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Remember, this is a public forum, so please refrain from posting sensitive personal information like phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc. If you find your information on our site (or find offensive language), please contact us for removal.

This is also an English language site, so stick to English!

New posters to the site will always have their first few comments moderated. That's how it's been, that's how it is.

When commenting, please respect other posters and stay on topic. Avoid plagiarizing or posting full stories. Feel free to add links to those interesting stories around the internet, however posts with multiple links will often need to pass through moderation first.

If you can't play nice, then we reserve the right to take action. And honestly, we really don't like taking action so don't force us.

You could be placed in the moderation queue if you...

- Personally attack other posters

- Make use of multiple identities

- Make repeated non-tennis related posts on on topics like, but not limited to, religion or politics

- Post advertisements, promotions and/or spam

- Write pure nonsense

- Use deceptive proxys

- Annoy us

You wil be banned if you...

* Repeatedly disregard one or more of the above policies

We reserve the right to remove any comments we find in violation of these policies. Additionally we reserve the right to ban any poster who continues to abuse our guidelines.

If your posts use to appear instantly and now they are awaiting moderation, then you likely have violated one or more of our policies. To find out what happened or to appeal, please email us, the address is in the footer of this page.

And if you have any questions or issues with posters and/or with content, please let us know.

If you follow these simple guidelines we can all make this a better place! Thank you,

Tennis-X Staff

ATP - Jun 10 WTA - Jun 10
1 Jannik Sinner1 Iga Swiatek
2 Carlos Alcaraz2 Coco Gauff
3 Novak Djokovic3 Aryna Sabalenka
4 Alexander Zverev4 Elena Rybakina
5 Daniil Medvedev5 Jessica Pegula
6 Andrey Rublev6 Marketa Vondrousova
7 Casper Ruud7 Jasmine Paolini
8 Hubert Hurkacz8 Qinwen Zheng
9 Alex De Minaur9 Maria Sakkari
10 Grigor Dimitrov10 Ons Jabeur
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