Less Than 2 Weeks After Knee Surgery, Novak Djokovic Is Already Training; Wimbledon?

by Staff | June 15th, 2024, 11:06 am

Novak Djokovic is already back training. Less than two weeks after surgery on his right knee, Djokovic posted a video yesterday showing the 24-time Grand Slam champion once again pushing his body.

Djokovic hasn’t confirmed whether or not he will play Wimbledon where he would be among the favorites.

At the very least, the video does shed a positive light that he’ll be able to play the Olympics. But things like biking, strengthening, and stretching are far, far from what his right knee would be put through on a tennis court. Especially a slippery grass or clay court.

Djokovic has about 17 days maximum before a late Tuesday, July 2 Wimbledon start. That’s assuming he’s on Jannik Sinner’s half.

If in his next videos he is back on court and it’s grass, then we would know his intentions.

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20 Comments for Less Than 2 Weeks After Knee Surgery, Novak Djokovic Is Already Training; Wimbledon?

chrisford1 Says:

What I wrote a year ago prior to Wimbledon:

If you hear what the others have said about Alcaraz, it’s he is a phenomenal player of fine character. He is emotional and celebrates, but is coached not tp overdo it. They are glorifying Carlo as the brightest and shiniest of the post Big 3, possibly. Whereas Sasha, who was once the brightest heir apparent – is not quite surpassed but no longer included in too many “who could win this” talks with fans and media. Perhaps that bothers him. Part of it being he is coming back from injury.

As for Djokovic, he had a nice number of compliments –
“Carlos is a very nice guy who is carrying himself very I think maturely for a 20-year-old. He already has plenty of accolades to his name, making history of the game so young.

“He is great for the game as a player who brings a lot of intensity, energy on the court, and also being very humble and having a nice personality off the courts.

(Djokovic has also known and worked with Sinner and Medvedev since they were young juniors.)

chrisford1 Says:

At present, Novak is the best to have played. Like Federer, Lendl, Laver – he is an Iron Man. Able to play at a high level without significant injury for long periods in their careers, light on their feet.
One thing Sinner and Alcaraz have to show, after proving they are the new Ferrari and Mercedes super cars, is if they can avoid lots of breakdowns and ‘back at the garage time’.
A great metric of consistent excellence and Iron Man health is how many straight Slam semis they made. Federer 23. Novak 14. Lendl and Laver 10.

chrisford1 Says:

Not doing too well there, Giles, citing a 4 year old “fan poll” on ESPN as the best you can do to show Nads’ is the best. The “X” posting Giles uses is misleading and has a timestamp of June 1,2024. And the Spaniard fan of Rafa misleadingly titles it as Most Dominant Athlete of the 21st Century when the poll is focused on “dominant at a specific event.

In that time from July 17, 2020 editors submitted a single player from several sports in which they dominated an event…and fans eventually chose Rafa over one player in the others where they were famous, but not with the large fan base tennis gave Nadal. Swimming, F1, etc.
Federer and Djokovic were not included in the poll, nor Serena, because they failed to dominate a specific event.
Pretty bogus try, Giles. But not atypical of you.

Of course, polls like that are pretty useless in trying to determine who is the best when the players are still active…
But after that poll, Djokovic dominated, winning 7 Slams, while Rafa had 2 inc. one at a SLam where Djokovic was banned on vaccine fascism and Serbian pig headedness.

It is just hard to see fans that do not really understand the broadness of a sport that latch onto a specific thing and claim nothing else matters but point guard shooting stats, US baseball home runs, Isner being the true tennis GOAT because one fans regard of domination of aces stats is as high as another fans love of dominance in the dirt pens.

I have respect and regard for Rafa. Only 4 players had more dominance as #1 than he. Only 1 player has a better H2H with peers. Only 1 player still active has a better winning percent. Only 1 player has a better Slamcount. Only 1 player has more Masters wins. Only 2 players won across every surface while Nadal exceled on 1.
The problem is that each time Djokovic is the player that outdoes Nadal in all stats but dirtpen dominance. Where Djokovic is a distant but respectable #2. The only player to beat Nadal in every clay event they have contested at least once.

If I can leave you happy, Giles, I’s say that if tennis was only played on red dirt, Rafa would be GOAT. But only 31 percent of ATP tennis is played on dirt.

Wog Boy Says:

….and how many Laureus World Sports Award for Sportsman of the Year A$$picker has, now that’s serious award and we know who is voting for it, don’t we, not some punks like Gisele and the rest.

Giles Says:

Hahaha. I seem to have hit a nerve cheater fan!?

chrisford1 Says:

No Giles, sadly you are just stupid and ignorant and like so many clueless fools, given to laughing pointlessly at your own sad posts.
Rafa deserves a better class of fan than you.
My respect for you, quite low at the moment, would go up a bit it you apologized for your misleading poll link.

Wog Boy – I can forgive Rafa for that, but not in his early days sniffing his fingers post-butt pick until Uncle Toni finally beat that bad habit out of him – after Nike said it had to go.

Giles Says:

Cif. FOS as usual. You cheater fans are so blinded. Wake-up and smell the coffee. Your guy is finished! Fake injuries, antics on court when he’s behind in the score, not to mention the POD. Pfffffft Cheater all the way!

skeezer Says:

Name calling and bully talk, one day this site may go back to just talking about tennis, ugh.

PK Says:

Agree with skeezer call for “just talking about tennis.” Why all the name-calling? Your hallowed tennis idols don’t resort to insulting each other, so why should you?

chrisford1 Says:

One thing Sean did want NOT to appear on his site is not doing PEDS or Cheater posts because that puts twisted losers like Giles under cannon broadsides – and leads to retaliatory PEDS and cheating smears on other posters players.

chrisford1 Says:

Double negative typo. Meant ….NOT to appear on his site is PEOPLE doing PEDS or Cheater posts…..

PS…FO champ Iga Swiatek is getting a huge following for not just tennis but for being a sweet, sometimes socially awkward Nerd and unrepentant about being who she is.
Latest chapter. Iga goes to See Swift Eras concert in Liverpool and is spotted by Swift or someone close to Swift. Gets a hand-written note from Swift congratulating her and Iga posts a pic of her crying in delirious happiness and destroyed by the honor of a note from Taylor herself. “I’m dead!”


zed Says:

CF1, I completely agree with your assessment of Giles as a person but I try to remember how small and sad his life is. It really is pitiful.

Therefore I can appreciate what a kick in the guts it was for this little man to invest so much hope in a sportsman. He would have felt that at least he had this tiny little thing amongst all the drudgery in his life, some small thing to feel happy about, even if it is for a brief moment.

His support for someone who is a winner would have made him feel a glimmer of something outside of the constant and unrelenting hopelessness and anger. I can just imagine how his little face would light up when “his” player would succeed. In that moment all the tedium of living on the dole, living with his Mum, all that would be forgotten for those glorious few moments.

But when a superior player exceeds all the achievements of “his” player it’s only natural that Giles would feel anger, feel hatred. He is not emotionally equipped to feel anything else.

Given the physical and mental developmental issues that are the inevitable result of a sub-par diet and sub-par living conditions for most of his life it’s understandable that Giles does not have the necessary tools to deal with such disappointment.

Instead of us villifying Giles, we can feel sympathy and remind ourselves that there, but for the grace of God, go I.

zed Says:

Novak weeks #1 = 428
Rafa weeks #1 = 209
Zed weeks #1 = 0

428 – 209 = 219, therefore difference between Novak weeks #1 and Rafa weeks #1 is 219 weeks
209 – 0 = 209, therefore difference between Zed weeks #1 and Rafa weeks #1 is 209 weeks

The conclusion is that I am closer to Rafa in weeks at #1 than Rafa is to Novak. It makes me feel a kinship with Rafa since we have both been left in the dust of the greatest player of all time. Maybe we can console one another sometime.

Wog Boy Says:

I really hope that other Fedal fans are not in such a sorry state of mind as Gisele is?!

Being on this site for so long makes me remember Fedal fans posts while Nole was legging behind the other two, everything was about numbers, particularly GS. I also remember CF1 arguing that there are other factors but slam count that comes into play when discussing who is the GOAT, but to no avail.

As Nole was catching up and slowly overtaking them, record by record, they changed their tune, suddenly it was,
“they all greats, let us enjoy while they play”,
as Nole blew them out of water, literally so and took hold of almost all tennis records they changed their tune again, now they throw last argument
“he will never be loved like the other”,
you just have to feel bad the losers, their suffering is so evident 😥

skeezer Says:

Totally encourage any tennis fan to watch the latest Fed documentary. If you love tennis, you’ll love this no matter who is your favorite.

Alison hodge Says:

Skeezer yes indeed 😀

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