Novak Djokovic Withdraws From French Open With Right Knee Injury

by Staff | June 4th, 2024, 11:23 am

Novak Djokovic injured his right knee Monday at the French Open.

Novak Djokovic has withdrawn from the French Open due to the right knee injury he sustained in yesterday’s five-set win over Francisco Cerundolo.

Djokovic was due to play Casper Ruud Wednesday in the quarterfinals. Ruud will now get a walkover into the semifinals on Friday when he will face either Alexander Zverev or Alex de Minaur.

Djokovic revealed Monday that the knee had been an issue for a few weeks, and that a slip early in the second set inflamed the injury further.

“For the last couple weeks I have had, I would say, slight discomfort, I would call it that way, in the right knee, but I haven’t had an injury that would be concerning me at all,” Djokovic said. “I was playing a few tournaments with it, and no issues until today.

“I started feeling the pain and asked for the physio treatment and the medical timeout and tried to take care of it. It did disrupt me definitely in play. For two sets, two sets and a half, I didn’t want to stay in the rally too long. Every time he would make sudden dropshots or change directions, I would not be feeling comfortable to do the running.

“At one point I didn’t know, to be honest, whether I should continue or not with what’s happening. I got the medications, and then after the third set was done, I asked for more medications, and I got them.”

Djokovic underwent more tests Tuesday and it was determined he would be unable to play. Some reports have the injury as a torn meniscus in his right knee, and that could impact his ability to play Wimbledon or even the Olympics.

The is the first time Djokovic has given a walkover in his Grand Slam career. And it ends his title defense hopes and his reign at world No. 1 which will now go to Jannik Sinner.

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25 Comments for Novak Djokovic Withdraws From French Open With Right Knee Injury

skeezer Says:

Fed’s career was pretty much over when he had this type of injury. Injuries wait for no one.

Wog Boy Says:

“Some reports have the injury as a torn meniscus in his right knee,”

Not “some reports” but Novak himself posted that he has meniscus tear:

I am really sad to announce that I have to withdraw from Roland Garros. I played with my heart and gave my all in yesterday’s match and unfortunately, due to a medial meniscus tear in my right knee, my team and I had to make a tough decision after careful consideration and consultation.“

All together not a bad outing, broke another two records (370 GS wins and 59 QFS, stands alone) very few that he already doesn’t own and made 15th consecutive FO quoter-final, nobody has ever done it in any of 4 GSs, plus two epic matches, not too bad for 37 years old with 21 years on tour 👍

Van Persie Says:

Did not see the matrch against Musetti, I was too tired, and had to sleep and then regretted on Sunday, that I missed a big match. But I was lucky to see the match against Cerundolo. Wow!
I knew somehow, that Nole will not be able to play QF. The adrenaline helped him to play amazing during the last 2 sets and to get that win. Amazing! That was the best match, I have seen from Nole this year.

Wishing Nole a speedy recovery!

chrisford1 Says:

Don’t know what the extent of Novak’s injury is, but a blurb on healing times:
Athletes undergoing meniscal repair demonstrated a pooled mean RTP time of 7.6 months in comparison to 4.3 months for those undergoing partial meniscectomy.
Then I have heard of 3-6 weeks for basketball players where slight tears can be mended with cadaver ligaments splicing and medical “superglue”.

It will affect Novak’s season past the FO. Obviously Wimbledon looks gone in any scenario (7/1 start), probably the Olympics too. (7/27 start)

I won’t bother speculating past those events, as more info on the injury and time he is expected to be out is put out.

chrisford1 Says:

Big congrats to Jannik Sinner on #1. He worked his ass off to get there and he, Carlos, and Daniil are the three worthy people who have made #1 in the Djokovic transition times.

I think Novak is unlikely to make #1 again, but his records as #1 are convincing evidence that as special as all three of the Big 3 were, there was one that was #1 over double the time of Nadal at #1 (207 weeks) and over two years longer than Federer (310).

Novak #1 428 weeks. And #1 that long because he was consistent, had ability to win on any court, could win with fans either loving him or hating on him. So consistent he is the only player to have a career sweep of all APT events 1000 and above. Twice. Could be 3 if he somehow wins Monte Carlo again.
Oldest year-end #1. Oldest #1 at 37 years old.

Sinner #1 is newsworthy, while Djokovic’s various #1 stats are worth reflecting on because he is likely done as #1 and we can see his career numbers and they are of course remarkable as the #1 player.

Van Persie Says:


Second you on everything you wrote. Nole can leave the stage, without to have regrets and Sinner has earned his Nr.1 spot.

Giles Says:

Never mind joker. There’s always next year and the year after that and the year after that! lol. Don’t give up!

Giles Says:

Aww. Bog Boy and XYZ will miss you terribly. Have a nice loooooong rest!

Van Persie Says:


Which Karma? Nole did not lose in 3 sets in the 1st round at his favorite tournament. He won in 2 great matches (R4 and Quarters) at RG. :)

Giles Says:

VP. Just in case you don’t follow the news. Rafa has been suffering with injuries and consequently lack of match play. AND then he gets handed the #2 player in the first round! I’d like to see which player can deal with this scenario successfully. Oh maybe Faker with the use of the POD and of course his continual antics on court! Pfffffft.

Madmax Says:

Giles, your sarcasm and contempt will come back to bite you.
You add nothing to a serious discussion.

I believe there is some hope here:

“Novak Djokovic could yet be ready for a tilt at an eighth Wimbledon title this summer despite having to withdraw from the French Open with a torn medial meniscus. Following his epic five set win over Francisco Cerundolo, the Serbian underwent a scan that he later revealed would require surgery ahead of the grass court tournament at SW19.

Djokovic has less than four weeks to be fully fit for the tournament, with the 2024 Paris Olympics starting later in the month.

But speaking exclusively the CEO of Kitman Labs, Stephen Smith has claimed that the 24-time Grand Slam champion still has a good chance of recovering in time.

Smith, whose company work with the likes of football clubs Chelsea, Liverpool, Fulham and Bayer Leverkusen over player injury and welfare, revealed the severity of a meniscus injury can vary greatly. And he cited the fact that the 37-year-old was able to complete his five set match on Monday as a sign the issue was not long-term.

“If it’s a very small tear or a small flake of meniscus that has come off and the meniscus is floating around inside the knee, and you remove that loose body, you can reduce the pain and return to exercise quite quickly,” he said.

“However, if there’s a big bucket handle tear, and movement causes a lot of pain, that can be a completely different scenario and a more complex surgical procedure would be needed to resolve it which could require three to four months of rehabilitation.

“From what we’ve seen, Djokovic had slight pain during the event last week, but it didn’t stop him from finishing the match on Monday. That would suggest to me that it’s probably on the lower end of the severity scale.

“So in that sense, I think having a good three-to-four-week rehab – if that’s what the MRI scan ultimately reveals, and it’s quite minor – is a realistic timeframe to expect him to return to play, and absolutely I would expect to see him playing on July 1 at Wimbledon.”

So, let’s see Giles and remember all the challenges Rafa had with his knees over the years? He came back stronger than ever.

Good luck I say. We want Novak to stay in the game for as long as possible and Giles, you need to work on your anger and frustration, because it will get you nowhere.

Wog Boy Says:

In today internet world people should be better informed or they are just dumb.

Nole had surgery in Paris immediately after getting scan results, Wimbledon is out of question, Olympics big question mark.
Something had to stop him if not Federer or Nadal then another player called “Meniscus”…

zed Says:

Even if Novak’s career ends here he has not been left wanting in any way, make or fashion. He played against the toughest opponents in the toughest era and still ended up, not just on top, but way up on top.

This despite the establishment, the media and the snivelling lickspittles (like Giles) all trying to drag him down whilst artificially lifting up the also-rans who were left in Novak’s wake.

It’s all on record, history’s cold logical eye will make its own assessment when the dust has settled.

Wog Boy Says:

Source of information, official Serbian state TV network, if they are incorrect then I am too:

As for “We want Novak to stay in the game for as long as possible””…”, absolutely not, we don’t want him dragging his feet like the other two, just call it a day, nothing else to play for, nothing else to achieve, just to embarrass yourself by stay longer than necessary, he raised the bar so high above the others that it’ll take loooong loooong time for someone, not to overtake him but to get anywhere near him.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, talking about the other two, let us be honest, he blew them out of the water, that’s the only objective conclusion now their career is done and dusted, numbers don’t lie.

It’s hard to swallow pill for the likes of Gisele, Sleezer, Old lady from Oklahoma and other haters from TX, just two and a half years ago they were cheering and celebrating Nole’s demise, how wrong they were, revenge is a dish best served cold😉

Van Persie Says:


Thank you for the information! and completely agree with you. I am fine, if I did enjoy his possible last match at RG, which reminded me, why I love Nole so much. I would not be happy to see a shadow of him old self. But time will tell!

Wog Boy Says:

You are right VP, can you imagine Nole losing 3:0 in the first round of his favourite AO or losing 3:0 and being bageled like someone in WF OF Wimbledon 2021, that would be rather embarrassing 😳

Van Persie Says:

Yes WB, on the other hand, it can be that fans around the world would be glad to see him in a farewell tour, next year perhaps. Ok, it s also about the sponsors, but I assume it is not that easy to quit something, that one loves so much…he will decide, how he wants to end it.

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. lol. Yes, the POD was a great help to the Faker. Oh, and not to mention his award winning antics on court each time he was behind in the score. What an Actor!!! I call him a Cheat!

chrisford1 Says:

As Novaks moves to the end of his career, I hope he reaches out to Roger and Serena and ask about the transition from star to retiree. How to keep sponsors and what they think about scheduling their time between post tennis biz and family.

VP thanks for the compliment on a previous post I did. I won’t get specific about your posts, just that you are always a good read and worth the time.

Just the way this FO shakes out that two semis should be finals. Gauff vs Swiatek, Sinner vs. Alcaraz. Of course once upon a time there was this famous semifinal of Djokovic and Nadal. Hard to beat that one. Shame the infamous Djokosmash and net touch took Novak down.
Like losing to Nadal in the 2008 Olympics pretty much equaling Nadal Nadal except he had that legendary horrible smash near the net.
One of their best matches ever. Both went for it, hard. Nadal’s speed back then was phenomenal, and Djokovic had shots and return of serve that made Nole ver. 2.0 not the surprise it was to many people.
Treat yourself to the wayback machine. Watch the two 16 years ago Tennis is not solely or mainly about records, IMO. It is about watching the best perform in a beautiful war, if I can put it that way.

Madmax Says:


“Wog Boy Says:
In today internet world people should be better informed or they are just dumb.”

Dumb is the word – but please, let’s try to understand there are many stories out there -and let’s be honest. YOU are hardly the world’s best informer of information. Go read a book. Go find a tennis player who you will stand next to through thick and thin, for it is you WogBoring who is not only boring, but totally without grace or humility where Novak is concerned. Posting about him now, when you deserted him for years?

Fairweather Fan, you should change your name to this – as this is who you are.

Unless you are THE surgeon operating on Novak, you couldn’t possibly know. I am hopeful and I will stay that way, unlike you –

Wog Boy Says:

For Nole fans, doesn’t include fedt@rds claiming to be Nole fans, after knee surgery with his team, looking relaxed:

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