Andy Murray Says Loss To Roger Federer Gives Him More Days To Recover For The US Open
by Tom Gainey | August 24th, 2015, 10:26 am

It’s been a busy few weeks for Andy Murray. The Scot won one of his biggest titles of late defeating Novak Djokovic to win the Canadian Open Montreal two weeks ago, and ending an 8-match losing streak to the Serb.

He then went to Cincinnati where he pulled out 2 come-from-behind victories over Grigor Dimitrov and Richard Gasquet before losing to Roger Federer Saturday in the semifinals.

The loss to Federer – his fifth to the Swiss since returning from back surgery – was tough, but Murray looks on the bright side.

“The positive about losing today is I get the opportunity to have an extra days’ rest and recover,” said Murray on Saturday. “I need that. I played a lot of tennis the last couple of weeks, and obviously a lot of the other guys that have been playing a lot didn’t participate in the Davis Cup this year either.

“So after Wimbledon they had, you know, much, much longer to recover from that as well. One day might not seem like much to you guys, but it’s a lot for me just now to have 40 hours or whatever, 72 hours to recover now and try and get my body feeling good again.”

Murray also revealed that he wasn’t going to play Cincinnati, instead training after the Canadian, but his early loss in Washington foiled that plan.

“The plan was not to play here,” Murray said of Cincinnati. “That was my plan, you know, so that I could do a post‑Canada basically train for four or five days. So have three, four days off, and then sort of be able to train hard for four or five days. Get a sort of mini training block in before the US Open.”

And with Roger Federer winning yesterday, Murray slips back to No. 3 in the rankings which could put him against World No. 1 and rival Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. But Murray isn’t concerned.

“I won’t lose sleep over it,” said Murray. “Obviously I would rather be ranked No. 2 going in.

Murray will be seeded third when the US Open begins next Monday.

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27 Comments for Andy Murray Says Loss To Roger Federer Gives Him More Days To Recover For The US Open

madmax Says:

I always think that matches between Fed and Murray have gone to the wire, they both know each other’s game so well.

Andy played well; one of the best returners in the game.

In my mind, he is on a par with Novak for being the favourite at the US Open, with Fed being the dark horse and I say that because Fed has one week to recover before the US Open begins and I am not sure he can repeat the incredible success he has had at Cincinnati.

I hope I am wrong and that Fabulous Federer picks up the trophy in New York.

Skeezer Says:

This validates rest & recovery are important, something a “stat” can’t prove.

elina Says:

Didn’t say it proved anything, you did.

However match stats can and most likely will correlate to recovery as they will drop with poor recovery and vice versa typically especially when taken over a year.

As Roger said, he’s never played better!

calmdownplease Says:

Indeed, Fed hasn’t played any better.
As you do something more, you get better at it.
The game evolves so you evolve and take on more skills.
It’s inevitable.
But he is getting old for a Tennis player with such a long (and illustrious) record.
Which begs the question;
Can the skills developed in a later stage of a career replace the losses incurred by ageing.
Depends on the kind of career also but in sport surely not given the requirements for youthful attributes such as stamina and strength etc.
Roger, however, will probably want to say `YES` for his confidence going on, but I have my doubts, and if Cincy played on a slower court I not fitted precisely to his game and game-plan, then I don’t think he would have won it.
And most courts don’t fit his game style anymore.

madmax Says:

Roger is the ONLY player on tour who is growing old! :)

madmax Says:

and if growing old means Roger continues to defeat the younger players on tour who are fitter and more able to beat him, then I hope Roger continues to grow older and the rest, just stay the same!

Colin Says:

I think, of the two losers in the semi and the final at Cincy, Andy has slightly more reason for optimism about the USO than Nole.

Nole struggled to hold serve in the first set, and eventually lost it in a tiebreak. After that he fell away a bit and never really looked like taking the match to a third set.

Andy, on the other hand, improved in the second set, not losing his serve until the tiebreak. He was digging his way into the match, and in a slam he’d have a chance to improve further in the third set. It is by no means unknown for Fed to lose his focus a couple of sets into a match.

Regarding the conditions in New York, I must point out yet again that the weather may play a part, and Andy can deal with that better than most. When he won the title in 2013, some folk tried to devalue his win by saying he hadn’t had to play Roger. Indeed he hadn’t, because the Swiss couldn’t get past the quarter finals.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Colin Andy won the title in 2012,but i know what you meant,and agree with your post other than that….

sienna Says:

all talk Just like novak claiming Us open courts are more suitable.
losing in straight sets with no single chance is big blow and keeps momentum safely in Federer court.If he gets Novak draw he might reach final. Murph is better then Novak atm.

But Federer has put them hard in place. They are trying to talk down what happend. Just like Fedal do or have doen.

Giles Says:

Hey madmax. I bet you havn’t stopped smiling. Lol

Giles Says:

PS. You havn’t stopped posting either!

Daniel Says:

The courts play a huge dealt this days on how Fed’s level will be, tea’s why he skipped Miami and Montreal. Clay he plays but you sense that he hasn’t had the same urge or relentless as he had in Wimbledon or Cincy because he knows he can only beat Djoko, Nadal and now Murray (new found clay game) if they are a bit off. No way he will be spending hours on slow courts with them.

This part of the season he feels more confutable, emptied a new tactic t rush and pressure since return, knowing that on paper Djoko and Murray had the two best return of the game and it payed of. Plus he held his serve game so he could be more at ease on return.

I expect this trend to continue but he can have an off day somewhere along and for Djoko and Murray they are coming less and less they even saved MP last weeks, so they are hard to beat.

sienna Says:

problem with Daniel post is following.
Djoker/Murray are in a position they have to safe MP against players Roger sets aside without facing BP.

Who is better off? First thing is not to get behind in position to safe MP.

But I tell you Daniel Roger also has faced and survived matches when down Matchpoints. Thats what makes them great. It is not Als Murray trademark.

calmdownplease Says:

Sienna would you PLEASE post in ENGLISH!

Or preferably, don’t bother posting at all ;0)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sienna talk about getting carried away, Most Federer fans are been sensible and seeing as a fantastic winning for Roger by beating both Andy and Novak,you are however now predicting the second coming for the guy,reality check hes an amazing player dont get me wrong,but its one win and one title only,USO is best of 5 sets lets see if he can beat Novak and Andy there,you might come back to earth with one hell of a bump,and be left with alot of egg on you face,still wouldnt be the first time….

Margot Says:

I’m really hoping that Andy, and Nole too, are studying loads of footage of Roger’s first and second serve, prior to USOpen.
Just as tplayers studied Nishikori’s game, as matt4 showed us.
For your second request, well THAT would take a major sacrifice to the gods of tennisx don’t you think?

calmdownplease Says:

I’d sacrifice HER, if I could get hold of the old dyslexic windbag, lol

Margot Says:

and CDP, didn’t they sacrifice goats once upon a time?…;)
*innocent look*

calmdownplease Says:

They did indeed
GOATS eat up anything actually, my Grandparents had a few of em.
As do their fans, it seems too…
*innocent look squared*

jalep Says:

It’s an occasion of big celebration for Fed Fans when he wins a masters at this point. It’s something that used to be expected. Now one or two masters a year is huge.

Perspective becomes a bit warped here, I think. One masters title in a career would be incredible for most ATP players except for Nole, Andy, Rafa, and Federer. But (Rafa, Federer) are slipping into the area of getting a masters title meaning what it was when they first started winning them. Look at the top 10 and ask yourselves how many masters have been won outside Nole and Andy this year… now Federer.

Actually it’s unknown if Rafa is truly slipping or just had an off year or what. Federer has been slipping for some time if you look at title counts per year.

One of the reasons I like Asian swing and Paris Bercy is that there is improved odds for a different name to sneak in and win, or at least make a semi or final. Andy having Davis Cup priorities and obligations this year leaves the door open a little, maybe.

Going deep in GS’s and masters is basically what gets many of them into the top 10; that and feeding off the odd 500, if they’re lucky; or at least, snagging several 250’s.

Wawrinka’s prime at age 29, 2014. Kinda odd. Maybe more of that will be happening. I dunno…

jalep Says:

Starts today, folks.

Rublev and Pospisil are on it!

elina Says:

Different flavour popsicle. Orange instead of grape lol.

jalep Says:

Cheers, elina. Vasek is sunshine, I still say, although he may let loose a swear word here and there, as Colin pointed out.

Vasek has Jurgen Melzer, which can be lethal to main draw hopes. Hope not!

Rubles has Go Soeda, another dangerous qualie.

A.Zverev is in it!

Gulbis isn’t there. He lost first round at Winston-Salem to Rosol yesterday. He may not have done well enough to get into it at all which won’t break Gypsy’s heart ;)

jane Says:

“Sienna would you PLEASE post in ENGLISH!
God GAWD!”

just go look at the comment on the serena/drake thread: basically perfectly clear english. kind of fishy no? ;)

elina Says:

jalep, I think you missed my point.

Vasek doesn’t have Melzer. Jaroslav does. :)

jalep Says:

oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out, elina. Maybe that’s good news, though. Vasek should get into the main draw…hopefully. Seems early in the week for qualification rounds.

About missing the point. That’s not unusual for me ;)

Was watching Vuelta all morning.

elina Says:

Yes I believe Grape Popsicle (they should all be grape or cherry – ban orange and pineapple – but I digress) is ranked around 45 therefore gets direct acceptance into the main draw.

I could be wrong however as I do not get on court myself as often as I’d like these days so who knows!

But then again, you do it to yourself, you do and that’s what really hurts.

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