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DreddyTennis: #NowPlayinOnDreddysBeats 🎵Do U Luh Me, Do U Swear? Am I Still The 1, Even When Im Not There?#HappyMoodMusic🎧
-- April 25, 4:16 am ET
TheBorisBecker: #truth #real #love
-- April 25, 4:11 am ET
milosraonic: We are still going
-- April 25, 4:10 am ET
RichardKrajicek: Wat een spectaculaire opening! Iedereen opgewarmd en klaar voor de #Koningsspelen
-- April 25, 3:35 am ET
RichardKrajicek: Klaar voor de Kanga! #wereldrecord #Koningsspelen
-- April 25, 3:29 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @johnvanlottum: @RichardKrajicek Koningsdagen zijn super. Mijn kids hebben er helemaal zin in.
-- April 25, 3:23 am ET
tomasberdych: Raffle to win Pete Sampras signed and used shoes for @royalmarsden charity! #opentoall”
-- April 25, 3:20 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @RBbml: #koningsspelen op wel 8 locaties in #bemmel. Geweldig wat een heerlijke sportdag . #lingewaard #obsderegenboog
-- April 25, 3:19 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @marksnijder: Ontbijt achter de kiezen en nu bijna klaar voor de warming-up #koningsspelen #Elstar #Elst
-- April 25, 3:19 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @fvanborssele: Groep 6, 7 en 8 smullen van hun ontbijt! #Koningsspelen
-- April 25, 3:18 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @ZilverenKruis: Maak een leuke foto van het touwtjespringen ter ere van de #koningsspelen en win! Check http://t.…
-- April 25, 3:18 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @EstherVergeer: Ook de @EVFnl doet mee met de #koningsspelen! Sporten op #roessingh! #Wewinnenveelmetsport
-- April 25, 3:18 am ET
RichardKrajicek: Ontbijten met de Koning. Hoe gaaf! #Koningsspelen
-- April 25, 3:15 am ET
RichardKrajicek: Zit te genieten voor de tv. Wat een enthousiasme! Goed in beeld gebracht door Zapp en NOS. #Koningsspelen
-- April 25, 3:03 am ET
juliagoerges: in front of your home crowd...see you all next year👍 time to go home for some rest!
-- April 25, 2:51 am ET
juliagoerges: Tough match against @AnaIvanovic yesterday.great match.Thanks a lot Stuttgart @PorscheTennis for your amazing support.Just the best playing
-- April 25, 2:50 am ET
RichardKrajicek: iedereen fantastische #koningsspelen toegewenst. Samen ontbijten en sporten. Veel plezier!
-- April 25, 2:43 am ET
milosraonic: Beautiful drive through the mountains :) with pops
-- April 25, 2:41 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @obsdebundel: Wij zijn klaar voor de #koningsspelen!
-- April 25, 2:38 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @blombianca: Laat het feest beginnen #Koningsspelen #wvf
-- April 25, 2:37 am ET
DreddyTennis: #NowPlayinOnDreddysBeats & Here Is My #GoodMorningSong #ILTS 😊🙌💃💃💃
-- April 25, 2:36 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @PatrickvanEeken: Klaar voor "doe de kanga" #Koningsspelen 2014
-- April 25, 2:36 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @nocnsf: Miljoen leerlingen sporten op Koningsspelen #wewinnenveelmetsport
-- April 25, 2:35 am ET
RichardKrajicek: RT @koningsspelen: Koningsspelen 2014! Gaan bijna beginnen!
-- April 25, 2:35 am ET
AnaIvanovic: “@AnaIvanovic records 400th career match win! :-) (w/ win v Julia Goerges at @PorscheTennis) #Congrats” Very proud! 💪
-- April 25, 2:21 am ET
AllaK11: In desperate need of coffee...
-- April 25, 2:15 am ET
DreddyTennis: Gooooddd Morrnniinnngg 😊
-- April 25, 1:44 am ET
DreddyTennis: RT @munich_lopez: @dreddytennis all the best dreddy in munich
-- April 25, 1:37 am ET
bgtennisnation: TNT studio all 3 Sir Charles Shaq and Kenny That is a foul in any state Steph got fouled 3diff times by Paul
-- April 25, 1:33 am ET
bgtennisnation: Rough way to end that game looked like Steph got hit on the arm on last shot by Paul
-- April 25, 1:26 am ET
mkirilenko: Что еще делать в машине когда пробки, себя фотографировать! 😜 Всем хорошего дня!!!✌️…
-- April 25, 1:17 am ET
mkirilenko: Пробки в Москве похоже навсегда , есть и всегда будут! И главное в обе стороны и время дня не имеет значения...😁
-- April 25, 1:01 am ET
bgtennisnation: Huge trouble for GSW Clips doing a great job of taking Steph out of the game and forcing other to step up and that is not happening ATM
-- April 25, 12:29 am ET
Riske4rewards: If I could give an award to the car with the most obnoxious turn signal, I would choose the Prius. Holy spazzness, calm down
-- April 25, 12:17 am ET
MariaVS10: Obsessed. Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Official Video)
-- April 24, 11:56 pm ET
bgtennisnation: Not sure why Coach Jackson has so much confy in Draymond Green I would play Barnes so much more
-- April 24, 11:51 pm ET
bgtennisnation: Draymond Green is killing me 4 turnovers in 7 mins and Coach Jackson got a awful lineup on floor ATM no starters
-- April 24, 11:29 pm ET
JLPegula: “@chris_campagna: @JLPegula what's with the back incision? Ligament graft?” Stem cell procedure, removing stem cells from my hip!
-- April 24, 11:25 pm ET
bgtennisnation: How crazy similar are Jamal Crawford 6"5 200 and Jordan Crawford 6'4 195 the are same player both instant offense off the bench
-- April 24, 11:21 pm ET
PPolansky: This guy sounds pretty serious. I don't think I can go to Europe to play French open now.
-- April 24, 11:20 pm ET
bgtennisnation: Turnovers killing GSW 7 in the 1st quarter still not getting enough screens and open looks for Steph Curry
-- April 24, 11:17 pm ET
bgtennisnation: RT @ben_arceo: @bgtennisnation Grizzlies did the equivalent of winning the 5th set 8-6 after dropping a 5-1 lead in the 4th.
-- April 24, 11:11 pm ET
MariaVS10: “@tennis_shots: Irina and Maria Sanchez in Virginia doubles action today. @IrinaFalconi @MariaVS10”I go, no, you go!
-- April 24, 11:04 pm ET
MariaVS10: @IrinaFalconi my stomach hurts just watching this
-- April 24, 11:03 pm ET
bgtennisnation: Wow what a response from the Grizz thought for sure they would fold in that OT after letting that big lead in 4th evaporate
-- April 24, 11:02 pm ET
JuanIChela: Nole gusta cambiar pañales.
-- April 24, 10:53 pm ET
Martina: Cool:)
-- April 24, 10:50 pm ET
JuanIChela: Hace cuanto q tevez no hacia un gol en competencias europeas? #desafioredes @ESPNRedes
-- April 24, 10:49 pm ET
JuanIChela: Cual es el segundo apellido de pique? #desafioredes @espnredes
-- April 24, 10:48 pm ET
Martina: And thank you Kacey
-- April 24, 10:47 pm ET
JuanIChela: Cual es el unico mamifero capaz de volar? #desafioredes @ESPNRedes
-- April 24, 10:46 pm ET
Martina: Thanks Betty!!!
-- April 24, 10:44 pm ET
bgtennisnation: RT @pettit13: @bgtennisnation NBA TV to the rescue. Showing Dubs-Clips in case of OT
-- April 24, 10:43 pm ET
Martina: Once again, how can any self-respecting woman vote republican is beyond me...what a misogynist!!!
-- April 24, 10:41 pm ET
Martina: :), go Jon!!!
-- April 24, 10:40 pm ET
Martina: GOP just keeps trying to make voting as hard as possible. Should be the other way around.
-- April 24, 10:39 pm ET
bgtennisnation: Are u kidding me 4 ball from Westbrook to tie the the game with the Grizz with 26 seconds left
-- April 24, 10:36 pm ET
bgtennisnation: We have 2 choices for GSW vs clips game tonight national TNT of local now I don't have to mute annoying Fitz
-- April 24, 10:34 pm ET
IrinaFalconi: Fair night! Part one!! #howoldarewe? @mariavs10 kpotennis
-- April 24, 10:33 pm ET
IrinaFalconi: Awesome Thursday night ! #countyfair #ferriswheel #wesawagirlthrowup #gross
-- April 24, 10:33 pm ET
JuanIChela: RT @ESPNRedes: Dale RT si querés que @ElJuanTopo gane la competencia de tuiteros de @ESPNRedes.
-- April 24, 10:31 pm ET
EdinaGallovits: Happy birthday to the one and only @loriellebroussa ! Love you !!!! @ Establishment Buckhead
-- April 24, 10:22 pm ET
bgtennisnation: How bad was Pacers 7'2 Roy Hibbert tonight his line 19 mins 2-9 shooting 2 rebounds 1 assist 0 blocks 2 turnovers = pathetic effort
-- April 24, 10:10 pm ET
EVesnina001: 6am flight and 30min delay😴Even coffee is not helpful☕️Очень утренний лук.Подьем в 3-30 утра и…
-- April 24, 9:56 pm ET
JLPegula: Knee surgery went well. Can't wait to get back on court. Thanks everyone for the nice messages!!!
-- April 24, 9:49 pm ET
Martina: Bundy is nothing but a hypocrite with a capital H. And a racist to boot. He is the one mooching off the government.
-- April 24, 9:49 pm ET
deniskudla: Then a little goo goo dolls to get to 💤💤
-- April 24, 9:38 pm ET
deniskudla: Nothing like an incubus playlist
-- April 24, 9:10 pm ET
serenawilliams: The List w/@ColleenLopezHSN starts NOW on @HSN! Join the fun on Pinterest & pin along during the show:
-- April 24, 9:06 pm ET
bgtennisnation: The Grizz giving OKC all they can handle and once again Hawks giving Pacers all sorts of problems
-- April 24, 8:47 pm ET
EVesnina001: Nothing can beat your flight at 5-50am from the farthest airport😳Feeling so 😴 on my way to Oeiras #tennislife #earlybird
-- April 24, 8:25 pm ET
caseydellacqua: RT @AFL: Lest we forget.
-- April 24, 8:10 pm ET
Venuseswilliams: RT @annaalmendrala: I asked @Venuseswilliams how to work out and she told me how to live
-- April 24, 7:48 pm ET
serenawilliams: So honored to be included in this year’s #TIME100 list. Thank you @TIME and a special thanks to my friend @DwyaneWade
-- April 24, 7:43 pm ET
LaurenDavis93: RT @JordanKemper: “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” ― Wayne Dyer
-- April 24, 7:40 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: “@MarianoP78: Sigo a @SvetlanaK27 porque me encanta. Pero me escribe esos tuits en ruso y no se para donde correr.”lo siento
-- April 24, 7:28 pm ET
Daria_gav: @geniebouchard
-- April 24, 7:17 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @klein_d: Не важно выигрывает или проигрывает @SvetlanaK27 она всегда доказывает, что на корте она может ВСЁ!!! Невероятно вариативный…
-- April 24, 7:07 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @ElyaAman: Я не знаю, как закончится матч, но @SvetlanaK27 просто умница! Такие розыгрыши - просто класс! Молодец, Света!
-- April 24, 7:06 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @Naomi_hiyoko: @SvetlanaK27 Congrats Sveta! Really excited and enjoyed your game (*^^*)
-- April 24, 7:06 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @ElyaAman: @SvetlanaK27 Браво, Света! Это была отличная игра!
-- April 24, 7:05 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @chinitamurgia: @SvetlanaK27 I just finished watching your match against Halep, you were great .... vamos sveta
-- April 24, 7:05 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @regenegene: @SvetlanaK27 Great win today! Really enjoyed your match.
-- April 24, 7:05 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @WTA: .@SvetlanaK27 tops Halep 75 76(4) , her 1st Top 5 win since 2012 @RolandGarros! Plays Ivanovic in @PorscheTennis QFs!
-- April 24, 7:05 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: “@sports_tennis: .@SvetlanaK27 Кузнецова по-прежнему может обыграть кого угодно: #йей”☝️😝
-- April 24, 7:05 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: “@SabiToli: “@Renzo_Soprano: OMG! Shocking Pitbull fight... 😂😂😂”🙌🙌🙌
-- April 24, 7:00 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: RT @skfanpage: As @andreapetkovic would say: @SvetlanaK27 played like a boss tonight - and also looked like one;-).
-- April 24, 6:59 pm ET
SvetlanaK27: Опубликовано фото
-- April 24, 6:51 pm ET
CoCoVandey: Proud to be apart of the @allproscience team! Go check out their Instagram and twitter for their tasty and natural products. #TeamAPS
-- April 24, 6:33 pm ET
gidulko: Que lindo chico.Me enamore 💘💘
-- April 24, 6:28 pm ET
arodionova: Lest we forget...
-- April 24, 6:19 pm ET
akleybanova: RT @WTA: .@PorscheTennis QFs! Aga v Sharapova, CSN v Errani, JJ v Kleybanova, Ivanovic v Sveta--> #WTA
-- April 24, 6:15 pm ET
akleybanova: RT @WTA: .@AKleybanova upsets Petra Kvitova 62 76(3) for @PorscheTennis QF berth, her 1st Top 10 win since 2011! #WT…
-- April 24, 6:15 pm ET
akleybanova: RT @WorldTeamTennis: So proud to have @AKleybanova in #MylanWTTFamily. @SpringLasers star upstaged Petra Kvitova at @PorscheTennis for 1st …
-- April 24, 6:15 pm ET
Martina: :), yeah baby:)
-- April 24, 6:04 pm ET
Stako_tennis: Ну що #УкраїнськаПятниця . Любі українці я вас всіх дуже люблю! Допомагайте один одному , тому що наші серця не мають межі!! Надобраніч !
-- April 24, 6:03 pm ET
darren_cahill: RT @ScottyCummings_: Thank u 2 servicemen & women, both past & present 4 their amazing sacrifice so we can live this life. Don't waste it. …
-- April 24, 5:25 pm ET
bgtennisnation: RT @Smith_J1989: @bgtennisnation Huge game 3! Over the past 8 yrs, Clips have lost 14 of 16 at the Oracle, their worst road record vs any o…
-- April 24, 5:05 pm ET
vika7: @DjokerNole @JelenaRisticNDF wow! congratulations!!!!!
-- April 24, 4:56 pm ET
JuanIChela: Argentina define por penales en el mundial y todos....
-- April 24, 4:45 pm ET
TursunovTales: RT @ComedianTwi: Чтобы понять женщину — нужно думать как туфли.
-- April 24, 4:43 pm ET
Jamie_Hampton: RT @BabyAnimalPics: I brought you a stick because I love you
-- April 24, 4:39 pm ET
geniebouchard: .@AvrilLavigne + @hellokitty?! 2 of my fav things!
-- April 24, 4:24 pm ET
jojomelzer: Terrible day @ the office 4 @ThiemDomi and myself.after dinner the world looks a little better. #wekeepmovingforward
-- April 24, 4:21 pm ET
TheBorisBecker: Wonderful news from @JelenaRisticNDF and djokernole !!!
-- April 24, 4:21 pm ET
NicoAlmagro: Muy contento con la victoria de hoy ante mi amigo @FerVerdasco. Mañana a seguir creciendo ante @RafaelNadal. Gracias por el apoyo.
-- April 24, 4:17 pm ET
DreddyTennis: RT @DreddyTennisUpd: @DreddyTennis turning into a celebrity Pic by fb Tennis Pro Vercelli
-- April 24, 4:07 pm ET
TheBorisBecker: We love @dwyanewade #heat #miami #espn
-- April 24, 4:03 pm ET
MonicaAce93: RT @sharon_fichman: @MonicaAce93 Just had a fab dinner! My priorities are in check - don't worry ;) #SheKnowsMeTooWell
-- April 24, 3:54 pm ET
TursunovTales: Удручающая статистика!!! / The disheartening stats #Молодняк #Арни #АндрейКузнецов #AndreyKuznetsov
-- April 24, 3:49 pm ET
StefanKozlov: Happy birthday dad Love you
-- April 24, 3:48 pm ET
bgtennisnation: Very fired up for huge game 3 tonight GSW vs Clips, D Lee an Steph Curry need to out score Blake Griffin an Chris Paul, A must for big Win
-- April 24, 3:48 pm ET
mattebden: RT @PortugalOpen: Aussie mates are always welcome, especially Grand Slam champions! RT @mattebden: On the way to @PortugalOpen !! #loveport…
-- April 24, 3:43 pm ET
Stako_tennis: “@stroppadel: @tennispicture That picture though, Stakho.. Now I know from whom Gulbis learned the seagull forehand! ;)” No no no 😂😂😂
-- April 24, 3:40 pm ET
Dutzee: Congrats @DjokerNole and @JelenaRisticNDF !! :)))))) 👶👶👶👶#happy #babyontheway
-- April 24, 3:37 pm ET
Kohlscribbler: Well done Papa @DjokerNole !!!
-- April 24, 3:36 pm ET
Clijsterskim: @DjokerNole @JelenaRisticNDF many congratulations !!!!
-- April 24, 3:22 pm ET
Kohlscribbler: Tough grind for me and my @WilsonTennis equipment today. Excited to play on center court tmr @bcnopenbs #dirtysocks
-- April 24, 3:17 pm ET
feliciano_lopez: RT @FBelasteguin: Para todo aquel que quiera ganar un partido al Padel, el rival más fácil de la semana @TEDDYPUIG , sino preguntarle a @fe…
-- April 24, 3:15 pm ET
Taylor_Townsen: Lord jesus thank you for giving me the strength not to go south side of Chicago on that girl. . Weeww.. #praisebreak lol
-- April 24, 3:09 pm ET
TheBorisBecker: RT @MCSmook: @TheBorisBecker habe gerade Boris Becker meets Alicia Keys gesehen ! #throwback #greatmoments
-- April 24, 3:03 pm ET
MariaVS10: RT @TheLittleGiant: Just got kicked off the training table by @MariaVS10. Some things never change #stillafreshie #outofcollege #bigbully h…
-- April 24, 2:52 pm ET
Stako_tennis: RT @sadie_sponge: Россия готова простить крымским компаниям налоговые долги. Предлагаю России захватить Мурманскую область. Тут Госдолг под…
-- April 24, 2:50 pm ET
TRobredo: Entrenando a tope porque luchando como hoy, muy pronto llegara un gran resultado! Gracias a todos por vuestros mensajes de animo!!! 😘😘😘😘
-- April 24, 2:45 pm ET
TRobredo: De nuestro deporte. A veces se escapa por poco un partido pero cuando te dejas todo dentro la pista no hay mas que decir! Mañana a seguir ..
-- April 24, 2:44 pm ET
TRobredo: Gracias a todos los que me habéis apoyado en el @bcnopenbs o desde casa. Hoy se escapo por poco pero así es el deporte. Esto es lo bonito..
-- April 24, 2:42 pm ET

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