwise only visited briefly. Instead of (say) spending two weeks in Bali, rent a fully furnished house and live there for 6 months. Instead of having a ski holiday in Canada, spend a full winter there to experience something we can’t experience in Australia (I can just imagine Canadians on this website asking ‘why would you do that’, well because it’s an experience we’ve never had).

From a commercial perspective, food channels on YouTube are a great idea because the videos remain relevant years or even decades later. This means that they remain a revenue stream for their creators long after “current event” content has faded. The more cooking videos you create the greater value your channel has because it becomes a self-contained library of recipes, a one-stop shop for people who want to cook.

I will sometimes attempt some of the recipes I see on YouTube (particularly those that are simple with fewer ingredients) but of course my first attempts don’t work out as well because it takes practice to get something just right.

Giles Says:

XYZ. And you have a big mouth! Maybe that’s why you keep craving food. Your wife not feeding you at home? Prolly living on eggs and bacon! Hahaha

zed Says:

LOL, what does Mum feed you Giles?

I know she wants to look after her little darling so I’m guessing she does the best she can given the constraints the UK is under.

Seriously though, where do you live? Grimsby?

Alison hodge Says:

Full of nonsense, what happened to the tennis talk,

Alison hodge Says:

And why were Okie and Skeezer attacked personally when all they wanted to do was discuss the final, I mean God forbid

Okiegal Says:

Alison, I was wondering the same thing????? Sinner deserves a thread. He was awesome for two solid weeks. I’ll bet the Aussie Open took a lot out of him. Hopefully he’ll be all rested up for clay season. Best of luck to him‼️

chrisford1 Says:

In case the chatterers missed it, Sean isn’t around. I hope he is in Saudi Arabia trying to sell his TennisX site to to crown prince MBS for a bargain 25 million or so. You got Rafa as the Saudi tennis ambassador, you need to publicize all doings of Rafa in KSA and elsewhere.
Djokovic, now at #1 for 411 weeks, recently went 100 weeks more than Federer (310 weeks) and over 200 weeks more than Rafa held the #1 ranking (207 weeks).
That is significant tennis news, ladies and Giles!
Though Novak says he is done chasing #1 and the year long commitment to doing as many matches as possible to rack up points. His rivals remain hard-charging. Carlos will be in Rio, Sinner and Medvedev play Rotterdam. Djokovic (and possibly Nadal) return March 6th for Indian Wells.
While you wait for Seans return, what could be better than inspiring video of Kim Jong-un riding a horse up Mt. Paektu, the sacred volcano. Generals all happily wading in boots into a snowbanked icy mountain spring and of course applauding Jong-un wildly as they do so. Excursion was in 2019 and had the 1st Lady riding along. Jong-un rides well and clearly is having a ball.
(For poor Giles – there is more to life than Mum’s week old bangers and mashy vinegared peas on toast. Check out Wog Boy’s Serb food link video, for starters. Maybe dare to live bold and get a plate of Pakistani curry when Mum’s not around.)

Alison hodge Says:

Okie lovely to read you, indeed the French open will be interesting I hope everyone is fit and healthy by the time it comes around, really can’t believe the first grand slam is over already, time goes by so quickly 😊

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Al! Regarding the Sinner matches and Carlos matches, these are two guys I can get behind after my GOAT retires! 😊

Just saw this: “Saudi Arabia will host a new elite exhibition featuring Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal and three other grand slam winners in October. The Six Kings Slam event will form part of the Saudi cultural and entertainment festival Riyadh season”………ummm, I wonder if this will come to fruition? October is a few months off. Very interesting……

Alison hodge Says:

Okie yeah completely agree, could be a great rivalry going forward, really like both,as for the exho I did read about it on TG, I suppose it will give us something to look forward to later in the year when tennis goes a bit quiet, time will tell 🎾⌚

Giles Says:

Rafa’s little toddler

Giles Says:

Sorry will have to repost above

Alison hodge Says:

Aww yeah seen pictures of Rafas little man, so cute chip off the old block, looks like they are such a happy family 👨‍👩‍👦❤️

Alison hodge Says:

Aww what a little cutie pie🤗

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Giles, little baby Rafa is a doll! The little tennis racket is adorable!! VAMOS‼️

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