Sinner Hammers Dimitrov For Miami Masters Title, Rises To World No. 2

by Staff | March 31st, 2024, 9:37 pm

There is no doubt who the best tennis player on the planet this first quarter of the season, it’s Jannik Sinner.

Today, the Italian captured her first Miami Masters title cruising past Grigor Dimitrov 6-3, 6-1.

“I’m really proud obviously about the result,” Sinner said. “I started off struggling a little bit this week. I haven’t had so much time to adapt on this court, so I knew in the beginning that it’s going to be tough. As the tournament went on, I felt better and better. Today’s performance was really, really good. I’m just proud how I handled the situation. It was not easy, so it was a very, very good two weeks.”

Sinner broke early in the first the rolled in the second to his second Masters title, first after Canada last summer.

Sinner had finished runner-up twice in Miami, but this year after some early struggles swept past Daniil Medvedev and then today a hot-handed Dimitrov.

Sinner improves to 21-1 in the year and has won 25 of his last 26. He wins his 13th career title and third of the year. He’s now 6-1 in his last seven finals as he heads to the clay season.

“Staying in the present moment. What it has been, it has been. I just try to improve,” Sinner said. “And also enjoying the moment. This is a special moment.

“You never know if this is the last time or not. So you have to enjoy this for one day, and now a new chapter is coming, clay-court is coming, so completely different. Let’s see how I will play from now on. But for sure, the hard-court season until now has been very good.”

Dimitrov, who was also seeking a second Masters title, has now dropped his last three to Sinner. And today couldn’t back up his big wins over Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev.

“Clearly it’s Jannik’s week,” the 32-year-old said. “He’s been playing amazing tennis. It’s really impressive how he’s been able to keep that way of playing.

“I feel like a lot of his matches have been like that. I think he’s one speed of game right now. I think it’s really working.

“But of course I always say every player has his little weakness,” Dimitrov added. “Maybe next time when I play him I will try to do something else. But today clearly I was unable to match his game and even to match his shots. I think for a little bit I was doing well, but a lot of the important moments went his way. That makes a huge difference in a match from that caliber. It’s as simple as that.”

The win for Sinner also moves him to a much-deserved career-high No. 2 in the world.

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19 Comments for Sinner Hammers Dimitrov For Miami Masters Title, Rises To World No. 2

skeezer Says:

Wow. Sinner has leaped to #2 in the world, and leads the race to Turin. His game is on fire. It will be interesting to see him transition to the Clay season where is w/l record is not bad.

zed Says:

And as one player rises another one (perhaps) falls.

This from a Spanish tennis journalist:

Translation: “In a few days you will hear news that you will not like too much.”

We can only guess what he is referring to but he says a few days so we should know soon.

Surely Rafa will play Roland Garros?

chrisford1 Says:

Do you know what the significance of April 1st is as a day, Giles?

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, you don’t expect mentally challenged person to know that, do you?

Giles Says:

Cif1. I do indeed but I was hoping and praying it was in fact true. No matter that news will come soon enough. Just have to play the waiting game!

Wog Boy Says:

Gisele, and how is Rafa ass is doing, keep holding him for a while now…two years or so now?

Wog Boy Says:

Sorry Gisele, one more question, how is “another Spanish genius” doing, #3 at the moment?!

Wog Boy Says:

Gisele, don’t get me wrong, I am just enjoying Nole’s victory lap that started at IW and will finish before the end of the year, meanwhile Nadul will still be looking for the cure for his a$$, good luck to Nadul.

chrisford1 Says:

Meanwhile as attention is focused on how long Rafa, Novak, Andy and Venus (the broken down old nag) will go on –
There is Stan. Legend. Hall of Famer. Positive match play H2H in 2023.
Still dangerous.
Just turned 39.
Hat tip to Stan –
as long as he stays around with credibility, and remains dangerous.

skeezer Says:

The focus should be on Sinner, Alcarez etc and other new gen that are taking over the tennis headlines. Djoker is out, as well as Fed & Rafa, and these kids are playing and winning now, and should be garnering all the attention, they got mine!
Fans of tennis will continue to follow the game, and find new players to cheer and follow, not some individual they are infatuated with.

Wog Boy Says:

“….not some individual they are infatuated with.”

Hahaha…says RF cult leader 😂😂

skeezer Says:

Hahaha…says Djoker cult leader 😂😂

chrisford1 Says:

Skeezer, your crush Federer is long gone but the rest of us that followed the other Big 3, Andy, Stan, (and on the woman’s side Venus has legions of USA fans.) ……..well, we are still savoring the end days of OUR greats.
Not ready to move on to Sinner! as you have, or Carlito! or Rude! or Sabalenka! for that matter. I still want to see Match #50 between Novak and Rafa, Gaels get a chance for the T-shirt “NO one beats Gael Monfils 20 times in a row!”
I’ll watch and appreciate Sinner, root for Daniil to win as long as it isn’t against Novak. Like the mix of great personalities and talents and futures inside and outside tennis of the younger women.
I like Carlos but favor Sinner at this stage if I have time to see some of a match the two play.
For now, my main focus and I think the main focus of many others at XT is the fast darkening twilight of the gifted and flawed Greatest Player of our times so far in the 21st Century, perhaps 20th Century, too. And the end days of his great, formidable rival Nadal. Nadal, who feared no one when playing BUT Novak. I want to appreciate in the amount of free time I have to celebrate the slow ending of careers of players of talent and appeal that surrounded the Big 3, or emerged after Serena.

chrisford1 Says:

Well, Monte Carlo is not where a 50th Novak-Rafa match will happen.
Nads withdrew.
From clay.
Proving something really is still wrong with him. Hardcourt and Rafa? Mo mas! But no dirt pen fun for Rafa??

I hope he recovers soon. But not before the French Open is over. Want people besides Rafa to be given attention to on the mens side at RG. The lack of attention to other players at the Rafa Show some years made me want to vomit. I don’t think he is a threat to win but you know the tennis hosts and broadcasters and interviews will be 100% “Cherish His Last Dance” – full on Rafa gushing .

Alison hodge Says:

Sinner and Alcaraz both look very strong….

As for Rafa he owes his fans nothing…

Regarding Federer, one of the commontator said, he may not have won as many GS as Rafa and Novak, but his type of tennis is the type of tennis, which he would choose to watch more than any other player on tour…

Alison hodge Says:

So what if Nadal wins another FO { yeah, yeah, yeah, unlikely I know}, and people fawn over him, it’s not like they don’t do it with other players, and it’s not like they don’t fawn over other players on other surfaces, end of rant…

zed Says:

Alison, I’m just waiting for him to play a match let alone win a Grand Slam.

If he does play the FO my question will be can he win his first round match. Going through seven gruelling 5 setters to take the title seems a bit much to ask.

Alison hodge Says:

That’s why I said it was unlikely if you read it again I have no expectations Zed

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