Andy Murray Withdraws from Marseille
by Tom Gainey | February 12th, 2010, 10:09 am

Add Andy Murray to the expanding list of players injured or not at 100%. Murray has announced that he will be unable to play in the Marseille tournament which begins on Monday.

In a statement on his website Murray said, “After playing in Australia for five weeks, Andy has taken an extra week off to recuperate and recover for the long season ahead.”

Murray is expected to return in Dubai. He won Marseille in 2008.

It begs the question is Murray mentally over that difficult loss to Federer in the Australian Open final? Those wounds will take time to heal and he is not yet over them.

Murray, Juan Martin Del Potro (wrist), Rafael Nadal (knee), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (wrist), Novak Djokovic (stomach) and Andy Roddick (shoulder) have already had injury type issues in a season that’s just a month old!!

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26 Comments for Andy Murray Withdraws from Marseille

sar Says:

This could be. It has to affect him. So close and yet so far away from that first GS.

krishnan.t.s. Says:

he’ll never win a grandslam in this life or the next if he has one…..the guy dosen’ deserve to be in the top 100……he plays crap!!!!!!!

Sean Randall Says:

Boy, Del Potro, now Murray. Who’s next?

Fot Says:

These guys are suppose to be the “youngsters”… Roger said his body actually felt great after the AO… Are these ‘youngsters’ not training enough? or too much?

Sean Randall Says:

FoT, good point. It’s these younger lambs who are already breakin down both physically (Delpo) and mentally (Murray).

jane Says:

Too bad – I hope Murray is well soon and can play his best in the USA hardcourt swing! Get back on track Andy!

Colin Says:

Mr Gainey, congratulations!. You are about the two thousandth person in the media who does not know the correct meaning of the phrase “begs the question”. It does NOT mean “poses the following question”.

Kimmi Says:

Too many negative speculations here! The guy said he needs one more week to recuperate. There is lots of tennis to be played in the next few months. Its not like he pulled out of MS 1000 or GS, its only a 250 ATP tourney, what is a big deal..imo he could afford to..if not ready. Looking forward to see him in Dubai, IW, Miami etc etc

Colin Says:

Krishnan. try to talk sense. You don’t “deserve” a ranking. You attain it by accumulating points. It’s not some kind of merit badge or subjective judgement.

Jack Says:


Its not about taking extra time, but the commitment… Not a good plan to “pull out” of a tournament? Better not had it in your schedule in the first place…

Btw, it is also about fitness… As FoT said… Roger is the youngster here and those in the 22s and 23s are taking rest as if they’re into 30s… If not for the pre-planned schedule, I know Fed would not pull out of a tournament citing “Need for rest” as a reason…

Dan Martin Says:

I think these players dropping out of smaller events helps Federer in the sense that he is more likely to get to Sampras’ 286 weeks at #1 this Summer, but I am not sure skipping smaller events is not a smart thing for JMdP, Murray, Nadal and Novak (he’s the only one not doing so at this point). Federer seems to gear up for the slams and he’s #1, so why wouldn’t others follow his example and imitate success. How many non-slam & masters 1000/season ending championship events did Roger play last year? 2 I think (Qatar and Basel?) Plus throw in a few matches at a post U.S. Open Davis Cup relegation tie. Federer might feel good because he trains, travels and schedules intelligently. Obviously he won winning 34 events from 04 – 06 (12 in 06), but Fed is not doing that any longer.

Kimmi Says:

“…but I am not sure skipping smaller events is not a smart thing for JMdP, Murray, Nadal and Novak (he’s the only one not doing so at this point).”

OK, last year he played the most matches and the most tournaments in the top 5 but To be fair to Novak, this year he has cut down a lot so far. ATP 500 is not a small tournament like say a 250. Afterall, he did not play any tournament leading up to AO, and his AO results to his standard was not the best . I think he should be OK to play another tournament a week after AO. I think Nadal playing Rotterdam last year was unnecessary imo especially after those epic wins in AO ’09 playing grueling matches with Verdasco and federer.

But I agree with you, top players needs to pace themselves well. Most of them get to the tail end of most tournaments throughout the year. Murray has tendinitis problem on his right (?) wrist which makes the whole issue very important for him. What is also important is to make sure they give their best in major tournaments, make sure they peak at the right time ie have enough matches for confidence but not too much arriving too tired on a GS tournament .

meester_haitch Says:

I was pretty happy with Murray’s performance in the Aussie Open as it seemed to be a his best performance in a major for some time. I’d like to see him really work at his game over the next few months because the good news for him is that he has some room for improvement. There are one or two areas of his game in particular that don’t match up well against the other guys in the top 7. Murray’s forehand and serve (especially the second delivery) are neither effective or consistent enough over five sets and my feeling is that when he wins a major both of these shots will be weapons. At present he is still very much in the first phase of his career and there is a danger of him focusing too much on the majors to the detriment of the development of his game. However it could well be that for Marseille he calculated that with DelPo still struggling with his wrist, Murray fancied a week with his PS3! -:)

margot Says:

Andy was obviously pretty burnt out from September on last year, yes I know he won one tournament, but it wasn’t a big one. Bearing in mind he’s so injury prone, I’m glad he’s taking more time to rest. Also, I believe it was Johnny Mac who said he trains too hard. And of course the loss to Rog., and so bad too, must’ve effected him considerably.

Colin Says:

Margot, why do you say Andy is “injury prone”. He had that long spell out with wrist trouble, but came back strongly after it, and hasn’t been plagued with problems like, say, Tsonga. Now THAT’S a guy who’s injury prone!
As for Murray’s forehand, haitch, what did he use for that sensational shot round the net post against Isner? It sure wasn’t his backhand!

Von Says:

I think Murray is suffering from post AO syndrome and the disappointment/emotions that linger from such a loss. He needs time for the mind to recuperate. I don’t think Roddick has gotten over his Wimby loss to Fed And, considering, it took Djokovic a long time to recover from his Madrid loss to Nadal, which was only a GS SF, how much more potent is Murray’s disappointment and it’s lingering effects?

Long Live The King Says:

Hiya Von:

Wanted to let you know, I am cheering Roddick for th title in San Jose :)

Go Roddick :)

Von Says:

Long Live:

Hiya back to you. I posted to you on the other thread. You made me come out of hibernation because that scenario of you begging was waaaayyy too much fun. LOL.

Thanks for the Roddick love!! He had a tough one from Berdych last night, and now he’s got to face another big server in Querrey. I’m hoping …. Meanwhile the bottom half of the draw was very easy… shake ’em up guys, puhleeze.

Von Says:

Joe W:

I hope you see this post. I read your post of a few days ago, be careful, Andy might surprise you and get on that SI cover, yet. LOL. BTW, you do know about the Harley Davidsons and the amount of maintenance that’s required for them to keep running — high maintenance, yes?? LOL. Andy, doen’t need that kind of upkeep = he’ll make SI’s cover. LOL

Long Live The King Says:

I posted to you back on the other thread. You are one sharp girl. nothing escapes you, eh? Great to see you post Von :) you can tell I am happy, right? :)

Regarding A-rod, I dont get to see him play, but berdych must have prepared him good for querrey. 4 more sets for a 4th title for A-rod! :)

Von Says:

Long Live:

Yes, I saw your post on the other thread. Again, thanks for the compliments and luv. If we keep this up, there will be talk that we’re members of the Mutual Admiration Society (MAS), and yes, I can tell you’re happy.

Did you know you can watch San Jose on live streaming:, and just click on Tennis or San Jose.

I so want to see my puddle duck win this one. But that Querrey (Isner too), gives it his all when he faces Andy. I think they have a little conspiracy going to derail my luv for the No. 1 American designation. C’mon Andy, you can do it, and just do it!!

Von Says:


“…it took Djokovic a long time to recover from his Madrid loss to Nadal, which was only a GS SF,…”

s/b an MS SF NOT GS.

Long Live The King Says:


Thanks for the link. I have tried other sites, but my computer is giving me all sorts of troubles. I will give this a try!

Puddle duck is cute :) Haven’t seen that used before. I agree Q and I seem to step it up more against A-rod. He needs to bring all his ammo today to get querrey.

Go A-rod!

Von Says:

Long Live:

Fromsport works when all else fails for me. I hope it’s going to work for you too.

Re: Puddle Duck, I use it sometimes — gotta keep the love going you know. LOL.

I’ll join you by saying Go A-Rod!

Long Live The King Says:

That’s cool Von. fingers crossed for fromsport and andy!

lucky andy, i must say :)

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