Carlos Alcaraz: In The 5th Set You Have To Give Everything Including Your Heart

by Staff | June 9th, 2024, 11:24 pm

After winning his third Grand Slam title and first at the French Open defeating Alexander Zverev in five sets, Carlos Alcaraz met the media. The 21-year-old set the record becoming the youngest man to win Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces, younger than even his idol Rafael Nadal did when he was 22.

Alcaraz is also 3-0 in Grand Slam finals — he’ll go for a Career Slam in Australia next January. And he improves to an incredible 11-1 in best-of-5 set matches.

Here’s what he told the press:

THE MODERATOR: Well done, Carlitos. How can you compare the feeling of winning your first Roland Garros to what you felt when you won your first Grand Slam at the US Open or last year winning your first Wimbledon?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, I mean, it’s different tournaments, different aura, but I’m going to say same feeling. I mean, winning a Grand Slam is always special. Winning your first in every Grand Slam is always super special.

But in Roland Garros, knowing all the Spanish players who have won this tournament and be able to put my name on that amazing list is something unbelievable. Something that I dream about being in this position since I was started playing tennis, since I was five, six years old.

So it’s a great, great feeling.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Congratulations, Carlos. Can you tell us about the tattoo that you’re going to get? Where is it going to be, when are you going to get it, and why have you done it after every slam that you’ve won?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: That’s a good first question (smiling).

I have to find the time. But I will do it for sure. It’s going to be in the left ankle. You know, Wimbledon was the right one. Here is going to be the left one, I think so with the Tour Eiffel with the date of today. And, yeah, it’s something that I’m gonna do it. I don’t know if next weeks or gonna take a month or two months, but I will do it (smiling).

Q. Three Grand Slams, three different surfaces. Can you just explain how, whether it was when you were growing up developing your game, you developed a game that was able to translate across all the surfaces so well?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, honestly, I grew up playing on clay court, but the most tournament of the tour it is on hard court. So I had to practice more on hard court, doing the preseason on hard court. So I started to feel more comfortable moving, hitting my shots playing on hard court, but I think my game suits very well on every surface because I practice it.

You know, with dropshots, my volley, I wanted to develop my style being aggressive all the time. You know, of course practicing the defense and all that stuff, but the main, my main goal is being aggressive as much as I can.

So I think that’s on grass is pretty well or I have to do it on grass almost every time, but in all surfaces, I think it’s a pretty good thing, as well.

Q. Congratulations. How do you explain, you come here, you say you’re not well prepared, you couldn’t play three tournaments. You play and every time you go to the fourth and fifth set, you lose, like, today, three games. You lost three games. In all five sets you played, you won 11 out of 12. The only one you lost 7-6 in the fifth. How do you explain it? Where do you find all these energies when you arrive at the final, you know, games of a match?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, I know that when I’m playing a fifth set you have to give everything and you have to give your heart. I mean, in those moments, it’s where the top players give their best tennis.

So as I said many times, I wanted to be one of the best tennis players in the world, so I have to give an extra in those moments in the fifth set, I have to show the opponent that I am fresh, I’m like we are playing the first game of the match.

So I think that works pretty well if the opponents see me that I’m moving well, I’m hitting the good shots, I’m finding good solutions. And of course, the mental strength play a great part on that moment.

So I think that’s why I have good success in the fifth sets, and of course you have to take that in the fifth set if you want to win the slams.

Q. Congratulations, Carlos. I wanted to ask you about your playing style. You go for high-risk shots. Your team, your coach, do they also want you to go or do they want you to be a little more defensive at important times in the match? Are they telling you the same thing? Do you listen to them or do you do whatever you feel like doing?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Sometimes I do whatever they told me, and sometimes is depend on my feelings in that moment (smiling).

But I’m trying on that moment just to be aggressive, just to go for it, play my style, go to the net, dropshots, hitting big shots. Because if I lose it, if I miss it, my feelings are really good. It doesn’t matter if I lose, it doesn’t matter if I miss it, because when I go for it, the feelings are much better if I go defensive and lose it anyway.

So in those moments my team are telling me to go for it and myself, as well.

Q. You had a medical timeout, fourth set, I think. What was the issue with your leg? How did you get yourself through it? What were you doing in order to sort of get the strength that you knew you were going to need in order to last? Was it something you had felt before or did it just suddenly come on?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, it’s something that I started to feel in the semifinal. Of course playing five sets, really demanding one against Jannik on clay, after that match, you’re gonna feel something. If not, you’re not human. So that’s obvious.

I started the match without any pain, without feeling it. Of course I was taking care about it with taping on that. And at the end of the third set, beginning of the fourth one, I started to feel a little bit, so that’s why I called the physio just for precaution.

Then I could move well. I mean, I started to feeling better and better. Then the physio came a few times more because it was cramping, having difficult physical problems or difficult moments.

But anyway, I could deal it with the best way possible and could finish the match with good feelings.

Q. You talked on court about the difficult preparation and the injuries. Was there anything you lacked during this tournament, despite the fact that you were able to win it? Why do you feel you have been able to perform so well despite the difficult preparation? There are a lot of players who probably wouldn’t be able to perform at such a high level after missing so much of the clay season.

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, as I said before the tournament, I consider myself a player who doesn’t need too many matches on my back just to get at 100%. I had a really good week here in Paris, practicing with good players. I felt really well playing sets, moving, hitting my shots before the tournament began. Obviously every match that I have played, I was getting better and better.

As I said, all the work that I put every day, you know, before coming here, and every day here has been really good work with my team that help me to get 100% physically, mentally, and hitting good shots and putting a good level on the court.

So I think that’s why I performance at my best at the end of the tournament. And of course, I believed in myself in every round, every day, until the last ball of today’s match.

Q. First, a very short but incredibly important and serious question: Where is the US Open tattoo?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: The US Open tattoo is over here. This is the date (showing on back of elbow).

Q. My other question is: You’ve already done a lot in tennis, records, youngest No. 1, now youngest with three different Grand Slam titles and other stuff too. I’m just wondering, with everything you have done so far, what are you the most proud of?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: That’s a difficult question. I mean, obviously winning the US Open, when I reached for the first time the No. 1, something that I dream since I started playing tennis, getting my first Grand Slam. So it was pretty special.

But honestly, the way that I won Wimbledon, beating Novak Djokovic in five sets, has been a great achievement for me. Right now lifting the Roland Garros trophy, knowing everything that I have been through the last month with the injuries and all that stuff, I don’t know.

Probably this one. Probably this one is the moment that I’m really proud about myself, because everything that I have done the last month just to be ready for this tournament with my team, a lot of talks with them. You know, if I have to practice, if I can’t practice or discuss with them, has been really difficult for me, honestly.

So I’m going to say this one is the most that I am proud about myself.

Q. You won three Grand Slams now. You are the youngest player, you already know what you did so far. Tell me, do you dream about those 24 Grand Slams that Novak has? Do you believe that you can get them since you have the age, you have everything you need?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: I don’t know (smiling). I hope so.

Well, I talked to Juan Carlos a few days ago that — well, it was just yesterday, actually. Before facing this final, he told me, you’re going to fight for your third Grand Slam title, with everything you have been through, and you know the difficult part of winning a Grand Slam, and Djoko has 24. So it is unbelievable.

Right now I can’t think about it. I just want to keep going, and let’s see how many Grand Slam I’m gonna take at the end of my career. Hopefully reach the 24, but right now I’m going to enjoy my third one, and let’s see in the future (smiling).

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8 Comments for Carlos Alcaraz: In The 5th Set You Have To Give Everything Including Your Heart

skeezer Says:

The “Records” are piling up already for Carlito, and only 21!

Van Persie Says:

Yes, Skeezer. he needs 21 more. or 22 in order to be a tad better😂. You will be busy for a loooong time 🙂

skeezer Says:

Lol I meant he is only 21 yrs young. Youngest male to hold 3 slams @ 21 years old. I believe that is a historical tennis record.

He has got 3, so he needs yes 21/22 more to have THAT record of your “you are da man”. So lets see, I figure ( if he can stay relatively healthy for the 10 years….he’ll be 31…doable ) if he can average 2 Slams a year or so, he’ll be right there?? For starters he will need to be a Rafa Nadal on Clay. That seems to be tough cuz the competition seems to be a lot better nowadays on that surface. One can only dream. I know…..keep dreaming’ :)

Van Persie Says:

Hey Skeezer,

Of course this is douable.
Perhaps somebody will winn 4 GS per year for 6-7 years in a row or something like that. You nenever know😂

Van Persie Says:

sorry for the typos, I was in a bus when I was writing🙂

chrisford1 Says:

Fans will move on from the Big 3 and will not allow THEIR players to become victims of endless Big 3 comparisons from 60-75 year old media broadcaster tennis “once greats” – And how their people are so inferior to the 3 Holy Legends.
Younger players, younger broadcasters, and less blatant shilling based on who the players sponsors are like Matts Wilander does.
Long past time to give the grown so establishment they are French State Dinner honorees MacEnroe and Evert and Martina & spouse the boot from broadcasting.
Less DEI in tennis corporate and media and excessive honors for fossil gay icons like BJK and Arthur Ashe (unproven, but present day beneficiary of gay-black retro worship), present day trans worship – and demonization of players that don’t declare they are 100% for trans, pride, DEI.

Madmax Says:




Madmax Says:

Incredible feat by Alcaraz. Loved the match. Very humble guy,

“Alcaraz began playing tennis aged four and was coached professionally by his father (a top-40 player in his day).

From the age of 13 he signed a racket deal with Babolat (currently using the recently launched Pure Aero 98) and more recently has added big brands Nike, BMW, Rolex and Calvin Klein to his portfolio”.

I read somewhere he lived above a fisherman’s store. And now…

Good luck to him! Now he has signed with the big boys!

Nike £1m (associated with the brand since 2015 and signed a reported $1m deal in 2020 until 2025. Nike are currently considering his own special apparel line).

Isdin Skincare (signed deal in 2022)

Rolex (signed deal in Jan 2022)

ElPozo (signed deal in June 2022)

BMW (signed deal in July 2022)

Calvin Klein (appeared in an advetising campaign Jan 2023)

Louis Vuitton (signed deal in June 2023)

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