Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray Admit ATP Tour Is In Fact Scripted [Video]

by Staff | February 8th, 2024, 7:54 pm

Well, the cat is out of the bag.

All you fans who thought the ATP Tour was really just a scripted reality show and that results were predetermined will finally have their day.

In a revealing video released earlier this week, the ATP Tour became the first pro sports organization to admit that their sports circuit is in fact 100% scripted.

So much so, that star players like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are really just played and have been played by actors.

“What people don’t realize,” Murray said. “Is it’s all just scripted. The players, the matches. It’s all just kind of made up.”

Djokovic went deeper explaining to his fans on social media why he lost in the semifinals at the Australian Open.

“Normally the writers start the season with my character Novak winning the Australian Open title. So, for anyone that doesn’t like the beginning of this season, please contact the director 😂😂
@atptour” Djokovic posted.

Why would the ATP show what’s behind the curtain right now? With speculation over a Premium tour ramping up and swallowing all the smaller ATP events, why not? The end is near so if the ATP goes down so too would the Premium tour and any Saudi interests.

And if everyone sinks, the ATP and the current structure is best suited to recover. It’s a genius move. Let’s see how the other “new” tours react.

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray Admit ATP Tour Is In Fact Scripted [Video]

skeezer Says:

Whatever. Still peeved there was literally no coverage here on the Mens Australian Open Final. Thank goodness ATP site had lots of coverage on SInner’s amazing run at AO.

Alison hodge Says:

Right on Skeezer

PK Says:

OK, it’s a bit weird, playing into the conspiracy madness that’s currently bubbling up around the world – but it’s also damned funny. I’m impressed that all the “actors” manage to keep a straight face throughout this nonsense.

That Novak is a gifted comic and Andy has a deadpan dry humor has been hilariously documented in the past; now we have all of them together!

Monfils as the uncoordinated boob is priceless.

chrisford1 Says:

Fun little skit. I also found the Monfils bit really, really funny.
Hon mention to the skit writer and Thiem for doing video voiceover grunts..Novak spoofing his own inspirational restroom trips and shirt ripping bumpkin ways.

Wog Boy Says:

How are we doing Alcaraz “fans” ..ohh, I forgot, you are now Sinner fans….didn’t take you long to jump on the bandwagon…losers!

If I am not mistaken our friend Gisele called him “another Spanish genius”…I don’t know who he considered as the first “Spanish genius”, but if she meant Rafa, he is anything but genius…he is “Spanish bull”….and bull is bull…ready for the slaughter house…

zed Says:

WB, you know that Giselle is very fond of young Spanish men, just loves those young Spanish men :)

Giles Says:

XYZ. I say you are the genius here. You have finally uncovered my passion! 😊

Wog Boy Says:

Hi Zed,

Have you seen last Rafa’s interview where he declared Nole as the GOAT….but (there is alway but with Rafa) he added that Nole was blessed with better body than him so he didn’t have to miss as many GSs as he did, nice one Rafa😉😂

zed Says:

Hi WB, Yes I have read from many Rafa fans about his many injuries.

Here is a fun fact that Rafa fans have shared with me, Rafael Nadal has never lost a single tennis match, ever! He has won every tennis match he has every played … when healthy.

Did you know this? What an extraordinary record of achievement, to have won every single match ever!! Only to lose some matches when not healthy (so sad).

So I have asked them about an upcoming match in the future, “will Rafa win that match? Is he healthy at the moment?” I ask them. They say “we don’t know right now, we’ll only know after the match is completed whether he was healthy or not”.

I am always learning new things from Rafa fans.

I ask them, “Hey is it true that for the past decade or more Rafa has not even taken a single set from Novak on non-clay courts? He has lost in straight sets every single time.” They tell me that this is an irrelevant statistic and besides it’s ONLY a statistic and statistics are not important when assessing the greatness of one player vs another.

What’s more important when assessing the greatness of one tennis player vs another is their feelings towards the players. If they “feel” that Rafa is greater then that is the truth and no amount of tennis matches won by Novak can change that feeling.

You see? Tennis greatness is not about winning tennis matches it’s about something warm and fuzzy, it’s about something that no one can measure, only Rafa fans can see the Emperor’s New Clothes.

It certainly seems to me that Rafa fans know a lot about these things than me.

What do I know? I just stupidly go by the number of slams won, the number of Masters 1000’s, the number of weeks at number #1, the number of year-end number #1’s, the number of ATP finals (I can’t remember now how many Rafa has won of those, it must a be a huge number since he’s so great right?).

Anyway, we have Roland Garros coming up soon, Rafa will win for sure right? I will be watching with so much anticipation to see after the matches if he was healthy or not.

Giles Says:

XYZ. Just listen to yourself. You really are so full of shit!

zed Says:

LOL Giles, I do listen to myself and I like what I hear :)

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