No Miami For Novak Djokovic?

by Staff | March 14th, 2024, 6:46 pm

After suffering a stunning loss Monday at Indian Wells, Novak Djokovic has opted out of the upcoming Miami Masters.

A 6-time Miami champion, Djokovic said after the loss to Luca Nardi at Indian Wells he planned to travel to Florida for the second Masters of the season.

Like Indian Wells, Djokovic hadn’t played Miami since 2019 before COVID.

Djokovic has played just three events the first three months going just 8-3. Just three of his eight wins have come in straight sets. He’s 1-2 against Top 15 players this year.

While the withdrawal isn’t official from Miami, if he doesn’t play in Florida he’ll have extra time to ready for the Monte Carlo Masters.

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25 Comments for No Miami For Novak Djokovic?

Lylenubbins Says:

Makes sense for him. Also IW/Miami is a strange little grouping, really bad wind conditions frequently plague both tournaments and it’s the beginning of the clay season anyway. I know it’s not going to happen but I would move Australian Open to March and make everything clay after that through Roland Garros.

Alison hodge Says:

Life or rather tennis goes on

chrisford1 Says:

Djokovic. Hasn’t won anything all year, but in strength of a super 2nd half in 2023 still #1 and getting to 8 years and over two years more time at #1 than nearest rival Fed. There is that – in a sucky season, low effort year (just 2 tournaments so far) for Novak.

Curiously, that lack of wins might mean he goes into Monte Carlo with one stupid but thoroughly impressive statistic possible for him.
The 3rd ATP Big Titles Career Sweep.
All 8 Masters 1000s, the ATP CHampionship, and all 4 Slams.
Only Djokovic has done it. Twice.
Fed came close and I agree with fans of his who say but for Rafa, Federer would have won a Big Titles Sweep. But Rafa and clay was just too much for Roger.
Novak could get a 3rd ATP Big Titles Sweep in Monte Carlo.

In recent years, Djokovic has treated Monte Carlo as a warm-up event. A chance to meet with old friends and acquaintances there, visit old haunts, and bomb out in the early rounds and not care. Hasn’t won since 2015. 2 QFs and 5 early round bombs.
Maybe this year, winless, he needs to find his A game, if he still has it.

Tennisfansince76 Says:

@Lylenubbins so… since Djokovic list early at IW and isn’t playing Miami this year, they should just get rid of those tournaments? Wow that is some really interesting thinking. What about Wimbledon? If Djokovic loses early this year maybe they should just stop having the tournament.

Wog Boy Says:

The man himself confirmed what was obvious from the moment he landed in America, it was family holiday with options to play two tournaments if he feels like it, which he didn’t really:

Novak Djokovic
Hi Miami!
Unfortunately I won’t be playing the @MiamiOpen this year. At this stage of my career, I’m balancing my private and professional schedule. I’m sorry that I won’t experience some of the best and most passionate fans in the world. I’m looking fw competing in MI in future!
11:01 PM · Mar 16, 2024

skeezer Says:

Ya except Djoker has to follow Fed around USA(warriors bball) and fed IS retired, lol. Just sayin’.
Still jealous much?

Wog Boy Says:

^sleezer, what are you blabbering about, are you drunk?!

Wog Boy Says:

…and what that has to do with each other?!

Only some little sicko man, with twisted and infantile brain (lovic) can put it in the context you did.

Nole has been in LA for the last 3 weeks with kids and wife, him and his son are avid basketball fans, they are regularly together watching games in Belgrade. This was lifetime opportunity for father and son to watch few games of the best basketball league in the world, they watched few games not only one, something that little Stefan will cherish until the end of his life and then you have man with a sick brain putting it in the context of jealousy, just because the other one was in the town two?!
When Stefan has the family on his own, kids and grandchildren this will be the story he will be telling them, “I was with my father watching LA Lakers, Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokić, Warriors ….” same as I still remember my first football game with my father and uncle, my idols, sitting between them and other big men with a hats and watching Yugoslavia vs England in Belgrade almost 60 years ago and memories are as vivid as it happened yesterday, they never faded because that was huge moment for little kid!

Wog Boy Says:

should say “logic” not “lovic”

Wog Boy Says:

Here is Stefan with father watching his beloved Partizan (Nole goes for Red Star), second one is Partizan fans chanting Stefan name and he obviously feels uncomfortable:

Alison hodge Says:

Aww looks like little Stefan is having a lovely time, there’s nothing more important than family….

Wog Boy Says:

Can someone tell Nole it’s time to go back to Europe, Monte Carlo is around the corner, he is loving LA vacation and Lakers….and not too bad for three points:

Madmax Says:

You tell him Wogboy, he will listen to your advice.

Madmax Says:

Wog Boy Says:
^sleezer, what are you blabbering about, are you drunk?!

March 17th, 2024 at 2:54 am

You seem to be having a few problems with names, Wogboy. It’s SKEEZER. Are you drunk?

I think you need to calm down. Firstly, I am not so sure that *Little* Stefan would like to be called *Little* Stefan. He has a name. Use it properly. Are you drunk?

Thanks for the links, Skeeze, they were great!

The challenge for you Wogboy, and let’s deal in facts shall we. First you love Novak, he is referred to as *Nole*. Nole this, Nole that. Then you hate him, sending him back to the hole in the ground with your expert advice on diet and who he should and should not have in his team. Disparaging him for switching to a plant based diet. Then you disparage his wife, saying it is all her fault. Are you drunk, Wogboy?

Now? You are having a shot at Skeeze because he provides you with evidence of where Federer is. Then where Novak is.

Wogboy, are YOU drunk?

Work on the anger Wogboy, put the red wine down and reeeeelaxxxxxxxxx….

chrisford1 Says:

That seemed a little intemperate and out of the blue, Madmax. I know you are no fanboy of Wogboy, but jeeeez! for all your lecturing of him – are you the one who was in a bout of substance abuse when you launched salvos?

People liking Alcaraz have to be happy with him 5-1 in Masters, looking really good. 2 months short of 21.

Madmax Says:

Hi Chrisford1,

I have nothing against you at all. Read your very insightful posts. I was responding to a post by WB to Skeezer, didn’t much like it Chris, so perhaps you should read this first before judging(?).

I do agree with you though. WB needs friends like you. He hasn’t got many, (not really), he often posts a lot of – I will use your words – *lecturing* us, and in this case, he was, I will use your words, *lecturing* Skeeze. Noone needs to lecture Skeeze, and most definitely WB is a person of two halves. Hates Nole, Loves Nole. Ummmmh..I wonder if that correlates with being a fan through thick and thin, or more in line with a fake fan, Chris?

You haven’t been on long enough here to know of WB’s history with Nole. That’s the difference.

Have a good day and I am glad that WB had a friend here in you. He needs one or two, especially when the red wine overflows and impacts his written speech – if that’s what you can call it.

Wog Boy Says:

G’day Madmax, my dear friend, good to hear from you, have you missed your therapy session, you know you can’t do that, that’s the only way to fight those voices in your head and there are few of them.

I know UK aged care facilities are understaffed and they have to bring people from third world countries so language barrier can be an issue, you have to make sure they give you your daily therapy on time, ok?!

I sympathise with you Madmax, it’s hard to wake up in morning knowing you have nobody to talk with nor anyone to visit you, on top of that your beloved Roger has been relegated, in a space of few years, from being The GOAT to being third best, which, if you look at it, is not that bad indeed, but you can do it.

I am hear to cheer you up, that’s what friends are for, you are not forgotten my dear friend in your hometown Broken Hill and Silverton, they have museum dedicated to you, it would be nice to visit it, of course if you are allowed to fly, here it is, enjoy it and take care my dear friend:

Wog Boy Says:

….and here is another one from “superwog1” brother, to cheer you up in these murky days, he is bl@@dy good:

Alison hodge Says:

Australia looks like a really beautiful place, I love to watch forgotten parts of the world, the superwogs sketch was hilarious too many thanks

zed Says:

Alison, do yourself a favour and come and explore this place, you’ll fall in love with it.

I don’t even know where to start. It’s so big and so diverse that I’d need to write a whole series of books just to scratch the surface of what you’ll find here.

chrisford1 Says:

Australia – some nice parts from an outsiders perspective but lots and lots of dry hot stuff everywhere doing a good imitation of desert. So many flies, so hard to avid inhaling or ingesting them – that it is estimated that insect protein “builds” up to 2% of Western Australian kid’s body masses up to age 6.

On the tragic death of a lover of a major tennis player –

Iryna Sabalenka’s Former boyfriend, 42, with 3 sons and an abandoned wife gets dumped by Sabalenka a number of weeks ago and kills himself. Suicide in Miami as the player’s arrive for the Miami Open. When I saw she was taking up with an ex-hockey player with a long established family 17 years older, 40 when they started dating when she was 23 – it was more “eeuuuuw!” than “Oh”. Controversial in Belarus with much sympathy for the spurned wife and ditched sons, trying to keep National Hero Sabalenka off to the side – and much blaming the man with middle age wanderlust.
Konstantin Korlov RIP.
However you look at it, salaciously or not, on “Team Wife!” or “Team Iryna” or not, or “Team Cradle Robber” or not – still a tragedy.

Alison hodge Says:

Zed maybe one day thanks for the invite, there’s many beautiful places to visit in the UK too

zed Says:

Hey Alison, agreed! Last time I was in the UK it was 2012 I believe and it was wonderful. We will most certainly be returning in the near future (probably next year methinks). This time I would like more time up North, Edinburgh for sure as I’ve never been there.

ChrisFord1, Dry and Hot stuff is in the middle (and out West) but 98% of us live on the coast and I think 90% of that on the East Coast. It’s weird but my perception is that the flies are not as prevalent these days as they were when I was young, in fact I can’t remember the last time I was bothered by them. I’m in Melbourne and we get cooler weather than they do out West (quite a bit cooler actually). Melbourne has been voted the world’s most livable city on a number of occasions (I think we won that title 3 or 4 years running in the early 2000’s but it’s hard to remember). Anyway, I love my life here so I try to share the love with you guys :)

Alison hodge Says:

Try Norfolk Zed 🤗

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