Clijsters Married and Now Pregnant

Posted on July 28, 2007

Following Lindsay Davenportís retirement and recent motherhood, womenís tennis lost another family-oriented former No. 1 earlier this year when Kim Clijsters retired. Now Clijsters is pregnant, announced in July just two days before she married U.S. basketball player Brian Lynch.

"If everything goes well, Kim will be a mom and I a grandfather next year," her father Lei Clijsters said.

Family spokesman Jeroen Jespers said Clijsters and Lynch, who married in her hometown of Bree, in northern Belgium, have always wanted children and that she became pregnant after she announced her retirement in May.

The 24-year-old Clijsters retired citing numerous injuries and body fatigue.

"After the wedding we will rest a little and then head for the U.S., so you wonít hear from me or see me for a while," Clijsters wrote on her player website. "Also, now that Iím pregnant Iíll have to take it easy more often."