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Sofia_Arvidsson: Here we are....Team Sweden😃
-- April 16, 9:49 am ET
Sofia_Arvidsson: Trivs bra i Lidköping även om det råder hårda regler utanför hallen😎
-- April 16, 9:35 am ET
EVesnina001: RT @katemakarova1: We are ready for a good time:) #fedcup #russia
-- April 16, 9:30 am ET
Stako_tennis: Goodbye MCCC.. It is really a perfect place to prepare @GvtMonaco !The city which loves sport.Next is @NastaseTiriac
-- April 16, 8:56 am ET
AllaK11: Arrived in Morocco. Out of the airport with visa, bags and past customs in 10 minutes... What a service!!!!! #goodstart #travelday #marakech
-- April 16, 8:54 am ET
Taylor_Townsen: RT @LifeLimits: Stop wishing for something to happen and go make it happen.
-- April 16, 8:50 am ET
Taylor_Townsen: Good morning everyone! !! Day #4: "Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome."
-- April 16, 8:49 am ET
Kohlscribbler: Snow in Monte Carlo... #Ididntbringmyski
-- April 16, 8:45 am ET
MisaKrajicek: A shining Dutch Fed Cup team!!! #KNLTB #DenBosch
-- April 16, 8:34 am ET
dusanVemic: Red Square... Moscow..
-- April 16, 8:34 am ET
ivokarlovic: Ok its been a blast. Now back to doing what i was doing. #Nothing
-- April 16, 8:29 am ET
jesselevine7: About to get my butt kicked by @andresecha in golf, will return the favor in tennis after! Vamos!
-- April 16, 8:25 am ET
MonicaAce93: Loved my 2nd Caras cover and spread! Was such a fun shoot and I love the outcome!!! 😊
-- April 16, 8:25 am ET
Charlymoya: #love
-- April 16, 8:22 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@BarkingTrout: shout out from the Spanish Monestary courts!! What's your favorite restaurant in Miami?" Heeey whats up. Many many good ones
-- April 16, 8:17 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@homeydoc: @ivokarlovic Chocolate or vanilla?" Choco
-- April 16, 8:14 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@LadyDarkRose: @ivokarlovic Boxers, briefs or commando?" Naked
-- April 16, 8:13 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@limo251: @ivokarlovic what do you think of dentists?" They are good with teeth
-- April 16, 8:09 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@homeydoc: @ivokarlovic Would you ever consider going into politics after tennis?" I dont like to steal
-- April 16, 8:08 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@edyfoody: @ivokarlovic are you a misunderstood genius?" Yes. Yes i am
-- April 16, 8:07 am ET
JLPegula: RT @TheTJ_Worry: In today's new; it's snowing in parts of WNY and whites girls "just can't even"
-- April 16, 8:02 am ET
roberta_vinci: RT @MarcoScottoFoto: Week End di #FedCup. Sarà dura ma #vinciamonoi @roberta_vinci @SaraErrani #KarinKnapp @GiorgiCamilla #vinciamonoi http…
-- April 16, 7:58 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@MisterPigz: @ivokarlovic How do you like your eggs?" Sunny side up
-- April 16, 7:57 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@THE_REAL_AZIS: @ivokarlovic 2chainz ili Future ?" Chainz
-- April 16, 7:56 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@Stako_tennis: @ivokarlovic what you hate the most in chair empire ??" They are always right. No matter how wrong they are..
-- April 16, 7:55 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@ZlTAOHUANGS: @ivokarlovic If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?" Yes all little animals gather around and sing a happy song
-- April 16, 7:54 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@SoriNoleShady: @ivokarlovic Your favorite shot?" Tekila
-- April 16, 7:49 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@LiberalLouisa: @ivokarlovic Have you ever cleaned the cobwebs off the ceiling by wearing a fluffy hat?" Probably
-- April 16, 7:47 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@GeorgianaSophia: @ivokarlovic can you ask @FerVerdasco to follow me?! ;)" no
-- April 16, 7:45 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@PFectmhd: What do you think about our Roger Federer ? @ivokarlovic" perfect
-- April 16, 7:44 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@Tom_moore29: @ivokarlovic Federer or Nadal?" Neither. I'm hetero
-- April 16, 7:44 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@barcelona_lopez: @ivokarlovic di you win a slam this year ?" Yes
-- April 16, 7:43 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@halecm: @ivokarlovic Ko po tebi osvaja NBA naslov?" Heat
-- April 16, 7:41 am ET
DreddyTennis: @DonnaVekic @ivokarlovic What Does That Mean... Its Soooo Good... 😌
-- April 16, 7:40 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@AleGrassi22: Describe the clay in one word @ivokarlovic" dirtysocks
-- April 16, 7:40 am ET
Stako_tennis: @ivokarlovic what you hate the most in chair empire ??
-- April 16, 7:40 am ET
DonnaVekic: @ivokarlovic @DreddyTennis errrrrr
-- April 16, 7:40 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@SilentGuy247: @ivokarlovic Why didn't you win Wimbledon?" Not my time yet
-- April 16, 7:39 am ET
Stako_tennis: RT @5sovetov: В отношениях между мужчиной и женщиной не должно быть чужого мнения и чужих советов
-- April 16, 7:38 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@Grindery: @ivokarlovic When you are sitting in a bathtub, are you sitting on a bathtub drain?" Um.. thats really tough question.
-- April 16, 7:38 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@DreddyTennis: @DonnaVekic @ivokarlovic Some #AckeeNSaltFish... Right #LilGuy? 😉😊" oh yesss. But lil girl dont know bout that..
-- April 16, 7:36 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@Haasdabest: @ivokarlovic Whats your favourite movie?" Wolf of wall street, Hustle and flow
-- April 16, 7:35 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@BlondeParel: @ivokarlovic what's your favorite cheese?" Mozzarella
-- April 16, 7:20 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@gulkoriem: @ivokarlovic Why didn't you choose to play other sports like basketball professionally?" Cuz I like pain
-- April 16, 7:20 am ET
DreddyTennis: #SelfieTime With The Homiez @CarstenNeuhaus @BjornPhau... #Cologne #Lunch #TheBoyz 😌👌
-- April 16, 7:19 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@geeloreyz: @ivokarlovic what would you have been if you hadn't chosen tennis??? :)". Hustler
-- April 16, 7:18 am ET
Daria_gav: “@aaronkellett: Making progress! #aclrehab #getstrong #proudofmyteam #hardwork #justdoit #tennis” Let's go team! 👍💪
-- April 16, 7:17 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@meer_al: @ivokarlovic describe federer in one word ." Metro
-- April 16, 7:16 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@udon_soldier: @ivokarlovic fav place in Croatia ?" Zagreb
-- April 16, 7:12 am ET
DreddyTennis: @DonnaVekic @ivokarlovic Some #AckeeNSaltFish... Right #LilGuy? 😉😊
-- April 16, 7:12 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@Shivank17: @ivokarlovic your favourite holiday destination/s?" Jamaica, Nyc
-- April 16, 7:10 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@kevin33000: @ivokarlovic Would you play mixed doubles with Cibulkova?" Sure
-- April 16, 7:09 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@naturelle13: @ivokarlovic What's the meaning of life? (in 140 characters or less, thanks)" procreation
-- April 16, 7:08 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@DonnaVekic: @ivokarlovic what should I eat for dinner?" Janjac
-- April 16, 7:07 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@joshsimona: @ivokarlovic fav track right now...ili album" partition beyonce
-- April 16, 7:06 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@madblackmother: @ivokarlovic What Jamaican dishes do u like best?" Curry chicken, breadfruit
-- April 16, 7:03 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@HankOfSweden: @ivokarlovic Karlovacko or Uzusko?" Karlovacko
-- April 16, 7:02 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@DaniSotocalde: @ivokarlovic Why did you decide to play with a single backhand?" I was young and stupid
-- April 16, 7:02 am ET
DonnaVekic: @ivokarlovic what should I eat for dinner?
-- April 16, 7:01 am ET
ivokarlovic: "@FeddyBeaar: @ivokarlovic 'Sup?" Yo
-- April 16, 7:01 am ET
Daria_gav: Nah... But seriously how creative am I?! #snapchat 💋😂😂😂😂
-- April 16, 7:00 am ET
ivokarlovic: Ok questions next 10 mins. Go!
-- April 16, 6:59 am ET
SaraErrani: RT @francy_brunetto: Cichiiiiiii @SaraErrani puoi aggiornare Candy Crush 😂💪💪💪💪
-- April 16, 6:53 am ET
EVesnina001: RT @_mash22: @EVesnina001 @katemakarova1 давайте!!!!👯🇷🇺
-- April 16, 6:40 am ET
Stako_tennis: RT @Zurab_Alasania: Ян Табачник: "Честь имею пригласить". Перший Національний: маю честь відмовити.
-- April 16, 6:37 am ET
EVesnina001: Our team👯👯наша команда👯👯@FedCup @katemakarova1 #russia #fedcup
-- April 16, 6:34 am ET
TheBorisBecker: #tennis #monaco racket slightly to big .....
-- April 16, 6:17 am ET
TRobredo: Hope you like our new bracelets of @FTommyRobredo . If you want a have some, you can find them in @sergiotacchini0 stand at @MCROLEXMASTERS
-- April 16, 5:49 am ET
TRobredo: Ya tenemos las pulseras solidarias de la @FTommyRobredo en el stand de @sergiotacchini0 Espero que os gusten!!😉
-- April 16, 5:47 am ET
annekeothavong: #Rally4Bally Please donate at
-- April 16, 5:44 am ET
ppauline86: On est plutôt pas mal ici semaine d entrainement dans le sud très agréable
-- April 16, 4:40 am ET
annekeothavong: RT @BritishTennis: British Tennis to stage second Rally Against Cancer charity event - #Rally4Bally -
-- April 16, 4:37 am ET
Gael_Monfils: “@NickKyrgios: Need to shoot some hoops with my bro @Gael_Monfils very, very soon. 🏀”yeahhhh ☺️👌👍
-- April 16, 4:33 am ET
FerVerdasco: Muchísimas gracias a todos por los comentarios de apoyo y por ayudarme a conseguir este título! #Houston #Champion #6
-- April 16, 4:01 am ET
juliagoerges: Australia is just a great country...👍 loving it❤️
-- April 16, 3:55 am ET
Stako_tennis: RT @Dbnmjr: МВФ таки даёт $14 млрд,гривна укрепилась,газ пошёл из Германии,силовики стали грамотно действовать в Донбассе. Украина,Бог на т…
-- April 16, 3:52 am ET
richardgasquet1: Mon infiltration s'est bien déroulée. Je dois prendre patience et me reposer. Merci pour votre soutien #staystrong
-- April 16, 3:28 am ET
DreddyTennis: #BackInTheDay #Used2LuvThisTournie #AachenChally🎾🏆
-- April 16, 3:06 am ET
AnaIvanovic: RT @AnaIvanovicBR: @AnaIvanovic @junior_cigano IT'S TIME??? hahaha 👊💪
-- April 16, 2:54 am ET
Stako_tennis: RT @Billbrowder: Perfect summary of the three stages of Russia in the last 50 years. Welcome to Putin's new world order.
-- April 16, 2:40 am ET
AljazBedene: RT @MBugby: Trio #disneyland #california #21stcelebrations
-- April 16, 2:39 am ET
EVesnina001: RT @TennisandCo: 5 questions to @EVesnina001 : Let's read Elena's thoughts about the beginning of her season, the Fed Cup and more... http:…
-- April 16, 2:22 am ET
-- April 16, 2:21 am ET
Stako_tennis: RT @theoverrule: @Stako_tennis @HEGS_com Stak, don't you agree @ElinaSvitolina & @TheDolgo should be asked to represent Ukraine for @hopman…
-- April 16, 2:01 am ET
MirzaSania: An hour drive and boredom equals to this :-P
-- April 16, 1:59 am ET
tamira1990: RT @OMGFacts: Insects Are Usually Gross, But the Way This Photographer Captures Them Is Amazing -->
-- April 16, 1:52 am ET
vika7: So is it time for me to get on snapchat? I dont really know much about it. Whatcha all think?
-- April 16, 1:41 am ET
milosraonic: This morning I beat the sun to it!
-- April 16, 12:45 am ET
darren_cahill: A heartbreaking & powerful 15min. RT “@WhitneyOsteen In case u missed it @espn #bostonstrong written by Tom Rinaldi”
-- April 15, 11:52 pm ET
andyroddick: RT @squampton: @andyroddick Lookin rough these days bud. @JayOnrait @fs1otoole
-- April 15, 11:34 pm ET
Taylor_Townsen: That Migos vine>>>>>>
-- April 15, 11:07 pm ET
JuanIChela: El torino se comio al Sierra en @ESPNRedes
-- April 15, 10:57 pm ET
sloanetweets: RT @DonteStallworth: “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” - Swedish proverb
-- April 15, 10:20 pm ET
mattebden: Some nice classic old footage in here - Top 70 ATP Tennis Points of All-Time @ATPWorldTour
-- April 15, 10:01 pm ET
Martina: via @nprnews: Did You See It? If Not, Here's The 'Blood Moon'- missed it,couldn't stay awake...but here it is:)
-- April 15, 9:39 pm ET
Martina: via @nprnews: Berlusconi Ordered To Do Community Service At Senior Center- that's just too good:), Dai Silvio!!!
-- April 15, 9:38 pm ET
Martina: via @nprnews: Giant South American Bird On The Run In The U.K.- run Rhea run:)
-- April 15, 9:37 pm ET
Martina: via @nprnews: In India, Landmark Ruling Recognizes Transgender Citizens-this is great,now if only the anti gay law...
-- April 15, 9:35 pm ET
DreddyTennis: RT @MissyElliott: I'm happy those tweets inspired y'all! Never give up even when it gets hard make your doubters believers! Think out the b…
-- April 15, 9:32 pm ET
Martina: RT @wsjaeboo: The secret anti-abortion law that's sweeping America | Erika L Sanchez @Martina @SandraFluke
-- April 15, 9:25 pm ET
Martina: RT @wsjaeboo: Two Nations, Related by Fear excellent article by @CliveSSmith @BiancaJagger @GeorgieBC @Martina
-- April 15, 9:24 pm ET
Martina: Rachel Maddow is right on tonight on right wing extremism in this country, more people have been killed by them after 9/11 than by jihadists
-- April 15, 9:21 pm ET
DreddyTennis: #NowPlayinOnDreddysBeats Chillin Wid #MrJetLag On My Frenz Sofa & A Hol A Meds👍 #Patience
-- April 15, 9:17 pm ET
Jamie_Hampton: @deniskudla omg, yes.
-- April 15, 9:17 pm ET
mattebden: How long till we can get these to fly on and reduce the dependence on fuel (& oil) - Solar powered airplanes
-- April 15, 9:14 pm ET
DreddyTennis: "@TKokkinakis: May or may not have had this for dinner the last 4 nights @ChipotleTweets #sosolid 😳" #TheBestEva😊👌
-- April 15, 9:11 pm ET
IrinaFalconi: Hi everyone. My name is Irina. ..."Hi Irina ..." And I am an animal addict #golden #retriever…
-- April 15, 9:10 pm ET
caseydellacqua: RT @LukeSaville18: Would like to wish the Aussie girls #FedCup team all the best against Germany this w/e! Will be cheering you on from Chi…
-- April 15, 9:07 pm ET
NickKyrgios: Our chats ✌️ @jessica3429
-- April 15, 9:03 pm ET
DreddyTennis: "@yvesallegro: South Beach is not a bad place to be..." I Hope U Didnt Just Realize That Now My Friend 😊😉😚
-- April 15, 8:59 pm ET
IrinaFalconi: "Welcome to our restaurant! How many tonight?" Every tennis player at some point in life: "Just one...🙊🙉🙈 " #wtalifeproblems
-- April 15, 8:29 pm ET
EdinaGallovits: I'm actually cooking tonight 😳! This better be good ... 😰 @ The Paramount at Buckhead
-- April 15, 8:17 pm ET
deniskudla: I want it that way ..tell me why .... (Who knows the rest??
-- April 15, 7:55 pm ET
deniskudla: Applebee's in chile playing backstreet boys album..classic. Everybody yeahh rock your body yeahh
-- April 15, 7:52 pm ET
Dinarik27: It's really tough to choose whom to support... I love both teams... I just hope it's gonna be a great game!!! And let the best to win!!!!
-- April 15, 7:26 pm ET
mattebden: Good luck Aussie #FedCup team this weekend against Germany up in Brisbane. Look forward to cheering you on from overseas @TennisAustralia
-- April 15, 7:05 pm ET
Dinarik27: Hoy viajo a Valencia para ver la final de la copa del Rey Real Madrid - Barcelona!!!!! #vamos #fútbol #CopaDelreyFinal #RealMadridBarcelona
-- April 15, 6:59 pm ET
geniebouchard: It's impossible to walk by Auntie Anne's without buying a pretzel. #thatsmelltho
-- April 15, 6:59 pm ET
NickKyrgios: RT @HazKaka: @NickKyrgios good to see you're following the cheeky knicks and my boy MELO!
-- April 15, 6:57 pm ET
LaurenDavis93: RT @Siduckdynasty: Pretty much.
-- April 15, 6:48 pm ET
LaurenDavis93: RT @HoodJesusYo: Life without Jesus be like
-- April 15, 6:47 pm ET
Martina: RT @LynnGWood: @Martina Pls could you retweet this, it's for a terminally ill child Thank you x
-- April 15, 6:32 pm ET
geniebouchard: Thanks NYC, it's been real (and rainy) #lastminutepic
-- April 15, 6:30 pm ET

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