Andy Murray: Potentially I Could Play Singles At The US Open
by Tom Gainey | June 24th, 2019, 10:57 pm

After a successful, pain-free return from hip surgery last week at Queen’s, Andy Murray is leaving the door open for a return in singles, as early as the US Open.

“Potentially, yeah,” Murray said of playing singles at the US Open. “But I don’t care, really, either way. Like, it would be nice to play at the US Open, but if I don’t — look, I got so much enjoyment and happiness after winning a first-round doubles match here that, you know, that’s enough.

“I’m happy with playing tennis and training and having no pain anymore. If I keep progressing, I would like to try to play singles. I think I have a couple of options, like, after Wimbledon, is either I continue with doubles but start training and practicing singles through the US Open swing, and then try and maybe play singles after that. Or I take a longer break post-Wimbledon of maybe, let’s say, a month or six weeks to get myself ready for singles and then try and play close to the US Open time.

“I guess those would be sort of the two options. I don’t anticipate it would be much longer than that. My schedule, you know, could potentially be a bit different. I might not play three weeks in a row or two weeks back to back, for example.

“But I’m just quite happy doing what I’m doing just now and just taking each week as it comes. You know, if things keep going well, I’ll try and play singles. If I start training and I think actually I’m not going to compete at a level I’m happy with, yeah.

“And I know in Australia I didn’t anticipate playing doubles, but I also didn’t anticipate feeling like this and enjoying playing tennis like this, either. You know, we’ll see what happens.”

Murray will be in the doubles events this week in Eastbourne with Marcelo Melo then he’ll join Pierre-Hugues Hebert in the doubles draw at Wimbledon.

The 32-year-old Murray is ranked down at No. 214, but singles wildcards would surely be available at any event he desires to play.

Of course the pounding on hard courts on his hip (especially in best-of-5) would be much greater than playing doubles on the grass.

It will be interesting to see how he does in doubles during the summer hard courts.

“I still have to improve quite a few things, like, physically,” he said. “It’s not just to get back on the court playing singles. Like, it’s to protect my hip for the longer term to make sure that my muscles are in the correct balance so that I’m not impacting the hip in the same spot all of the time.

“I need to improve the range of motion in my hip, as well, like, you know, so that when I’m changing direction and things that there is a bit more freedom for it to move around.”

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10 Comments for Andy Murray: Potentially I Could Play Singles At The US Open

Anne Says:

As a keen Murray fan, I hope he doesn’t make this foray into singles too soon. He’s done brilliantly but there is no hurry to do this before he is fully ready. Maybe better to take his time?

FedExpress Says:

Already a farce and now becoming a bigger farce

Colin Says:

FedEx, I reckon you need to amplify that remark. What is a farce, and why is it so?

John Says:

A few years back Murray was bad-mouthing Rafa so for that reason I don’t like him.Also,like Andy Roddick,I think Murray is a disappointment.Neither player lived up to the fans expectations.

RZ Says:

That would be awesome! I’ve really missed Andy Murray playing. But I agree with Anne, don’t want him back too soon if it’s going to affect his longevity on the court

j-kath Says:

It’s a pity TX has suddenly decided to present two threads on Andy when the occasion to present a single thread was ignored in favour of Halle.
I note John believes Andy has not lived up to fans expectations…personally I never had any but despite that he was my favourite player – after he got over his youthful mouthing off (rather like a lot of young players)as I’m guessing Andy mouthed off everybody in his youth as did every other significant player. C’est la vie.

Alan/Colin and RZ – you are fully in tune with “Andy” comments on other thread.

chrisford1 Says:

JOhn – With Roddick, he might have won a few more without Fed having such an edge over him. Roddick’s came just didn’t bother Fed. Even in that 2009 Wimbledon, you just knew, somehow, that Fed would manage to find a way to win if Roddick didn’t find a way to lose 1st.
With Andy Murray it was a curse and a blessing to be the 4th of the Big 4. It helped him become a great player, a Hall shoo-in, but he didn’t win as much as he could have if had played in other times. Still, 3 Slams, 9 Slam Finals, 14 Masters 1000s, 2 Gold Medals, an ATP CHampionship, and he took the UK to their 1st Davis Cup title in almost 80 years. Not too shabby at all if he retired tomorrow. But there may be more.

Colin Says:

John, I don’t remember Andy bad mouthing Rafa. I thought they had always been good friends, and that in fact Andy looked up to him. Have you any details of what Andy said and when?

Daniel Says:

CF1, also Andy was year end #1 and would have more weeks as #1, probably a number closer to 100 weeks oo surpassing 3 digits.

Madmax Says:

John Says:
A few years back Murray was bad-mouthing Rafa so for that reason I don’t like him.Also,like Andy Roddick,I think Murray is a disappointment.Neither player lived up to the fans expectations.

June 25th, 2019 at 1:31 pm

Sorry John,
Speak for yourself! Why do you want to disparage someone who has been through surgery that could have ended his career? All for what?

I am not a Murray fan, but I can tell you, I would never wish his pain and angst or what he has gone through emotionally on anyone. And there are many people here, who are Murray fans, plus. Can you state where you saw Andy bad mouth Rafa? I have only ever read good things about the two of them and that they are great friends.

Perhaps you just listen to the rumour mill, or like to start something? Put your money where your mouth is John.

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