Novak Djokovic Announces Shock Split From Coach Goran Ivanisevic

by Staff | March 27th, 2024, 10:29 am

In a surprise announcement today, Novak Djokovic and longtime coach Goran Ivanisevic have parted ways.

The world No. 1 Djokovic posted the news on Instagram:
“remember clearly the moment I invited Goran to be part of my team. It was back in 2018, and Marian and I were looking to innovate and bring some serve magic to our duo. In fact, not only we brought serve, but also lots of laughter, fun, year end no1 rankings, record breaking achievements and 12 more Grand Slams (and a few finals) to the count since then. Did I mention a bit of drama too? 🎢🫣😊#Nolefam would know 🤫

“Goran and I decided to stop working together a few days ago. Our on court chemistry had its ups and downs, but our friendship was always rock solid. In fact, I am proud to say (not sure he is 🤪) that apart from winning tournaments together, we also had a side battle in Parchisi going on… for many years. And – that tournament never stops for us.

‘Šefinjo, thanks for everything my friend. Love you.🫂”

Djokovic, who turns 37 in May, as of now is essentially coachless heading into the clay season which begins in just a few weeks in Monte Carlo.

Djokovic has struggled this year per his standards. He’s 8-3 on the season with a stunning loss to lucky loser Luca Nardi at Indian Wells.

Who will Djokovic turn to from here, if anyone? And what will Ivanisevic do?


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10 Comments for Novak Djokovic Announces Shock Split From Coach Goran Ivanisevic

Wog Boy Says:

“Who will Djokovic turn to from here, if anyone?”

Nenad Zimonjić….for the time being.

Van Persie Says:

After the brilliant year, which Nole had in 2023 given the Covid issues from 2022, it is difficult even for him to find extra motivation. He is now the undisputed GOAT in tennis.

It makes sense if Nenad Zimonjic will be his coach in 2024, when we have the Olympics, a conational coach would motivate him, I think.
And I agree with WB, this looks like a final push. :)

chrisford1 Says:

It would be a mistake for Novak to abandon the end of his career in focus on quest of a gold medal he seems fated never to get.

Maybe not as much as in 2021 when he (stupidly) prioritized winning 2021 Olympics singles or mixed doubles over a Calendar Year Grand Slam. But still, bad! Maybe he doesn’t want to hang around and not be the best anymore.

Wog Boy Says:

I am happy with whatever Nole decides as long as he isn’t dragging his feet when it comes to retirement like the other 2+1 players.

Stellar 2023. probably took out last motivations he had, he broke all relevant tennis records, he smashed them, there is nothing to chance, he is breaking his own records now which is not particularly strong motivation and most importantly, there are no familiar face across the the net that were driving force in his career.

Agree with VP about motivation, he must be feeling out of place sitting in the locker room with those youngsters, his rivals are not Sinner and Alcaraz, his rivals are/were Roger, Rafa, Delpo, Cilić, Stan etc. same as Sampras or Agassi were not Roger rivals.

Funny that Rafa has a good chance to finish with positive h2h if they are to meet during CC season considering form that Nole is in atm, which is based only on muscle memory.

skeezer Says:

After seeing Sinner perform this year and lately dismantle Med in straights it is no surprise if Djoker stays off the court.

zed Says:

WB, you think that Rafa has a good chance?

I will be surprised if Rafa plays at all, let alone plays Novak on any surface, including clay.

He has been avoiding Novak for years on non-clay surfaces so we know that he is a coward and I expect his cowardice these days will extend to clay.

Anyway, we’ll know in just a few months.

Lylenubbins Says:

I don’t understand why Nole would do this, from any perspective (titles, money, personal chemistry). Oh well.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, sorry for the late reply, yesterday was a day I dedicated to visiting two of friends for a lunch and dinner prior their Easter Day celebration. I stay away from my mobile phone when I am at the parties and after the parties 😉

Rafa has to turn up for a CC season, has duty of care towards his fans (and sponsors). Rafa himself isn’t problem for Nole, let’s face it, he hasn’t played decent match since 2022 FO, that’s almost two years.

The problem is Nole, he is completely switched off, it’s not physical problems it’s that he needs a good jump start, he is flat mentally, is he going to find it, I doubt it.

I guess his last action is telling me that he is searching for it, for that jump start.

Wog Boy Says:


I don’t know your background but Balkan people tend to have very intense friendships and they often get burned out and get enough of each other.

Second, I read somewhere one observation that make sense (to me), apart of having enough of each other, what costed Goran his job is also change of rule year or two ago that coaches are allowed to talk and give advice from the box, Goran never did it, his face was always blank, he never adjusted to new rule, Nole screamed numerous times when the match wasn’t going well (not that often) “TELL ME SOMETHING…WHAT TO DO….WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING..” with no reaction from Goran.

I said it before, while Roger was able to play without anyone in the box Nole needs interaction with his box, he needs that chemistry and that chemistry between him and Goran faded away.

I still remember Nole hiring Tod Martin after winning 2008 AO, two worst years of his career, Tod was sitting in his box completely emotionless, wasted two years of Nole career.

Again, this only my opinion…and I am often wrong😉

Wog Boy Says:

Reading what Goran had to say about Ziki (Nenad Zimonjić) it’s becoming obvious that the end of coaching didn’t come out of nowhere and that Ziki turned out as Nole’s coach just like that, it appears it was discussed between Goran and Nole well before they announced the end of their coach/player relationship:

“Per Goran: “I don’t know for how much longer Novak plans to keep on playing, but the perfect person is with him at the moment – Ziki (Nenad Zimonjic). He is a great friend of mine, we went through a lot together and I love him. He has a vast tennis knowledge, but what is most important – he knows Novak really well. At the moment, Novak doesn’t need someone completely new, who is yet to get to know him. Let’s say 10 days pass, Novak ‘goes crazy’ and this new coach is left wondering what is going on. I have a theory – man from the Balkans can coach anyone, but only someone from this our region can coach a Balkan player. Marian (Vajda) is Slovak, we’re close and we know each other well. Boris (Becker) also worked well with Novak, but his tennis IQ is off the charts.”

What was never told is that Goran has pretty big private problems and he needs some time to sort that out, it can’t be postponed.

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