Novak Djokovic Was Home With His Kids Watching Alcaraz Defeat Zverev

by Staff | June 9th, 2024, 11:38 pm

“Enjoying this match with some great company. 👦” Novak Djokovic posted on Instagram in a picture of him watching Carlos Alcaraz’s thrilling win over Alexander Zverev to win the French Open.

Djokovic of course just underwent successful surgery for a torn meniscus in his right knee, so he joined his kids to watch the final from his home.

When will Djokovic be back is the question. Wimbledon is just three weeks away — he’s scheduled to play July 1 — but his title defense and a quest for a 25th Grand Slam might take a back seat to the Olympics at the end of July which will also be at Roland Garros.

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10 Comments for Novak Djokovic Was Home With His Kids Watching Alcaraz Defeat Zverev

PK Says:

Um, Novak would not be defending a Wimbledon title because he did not win the title last year…!

skeezer Says:


lylenubbins Says:

Wondering about his recovery time. Probably US Open would be his best bet this year. If that happens, next year may be his last.

Wog Boy Says:

Something tells me he will play Wimbledon and hopefully retire this year or at AO 2024 where everything started, enough is enough.
After him I am retiring too from tennis, everything started long time ago with Nasty Nastase, continued with Jimbo, Agassi, Safin and finishing with the GOAT, just right👏👍

But don’t get your hopes high, I will be checking up on my friends and my “friends” here.

In my retirement I’ll enjoy my beloved Dogies, was yesterday at the match, absolutely blown away, gutsiest win for a long long time, Dogs of War are back after few years in wilderness:

if check last try I was there jumping up and down with my blue and white Bulldogs army, what a comeback, wow!

Alison hodge Says:

Aww so cute 🤗

Van Persie Says:


I will continue to watch tennis matchea, but more relaxed now as rhe GOAT debate is over.

I like Sinner, I cannot tell that I dislike Carlos. But it is not the same chemistry as it was with Novak.
I will focus on players, that will probably not achieve records: Rublev, Zverev and other underdogs. Nole was actually the only Nr. 1, which I loved, maybe because he was underdog among the 3 and I am really happy, he achieved much more, than I expected 10-13 years ago. 🙂

chrisford1 Says:

Going forward, one thing the sport badly needs is a housecleaning of old guard tennis broadcasters now a total part of the owners establishment and shills for leftist dem politics in the USA.

All about LGBTQ, wanting less white player success, and denouncing players that now or back in their playing days do not revere leftist icons over regular, successful star players of the time.

MacEnroe is about the worst. So DEI Democrat and minority panderer he gets to be honored guest at leftist French State D-Day dinners. His broadcasting, once fresh, is as stale as US and Soviet military crackers also made in the 70s, 80s – are now.
Navratilova has been beaten out of expressing her own mind on issues, then finding T > L for saying she does not want Trans taking over woman’s tennis. A cardinal sin now in the LGBTQ hierarchy and roasted for saying it. Laughably after demanding Margaret Court Smith be stripped of all her titles for saying by her Pentacostal faith that homosexuality is sinful. Evert simply acts entitled to be a broadcaster without prep, phoning it in for 15+ years.

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, you certainly remember when MacEnroe and Navratilova were advocating change of the name of Margaret Court Arena and they were just tourists in Australia and they should have behaved like a tourists:

Wog Boy Says:


You are “little” bit younger than me, you still have plenty of time, I don’t have to many steps left to be made, most of my steps are behind me so I have to choose wisely how to use the remaining steps given to me by the engineer from above, rugby league matches are less stressful than tennis, few beers and good old fashion Aussie meat pie….plus little bit of screaming is perfectly therapeutic for an old man 😉

armelwani Says:

In the trunk – it still says that Djokovic is in question for his Wimbledon title defense. He didn’t win Wimbledon in 2023. Alcaraz did.

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